Tainted Submission

Author: Blood Moon

E-mail: stardustgal_85@yahoo.com

Pairings: Yuugi/Yami no Yuugi

Rating: R

Summary: A darkness is something that the world cannot control. It seeks to wreek havoc and taste the blood of all those that cross its path. The only one that seems able to calm this firey storm is the true counter part of the darkness and its complete opposite. The light. Giult enveloping them, the darkness bows its head in defeat to its hikari.

Category: Angst/Supernatural/Romance

Warnings: This story contains graphic scenes of death, carnage, and destruction. Yaoi is a prominent factor in this story, and revolves around a homo-sexual relationship. Children under fourteen should immediately leave and go to bed. Yes, that means you!

A soft, happy sigh drifted between parted lips, stomach filled to the brim with burgers and a malt.

"Hey Yug'?"


"Still hungry?"

A soft chuckle, stifled by soft choking noises. "I don't think I'll have anymore food for a year."

Golden strands of hair fell hapazardly in a youthful face, emerald green eyes glinting with the slightest hint of mischeif. "I don't know. Maybe in another hour or so. Something small. A pizza."

Rich laughter followed right on cue. "Jou-kun, you never stop eating."

A crown of blonde bangs as bold as summer lightning gently swayed in the evening summer breeze, honey-soaked sunset a sight to behold.

"Hey Yug'?"


"Happy birthday."

A smile that would shatter the resolve of a thousand angels lighted his face, happy and content and completely in a state of sheer bliss. A response wasn't needed. The silence that followed was welcomed with open arms, love and frendship almost tangible.

As the sun set beyond the horizen stained with green from the ever-present trees, the two friends reluctantly stood to begin their excursion home- bound. It seemed the heavens were smiling down upon the whole of the earth at the moment, strangers wearing smiles at the simplest of sights, the air as light as a feather and the earth sighing with beauty and happiness. This was a birthday worth remembering for Yuugi Motou.

Yes, a birthday worth remembering indeed.

* * * * *

Pulling out his set of keys, the new eighteen year old fumbled with the lock of the Kame Game Shop in the middle of the night. After feeling the old key enter the slot, and hearing the welcoming click, he gratefully opened the door and headed into the dark, happy to be home.

Setting the keys on a random counter, Yuugi felt for the familiar light switch to flick it on, and found that it didn't work.

Sighing, figuring the light bulb to have finally met its end, he stumbled around in the dark until he found a drawer, and pulled out a flash light, which also didn't work.

"Well this is just rotten luck," he mumbled. Where was Ji-chan? "Ji-chan? I'm home!"

No answer.

Yuugi looked around, seeing nothing. Nothing but shadows. Was his tired eyes playing tricks on him? Or did the shadows almost appear. . .solid?

"Ji-chan?" He called out nervously.

"He's not here." A voice as cold as the glaciers of the north cut through his body, apprehension swirling around inside of him. A little bit of fear as well.

"Who are you? What are you doing in my home? Where's Ji-chan?"

The voice chided him with a click of its tongue. "Not so many questions, young one. There is still one more present for you yet to be opened."

Yuugi decided that he did not like this voice. He didn't like this voice at all. It didn't sound male. But then again, it didn't sound female either. It was just, there. Kind of like someone took freezing air and make rusty gears turn behind it.

"What do you want?" he asked fearfully.

"Oh, nothing much. Just half of your soul is all I ask. You won't miss it. I promise you."

Before Yuugi could even think about what an odd and frightening statement that was, the rest of his world went black, as solid as the shadows lurking in the corners of his home.

~ Yuugi awoke in a dark chamber, not aware of how he got there, or why he was even here. Dank stones surrounded him, walls swarming with moss, mold, and something strange. Was it moving? Dear gods, it was!

A voice chuckled behind him. "Do not worry about those things, young one. They are merely scarabs. They won't touch you, yet." It was the same voice from before.

"Who are you? What do you want with me! Let me go home!" The young man struggled vainly to move, finding himself tied down to the floor, which he was surprisingly standing on. In fact, he awoke standing. None of this was making sense. The heavy iron chains bit into his soft, alabaster flesh as he moved agaisnt them.

