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Chapter 1


"Summer break, baby!" Emmett yelled, sprinting towards the creek then jumping cannonball-like, making a huge splash and making Rosalie shriek as she was doused in water, sunbathing on her rock.

"Emmett, you prick!" she yelled, shooting daggers at him under her large straw hat.

"Aw, come on, Rosie!" Emmett whined, waddling towards her, palms outstretched. He knew, like we did, that he was seconds away from being sent to the doghouse, again. "Don't you want to get all wet with me?"

I grimaced at his innuendo and turned away from them, focusing instead on my gorgeous shirtless mate, currently playing vampire beach volley with Esme against Jasper and Alice. Much better. They were playing on the large band of sand next to the creek, far deep into the heart of Isle Esme, where we had decided to spend much-deserved holidays. The last school year had been quite an ordeal, despite the humongous amount of fun we had, and before our siblings went back to whiny teenagers and petty dramas, we needed a well-deserved break. Edward and I would go on our own for a decade, but we would stay close to our loving family.

Edward spotted me ogling at him, and he gave me his patented, panty-melting crooked smile. "See something you like, love?"

"I see someone I like, Edward," I smirked right back. "Someone I wanna do later."

"Ew, gross, Bella!" Alice winced, catching the ball on her hands to allow Jasper to smash it. Edward ran to the net to counter him. Which he did, brilliantly. Did I mention that my mate was perfect?

"I see that your pheromones are still raging," Carlisle said amusedly, carrying a cooler and setting it on the sand next to me. "Interesting."

"Marcus told us that we would emit them for a century," I reminded him, eyeing the cooler with a hungry stare. "It's only been seventeen years, Dad."

"True," Carlisle said, sitting next to me. "Thirsty?"

"Very," I admitted, the burn in my throat flaring up.

I knew that Carlisle had gone hunting during the night on the mainland, and I couldn't wait to drink what he had found. Instead of all of us going every time, we took turns going, and we brought blood to those who hadn't hunted. The taste wasn't exactly the same, but it was better than nothing, and more discreet to go in small groups when on an island like this one. At home, we went whenever we needed, and drank fresh.

"Well, that should be interesting," he said, opening the cooler and digging inside. He brought out a large bottle and gave it to me, beaming widely. "Here you go."

I opened it, and a delicious smell wafted from it. "No way!" I exclaimed, sniffing again, a large smile spreading on my lips. "You found a jaguar?"

"Two, actually," Carlisle winked at me, ignoring Emmett's moan of jealousy and Edward perking up towards us, looking distracted. My mate was thirsty too. "But fortunately for you, I don't quite enjoy it the way you do. So I had a maned wolf. And the jaguars are for you."

"And me?" Edward asked hopefully, appearing next to me.

"And you too, son," Carlisle said, chuckling when Edward whooped in delight and fist-pumped the air before plopping on the sand right next to me.

"Hey, defector!" Jasper yelled, scowling at my mate who ignored him and dug into the cooler, picking up a bottle.

"I'll replace you," Carlisle anounced, watching us gulp down the wonderful blood with a gentle smile after we thanked him heartily, then running towards the volleyball game. "So, who's in the lead?"

"Hmmm," Edward hummed between large gulps, attracting all my attention. "Jaguar is my favorite when we're staying here."

"Mine too," I said, draining my bottle then searching the cooler for another one. There were two left. I grabbed them, offered one to my mate, then unscrewed the last one. I took my time drinking it, savoring the woodsy flavor of the large feline, the burn in my throat soothed. Carlisle had truly spoiled us.

We lounged back on the sand hand in hand, our skin sparkling, trying to build up our resistance a little. We were trying to wait a few more minutes after each meal to go make love, and it was a true ordeal. We were still very needy, and our strong desire for each other hadn't abated one bit. Stupid pheromones...

"Do you remember Elijah?" Edward asked me out of the blue, probably trying to distract me. "He was supposed to come to Rio during summer break."

