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Chapter 1 – Early Years and Magic

Sirius Black had never been so emotional in his life. Loss, Grief, Rage, Suspicion, and a dozen other emotions tore through his mind as he looked at the remains of the cottage that James and Lily had been living in. The only thing keeping these emotions from making him do something rash was the little bundle in his arms. This was his godson, Harry James Potter, and he'd be damned if anything happened to the one year old while he still drew breath! The only thought in Sirius' mind at the moment was to get Harry to safety. Without a word he spun on his heel and disappeared with a loud crack.

"Andy! Andy! It's me! Let me in!" Sirius yelled loudly as he beat on the door to his cousin Andromeda's home. It might have been late on Halloween, not too much longer until the first of November, but that didn't matter to Sirius right now.

"Sirius! What the bloody hell are you doing beating on my door at this time of night?!" A woman in a housecoat demanded as she opened the door. She was tall for a woman, with aristocratic features, dark hair, and sharp grey eyes. When she took in the state of her cousin, as well as noticed the bundle in his arms, she gasped. With wide eyes she ushered Sirius inside and closed the door behind him.

"What's going on?" Ted, Andromeda's husband, questioned as they walked into the sitting room. He was a fairly average looking man, brown hair, warm brown eyes, tall and lean.

"James and Lily are dead." Sirius breathed out while gently cradling Harry. "Voldemort found them."

"I thought they were under the Fidelius Charm?" Andromeda looked aghast.

"Peter, he must've been found, that or he…he…" Sirius started to shake slightly and Andromeda held out her arms to take little Harry. Reluctantly, Sirius passed Harry into Andromeda's arms and the woman softly cooed to the still sleeping baby.

"Sirius, we don't know what happened yet, we shouldn't do anything rash." Ted advised the slightly younger man. "Going off half-cocked isn't doing anyone any good and it's the last thing little Harry needs." His words struck a chord with Sirius who sagged in his seat and exhaled heavily.

"Harry is the biggest concern right now, Sirius." Andromeda stated plainly, her tone conveying the severity of the situation. "We can figure out everything else over the next few days."

"You're right," Sirius ran his hands over his face, the events of the night clearly getting to the man. "Do you mind if we stay with you until things are settled?"

"I wouldn't let you leave if you tried, Sirius." Andromeda replied with finality as she held the baby Harry. Ted could only chuckle at his wife's resolute declaration.

The next several hours were almost a blur for Sirius. He'd had to Floo the Aurors to let them know of the attack on the Potters. That had set off a large movement from the DMLE. Barty Crouch, the Head of the DMLE, had Aurors all over the cottage looking for evidence. Sirius was questioned, Peter was found missing, but with no signs of any struggle or attack it seemed likely the man had betrayed his friends to the Dark Lord. Dumbledore had shown up, but Sirius wasn't sure what the man and Barty Crouch had talked about. The issue of Harry had come up and Sirius was vehement in his place as Harry's godfather. He would not give Harry to anyone else.

The next day, the evening edition of the Daily Prophet ran the news story that sent all of Magical Britain into celebration. The Dark Lord, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, You-Know-Who, Voldemort was dead! Slain by something when he'd attacked the Potter Family! Their infant son, Harry, the only person to ever survive the Dark Lord's attempt on his life! In less than a day, Harry Potter became the most famous name in all of Magical Britain! The Boy-Who-Lived!

Sirius was granted full custody of Harry in short order. Both James' and Lily's Wills had stated that Harry was to go to Sirius as his godfather. No one could contest that. Dumbledore had suggested leaving the Magical World for some years but Sirius was having none of it. Harry would be raised by Sirius with help from Andromeda and Ted. Sirius' niece, Nymphadora, had quickly taken to the idea of having Harry around. She'd happily declared herself 'Big Sister' to the one year old and could often be found using her Metamorph ability to entertain the baby.

