Hello everyone! At long last I have written and posted Chapter 4! Now you can all enjoy the rest of the story. Sorry it took so long. Hope you like it.

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The next morning Estel rose to find that he had been asleep for almost twelve hours. He stretched, rubbed his eyes and rolled out of bed with a thud. "Ouch." Estel stood up and wondered if the whole thing had been a dream.and then he saw the stuffed toy. Oh no. That means she is still here somewhere.

Just as he was about to pack his things and escape out of the bedroom window, the most delicious smell came in through the doors. Mmm.breakfast. He had not eaten in four days and, seeing as he was an adolescent boy going through puberty, his hand was starting to look very tasty. All right. . . I'm going to sneak down the hall and into the dining room and hopefully she wont catch me.

The dining room door was cracked open. Estel peeked through and saw the most elaborated display of pastries he had ever come across, not to mention every fruit that grew from Lorien to Rivendell. Oh, forget it! He ran in, slammed himself down on the chair and stuffed as much food into his mouth as possible.

Just as Estel was about to start on the eggs he heard the ruffle of robes behind him. Uh oh. She found me. Now I'm gonna get it. I knew this was her breakfast. 'Oh, stop being so melodramatic,' Galadriel spoke into his head. Will the eloquence never end!

What was he going to do? Estel had just eaten the Lady's morning meal. He was in for it and he knew it all too well. I just hope she's not like Elrond. "Eat," said Galadriel. She's not going to kill me? Wow. "Eat," she said again. This time he didn't hesitate. He was still savagely hungry and he was not about to waste any of this food.

Sometime later the Galadriel said, "Estel, when was the last time that you had a bath."

"Um.the was a clear stream about seven days back but it was so cold that I had to get out really quick."

"Oh my," she thought. "I need to talk to Elrond about the proper raising of this child."

"Estel, come with me."

"But I'm not finished yet"

"This is a more pressing matter, the food will still be here when you get back. The dirt and stench will not," the Lady mumbled.

She led him to the clearest, calmest stream he had ever seen. Although it had a peaceful look to it, the though of a bath in a cold stream was not the kind of peaceful he had in mind. After an awkward pause Galadriel said, "Take off your clothes."

"Just can't wait to see me in my under-things can you?"

All she did was raise an eyebrow and say "I need to have them laundered."

"Of course you do."


"Alright, alright. Clothes are coming off."

The icy water was like needles on his flesh and it stung for a bit. He decided that if he absolutely must bathe himself he was going to make it enjoyable. He stepped out of the water and climbed onto a large boulder that was nearby. He silently counted to three, ran and dived into the water with a huge splash. When he came up for air he turned around and saw that he gotten Galadriel wet. He ginned. Her perfect clothing and hair were soaked. She looked like a stallion that had just run through a rainstorm.

He laughed. "That's a very flattering look for you, Lady."

"That was quite an athletic display, Estel."

"I could do better. I wasn't really trying that time."


The Lady walked over to the boulder and climbed up. She ran, leaped, did a beautiful swan dive with a somersault in the middle, and landed with no splash at all.

"How's that for a dive Mr. Big Shot?" she retorted as she was getting out of the water.

Estel was beyond stunned. Was he hallucinating? Did he really see what he thought he saw? Had the Lady of the Wood actually done an elaborated swan dive into an icy cold stream? The Elves never cease to amaze me.