Title: His Toy (Starfire/Kori x Stalker Dick short story)

Pairing: Kori x Dick, and slight Raven x Kori

Summary: (graphic descriptions of rape, stolkhome syndrome, OOC on Dicks part, The Teen Titans isn't a thing, Modern AU, Stalker Dick Grayson)

Dick knew what he wanted, he wanted her. He wanted the beauty he spied on since she moved to Jump City for college, he fell for the sun kissed beauty and he wouldn't stop at nothing to get her. Will Dick get his hands on the girl he wants, or will Kori be able to outsmart her kidnapper or fall in love with him on the way find out in ~His Toy

Authors Note: Hi~ its LostinTrends2600 I haven't posted a story since 2020 of November I had this idea for awhile but I kinda lost motivation so why not right this on the month of my birthday lol, so for warnings this story will have GRAPHIC DEPICTIONS OF RAPE, Stolkhom Syndrome, blood, kidnapping, foul language, and mentions of miscarriage. If any of these things trigger you please do not read. This story doesn't end on a good note (saying it now) criticism is fine as long as it is not nasty or mean, Enjoy.

~000 000~

Chapter One


It was raining as Kori stared out the bus window, as she watched the droplets hit the glass as she headed to Jump City to start her fashion design career at the best fashion university. She got a full ride scholarship to Jump City Fashion Institute because Kori's work was so perfect she won the $100,000 scholarship easily, despite everything she had to leave her family behind, her friends and her girlfriend Raven since Raven was going to college in their hometown wanting to flutter and get out the small town, she dreamed big and here she was ready to paint the town in her big dreams. The rain thumps on the glass as they enter a tunnel and the water droplets on the window glistened, echoed by the dim lights in the tunnel, rolled down and disappeared.

Kori leans back in her seat settling into the comfy leather of the seat as she closes her eyes, her headphone cord tangled around her necklace as she lets out a soft sigh, having to sit here for another 3 hours before getting to her destination. So, why not listen to BlackPink on a rainy day.

~3 hours later~

Kori's POV

When the bus stopped in the terminal, it took me a minute til people got off before I did. I grabbed my bags and left off the bus as the smell of rain was still lingering in the air. She looked around the bus terminal looking for a taxi and quickly waved my hand as one pulled up in front of me as the cab driver looked at me.

"Where are you going?" He asked in a gruff sleepy voice as the smell of coffee now cooled was heavily smelled in the cab. "Going to the Jump City Fashion Institute." I replied as he looked at me up and down smiling he unlocked the door and I got in putting my bags on the back seat as I got in after, shutting the door he started to drive as my eyes stared out the window looking all around the new place I would be spending my fashion career at.

~Time Skip~

After the 30 minute or less cab drive to Jump City Uni. I paid for the cab grabbing my things I headed into the gates of the fashion uni and was greeted by a tall girl with long orange hair, as she was dressed in a flowy pair of shorts, with a black tank top with orange bunches on the hem of her neckline and accents on her arms and bottom of shirt, with sneakers as she looks at me. "You must be Kori, I'm the head of tour guides welcoming new students to Jump City Fashion Institute. My name is Terra.' She said as she held out her hand for me to shake as I shook it. "Nice to meet you Terra," I say with a smile as she smiles back at me. Terra took me on a tour around the school as we laughed, chatted, and got to know each other, But while we walked around I couldn't shake the feeling like somebody was following and watching us. But shaking my uncomfortableness Terra took me to my dorm room.

I set my luggage on the floor next to my room and Terra smiles. "If you need anything just call me, I hope you enjoy studying here Kori." Terra says as I nodded. "I will Terra, thank you for showing me around." I say to her, as she nods. "Okay good night." she said, waving me off, as I nodded and waved. I took my keys and unlocked the door taking my bags inside. (If anybody is confused about the living arrangements of the University all students live in this motel style dorm, a long strip of dorm rooms the size of a motel room.)

Grabbing my bags I took them inside but still thinking somebody was watching me went up my spine. Quickly taking them inside I shut the door locking it letting a sigh escape my mouth.

Dick's POV

I watched Kori from my spot as she went inside the dorm room of hers, she was the definition of perfection that laid on my eyes for a while. I licked my lips thinking of all the things I would do to that chocolate beauty. I could feel my member become hard in my sweatpants as my mind clouded with lust and hunger for her. My hands slipped down the waistband of my sweats and boxers as my hot fingers brushed against my pulsating member. I stroked myself, my eyes fixated on her apartment, my hand moved faster as soft moans escaped my mouth, kori's name rolling off my tongue. As my eyes closed I released in my pants the name of Kori.

"Oh Kori, I can't for you to be mine…"

~Next Day~

Kori's POV

Today I was starting my first day, as Terra had dropped by my dorm around 6:50 a.m with my schedule for the day. I had moderate regular college classes along with Art, and Fashion Design classes. Today, classes were some regular classes that I had to take, and two classes for fashion. I couldn't wait. I took a shower, and got dressed in the showstopper outfit for my first day. I wanted to show my fashion on the very first day. I left my dorm around 7:20 a.m my first class was to start at 7:45 a.m. locking the door I looked around not feeling uneasy or anything. I headed to the English Building for my first class. Terra texted me good luck on my first day and I was happy I made a friend so quickly, walking inside the building where I started my day.

Who knew this happiness would soon be replaced with terror… Who Knew.

~000 000~

Author's Note: Hi everyone, LostinTrends2600 here I know this chapter started slow and short. I apologize that some chapters will be short and long. I just wanted this first chapter to show a little introduction if you know what I mean. I hope everyone finds this story well. Criticism is fine as long as it is not rude. I'm still getting a hang of writing here everyone :) Bye Guys.