Growing up, everything had seemed normal, for a Magical child at any rate, with Harry. He had small outbursts of Accidental Magic every now and then, he cried, he giggled, and he had to be changed. There was no indication that Harry was special in anyway by Magical standards. That had always been a point of confusion for the Family. How did Harry survive Voldemort's attack that night? Moreover, how had he come away from that horrid night without a single mark on him? Sirius figured it had to have been something that Lily and James had done. Some kind of last resort measure they'd put in place to protect Harry, even at the cost of their lives. Lily was more than intelligent enough to figure something like that out and James would be all for it if it meant his son would live.

By age three Harry had started to display some rather insightful uses of simple Magic. The little boy was doing Accidental Magic, but there was nothing accidental about it! If little Harry was thirsty his sippy cup would float into his hand, even from across the room. If he wanted one of his little story books, it came to him. Sirius and Andromeda had even seen the toddler levitate his wooden blocks to build things when he played. Harry seemed to have an intrinsic understanding of his Magic. He knew how to make it work for him. Sirius was proud of his godson. Andromeda and Ted were always impressed and little Nymphadora was the proud big sister, always doting on Harry when he used his Magic.

By age four Harry had learned to read his small story books. The boy loved reading and was progressing well. Sirius had smiled warmly at his godson, seeing so much of Lily in him. When he'd gotten a toy broom meant for small children for Harry as a fourth birthday gift, he'd been elated to see the joy on Harry's face as he flew with his little feet barely off the ground. That was James through and through! Harry may look like James, but he was truly both his parents' child. Lily's curiosity and James' looks, and with Sirius' penchant for jokes he was sure Harry would be making them all proud for years to come! When he was older he'd share his wisdom of the fairer sex with his Godson too. Harry was going to be the second coming of Sirius when the time came. The Marauder would make sure of that!

By age seven Harry was a rather advanced reader. The boy happily read story books, enjoyed flying on his father's old broom, and was already trying to learn more about Magic. Sirius happily teased his godson about becoming a Ravenclaw when he went to Hogwarts. Harry only shrugged and asked for more books on Magic for his birthday. Sirius, never one to say 'No' to Harry's gift requests, had happily bought Harry a litany of books on various Magical subjects. He could have raided the Black Library at Grimmauld Place for books, but then he'd have had to go through each and every one of them to make sure they were safe. It was easier just to buy new books from Flourish and Blott's than to peruse those old, musty tomes.

Harry had taken to Magic like a fish to water. The youngster happily read through book after book on everything from Charms to more obscure Magics like Alchemy and Occlumency. When Andromeda had mentioned that Harry couldn't possibly understand such advanced and esoteric Magics at his age, Sirius had smirked at his cousin. Andromeda, knowing that look from their youth, had immediately demanded to know what Sirius had done.

"I didn't do anything except be a good godfather!" Sirius had raised his nose into the air in a show of faux pompousness. "Harry, do the thing!"

"This?" Harry questioned as he looked up from the book he was reading. The boy held up his hand and a fireball snapped into existence. Andromeda's eyes went wide and her jaw dropped. Harry, a boy of only seven years and a few months, had just done Elemental Conjuration! Wandlessly and silently at that!

"How…" Andromeda asked, even as she struggled to close her jaw and get her breathing back under control.

"Harry gets Magic," Sirius replied as Harry waved away the fireball and returned to his book. "I don't know any other way to explain it Andy. He reads it and he understands it. He even does it without the steps."

"Harry," Andromeda walked closer to the reading boy. "How did you do that?"

"The fireball?" Harry asked for clarification as he stopped reading and turned to face his aunt, as he'd come to call her. When Andromeda nodded, Harry smiled at getting to explain. "I read about the Incendio Charm, then the Flagrate Charm, a few other Fire Charms too and I realized that the wand wasn't necessary. All you have to do is use your Magic as both spark and kindling and the fire will appear!"

