Tainted Submission

Chapter 6

Yuugi cracked an eye open, his bed feeling colder than usual. And he also had much more moving space. Where the hell is Yami?

Yawning with sleep, Yuugi allowed his muscles to stretch before he tried to get up. Trying to figure out where his darkness had gone, Yuugi opened up his senses completely, feeling enjoyment trickle down their shared link. Grumbling and grunting, he slowly and surely he picked himself up off the bed, heading downstairs. He took a peek at a clock on the living room wall, reading one am. He cursed to himself.

The light in the kitchen was on, like he had expected it to be. Stumbling into the kitchen, he saw his darkness sitting down at the kitchen table, feet propped up, indulged in a container of chocolate pudding.

Yami licked the spoon clean, then dipped it in for another spoonful. :-Hello aibou.-:

Yuugi grunted in reply. :Hello, Yami. Midnight snack?:


Yuugi spared his darkness a glance as he wandered over to the fridge, pulling out the carton of orange juice and a cheese stick. Yami was learning Japanese rather quickly.

He haphazardly left the two things he had pulled out on the table, getting himself a glass.

Yami raised a sardonic eyebrow. :-Midnight snack, aibou?-:


Still half asleep, Yuugi poured himself a glass of juice, dropping his self in the next chair over. :You should go easy on that pudding, Yami. Ji-chan said he'd only buy one container a week. You've been going through two.:

Yami pouted. :-I haven't been eating that much.-:

Yuugi spared his other a look. :Yeah, right.:

:-By the way,-: Yami began, taking another spoonful of pudding. :-There's a person passed out on our kitchen floor, aibou.-:

Yuugi almost choked on is cheese stick. :Excuse me?!:

Yami gestured to the other side of the table, beyond their sight. :-He was asleep at the table when I walked in. I found it quite amusing when his snoring knocked him over to the floor, and yet he still didn't wake up.-:

Getting up, Yuugi rounded the table, seeing that indeed, there was a person passed out on their kitchen floor. He was rather tall, and lanky, and donned a messy mop of blonde hair. :It's Jou!:


The young man was sleeping soundly on his back, mouth open, drool coming just out of the corner of his mouth. Yuugi looked on curiously. :Why in the world is there a clothes pin on his nose!?:

Yami shrugged. :-His snoring was a bit a nuisance after a while.-:

Yuugi sighed, rubbing his hand over his face. Bending down, he retrieved the pin. "Jou, wake up!" He nudged his shoulder. "Jou!"

The other man mumbled incoherently as Yuugi's attempts at waking him seemed to be fruitless, mouth opening and closing like a drowning fish.


He made a noise akin to that of a pig. "Wha.. who…" He looked up and saw Yuugi starring at him with concern. "Oh…ah, hey 'dere Yug'. Morni'n all ready?" Grinning stupidly, he sat up.

Yuugi shook his head tiredly. "Iie. One A.M."

Jou frowned. "I didn't wake you, did I?"

Yuugi shook his head again. "No, already up." Yuugi stood upright, Jou following suite. "Huh. Dat's funny. You're never up early."

"Blame him." Yuugi sat back down in his chair, gesturing over to Yami. Jou figured it must be his grandfather he was referring to.

"Your Dad drinking again, tonight?" Yuugi questioned, Jou flopping over to the fridge.

"Yeah, he's a real nut tonight." Grabbing a can of soda, he walked past Yami, smelling the chocolate pudding. "Didn't know ya liked pudd'n dat much Yug'."

Yami's deep voice rumbled with his Egyptian response.

Jou whirled around, seeing what he was sure his best friend Yuugi at the table eating chocolate pudding, then turned back around seeing Yuugi eating the rest of a cheese stick with a glass of orange juice.

"What in da…" He looked at Yuugi questioningly. "Yug'? Bud? How come dere's two of ya?"

"Jou, this is Yami. He's a bit new around here."

Of course, by this time, Yuugi had explained to his darkness through their link that Jou was Yuugi's best friend all through high school, and that he often came over when his father was drunk and violent. Thankfully, come fall time they would be headed off to college, and Jou wouldn't have to deal with that anymore.

"Relative of yours?" he asked bewildered.



"Sort of."

Jou thought it strange that Yami kept on eating his pudding, not paying attention to anything else. Moving in a little more closely, Jou looked from the almost empty pudding container back to the dusky tanned face. Crimson eyes snapped on to him, warning him that he should not come any closer.

Suddenly, his nose wrinkled. "Hnqt." He looked away, showing his distaste.

Jou backed up, looking at Yuugi. "Wha'd he say?"

Yuugi sighed. "He said you smell like beer."

Jou huffed indignantly. "Yeah, well, tell him dat's what happens when your old man throws beer bottles at ya!" He sat down at the opposite end of the table, opening his can of soda. Yuugi was silent for a moment, eyes glazed over. He 'hmm' to himself. "You know, that's a good idea."

Jou turned his emerald green eyes over to his friend. He suddenly noticed that Yuugi was actually a bit shorter than Yami. "What?"

"Yami said that the spare bedroom isn't in use. You could just move in there till the fall time. I'm sure Ji-chan wouldn't mind." Yuugi, though, was not going to say that the only reason Yami had suggested it was to ease the worry Yuugi was experiencing for his friend. He honestly could care less about the other man.

"Isn't what's 'is name use'n it?" Jou questioned.

Yuugi shook his head. "No, we share a bedroom."

"He sleeps on the floor?"


"You do?"


Jou was silent for a moment, knowing Yuugi's room was too small to hold two beds. "You share'n the bed?"

Yuugi nodded his head. "Uh-huh."

Jou looked back and forth between the two look-alike men, piecing this information together. Suddenly, he laughed. "It's about time you hooked up with somebody!" He gave his friend a hearty clap on the back. "So what language is he speak'n anyway? Can you speak it?"

"In a way," Yuugi started. "He speak ancient Egyptian, but he's learning Japanese."

Yami finally stood, put his spoon in the sink, and then threw away his empty pudding container. Coming up behind Yuugi, he wrapped his arms around his lighter counterpart, looking pointedly at Jou. "Mine." Kissing Yuugi on the temple, he grabbed his arm and began heading out of the kitchen. "Uh, goodnight, Jou. See you in the morning." Yuugi's retreating head disappeared into the shadows of the unlit house. "'Night Yug'."

Well, that was interesting, to say the least. He sat silent for a moment, taking what he had just seen, then shook it, downing his drink. It was Yuugi's decision, not his. If he liked possessive boyfriends, that was his business. Right? Right.

Ah, the hell with it. He needed more sleep before the sun decided to spread it obtrusive light on another bleak day.

Yawning, he headed over to the couch, hoping that he just might be able to move into the spare bedroom. It would be nice to get away from his father until college. Then he'd never have to see the likes of the dirty old man again.

Well, guess he'd see in the morning.


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