Chapter One

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It was dark. Don't get more descriptive than that. There was no moon. There were no stars. Nothing but pure blackness. A cloudy night with a new moon. Perfect.

Himura Battousai mused on that as he swept down an unlit street. His grace made him blend into the shadows perfectly, he was there and gone with a soft whisper of fabric. His unshielded golden eyes darted languidly. He did not look nervous, or excited. Instead he seemed to be lacking either emotion. He took in his surroundings, filed them into memory, and moved on. He did not hesitate.

Slowly, a large mansion came into view. It was incredibly well-lit. Battousai snorted. Half of the money put into powering this one building couple probably feed every starving family for a week. But then – the rich and powerful didn't need to worry about trivial things such as other people.

But no, that was not fair. His employer did. And that was why he had sent Battousai on this specific mission. He slipped into the few shadows cast by the light, and effortlessly made his way into the house, avoiding security when he could, and killing whoever tried to stop him with his unique Katana when he couldn't.

Kaoru Kamiya sighed in annoyance. Ever since the threat they'd received a little over a week ago, her father had insisted on total 24-hour surveillance for her. Six men slept in the room with her – not that they were all that close, her room was large enough to pass for a small studio apartment. And four men were posted at each set of double-doors leading into and out of her room. That made eight men outside. All this 'safety' was stifling. She glanced around at her 'bodyguards'. They each had their own seat, and currently had pulled all of their chairs together around a small table for a game of cards.

She finished brushing her long, thick black hair out. Placing the brush carefully on the vanity, she braided her hair tightly. Just as she finished putting the elastic band on, the double-doors to her right burst open. The frightening stench of blood hit Kaoru hard. She did the first thing she could think of.

Battousai almost laughed as he watched the frail, porcelain-like girl race to her bed. She hopped on the rather large canopy bed, and tried to disappear in her pillows. He shook the thick blood off of his Katana. Stepping over the fourth dead guard that he'd just finished disposing of, he entered the room. The six men inside had already leapt up from their game of cards and were lined up in front of him, semi-automatic pistols held in shaking hands. Battousai sheathed his sword and crossed his arms. The men stared. Kaoru considered her position, and how to get away.

"I have no wish to kill you." Battousai said softly, his voice carrying all of the power he needed. Why waste time yelling when he could get the desired reaction with a soft tone. "Leave now, and I will spare you. I have no fight with any of you, and no wish to see your blood." But one of the men made a fatal error. He began to laugh.

"You're going to kill us with a silly little sw-" His derision ended abruptly with a gurgle of blood as Battousai laid his throat open. The other men, frightened severely now, began to shoot wildly. Not one bullet even came close to hitting the red-haired man. The sword flashed imperiously in the night. Kaoru wondered for a tiny instant about the fact that the blade was reversed. And then she realized that one man stood between her and death. She leapt up as Battousai moved in for the kill, and ran like each step was her last.

Battousai caught the move out of the corner of his eye. She jerked open the other pair of double-doors, and gave a shriek as she saw the dead bodies of the men out there.

Kaoru tried to stop all forward motion at once, but her body had other ideas. So, with this distinct imbalance, she found herself sprawled in a pool of blood. She gave a yelp, and tried to get up. She slipped a few times, but finally got up, shuddering and feeling unbidden tears on her face. They were dead because of HER.

Battousai finished the last man off absently, and began to approach the shaking girl. She whirled on her heel, and stared at him with eyes that were utterly.. furious? He faltered for an instant. That girl looked very, very mad. The look was not lessened by the blood all over her blue tank-top and white sweats. And her face. In fact, it looked like she'd been killing. Not him. Battousai was momentarily confused.

Kaoru backed away. And then heard his voice.

"I'm not going to kill you." She stopped in mid-flee. And blinked. He sounded as though he was telling the truth. "Those were not my orders." She realized then what he meant to do. And ran again.

Granted, she knew the halls very well. Having lived there all her life. But she was upset, and afraid. That slowed her down some. And she was barefooted, which made running on hardwood floors slightly less enjoyable.

Battousai caught up to her effortlessly, and caught her by the shoulder, spinning her. She slipped as he grabbed her, and fell hard. She landed on her back, and slid some. He leaned over, and almost gently grasped her upper arm. Kaoru struggled angrily in his grip, but he was not giving.

For a moment, gold and blue connected. Battousai's eyes were incredible. They were beautiful, like a cat's. But at the same time, utterly and completely terrifying. Almost like a feral tiger. Kaoru felt the will to fight almost drain out of her at his eyes. She knew she wouldn't win. Which was what made her all the angrier. His voice was very soft. And carried more weight than any of her shouting would have. One word.

"Stop." She froze, staring at him. And then jerked slightly, for lack of a better reaction. His sword flashed and she went limp. The blunt edge had connected just right. He reasheathed his blade, and lifted her up in his arms. And then he strolled right out of the mansion and into the night with his unconscious prisoner. His orders had been clear:

'Kaoru Kamiya. Kamiya Mansion. Do not hurt her. Move quickly. Take her and keep her at your apartment. Await further instructions.'

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