A/N: Just a little short to get back into this world! Enjoy!

"Shhhh we don't wanna wake mama up."

"I not dada."

"Nathaniel John, your whispers are loud!"

"Ewwie woud too, No!"

"Ellie is so quiet!"

"Wewl E is woud too."

"Way to throw me under the bus, boy."

Nate's less than quiet giggles rang through the house, only to be followed by Ellie's and then Noah's that could be heard over a rush of shushing.

"Where the hell's your brother?"

"Wanguage, dada."

Uncontrolled laughter filled the house immediately, and Liv smiled to herself as she crept back from the bathroom and snuggled under the mass of blankets she and Elliot kept on their bed during the winter.

"You guys!"

Her husband's exclamation just made everyone laugh louder and harder, and she eventually heard the deep boom of his own chuckle.

"She's probably already awake and has fixed her hair, put her moisturizer on, and changed from her PJs," Mo drawled.

"True that."

"Yeah you're right."

"'Cause she knows Liz and Katie are gonna post pictures," Eli grumbled.

"Shut it, Twerp," Liz teased.

Nate sighed loudly. "Wanguage, Wizzie. Ewi, cawl Dickie pwease," Nate asked, growing impatient just as the front door opened.

"I'm here, I'm here!"

"Shhhh!!!!!" Nate scolded, belly laughing when Dickie waved him off and picked him up over his shoulder.

"You know she's already awake."

"Sorry we're late," his wife explained with a roll of her eyes. "Someone had to stop for flowers cause the ones he got last night weren't good enough."

"Oh I'm sorry they wilted!"

"You all are insane," El laughed, pointing to the hallway where their bedrooms were. "Let's go, people."

Liv did her best job pretending to be asleep when the footsteps of her enormous family grew louder as they approached.

She'd been awake since the early hours of the morning; since her husband woke her up with his tongue in her cunt and his hands needing her exposed breasts.

"Happy Birthday, baby," he pulled away briefly to whisper with a wink before diving back in.

She was a wreck after, of course. Sweaty and cum soaked, but oh so satiated and grateful.

Grateful that the man with the incredible body and loving soul and practiced tongue was her's, and that she would spend every birthday for the rest of her life waking up beside him.

Soft counting outside the door drew her from her memory and she grinned.


Nate and Noah hit the bed within seconds as Eli followed behind them with a tray of breakfast in one hand and Ellie in the other.

A poor, but perfect to her, rendition of Happy Birthday filled the room, and she pushed herself up with a big, watery smile, pulling her two little boys in for hugs before helping Eli steady the tray on her lap.

"Happppppy Birthday to yoooou!"

"Bwow out da candles mama!" Nate exclaimed once the song ended, pointing to the several candles stuck in the chocolate chip waffles that rested in the center of the tray.

She did as she was instructed and gasped, pressing her hand to her chest.

"Guys… this is amazing, thank you so much!"

"Mama I hewped No make da wapples," her still freshly minted two year old with hair as wild as his brother's explained, looking to Noah for confirmation.

"He did!" Noah smiled proudly, moving to make room for the rest of the gang as they found spots to sit on in the California king.

"Well," Liv smiled, once she hugged everyone. "This just might be the best birthday yet," she whispered, still in awe and glancing to Elliot.

"You deserve it, baby," he smiled, stretching over their son's heads to kiss her.

"Grosss," Noah groaned playfully, sending everyone into a fit of laughter that she knew would last the rest of her special day.