It worked a little. "Please don't speak of this douchebag," I groaned unhappily. "It was enough I had to endure him during our last two months. I so don't want to run into him here."

"Who's Elijah?" Emmett inquired, sinking down on the stand next to me and looking way too interested.

I huffed. Edward answered for me, in a would-be calm voice but with an angry undertone. "One of Bella's many suitors at our last high school. We got even with him right after he hit on Bella for the fifth time. He never recovered from seeing his Porsche keyed, poor thing."

"I still can't believe that goody-two-shoe Eddie and bookworm Bella got expelled four times in a single year," Emmett teased us, a gleeful smirk on his lips. I wanted to punch his dimples into oblivion.

"That's what happens when you get caught making love in each school," I snapped, annoyed. "It's a miracle we went to only five schools, honestly."

"With an attendance average of two months in each, I'd say your records are way worse than mine and Rosie's combined with Alice and Jasper's for the last twenty years," Emmett chuckled delightedly.

Edward growled in anger, and I was getting seriously pissed. "Fuck off, Emmett," I spat at him, making him burst out laughing. Our family, sensing a brawl coming, went to surround us.

But of course, Emmett being Emmett and enjoying playing with fire, had to open his big mouth. "Touchy, little sis. I struck a nerve, apparently. Don't worry, we won't be mad at you for dirtying the clean record of the Cullens. And it got quite dirty with you two..."

His last innuendo, the last from a long series going back to last September, was the straw that broke the camel's back. I got to my feet, snarling violently, and lunged at him. Our family tried to intervene, but I shoved them away as gently as I could with my shield, even Edward who growled helplessly. Emmett was waiting for me, a gleeful smile on his lips, and I roared at him in my rage. I really saw red this time, and Emmett's confident smile faltered just as I reached him.

I struck him with all my might and he tried to deflect, but too late. My fury was giving me strength, and I was truly enraged at that point. My blow caught him on his chin, and his head jerked backwards with a sickening breaking sound. "Emmett!" Rosalie screeched in anguish, while Jasper and Edward were struggling against my shield to reach us.

Emmett fell back on the sand, stunned, and the sight doused my anger. I took a deep breath, trying to squint through the red haze in front of my eyes, and stepped back from my brother. I needed a few moments. "Bella!" Edward called out to me in panic. "Please, love, let us through!"

I shook my head minutely and removed the shield from around them, my gaze on Emmett. He was slowly stirring, and that reassured me. In spite of his jerky attitude, he was my brother bear and I loved him. I didn't mean him any harm.

"Emmett!" Rosalie ran to him, throwing herself on him and roaming her hands over his body. "You moron, Emmett! Why do you have to anger Bella so much? She's much stronger than you!" Emmett only grunted in pain.

Carlisle had reached Emmett too and was assessing the damage as Edward, Esme and Jasper came to me. My mate was the only one who tried to touch me, and I let him. I needed him to ground me, to bring me back. "Bella, love," he was saying, trying to make me focus. "Bella, look at me. Bella! Look at me!"

I tore my eyes away from Emmett who was wincing, and locked them with Edward. He looked frantic, and behind him Alice was looking anxious. "Bella, love, are you all right? How are you feeling?"

I could only stare at him. I had no idea what his words meant. I was so dazed. Without warning my knees gave out beneath me, and only my mate's speed helped him catch me before I hit the ground. He gathered me in his arms just as Jasper spoke up. "She's dazed, Edward. She needs blood before she passes out."

A low growl reached my ears then, as I felt Edward's chest rumble against my limp body, and through my blurred sight I saw Jasper, eyes widening in alarm, back away a few steps, hands raised outwards. "Hey, Ed, it's okay," he said with a calm voice, taking another step back. "I mean Bella no harm. Nobody here means her any harm."

