"Why you jumpy?" Elliot asked Nate, taking a break from his morning reps to check on his babies.

"No weason," Nate shrugged.

He was in the center of Liv and El's bed with Ellie beside him, snuggled in and focused on Paw Patrol.

"Uh huh," El laughed. "Okay, well, I'm almost done and then we'll shower."

"Uhhhh I fink we sower waiter, dada," he shrugged, trying to be casual.

"Nathaniel John, what are you and your brothers up to?" El exclaimed, placing his hands on his hips as he laughed.

"Bwuffers? Dey not hewe, dadee."

"I know but you're two and you're acting weird so what or who is coming to the house today that has you so on edge?"

"Nuffin dada!" He groaned, looking down at Ellie who stared up at him in awe, as always.

"Dada cwazy, Ewl," he said nuzzling down.

A knock on the door made all three look up, and El raised a brow.

"Op das for me, dada," Nate said, slowly sliding from Ellie's grasp, sneaking past Elliot down the stairs and running to the front door.

"Deadbolts locked and you can't reach it," Elliot called after him with a laugh as he scooped up Ellie.

Nate came trudging back with a frustrated frown.

"I don wike bein wittle, dada."

"I know," Elliot chuckled. "But being grown is less fun. Come on," he said, taking his hand and walking with him to the door.

Elliot peaked out the peephole, chuckling when he saw a flower delivery man standing with two big bouquets.

"Oh boy," El smiled, opening the door. "Morning."

"Morning," the older man said cheerfully. "Flowers for Ellie and Olivia?"

"Yup!" Nate grinned, "das hewe!"

"Oh, you boys," El grinned setting Ellie down and taking the heavy vases. "Thank you sir."

"Have a good one," he smiled, waving as Nate shut the door and looked excitedly between the flowers, Ellie, and his dad.

"Eloise your brothers got you flowers!" El gasped sweetly, and she giggled as they all made their way into the kitchen, Ellie shuffling on her knees while Nate walked steadily beside her.

"Supwise," he said, climbing up a barstool to kiss her cheek once Elliot had settled her beside the flowers on the counter.

"You are spoiled," he told the giggling baby girl.

"Dada, E said we dotta det fowers so see knows how to be tweated," Nate said seriously, climbing on the counter next to her and wrapping his arm protectively around her.

"That's right!" El smiled, snapping a few candids before getting them both to look at the camera for a smile.

He sent the photos to the group chat.

El: First Valentine's Day! Flowers from her big brothers. Spoiled!

D: Awwwwwwwe. Nate keep the secret?

El: He did!!!!

Eli: Haha just got the delivery notification! Love you Ellie


O: Oh my goodness!!!!!!! The best big brothers ever!!!!!!!

Elliot switched over to his message thread with just Liv.

E: There's some for you from your boys too!

O: Oh my I love them so much! And I love mine you had sent! I'm so sorry I had to leave so early but the flowers definitely brightened my day. I love you so much, Elliot!

E: I love you more baby! No worries. See you tonight!

Liv was out of the house and at her office by 4:30am, long before Elliot could execute the Valentine's Day morning he'd had planned for her.

An early morning call about a kidnapped teenager had started her day of love on a tough note, but was brightened by an expected yet still sweet flower delivery around 8am just as they got notification that their missing teen had been found.

The day was still due to be long, however, filled with extensive interviews and investigations but, more joyful than it could've been.

L: Last year we were loudly rolling around in a hotel suite. This year, you're Mr. Mom and I'm Captain, and we'll have to quietly get it on while our kiddos sleep tonight.

E: I wouldn't have it any other way. You?

L: Not a chance! See you tonight, baby.

E: Love you!

L: Love you more

There was a break around noon.

Liv had just shut the blinds in her office and turned out the lights, desperate to take a power-nap while everyone got lunch.

Their suspect had lawyered up and they had about an hour to relax before they had to get back to work.

She'd just laid down on her couch, shut her eyes, and pulled her throw blanket over her when the door opened.

"Fuck," she mumbled, opening her eyes and sitting up on her arms, expecting to find Fin with a guilty and apologetic look on his face.

Instead, she found her husband, grinning with a bag of take out in one hand and truffles from their favorite candy shop in the other.

A smile spread across her face and she slumped back, sighing happily.

"I tell you how much I love you?"

"A time or two," he grinned, setting the food down and sitting beside her. "Fin's securing you an extra half hour of relaxation. You wanna eat or nap first?"

"Eat, I'm starving," she admitted, sitting forward.

"I figured!" He laughed, leaning over to kiss her a few times before grabbing the take out bag and dispersing the food.