"Motou Yuugi, there is something we want from you."

Yuugi whipped his head around, seeing a young woman walk up to him, looking like a mage from a cheesy film. Pale skin looking sick and flushed.

"Want do you want? Who are you? Why won't you answer any of my questions? What have I done to you?!" he wailed.

"Queit! Or I'll have your tongue remeoved!"

Yuugi found him self silent.

"We have no need to tell you anything. We will start the ritual now. Oh, and Yuugi? This is going to hurt you a lot more than it will hurt me."

The woman turned, ebony hair flashing menacingly. Yuugi still couldn't see who the owner was of that raspy voice. Then again, maybe he didn't want to.

Chanting from what seemed like a thousnad benedictine monks echoed around him, somber and cold. Louder and louder the voices became, until Yuugi could no longer hear the rustle of the iron chains as he struggled to get free.

Something was happening. His body felt funny. Odd, and a little tingly, like when one's foot falls asleep. Tiny little pin-pricks all over his flesh. But those little needles were starting to penetrate. Face contorted in anger, frustration, and pain, Yuugi still tried to fight.

His forehead felt wet, and sticky. A liquid was builiding up bedind his eyes.

Violently his body began to shake, red hazing his vision. Blood was begining to flood out of his scalp. It came out of his eyes, from his nose, running down the corners of his mouth, out of his fingertips and toe nails.

The coppery fluid was pooling out of every pore, and Yuugi screamed in unrepressed agony, tears of blood falling down his crimson-soaked cheeks.

For eternity it seemed this dragged on, until he could no longer take, and he collapsed where he was, his whole world surrounded by blackness once again.

On his limp body, a shape materialized out of seemingly no-where. A solid gold object, looking much like a minurature pyramid from Egypt, upside down and hanging on to a leather cord. The Eye of Horus glinting in warning.

Yuugi couldn't see it. Yuugi was not there at the moment.

The black beatles crawling all over the walls slithered down together, ready to consume their meal. Closer and closer they came, ready for what was promised to them, creating a tight circle.

But none dared go further.

The golden object on the fallen young man was flashing brilliantly of its own accord, warning the scarabs to keep their distance, or pay the price.

* * * * *

Tired purple eyes of a young man opened very slowly, a splitting mirgrane attacking his poor, fuzzy brain.

He was lying down, and it was something soft. Not the hard stone floor.

"Where am I?" he asked himself, voice hoarse from screaming.

"Ntk ASw st."

Yuugi stopped, and struggled to sit up, finding his muscles not obeying him. That voice. It was so unlike any of the others he had heard here. It was warm, strong, rich, deep, regal, how many more flattering descriptions could he come up with?

But such an odd launguage. Yuugi had never heard it before.

"What did you say?"

"Ntk ASw st."

Weird. Yuugi struggled to get up again, crying out in pain when his skin moved. Gods, he hurt so much. Suddenly, Yuugi felt a pair of soothingly strong arms wrap around him, which in turn only made him hurt more. Thus, casuing his voice to rise in pain.

"HD r-Xnw, nfr. HD." Although Yuugi didn't understand a word of this, he still felt a little calmer all the same, daring to look up at who was with him.

No. This was a dream. This wasn't real. He was at home right now, and he was happily sleeping away, snores waking up his Ji-chan. Yes, the old man would wake him up any minute now and say; "Yuugi my boy, we need to find a way to make you quite snoring so much."

"Biaw, nfr, mry, Biaw," his exact duplicate whispered.

That's right. Yuugi didn't snore, did he? Oh, no. Of course not.

A replica of his exact features, minus his lavender eyes that were too big and happy for his own good, the smaller amount of lightning blonde hair dominated by ebony and crimson, and his pale skin and baby-face features.

This replica of his looked like a desert god, finely toned face and blood- red eyes, cut hard and calculating. Tanned skin, delicious looking as it was, helped to define the high cheek bones, the rippling muscles, and only added to a strange sensual feeling that he was emitting.