"But Harry, wands are used by almost all Witches and Wizards to do Magic." Andromeda explained and Harry tilted his head.

"I don't think that's right." Harry shrugged, he then casually raised his hand and summoned a book, 'Magical Theory by Adalbert Waffling', off the reading table, the other books levitating up off it and then gently landing once more. "Like this one is dumb. He just adds so many more steps!" Andromeda deadpanned at her young adopted nephew disparaging one of the premier magical primers. He sounded like he was whining. "It's like he tried to make it easy by making it simpler but just made it harder instead. Like he's trying to teach someone how to move their own leg! He says you have to draw Magic from within, move it through your body, push it into a wand while making patterns and saying the right words. Bleh~ Magic is Magic. I don't need to tell my legs how to walk!" Harry shook his head and Andromeda, while amazed, couldn't help but smile at the child.

"In the books I've read, Magic is all about invoking Principles and deriving Aspects. Principles are the foundation of all spells, it is the main function and purpose a Witch or Wizard invokes from their Magic. Like the Principle of Separation, it's all about causing things to come apart or stay apart. You then derive a specific Aspect from that, like severing or disconnecting. That leads to the spell in questions direct Effect, like a Cutting Charm or a Disassembling Charm. It's much easier to understand that way, rather than Waffling's." The seven year old rattled off from memory. It was clear he was quoting, or paraphrasing at least, an advanced Magical Theory book nearly verbatim.

"I see," Andromeda smiled at Harry and let him return to his reading. She did happen to notice that he was reading through what would be Sixth or Seventh Year material in Hogwarts. "Sirius, Harry is some kind of prodigy!" She whispered to her cousin quietly. "I've never seen a child that argues with a published Magical Scholar before; and most definitely not a child that can then prove said Scholar wrong!"

"I told you Andy," Sirius smirked with a chuckle. "Harry just gets Magic. To him it's as easy as learning a simple task, like cleaning dishes or scrubbing a cauldron."

"He's reading Sixth and Seventh Year material, Sirius." Andromeda motioned to the reading Harry. "Nymphadora is in her Fourth Year and wouldn't understand half of that stuff." With a deep breath to calm down, Andromeda continued. "Harry's understanding of Magic is unheard of at his age. You heard what he said right? He was talking about Principles and Aspects! That's not even covered in Hogwarts' curriculum! Those are terms one covers while working towards a Magical Mastery!"

"A regular little Merlin, isn't he?" Sirius beamed proudly at Harry.

"You're impossible, Sirius." Andromeda sighed heavily. Clearly her cousin wasn't going to see this for the mind-boggling situation it was.

Harry would continue to advance in his personal study of Magic. Nymphadora had, on multiple occasions, been scolded by her mother for having Harry basically do her summer homework for her. Sirius enjoyed going flying with Harry, the activity being something that godfather and godson happily bonded over. Sirius had taken both Harry and Nymphadora to a few Quidditch games over the summers. While Nymphadora and Sirius loved Quidditch, Harry was more impressed with the flying overall. The game itself didn't much interest him.

When it came time for Harry's eighth birthday, he'd had only two requests for gifts. More advanced Magic books and a broom of his own. Sirius, the doting godfather he was, had not only gotten a top of the line broom for Harry, but also scoured Diagon Alley for the most advanced tomes he could find. If they were rare, he happily paid the price for them. Harry would understand them in short order anyway. As long as they weren't Dark Magic, Sirius saw no reason not to encourage Harry's curiosity and drive to learn. Lily and James would have done the same for their prodigy son.

'Principles and Aspects: The Nature of Magic' Harry read over the old tome's title and smiled. This was what was only mentioned in some of the books he already had. He'd already come to the conclusion himself. But to see what was already known, and then take it further with his understanding, that was what excited Harry. Harry gently opened the old book and began to read. Just the headings for each of the topics gone over in the tome on the front page made him smile widely. 'Principles, Aspects, Elements, Forces, Effects, Space, Time, this is awesome!' The excited boy couldn't wait to read this book! Whoever had written it must have spent decades delving into Magic and trying to understand it.