"Where are the babies?" She asked as she watched him.

"Home napping. Nate's in charge."

Liv laughed, and Elliot did too, unable to keep his resolve.

"Big brother came home to surprise Jenny," he said, catching and mimicking the look she gave him.

"They're back on?"

"Mhm," he sang, passing her over her burger and laughing when she moaned in appreciation after the first bite.

"How long've they been back on, dad?"

"No idea," he lied poorly, and she rolled her eyes, smearing ketchup on his nose from where it had dripped on her finger.

He snickered and wiped it away, sitting back with his own food.

"Little before Christmas."

She gasped. "You kept the secret from me for almost two months?!"

"It was brutal," he sighed. "He gave me the okay to tell you today."

"This what I have to look forward to with Noah and Nathan?"

"You should talk!" He exclaimed with a laugh. "I don't even wanna know what you and Eloise are gonna be like when she gets older!"

"Guilty," she giggled.

"Uh huh," he winked. "Anyways, both were asleep before I left, so they'll be waking up to Eli and probably lose their minds."

"Oh my god! Nate's gonna stroke out!"

"Ellie too! I swear he's wrapped."

"Will I get to see him or is he going right to Jenny's?"

"He's stopping by here on his way out to give his momma a hug," he smiled, leaning over to peck her lips again.

"I love that boy," she sighed happily. "He's so thoughtful."

"He's a good one. Think we should keep him?"

"Yeah why not," she laughed, yawning and then setting her burger down. "I think I'll finish that later. Quick nap with me and then a little fun in the car before you go?"

"Car? Why not right here?"

"Because I have three lawyers scattered across the conference rooms of my precinct, I'd rather not get caught fucking my husband, yeah?"

"Could be kinky?"

"Elliot Stabler," she scolded playfully, swatting his chest as he laughed and grabbed her wrists.

"Nap it is."

"Fin, I'll be back," she said as she walked with Elliot through the squad, feeling refreshed and ready for whatever her husband had planned for her in the back of his big SUV.

"Have fun," he called, sending her young detectives into a knowing fit of laughter and earning a glare and the promise of weekend duty for the Sergeant.

"This parking lot have cameras?" El asked, standing close behind her as she opened the backseat of the vehicle once they made it to the garage.

"Not over here, but you know that."

"Just making sure," he mumbled, pressing against her and rocking his hips, his semi clearly evident against her ass.

She laughed when she opened the door, seeing the car seats removed and the back completely cleaned.

"So you have plans?"

"Well I mean, maybe," he grinned, ushering her into the middle, third row seat where a towel was already laid, shutting the door, and crunching himself between the captains chairs.

"Oh?" She asked, brow quirked.

"One day you'll realize everything I do is for you, always," he quipped, reaching for the button on her slacks, undoing it, and pulling them down and off one leg.

"Oh I know it is," she said genuinely with a smile, raising her leg over his shoulder and settling her hands on the top of his bald head.

"You smell so good, baby," he mumbled, dipping his head into her core and running his tongue up and down her slit. "Taste good, too. Fuck."

"Please don't tease me?" She asked breathlessly, her voice already thick with arousal

He obliged, but only because they were short on time, and wrapping his lips around her clit, giving several gentle sucks before letting a trail of saliva run down between her pussy lips.

He'd just pushed two fingers into her when her phone rang, and both parties groaned pathetically.

"Benson," she sighed.

"Sorry, Cap," came Fin's voice. "We need you ASAP."

"Coming," she nodded, shooting a pouting Elliot a very sad look that made him chuckle.

"We'll finish this tonight?" He asked, once she hung up.

"Well duh," she chuckled, allowing him to help her adjust her clothes before pushing him into one of the captain's chairs, holding herself over one leg, and planting a heated and needy kiss against his lips.

"Liv," he muttered with a small groan as she rutted her now aching pussy into his leg.

Her phone buzzed again and she sighed, putting full pressure against his hard cock and answering.

"Fin, I'm on my way up."

"Oh I was just teasing you," he said before bursting into laughter. "By the way, you musta missed the memo but they did put cameras up in that corner."

"Shit," she groaned, ducking to look outside the window.

"Lucky for you," he continued, "they're now off. See you in 30 and tell Stabler he owes me."

"Noted," she said, hanging up and looking down to her now hysterically laughing husband. "You plan that???"

"No! It's hilarious though," he laughed, grasping her face and molding their lips together again. "Now, get your ass back in the back seat," he smirked.

Biting her lip with mock and over-exaggerated shyness, she winked.

"Yes, sir."