Edward's growl didn't abate, and I felt us moving at blinding speed. I was much too dazed to do anything about it, but it seemed that my mate was carrying me at the other end of the island, far away from his family. He was obviously in defence mode, his usually composed behaviour reversed to instinctual vampire mode, and I guessed he wouldn't be himself again until I fed and was feeling better.

We kept some animals on the island for emergencies, and this definitely qualified, I thought, as Edward lay me very carefully on the ground before taking off. My eyes wandering on the top of the palm trees above me, I dimly heard him rush and kill in the distance before running back to me. He dropped his quarry next to me, and the smell of capybara reached my nostrils. The scent wasn't too appealing after our jaguar feast, but I wasn't going to be picky in my state. Blood was blood.

I stirred towards the dead animal, and Edward helped me find its jugular. He didn't talk, and somehow I knew he wouldn't. He couldn't. He and I were animals right now, focused on primal needs. I should be appalled, but my needs overruled my brain. The philosophical debate would be for later. I sank my teeth into the neck of the dead capybara and greedily drank its blood. My eyes were still unfocused, and I didn't stir when Edward whimpered lowly in my ear, nudging me with his nose when I was finished. I was still way too weak.

I was suddenly alone as Edward shot back to his feet and ran away, only to be back a minute later with another two capybaras. He helped me find their jugulars again and gently rubbed my back as I was gulping down their blood. As I drained the last one, I finally felt better. My eyes focused at last, and I gripped Edward's hand, hard. "Bella," he murmured, the word sounding foreign on his lips.

I sat up, not sparing a glance for the animals around me – however grateful I was for their blood – and took in the sight of my mate kneeling in front of me. His eyes were pure onyx black with no sliver of white, his features tight and his mouth was set in a very thin line. He looked every bit the vampire he was, one that would be plucked up straight from a bad Hollywood movie. I shivered. I didn't know if my Edward was still there. "Edward?" I asked tentatively as I reached out with my hand to cup his cheek.

He let me, and even leaned into my touch with a purr, soothing my fears. But he wasn't blinking, and his eyes were still on me with a fierce intensity. "Edward, my love?" I asked again.

Without warning he pounced, and I found myself on my back, he on top of me and pinning me to the soft ground. He was kissing my face, my neck and my collarbones, his hands roaming over my arms and my chest, kneading my breasts. I loved it, but I felt a little uneasy. This wasn't my Edward. Even when my husband wanted it rough, he was always mindful of his strength, and constantly checking that I was still okay with everything he did.

But not now. Now, he was the predator, and me his prey. He wouldn't ask for anything, I just knew it. He was going to take. And I would give. Because in spite of everything, in spite of his strange behaviour in reaction to my strange behaviour, he was still my mate and me his. And I was willing to give him everything, even my life, should he want it.

Oddly, he started to lick my neck, in a pleasant but weird way. His purr rose in the air around us, louder than I had ever heard, as he tore our clothes away in a swift gesture. He kissed me then, our tongues swirling and battling, while one of his hands gathered my wrists and held them firmly, and the other pushed in my hair, caressing me. I wasn't feeling helpless despite him restraining me, but I was quite unsettled. This rough, primal vampire definitely wasn't my gentleman vampire, and I wondered where it would lead us.

Suddenly he grabbed me and made me roll over, and pinned me again on the ground. But this time I was lying on my stomach, and he was on my back, every delicious square inch of his bare skin on mine. He restrained my wrists again, and his other hand played with my hair, pushing it away from my neck. I moaned in want when he started licking it again while his shaft stood at attention in the crook of my back. I wanted him. I needed him.

"Edward," I moaned again, and he purred loudly, his chest vibrating against my back. He could smell my arousal, and hear me panting. He knew that I was ready for him. But strangely, he kept licking my neck, only his free hand slowly kneading my body. I wanted him to move, to just get on with it, but he was taking his time, apparently.