"Who are you," Yuugi whispered.

The one holding him turned his head to the side, contemplating the question. "kkwy."

Yuugi noticed that he was still covered in all of his blood, and it was cracking and dryed on his already too tender body. It smelled, and he couldn't breathe right. And it was getting all over this 'kkwy's' black leather attire.

Those crimson eyes noticed him looking at his state, and set him back down on the bed, proceeding to strip him.

"Wha..." Yuugi could only get out, unable to fend him off even if he wanted to. His muscles simply would not move, and were simply in too much pain.

Leaving on only Yuugi's boxers, this delectible stranger lifted him up, and proceeded to cary him to the other end of the room.

Yuugi could see it now. He was in a cell, still surrounded by those dank, dirty stones of walls. Much like a standard prison cell, one wall was made entirly of bars, leading to a hall.

At the other end of the cell there was a small enclosed room which, thankfully, turned out to have a bath in it.

Too light-headed from blood loss, and still wishing that he'd wake up in his own room, Yuugi fell asleep in the warm water, strong hands washing away all of his pain and tears.

But to this stranger, he was just as confused as the one he was holding. What was he doing here? Why couldn't this man understand him? He could understand just fine, although he knew it was a different language that he spoke.

But why?

And why the hell did he feel this strongly attatched to the smaller one? Was it his looks? Was it some form of vanity?

No, it couldn't be. This man was something different than him. He looked more shy, more friendly, and much more caring. From what he could remember, which was very little, he didn't care much for anything.

And it angered him that some one, or some thing, had left this young man covered in blood and left in pain. When he found out who did it, he was going to kill them.


"Biaw," he whispered. "ntk nt wi."

* * * * * * *

When Yuugi awoke, he was back in the bed, which had been stripped of the bloody sheets and replaced with new ones. This other him, as he noticed, was sitting on the bed, glaring at the robed gards as they walked past. In all actuality, it was really an amusing sight, considering most of them scittered off petrified.

At least Yuugi's head-ache was gone, although he still found it difficult to move much. His replica turned to look at him, features brightening considerable now that he was awake.

Yuugi moaned, stomach grumbling. He was hungry.

Right on cue, before the other him could say ayhting in his odd language, the jangling of keys could be heard, and a robed guard walked in, carrying a tray of food.

Yuugi didn't like this man. Slime was oozing out of every pore, it seemed, sleek hair greese stricken and smelly.

He gave a crooked grin, broken teath revealed. "Hungry, are we?"

The other him growled, crimson eyes glowing with warning and distrust.

"Well, well. What have we here? A little boy who has fallen and cannot get up? Hmm. . ." hazel eyes looked at Yuugi lustily, and Yuugi shivered.

"So soft you look," the guard continued, and Yuugi would have screamed when he came over to put a hand on his stomach, had he found his voice.

"m-t" the other Yuugi hissed.

"What? Oh, don't worry, I'll leave some for you. Who wouldn't want a piece, hmm?" Nasty voice, reeking of booze and gods know what.

"m-t" he hissed again. Yuugi's eyes grew to the size of saucers. Yami extended his hand, and it seemed crimson lightning was being called forth, creating a very shiny, very long, very sharp blade in his hand.

Yuugi was fascinated to see a grin spread on the gorgeous man's face, lunging at the guard. That's when Yuugi turned away, hearing only the ear- peircing scream that errupted, then the unmistakable gurgle of blood in the mouth.

The other him laughed, and Yuugi saw him actually lick the blade clean. This caused him to cry out, and this in turn caught the other one's attention.

In the blink of an eye, the other him was hovering about him, cupping his cheeks and petting his hair, uttering words Yuugi didn't understand.

It was simple what the man was trying to tell him, not that Yuugi understood. It was simple. The guard had commited an unspeakable crime. He was going to touch Yuugi, and that he could not do. So, he had to die. Simple as that, right?

Yes, of course it was simple. It made perfect sense.