Unbeknownst to Harry, the lifetime of work that had gone into the old tome he was reading, while advanced knowledge to most Witches and Wizards, was still only the basis of the subject of Magic. It was merely the closest that the author had been able to get to understanding Magic in their lifetime. But it would be the gateway that opened Harry's already deep understanding of Magic to the full possibilities of what he could achieve. Harry's intuitive understanding of Magic would take this barebones knowledge of Magic and turn it into something that had never been seen before!

-Harry, Age 9-

'Conjuring fire is easy, the nature of flame is simple enough,' Harry thought to himself as he conjured a fireball in front of himself. 'But Magical Flames are fire that burns with a different Effect, Principle, or Aspect. Adding the extra concept and not letting it be consumed by the nature of fire is the hard part.' The boy thought to himself as he worked to bring about a Magical Flame. He continued to think on the various Effects, Principles, and Aspects he'd already learned to bring about or affect with Magic. 'It would be easy to create cursed fire, like the Fiendfyre curse. That's just fire with the Aspect of consumption added to it. It's easy and stupid to add an Aspect that increases the inherent nature of an Element. At that point all you're doing is bringing out more of the same.'

At the young age of nine, Harry Potter was already sure of what he wanted to do with his life. He wanted to learn and understand everything he could about Magic! After gaining the knowledge he had, then taking it further with his own understanding of the Fundamental Force that was Magic, Harry had seen the spells and creations of his fellow Magicals as lackluster. They weren't inventive; they weren't curious, they went for the simplest of uses and were happy in their ability to merely scratch the surface. It was odd to the boy, to see so many Witches and Wizards that were far older than him, yet none of them seemed to care about Magic at all. To them it wasn't special, it wasn't amazing, it just was. The fact that they were content with that boggled Harry's mind.

To that end Harry had broken away from the spells taught in the 'Standard Book of Spells' series that Hogwarts used. Most of the spells were the same thing, only changed to focus on a specific target and produce a slightly different result. What was the point of that? If they wanted to use two different spells to essentially produce the same effect they could waste their time. Harry would craft his own spells! He wouldn't be bogged down with over a dozen animate to inanimate or inanimate to animate Transfiguration spells. He'd simply make a single Transfiguration spell for each process and change the forms he wanted as he cast the spell. Likewise the multitude of Charms that did the same thing, but each were limited or varied in what they could and couldn't affect. They were pointless differences that no Witches or Wizards seemed to have any problem with. It was simply incomprehensible to Harry.

By age nine, Harry James Potter was a full-on Spellcrafter! The youngster finding neither point nor purpose in learning six, seven, or eight different spells that all had the same basic purpose. He understood that he could get the same effects from a single spell as long as he created it with the proper Aspects, Principles, and Effects. Entire spell books on Charms could easily be condensed into ten or twelve spells once Harry was done going through them! The young Spellcrafter was sometimes annoyed by the sheer over-specialization of some spells. Why did anyone need a spell that only worked on a single sub-species of Magical Creature? Why was it that a spell that only worked on fabric made of a certain material warranted three pages of a spell book? The Magical World had bogged itself down so much that it was no wonder that new things and changes were often reviled by the staunch Traditionalists. They were probably still going through these absurdly long lists of spells looking for the ones they actually wanted!

'To create the first flame, I need fire and the Principle that will produce the correct Aspect. So for this, it would be Time, separate the flames from time and you get fire with the Aspect of agelessness.' Harry worked out what he needed to do to achieve the spell he wanted. Now he just had to add the Principle and derive the Aspect. A spark emerged between Harry's cupped hands. The spark became a flame and burned in the air, seemingly without fuel. As that would go against fire's nature it wasn't true though. What this flame burned as fuel was Magic and what it used in place of oxygen was Time. So long as it was fueled with Magic, and Time continued to exist, this flame could burn forever.

