Chapter 20

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I'll tell you something

I am a wolf but

I like to wear sheep's clothing

I am a bonfire

I am a vampire

I'm waiting for my moment

The entire Z gang was gathered outside of Capsule Corp, they could all feel Vegeta's ki getting stronger although the space ship was not yet in sight. It wasn't Vegeta they were there for was Bulma All of them were worried for her safety…well almost all of them.

"I bet he killed her, I bet he….ate her or something just as barbaric in space!" Chichi worried out loud.

Yamcha looked at the black haired woman and nodded in agreement. "Yeah or else he jumped her bones, he always had a thing for my girl."

Tien gave Yamcha a jealous look. "I thought I was your girl?"

"Shut up!" Yamcha hissed back, aware of the disgusted look Piccolo was giving him.

"Either way, Bulma will be dead, I mean can you imagine what kind of horrible things could happen with her and Vegeta of all people stuck together in space? I mean, Bulma can't stand him and the only person Vegeta tolerates is himself! It'll be a disaster! She'll be dead! I just know it!" Chichi's voice grew shrill. "My poor friend! Dying all alone in space!"

Goku and Piccolo exchanged a knowing look. "I don't think you're going to have to worry snout Bulma being dead Chichi, I think they're going to be just fine." Goku smiled, knowing that Vegeta wasn't the monster he pretended to be; he was a bastard, but he wasn't a complete and utter bastard…well…he was a bastard but not as much as a bastard as everyone thought. Besides which, Trunks was proof enough that those two were going to get it on at some stage...

You come on like a drug

I just can't get enough

I'm like an addict coming at you for a little more

And there's so much at stake

I can't afford to waste

I've never needed anybody like this before

Goku and Piccolo alone knew the purple haired strangers secret; that he was Bulma and Vegeta's son from the future. As unthinkable as it was, Bulma and Vegeta had been stuck in space together for over six months, and it was very likely that Trunks had been conceived by now. Goku had always secretly thought that Vegeta and Bulma would make a nice couple - they were both short and kind of cranky.

How exciting! Vegeta was going to be a daddy just like him!

Piccolo looked up in the sky. "Yeah I bet Vegeta and Bulma had a wild time together."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Yamcha glared at Piccolo. "Do you know something I don't?"

"Yamcha everybody knows something you don't." Piccolo retorted snidely.

"Look! There they are!" Krillen shouted excitedly as the spaceship came into view and settled down on the front lawn of Capsule Corporation with a gentle roaring sound. It wasn't Bulma's ship but they could feel Vegeta's ki inside of it so they knew that it was their friends inside and not some alien monster. Well…unless you counted vegeta as an alien monster.

I'll tell you something

I am a demon

Some say my biggest weakness

I have my reasons

Call it my defence

Be careful what you're wishing

Vegeta looked out the window of the spaceship at the Z gang who had gathered outside his mate's house. "You know Bulma the last time I saw people like them I had to pay admission."

"Vegeta! That isn't very nice!" Bulma giggled despite herself.

"Well it's true." Vegeta crossed his arms over his chest as he stared at Yamcha, how he loathed that human! "Hey Bulma, Yamcha's parents were brother and sister weren't they? I mean the inbreeding is a little obvious in his family."

Bulma finished shutting down the ships engines and gave Vegeta a look that told him to behave himself. "I know you haven't had a good fight since that King Sanjo but please don't go and start a fight with Yamcha."

"Woman, you said that if he pissed me off I could fight with him. Well, if he pisses me off I will." Vegeta grinned, knowing full well that the human would piss him off inevitably. Yamcha couldn't help it - he was more of an idiot than Kakarot was; and that was saying something!

Bulma gave him another warning look before she opened the hatch and walked down to the outside world. The Z gang all let out an ear shattering shriek of excitement and rushed forward to hug Bulma, only Yamcha and Tien hung back to glare at Vegeta as he strutted down out the door of the ship, completely aware of his aura of coolness.