Sighing in defeat, the other Yuugi lowered his head onto Yuugi's chest, trying to show that whatever he did that Yuugi didn't like, he was sorry. Yuugi, after seeing that the other him did not move for a while, realized the gesture of despair, and hugged him.

But still, the gorgeous man licked blood!

And yet, why did Yuugi find himself somewhat. . . . liking it?

Weird. That's all he had to say.

* * * *

The other Yuugi was getting angry, tanned skin moist from rage. He wanted out. He did not want to be kept locked up like this. "isfty, wxa, Tpd ir ntk snlt wi st!" He yelled this out over and over again, never getting an answer.

And as of yet, Yuugi still could not move.

"Mor hitori no boku," Yuugi called. At this, the other him turned around, appearing a little confused. "Ita?"

"Mor hitori no boku," Yuugi said again. Still the other him did not understand. "It means the other me," Yuugi explained gently.

Realization dawned on him, and his crimson eyes turned to the hall again. The other me. Hmm. Well, it was a little fitting, he guessed. After all, the resemblence was uncanny.

None of the other guards had the guts to walk into that cell, after seeing the mutilated state that their comrad was in. Now they slid the food in under a slotch from the floor.

"Mor hitori no boku," Yuugi whispered again, and was delighted when the other him came and sat down on the small bed, scooting to rest his back against the wall and bend his legs over Yuugi. Ever the watchful eye, and it greatly comforted the smaller one.

"Well, well, well, have the yami and hikari become aquainted with each other yet?" Yuugi shivered, and the other him bristled with rage. It was the woman that performed that strange ritual again.

"I wanted to wait until you were healed a little more Yuugi. It would be so much more fun watching you die in a struggle. But, since you are taking far too long, I'll have to take what I want now."

"And what's that?" Yuugi sneered.

"I told you that you had something that we wanted. Now, since that something has been remeoved, we will take him."

Yuugi froze, and the other him sat erect. "Him?"

"Yes, him. The one sitting oh so protectively over you. He's you darkness, you know. He was inside of you, and we had to rip him out."


One word. "Power."

The other Yuugi stood, enraged and furious. So. This is the one that hurt Yuugi. She would die. Oh yes. Maybe not now, but she would. "isfty, istfy!"

The woman laughed. "Yes, I am evil, aren't I?"

And with that she left. "You won't have long with him, Yuugi. He leaves tonight."

"Iie!!! NO!!!! Mor hitori no boku! Don't leave me!" Yuugi was in hysterics, not even realizing quite why this man could not leave him.

Well, being the other half of his soul, it would sort of hurt to be without him, ne?

Wrapping possessive arms around Yuugi, the other him whispered in his ear. "nsp, antyw mry. nsp."

As time passed and eveing approached, the other Yuugi was plotting, who had now been dubbed 'Yami'. Yuugi got tired of referring to him with something so long. Darkness seemed to fit.

And so, Yami was pacing around, waiting for a guard to show. They seemed hesitant to go near him.

Yuugi watched as one came over, and Yami beconed him to come. Slightly wary, but obviously not quite as intelligent as his comrads, he walked over, just close enough for Yami to grab him through the bars.

And grab him Yami did. In fact, he grabbed so hard, Yuugi saw blood leaking through Yami's closed fingers as his grip on the guard's neck tightened. He was dead in almost an instant.

Smiling in satisfaction, Yami took the keys hanging off the guard and dropped him carelessly, opening the door to the cell. Resigned and wanting to get out of there, he picked Yuugi up, who still felt like a boneless chicken, and headed out into the hall and up a flight of stairs.

Everything streaked by quickly for Yuugi. That is, until they were stopped by a circle of guards. To Yuugi's horror, Yami only grinned. Apparently, fear was not a word in his dictionary.

The female mage who had hurt Yuugi so badly stepped through her troops who were holding spears at their prisoners, glaring. "Well, I was going to let you say goodbye, but now you'll have to die first, Motou Yuugi."

And as Yami growled, the whole world turned red.

* * * * *
* *

Kila was happy, bouncing along with her mother after a full day of shopping. A girl's day out. They had so few of those, it was moments like this that Kila treasured most.