After a few minutes I couldn't wait anymore, and I wriggled beneath him, growling softly. I wanted him inside me already. And then, his demeanour changed drastically. He snarled angrily in my ear, the hand clutching my wrists above my head squeezing almost painfully, while the other gripped my hip. I felt him kneel behind me, and he brought me on my knees too, holding me very tightly against him. I felt like a female cat with a male on its back, and although it was starting to unsettle me, I also felt irresistibly turned on. It was so erotic. I felt like I was at my mate's mercy, and that feeling was delicious and nerve-wracking.

Edward was still snarling at me in warning as he positioned himself behind me, lining his shaft with my entrance, but I wasn't going to fight him. He had me where he wanted me and I him. Then his long frame bent over me, and he licked me on my neck again. I was really wondering what was the deal with all the licking when he abruptly and violently bit my neck at the same time that he plunged into me.

I screamed under the pain and pleasure rushing into me, and couldn't help the loud moans as he pounded into me with force, his teeth still sunk into my skin. The sensations were incredible and powerful, the high pleasure mixed with an intense pain, and I didn't know if I liked it or wanted it to end. So I tried to buck under him, to make him pause and assess the feelings assaulting me, but he roared through his teeth, keeping me firmly pinned under him. His grip on me only tightened, and he bit me a little deeper as he thrust so hard in me I was seeing stars before an actual orgasm.

His hips rammed relentlessly into mine as he thrust balls-deep into me, and the venom from his teeth was really burning me now. I cried out as he hit deep into me and repeatedly on the point that drove me wild, his loud purr increasing. I wanted him to stop. I wanted him to never stop. I wanted... I didn't know what I wanted, but I was lost in him, lost in the pleasure and the pain.

Then his strong movements became truly frantic, and I felt an earth-shattering roar build up in his chest against my back as he pounded into me as if it were the only way he would survive. The pleasure building in him combined with my own and the pain racking my body made me fall over the highest edge I'd ever reached, and I truly screamed in ecstasy as the most powerful orgasm I had ever experienced shot through me. Waves upon endless waves of bliss overwhelmed me as I shook and shivered under my mate, his tight hold on me barely keeping me upright.

Then it was his turn. He unclenched his jaws from my neck as he thrust a last time, let out the loudest roar I'd ever heard, before biting me again on the same spot and starting to spill his seed into me in long thrusts. I keened as his teeth latched onto me again while his warm semen coated me, and I felt a burning jolt of electricity shoot throughout my whole body. He released into me during the longest fifteen seconds of my life as his venom seeped into my neck, and I started to burn. He had given me much more than he ever did, I could feel it as he finally withdrew from me and freed me from his teeth and grasp. The venom in my womb and my neck wasn't painful anymore, but I was burning nonetheless.

I collapsed on the ground, having no strength left, and shivering a little. I couldn't even raise my head when I heard Edward collapse too next to me, breathing heavily. I didn't know what had happened exactly, but I knew that it hadn't been normal. My eyes closed, and I inhaled the sweet scent of the earth beneath me, the mouthwatering one of my mate next to me, and the more repulsive one of the animal carcasses already starting to decay a few yards away.

We stayed sprawled on the ground for long minutes before Edward started to stir. I still couldn't move as the pleasant burning engulfed my whole body, making me feel like I was changing again, to become something else. I was still a vampire, that I felt, but I was changing, like a stone melting under tremendous pressure and temperature. I only thought of Edward during this weird process, and I somehow knew that he had changed me again, with his venom and seed, and the roughest and very best lovemaking we had ever had.

"Bella?" his velvet voice rough from all his roaring reached me as his hand landed on my hip, making me shiver pleasurably. "What happened, love? Are you all right?"

Oh, yes, he wouldn't remember anything, just like that time in Volterra when I fell unconscious. My dead heart sank, and I let out a hardly stifled sob. How would I tell him?

"Bella?" he asked in alarm, scrambling to his knees and gently rolling me arond to face upwards, and him. He was leaning over me, anguish marring his features. I loved him so much! "Bella, love, please talk to me!"

