So, Kenshin met Kaoru and then they went about having a life.

The end.

Yes. That counts. Grrrr.

So, just a few things to say ladies and gents.

First -- I wrote this story...SO long ago, my writing style has matured in an immense way. I'm considering rewriting the story and reposting it; but I can't decide. I want to do that because I'm going to be changing a lot of elements, which technically makes it a new story. But it's going to be awfully close to the same.

Any thoughts?

My authors notes make me cringe. xDDD

I'm glad I've matured beyond this. -nod- Not by much though. -

Don't forget. Sequel: Silence.

Sequel to Silence: Solace.

Solace: Currently unfinished. x.x