"Mama," the six year old asked her mother, blonde hair blowing in the gentle breaze.

"Yes dear?"

"Can we get some dinner? I'm starved!"

Her mother chuckled. "Of course, sweet-heart."

They didn't hear it first, but they sure saw it. How could they not? Everyone in the whole city did.

Red, off in the distance. It looked like a cyclone four miles wide had landed, composed entirely of a red liquid.

"Mama, what is that?" Kila whispered in awe.

"I'm not sure, hun."

And now, only now, where faint screams heard, and a loud 'boom' that shook all of Domino City.

* * * *

Yuugi, wrapped in the sheet from that old cot, held in his darkness's arms, shivered as the shock died away, seeing him and his other self covered in splotches of red. Streaked from head to foot they were, and Yami did not even look phazed, even though Yuugi knew that he had just blown up five square miles of land.

Everyone except them were dead in that area.

The woman who had released Yami looked up with her last breath, malice filling her mind and her last uttered word. "Pharaoh."

Yuugi looked up at Yami's bright red eyes. "Pharaoh?" A nod.

Now Yuugi knew what language he was speaking. Egyptian. It had t be. Ancient Egyptian, probably.

Yami turned around and headed back to where he guessed the city was, allowing his feet to carry him home. Or Yuugi's home, at least.

It was an od sight, to say the very least. To men, nearly identical, one walking and the other being carried. Both covered in blood, completely aloof of the poeple and the stares that they were receiving from each and every single person they passed. A security guard spotted them at one point in time on their way home, and stopped them, asking if they were all right.

Yami looked over at the burly middle-aged man, ready to kill. Yuugi, however, placed his hand on the darkness's cheek, fingers molding to the groove of where the jaw bone connected with the neck. One touch, and one look at those pleading lavender eyes, and Yami lowered his head slightly, continueing on their way home.

Yuugi still couldn't figure out just how they made it, but they did. Walking inside of the Kame Game Shop, Yami easily found his way to the living area, intent on going to bed on something soft, warm, clean, and safe. He too required sleep.

"Yuugi? Yuugi is that you? Oh, Yuugi I was so worried! I came home late last night because a friend had some car problems, and when I got here you were gone! What ha. . ."

Yuugi's grandfather was cut short upon stumbling on his grandson in the entry way, being held in what looked like the hands of a killer, covered in blood.

Speach seemed to for once, leave him completely.

"Ji-chan? I don't know what happened. I was kidnapped last night. These people, I don't know who they were or what they wanted, but they did something to me. And it hurt. Ji-chan, this is what is left. They said that the one you see now, holding me, is my dark side. He is me, Ji-chan. But, I call him Yami."

Said darkness nodded his head in slight acknowledgement, still wanting to go to bed.

Gods. Where to start? Hello, Yuugi. Why all the blood? Hello, Yuugi. Does your dark side talk? Hello Yuugi, are you being held by a killer?

"I'll explain everything in the morning, Ji-chan. I still really hurt, and Yami deosn't speak our language."

"Oh? What does he speak?"

Yami snorted. "wxA." And with that went off to bed.

* * * *

Well, I bet that you guys want some translations, don't ya? Well. . .okay. I'll give them to you. For the most part they're right, but I'm still trying. So bare with me. YES-these translations are real. So there.

They are in order from which they appeared:

Ntk ASw st : You are here.

HD r-Xnw, nfr, HD : Be bright inside, beautiful. Be bright.(Yami says this with two different levels. First, to be the hikari that he is, being bright will help to improve his health. And, to stay bright, he needs to keep his spirits up.)

Niaw, nfr, mry, Biaw : Mine, beautiful beloved, mine.

kkwy : darkness

Biaw : mine

ntk nt wi : you belong to me.

m-t : dead man

isfty, wxa, Tpd ir ntk snlt wi st : Evil one, fool, why do you bind me here?

isfty : Evil one

nsp, antyw mry nsp : Together, my beloved, together.

wxz : fool

Wow, that was alot. Well, tell me what you think. Hope was satifactory for now. Will probably add more later. If you like this.