"You... You don't remember?" I inquired, my voice a weak whisper. I dreaded his answer. I didn't want to be the only one to remember this weird but so intense experience.

"I... ," he started, looking helpless and worried. "I remember Emmett taunting you, and you hitting him. I remember you collapsing, and me catching you."

"And after that?" I asked, trying my best not to sob.

"Nothing," he exhaled, shooting a lost glance around us then at me. "Bella, what happened? Where are we?"

I covered my face with my hands as the sobs wracked my body. It wasn't fair! Why would I be the only one to remember such a weird and powerful experience? He carefully took me in his arms and cradled me on his lap, rocking me gently. "Bella, love, you're worrying me. What happened? Did I do something to you?" His voice broke then, and I guessed that he had just spotted the bite mark on my neck. I could still feel it oozing his venom, not healed yet.

I took a deep breath, wanting to reassure him. "We only made love, Edward, after you hunted capybaras for me. But... it wasn't like we usually do."

"Did I hurt you?" He sounded afraid to ask as his fingers traced around what felt like a deep wound in my neck.

I shook my head, my sobs calming. "No, you didn't. But you bit me hard."

"Why?" he ventured, sounding lost, and I turned in his arms to watch him. "Why would I bite you so deeply? It looks like I wanted to drink your blood, Bella!"

"No, it wasn't like that," I shook my head again, deciding that now wasn't the time to tell him everything. He and I needed a little time. "But could you close the wound, please? I don't want the family to see it."

He hugged me tightly, his golden eyes full of remorse and worry, and nodded before leaning over my neck. He licked my wound, making me shiver as flashbacks of our lovemaking fleeted in front of my eyes, and I sighed as I felt the wound close. As vampires we couldn't be wounded per se, but it took a little time and venom to close open wounds. However I knew that Edward's bite mark would remain on my skin, branded on me for all eternity. The ultimate claiming proof. And maybe that was what it was, I thought dimly as I snuggled into Edward's toned chest, his arms wrapped around me.

"Bella," he hesitated, his voice wavering. "I'm... I'm sorry I don't remember what happened. And I have the feeling that what did happen is... important. Please love, could you tell me about it?"

I pulled away enough to look into his sad eyes, and opened my mouth to speak when shouts made us jump. "Bella! Edward!"

"Shoot," I cursed, giving him what I hoped to be an apologetic look. "Not in front of the family, Edward. Definitely not them."

He nodded in understanding, and hugged me tight against him again, so as to mask as much of our naked bodies as possible. "Soon," he said, looking disturbed.

"Soon," I promised him, cupping his cheek with my hand and kissing him. He leaned into both, only to shudder when Jasper reached us.

"About time! We've been calling you for two hours! What have you two...? Oh!" The footsteps of my older brother abruptly stopped, and I didn't dare look when he threw blankets at us. "Thank my wife when you go back for these. Esme is mad with worry. We'll be waiting for you two."

"Thanks, Jazz," I said as he retreated back towards the other side of the island, hearing a faint 'Anytime' before he faded away. I looked back at my mate. "Ready to go back?"

"No," he confessed truthfully, helping me to my feet. "But it seems like we don't have any choice."

His tone was ominous, and I grabbed his hand hard. "Edward, I promise you, we're all right."

He shot me a dejected look. "I don't know about that, Bella, and we'll have to talk about what happened here soon. I want to remember, and I want to know if I did something bad. But that's not the problem. Jazz wants us to go back because Seth called."

"Seth?" I asked, concern flooding me. My stepbrother knew about our vacation, and he wouldn't've called if it wasn't urgent. "What happened?"

"Jazz was blocking his thoughts from me," Edward said as we started to run, covering our naked bodies with a blanket each. "But he let it slip that it was about Charlie."

I screeched to a halt, riveting my lost gaze into my mate's anguished one. What was happening now with the father who had disowned me seventeen years ago?

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