A gentle knock on his bedroom door alerted Harry that Sirius was there. His godfather smiled at him and Harry returned the look. With his long hair, well-trimmed goatee, and aristocratic features, Sirius Black was rather handsome. It went a good way to explaining his success with the ladies. That and he was known to be the godfather of Harry Potter. Not that anyone had ever gotten to visit Harry through Sirius. The current Lord Black was a fierce gatekeeper between the public and his godson. Requests for interviews or photo ops had all been summarily rejected for years. Harry only went to Diagon Alley in disguise with Andromeda, Ted, and Nym. Sirius walking around with anyone of Harry's age would quickly have them swarmed by the masses looking to meet Harry Potter. It was for this reason that Harry's talents hadn't become known to the public yet.

"Working on a bit of Pyromancy there, Harry?" Sirius chuckled as he walked into the room.

"Yeah, I finally figured this out." Harry grinned as he showed Sirius the flame he'd conjured. Sirius looked at the flame, saw it burned oddly, like watching fire in slow motion, and then he felt the pull on his Magic. Sirius stumbled back in shock at what he was seeing.

"Harry! D-Did you conjure Primal Fire?!" Sirius gaped at the flame in his godson's hand.

"That was what I was going for, yes." Harry nodded as he continued to hold what some Magicals called the Flame of Creation, as if it was no big deal.

"Andy!" Sirius ran to the door and yelled out. "Ted! Andy! Both of you come see what Harry's accomplished!" A rush of footsteps was heard and in a few moments both Ted and Andromeda stood in the door way. Both of them had similar reactions to Sirius, though in Ted's case it was only because he felt the pull on his Magic from the flame. Andromeda and Ted, after collecting themselves, both praised Harry on his success before Andromeda pulled Sirius out of the bedroom to talk.

"Sirius, this has gone beyond prodigious, that was Primal Fire! Just from rumors alone, to get a spark of it is supposed to take a Ritual that lasts for a full Solar Day, from sunrise to sunset, and is performed by multiple Wizards and Witches! Harry is nine and just conjured it freely!" Andromeda was stifling her volume, but she wanted to scream about what she'd just seen!

"I know that, Andy!" Sirius was startled too, but he was proud of Harry's accomplishment as well. "Harry is progressing at an incredible rate. But it's not a bad thing, right? I've made sure to keep any hint of Dark Magic away from Harry during his studies. He should be fine to keep practicing."

"I understand; I'm just reeling a bit." Andromeda admitted as she calmed down from the shock. "I do worry about what Harry might get up to without supervision in the future though."

"Well, in a few more years I can teach him how to chase girls. That would take up a good amount of his attention. Make him a regular ladies man, just like me!" Sirius chuckled for a bit, until he noticed Andromeda's look.

"No." Andromeda deadpanned. "Hogwarts doesn't need another Sirius Black running around."

"Every generation should have the Sirius Black experience!" Sirius chortled. Andromeda only shook her head and walked down the hallway. "Oi, Andy!" Sirius called out after his cousin. "What? You know I'm right!" Sirius called as he walked after her.

-Harry, Age 10-

Harry, Sirius, Andromeda, Nym, and Ted were at a secluded lake house owned by the Black Family. It was a warm August and they were all enjoying time swimming and relaxing at the property for the weekend. Now that the sun had set, Sirius, Andromeda, and Ted were downstairs reading over the Daily Prophet. Nym was currently showering and it would be Harry's turn next. Harry had come up to his temporary bedroom to practice with his Spellcrafting while he waited.

