HEADS UP: I really wanna write an Inu-yasha fic. It is going to be a Sesshy/Kagura fic. I have not read all the books, but I have a fair knowledge. I have read every book out in english.

Before I start, I have some questions to be answered by you die-hard fans. If you can answer these then my fic will be much better.

1) I am going to start from the end of series, at the well when Inu-yasha has defeated Naraku with the help of Sesshomaru and has to decide between Kikyo and Kagome. He is holding the jewel and all that. Is this fairly close to how it ends? I am not sure...

2) Also, I don't know how Kagura dies. If anyone knows, please tell me! (I just need to know if it's 'Tenseiga material', 'Shikon Jewel wishing material' or ooo 'she's back material'.)

3) Lastly, Sesshy gets the Western Lands, what happens to the rest of the lands? Does anyone rule them or do I get to pull an OC on you all?

I would love to know if all this could fly with you guys. Tell me what you think so far from what I have written about the plot and what is gunna happen.