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Unexpected Heritage

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~Harry's Thoughts~

**Snape's Thoughts**

            It was a dark, starless night on Privet Drive and 17 year old Harry Potter sat at his tiny, wobbly desk putting the finishing touches on his Charms essay. Now that his summer homework was completed, there was nothing for him to do to pass the idle hours between 10pm and 5:30am. Looking at the clock on the wall, it proved to state 4:28am.

            ~Two more hours, since it's Saturday, until I can leave this room and go do something, even if I'll only be making breakfast, then working on the dwindling list of chores from Uncle Vernon. At least he's being slightly kinder to me since I'm working faster. Somehow, the list is nearly completed. All I have left is to paint the garage, and rebuild the shed in the backyard so that it can accommodate all of the yard equipment as well as Dudley's outdoor stuff. Nothing too difficult and I will to be able to finish it in the 2 ½ weeks left before meeting Ron, Ginny, and Hermione in Diagon Alley. Oh well, may as well meditate for a while, seeing as I have nothing better to do.~

            Meditation was something that Harry had picked up over the past few weeks since sleep seemed to elude him every night. The odd thing was that he was perfectly awake and able to work in the morning, even tough he hadn't slept in about two and a half weeks. At 17, Harry was now standing at a little over 6'3" with a golden tan covering his lean, muscular body. The oddest changes that accompanied his 17th birthday, other than the fact that he didn't seem to need to sleep, dealt with his eyes and his hair. The young Gryffindor no longer needed to wear his glasses; his eyesight miraculously fixed itself and his emerald eyes shone with incredible clarity. His hair was no longer short and unruly, but slightly past his shoulders and streaked with deep auburn. Harry tended to keep it in a plait, secured with one of Dudley's broken shoestrings.

            The hours passed relatively quickly as the Boy-Who-Lived sat silently on his mattress, eyes closed, breathing barely a slow whisper. Just as the summer sun peeked over the horizon, a tawny owl fluttered into the room and sat on the bed. Harry turned to the bird and took the parchment from its leg. It took a drink from Hedwig's cage before disappearing into the early-morning light. The young man turned over the envelope, wondering at the Hogwarts seal on the envelope. He opened it and scanned it over quickly before reading it through carefully.

            "Dear Mr. Potter,

                        It has come to my attention that you have come into your inheritance. Please pack your belongings as I have sent someone to retrieve you within the hour. Your relations will be informed of your departure when Professor Snape arrives. There is nothing to worry about, my boy. All will be explained upon your arrival. I look forward to seeing you soon.


                                                            Professor Albus Dumbledore

                                                            Order of Merlin, First Class

                                                            Chief Warlock, Wizengamot

                                                            Chairman, International Confederation of Wizards"

            Puzzled, Harry read the letter once more before rising and packing all of his belongings, save his wand, into his trunk. He snuck into the bathroom to wash his face and brush his teeth, and then sat on his trunk to wait for Snape.

            ~Gods, why on earth does it have to be Snape? Anyone else! Even Lucius Malfoy could come here right now to escort me back to Hogwarts and it would be better than Severus Snape!~

            After sitting there for about a half an hour, the air started shimmering and with a pop! Professor Snape was standing in front of him. Harry stood up and looked Snape in the eye without even tilting his head upwards slightly. The Head of Slytherin looked the Gryffindor up and down, taking in the young man's new appearance.

            "Good Morning, Potter. I must say that I approve of the new look. Congratulations on taming that hair of yours."

            Though it was completely unexpected, both felt a strong stirring in their loins. It wasn't enough to be noticed by the other, but it was definitely there. Harry and Snape stared at each other for a long moment, utterly gobsmacked by what they felt.

            ~I don't know what that was, but there is no way that I could have felt that way about Snape!~

            **Merlin! You have got to be kidding me. I cannot be aroused by Harry Potter, the arrogant, spoiled Gryffindor. Dumbledore, what have you done?**

            "Now…moving along, I shall shrink your trunk, and then I was instructed to ask for a tour of the residence. Gods only know why I have to report on this house, but Headmaster Dumbledore ordered it of me. Well then, let us go."

            Harry just nodded as Snape shrunk his trunk and slipped it into his pocket. The young man switched on an electric camping lantern so the older man could clearly see the room. Looking around, Snape was rather taken aback by the sparse surroundings. All that was in the room was a mattress on the floor with one pillow and threadbare sheets, a tiny desk with rickety chair, and a side-table with drawers which served as nightstand and wardrobe.

            "And this is where you sleep every night, Potter?"

            "Yes sir. Let me take you to the other rooms on this floor. I'm afraid that my aunt, uncle, and cousin are most likely still sleeping. It is Saturday, after all. They usually sleep late on the weekends."

            "And why are you awake, then?"

            "I haven't slept in a while, sir. Ever since my birthday, I haven't felt tired."

            Snape raised one dark eyebrow, mildly confused over Harry's living quarters. He then followed him out of the room and into the hall. The next room was Dudley's and upon Harry's request, Snape used an Invisibility Charm on the door to see inside. The Potions Master was a bit shocked upon seeing that room, as well as the Master Bedroom. The overabundance of material goods in all the rooms except Harry's made Snape rethink what he thought he knew about Harry. Finally, after seeing the sitting room ("There certainly are many photographs of the fat boy, Potter."), they were sitting in the kitchen, quietly sharing a pot of Earl Grey tea and toast with jam.

            "Potter, I must admit that you are rather proficient at making a decent pot of tea. Thank you for the exhilarating tour of your residence, but I feel the need to ask you why there are no photographs of you as well as why your room looks like a prison cell."

            Harry stared at the floor as soon as Snape finished what he was saying. It was what he was dreading since the tour started. Emerald eyes were fixed on the floor as his answer came.

            "They hate me. To them, I'm simply a freak. The only reason they feed me is so that I can continue to work. Physical labor, I mean. They would have been much happier if Voldemort had killed me along with my parents. I'm alive because they were smart enough to know that Dumbledore would want to know what happened if I died while in their supposed care. You have no idea how overjoyed they are that once I'm of age, I won't have to come back."

            Snape sat there for a number of moments, swirling the last of his tea in the cup. **I suppose that I was quite wrong about his being spoiled. But what does it matter what I think of the boy?**

            "Thank you for the tea, and the toast, but we must be going now. Headmaster Dumbledore is expecting us. Take my hand and we shall apparate to Hogsmeade."

            They both stood up; Harry took Snape's hand in his and both felt sparks go down their spines the split second before Snape apparated them away. Landing a second later in Hogsmeade, Professor and pupil decided that it was an unexpected side-effect of apparating with two people. Harry dropped Snape's hand and the two walked silently to Hogwarts, entered, and went to Dumbledore's office. The gargoyle moved away at the password ("Coconut Meringues") and they moved into the eclectically decorated office. The Headmaster was waiting for them.

            "Ah, Harry, my boy. It is simply dazzling to see you again. I must say that you are looking quite well. But you must be wondering why you are here, am I correct?"

            Harry nodded and Snape rolled his eyes. **Of course he wants to know why he's here!**

            "I'm sure you must also be wondering about the swift change in your appearance and the lack of necessity to sleep. Well, I will tell you. You are quite special, Harry, someone the likes of which has not been seen in quite some time. I scarcely recall teaching your father."

            "But Headmaster, it has only been 20 or so years since my parents were here. I don't understand, sir."

            "I wish it were so. If it were, we would not be here. I recently received a letter from your mother. Before you ask, it was on delayed delivery. It shocked me, I must say. And I wish that she could be here to tell you herself, but that is impossible. I do hate to tell you this, Harry, but James Potter is not your true father."

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