'Under normal conditions, a Banishing Charm and a Summoning Charm would cancel each other out, so long as they were of equal power.' Harry mused as he conjured a golf ball sized version of the Summoning Charm on his right index finger, while conjuring a golf ball sized version of the Banishing Charm on his left index finger. Technically what he was conjuring wasn't the Charms themselves, but the Principles of Attraction and Rejection. 'Now if one has greater power than the other,' The Attraction Principle grew a bit bigger on top of his right index finger. 'Then the stronger Principle's effect takes hold but at a reduced effect.' He touched the two Principles together. The larger Attraction Principle shrank significantly while the Rejection Principle was completely dispersed. 'Conflicting effects cannot exist at the same time at the same strength...normally anyway...' Harry grinned as he conjured the Attraction Principle and Rejection Principle again. 'Let's circumvent the natural rules a bit...' He brought the two transparent orbs together, the opposing Principles fought against each other as Harry forced them together. The two transparent little spheres slowly merged before turning a deep black, the fused Magic was literally vibrating, along with the air near it.

"Now let's see what this does!" Harry launched the black sphere at the opposite wall excitedly. The instant the sphere made contact with the wall it rapidly expanded and the room went silent. The black sphere disappeared a moment later revealing a large hole in the wall, the outside visible through the missing section. Sound returned a second later and Harry blinked at the effects of his experiment.

"Harry?! Harry! What was that!? Where's the wall?!" Sirius barged into the room with his wand out. Behind him both Andromeda and Ted stood with their wands in hand as well.

"Sorry about that." Harry motioned towards the missing wall. "I made a new spell. Seems like a more potent version of a standard Vanishing Charm. I think I'll call it Paradox, because of how I made it." Harry rubbed the back of his head sheepishly as he looked at Sirius.

"You're lucky we're so well off, Harry." Sirius shook his head while pinching the bridge of his nose. Andromeda and Ted both just stared at the gaping hole in the wall silently. Sirius was able to use Transfiguration to temporarily repair the wall. He'd have an actual Magical Craftsman come over to repair it once they were back at home.

-Harry, Age 10 and 10 months-

"You can't hide in there forever Harry!" Sirius yelled as he cast a few more hexes and jinxes at the barrier that Harry had cast around himself. The prodigious Spellcrafter had scoffed at the multitude of different Shield Charms and created his own. Simply called Barrier, it was a spherical Magical field that prevented spells and physical objects from passing through it. Harry was casually reading a book while Sirius continued to throw spell after spell at the field.

"Pretty sure I can, Sirius." Harry remarked as he flipped a page in his book. It didn't even take any real focus or concentration to maintain his Barrier spell once he'd cast it. Sirius was left outside throwing spells to no effect while Harry was free to read and occasionally chuckled at his godfather's flummoxed look. The Barrier spell was made to be translucent enough to see through without trouble. It did have a faint blue glow to it though.

A barn owl winged its way towards them from the sky. Sirius caught sight of it and grinned, knowing what it was carrying. Harry glanced up when Sirius stopped throwing spells and noticed what his godfather was looking at. With a smile Harry put a bookmark on the page he was reading and closed the book. With a thought his Barrier spell dispersed and he held out his arm. The barn owl landed lightly on the outstretched limb and Harry happily took the letter off of the bird's leg. Once relieved of its letter, the barn owl took off again and flew back the way it had come.

"Looks like it's that time, huh?" Harry grinned at the letter in his hand.

"You're growing up so fast, Harry!" Sirius pretended to cry as he pulled Harry into a hug and went into full over-dramatic prankster mode.

"Is this because you couldn't break through my Barrier spell?" Harry questioned, though his voice was muffled by the hug.

"What? No… Of course not…" Sirius chuckled as he ruffled Harry's hair. The already messy 'Potter Hair' now even more frazzled.

"Uh huh…" Harry shook his head fondly. Sirius would always be Sirius.

"Are you ready to make your big debut to all of your adoring fans?" Sirius questioned with a chuckle as Harry opened the Hogwarts Letter.

"Not really, but it'll happen eventually either way." Harry shrugged as he read over the letter. "I wonder how many of them will be surprised that I don't wear glasses like dad?"