He paused in front of Tien and looked him up and down. "Let me guess, they cancelled the square dancing competition, right?" Tien gasped; clearly hurt that Vegeta had insulted his outfit.

Yamcha, angry that his lover had been insulted, poked Vegeta in the chest. "You can't talk, I mean look at you! You're so small that when you get into fights all you can do is bite your opponent's ankles!"

"You know Yamcha if you pull your ears hard enough you might just be able to get your head out of your ass." Vegeta walked away from the spluttering Yamcha and nudged Bulma who was getting a hug from Goku. "Woman lets go inside…Woman!"

Bulma ignored him and hugged Chichi, Goku however sidled up to him and gave him a friendly punch on the shoulder. "Hows my favourite saiyan prince huh? Have any fun in space?" Goku winked at him.

You come on like a drug

I just can't get enough

I'm like an addict coming at you for a little more

And there's so much at stake

I can't afford to waste

I've never needed anybody like this before

Vegeta blushed, somehow that clown Kakarot knew! He clenched his teeth and tried to play it cool as Goku gave him a sly knowing look and playfully punched him on the shoulder.

"I bet you must have spent all day long pounding your aggression out, huh? I mean what with Bulma being there and all you must have been going wild." Goku grinned wider.

"Yeah sure, I spent all day training." Vegeta looked at Goku's sneaky knowing grin and, just for a moment, gave him a sneaky knowing grin in return. "It was nothing but rigorous exercise for me!"

You are a secret

A new possession

I like to keep you guessing

Yamcha flounced up to Bulma and tried to hug her. "Bulma I missed you!" He tried unsuccessfully to get a smile out of Bulma, but the blue haired woman was having none of it. She dodged his embrace and whirled to say something nasty to him...but before Bulma could reply Vegeta's fist connected with Yamcha's face and sent the ex-bandit sailing into the side of capsule corp.

"Vegeta!" Bulma scolded. "You said you wouldn't fight with him!"

Vegeta shrugged and grinned as Tien hurried over to his fallen love. "He pissed me off."

Bulma laughed and hugged Vegeta, aware of the other Z gang members, with the exception of Goku and piccolo, watching her with their mouths hanging open as she hugged Vegeta and kissed him. This, no doubt, was the very last thing they expected to find Vegeta and Bulma doing after being forced into close quarters for six long months.

You come on like a drug

I just can't get enough

I'm like an addict coming at you for a little more

And there's so much at stake

I can't afford to waste

I've never needed anybody like this before

Vegeta wrapped his tail around her leg and hugged her back, enjoying the shock of the other Z warriors; well he'd give them the shock of their lives! "Bulma," He crooned. "I love you."

"I love you too my little love monkey from space!" Bulma kissed him again as one by one the other Z warriors dropped to the ground in shock and stayed there; slowing rocking back and forth with traumatised looks in their chibi eyes.

"You know what?" Vegeta picked Bulma up and carried her inside capsule corp. "I think we should do that again."

"Do what again?" Bulma asked as she started to make food. "Destroy our friend's minds by kissing in front of them?"

"Go into space again." Vegeta grinned wickedly. "After all I am going to go into heat every year now that I've taken a mate."

"Every year?" Bulma grinned even more wickedly then Vegeta. "I think an annual trip into space could be arranged, although we might have to miss it next year."

"Why's that?" Vegeta frowned.

"Because by that time were going to have a small baby saiyan running around." Bulma held her breath, unsure of Vegeta's reaction.

When I'm not sure what I'm living for...

When I'm not sure what I'm looking for...

"You're pregnant to me, huh?" Vegeta sat in the kitchen chair and preened. "I'll have to see if I can pop another kid out of you then."

"Vegeta!" Bulma laughed and hit him playfully. "You're such a bastard."

"Yeah but that's why you love me." Vegeta kissed Bulma and as he watched the other Z gang members wandering around outside in a state of shock. He knew that he'd made the right decision to marry the woman in space. They were perfect for each other and he never intended to let her go.

He loved her.

When I'm not sure who I am

Temptation waits


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