"You got Lily's eyes, it's a blessing, and James' eyes were boring anyway." Sirius smiled, remembering back to the 'good old days' before everything had gone bad. They'd never found Peter; though with the lack of any evidence of a struggle it was pretty clear what had happened. Sirius swore if he ever got his hands on that bastard, he'd make sure Peter knew pain.

"I don't mind my eyes, I guess." Harry grinned as he looked at Sirius. "Do you want to just get the shopping done tomorrow?"

"Sure thing, Harry, might as well yank the bandage off, right?" Sirius laughed as he patted his godson's back.

-Diagon Alley-

Harry had been to Diagon Alley plenty of times in his life. But this was the first time he was going without a disguise and with Sirius. People had noticed Sirius as they walked through the Alley. When people spotted him, with his very similar looks to his father, it hadn't taken long for the Alley to start buzzing with whispers and murmurs. Sirius already had his wand at the ready in case of any rushes. A simple twitch of his hand and he'd be casting to protect his godson.

They'd made their way through the Alley, constantly followed by whispers. So far no one had tried to meet him yet and Harry was thankful for that much. They'd gotten his trunk, his Potions supplies, quills and parchment, and even his robes. While most of the shopkeepers had gasped or stared at him for a bit, it had been a mostly uneventful shopping trip.

"The last things on the list are a pet and a wand." Harry noted as he looked at his letter. "I don't see much point in getting a wand though. Not like I'll use it."

"Then let's get you an owl, they're useful for mail." Sirius agreed with his godson and the two headed over to the Magical Menagerie. It didn't take Harry long to pick out an owl. He chose a beautiful, female snowy owl and Sirius bought the bird and all of the necessities for its care quickly. The two made their way out of Diagon Alley shortly afterwards and used the Floo to get home.

"I hope you like it here with me, Hedwig." Harry smiled later that afternoon after choosing a name for his owl. Hedwig hooted and ruffled her feathers a bit, seemingly content with her new home.

It would only be a short two months, a little less really, before Harry would be headed to Hogwarts for the first time. He'd heard all about the school from Nym, but hearing and seeing were two different things. Harry could easily admit to being excited. It was an Ancient Magical Castle so it was probably full of secrets! Not to mention the largest library in Magical Britain! Oh the tomes he could find there!

-Platform Nine and Three-Quarters-

"You're coming home for Christmas, right Harry?" Sirius asked and Harry rolled his eyes. The now eleven year old had no plans to stay at the castle on holidays.

"Yes, Sirius, I'll be coming home on most holidays." Harry reassured his godfather with a laugh.

"Alright, alright, I'll let you go." Sirius chuckled as he playfully tousled Harry's hair. "I know you're going to surprise everyone, if we can get a pensieve I'll want to see that memory someday!"

"You're the one with the vault overflowing with gold…" Harry mentioned and Sirius shook his head. Harry knew how rare pensieves were. It was finding a real one that was the problem, not the price.

The loud whistle blew for the first warning that the train would depart and Sirius ushered Harry onboard the Hogwarts Express. Harry walked down the train for a short time, his trunk levitating behind him, until he found an empty compartment. With a snap of his fingers, his trunk opened and he picked out a good-sized book to read through during the trip. After getting the book he closed the lid and levitated his trunk into the overhead rack. Sitting down, Harry opened his book and started reading as he waited for the train to start moving. He couldn't wait to get to Hogwarts. If he was lucky he might be able to check out the library as soon as tomorrow!

-End Chapter-


Well, Harry is on his way to Hogwarts! We see just how Intuitive Harry is with Magic, easily understanding it like Mathematicians sometimes understand Calculus at 8 or 9 years old! With his understanding of Magic, Harry has become a Spellcrafter, making spells that are much more versatile and freeform than the rigidity of the standard spells taught by Hogwarts!

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