Tonight was the night. After a few days of working with the damaged prototype that the Lishurian had given him, Hudram had managed to not only repair the shell, but make it so that the electronics inside were functional. Kengo Manaka's ally was clever, but he had overlooked the omega factor when trying to calculate the output of this version of his device. A factor that Hudram had made his first priority when re-building the prototype Sparklence. He had considered sabotaging the device so it couldn't work, but he had decided against it when he realised that the Trigger within the Lishurian had no idea for unlocking his power regardless, unlike the version that had become Kengo Manaka. Soon enough, his client appeared. "You're late.", Hudram admonished him. "We were supposed to meet hours ago."

"My apologies, Professor Kouga.", the Lishurian put his arms up, his face not losing that smug little smirk. "I got caught up in the midst of all that insanity with a pair of golden giants attacking GUTS-Select. Now, the Sparklence, if you please."

"Ah yes, the Absolutian.", Hudram commented. "I wouldn't have thought you'd be caught up in a scene like that."

The Lishurian seemed to get suspicious at this. "Where did you here that word?" He then began to sniff. "And why do I detect a familiar scent on you?" His facial tattoos began to flare up, indicating anger. "A very familiar scent."

'Kouga' merely laughed at this. "Well, I should suppose my disguise wouldn't last forever. Still, the fact that it took you so long is truly excellent." He then took out his own personal Hyper Key. "And it's fortunate that you chose me to repair your Sparklence. You see, you're not the only Dark Giant experimenting with this stolen technology." He pressed the key, reassuming his normal appearance. Hudram. "But I suppose I promised you this. Not that I expect you'll be able to use it." He threw the Sparklence he had constructed at his enemy's feet.

But the Lishurian wasn't deterred. He merely picked up the gun and took out a blank Hyper Key. "Maybe before. But I managed to pick up a few tricks, thanks to my other half's little visitor." A black aura flowed out of him into both the items in his hand, changing their colours and causing an image of the original Trigger to appear on the Hyper Key. He then pressed the button. Trigger Dark. "Well then, if that's what I'm to be called." He then inserted the Key into his Black Sparklence. Boot Up! Dark Zeperion! Hudram could sense now that the Lishurian couldn't hear him. This was entirely Trigger Dark. "Stain the future, the deep darkness! Trigger Dark!"

Hudram looked up at his opponent enlarging. Trigger Dark! "Hudram!" He turned around to see Carmeara and Darrgon approaching. "What have you been up to?", Carmeara asked.

"I think you'll find out if you simply look up." Hudram pointed to the colossal figure of Trigger Dark in front of him. "Let's just say that reports of your lover's death were greatly exaggerated."

Carmeara did as she was advised, looking at the giant figure of Trigger Dark. "It can't be.", she gasped. "My beloved Trigger, alive?" The giant then looked down, staring for a moment, before firing his attack at her, which she deflected by creating a barrier. "So, you've returned to your original form to be with me?", she began laughing. "The two of us can be together passionately now."

"Is that what you want?", Hudram thought. "Then in that case, I'll defeat him for you and let you absorb him." He then enlarged, grappling with his former ally.

"Wait for me!", Darrgon roared as he also enlarged. "Now I can face my worthy opponent once more." He ran into the battle with Trigger Dark.

Carmeara was enraged by the actions of her comrades. "Stop it, you imbeciles!", she bellowed.

As Darrgon grappled with Trigger Dark, the latter's mouth opened to expose a second face. Boot Up! Impact! As his mouth closed, Trigger Dark's body was surrounded with red energy spikes, that he fired at his opponent, exploding on impact and knocking Darrgon back. "This power.", Darrgon gasped as his opponent ran forward and began pummelling him effortlessly. "Where did it come from?"

He was saved from certain doom by Hudram firing his Hudrast. "Hmm, that ability seems evocative of Zaigorg. I wonder." He then began to move away at a great speed, one that he knew that few monsters or aliens could match.

Boot Up! Lightning! Trigger Dark's face lifted up once again, as blue energy shot out of his back and he successfully matched Hudram's speed, managing to knock him down, while saying a simple growl. "Hudram!"

"So it seems that you've figured out how to use those Monster Keys to evolve your power, Trigger.", Hudram noted. In his inner space, the human who had been possessed by him laughed. "Now thanks to you, I know I can do likewise." He then took out one of his own Hyper Keys, that of Eleking, and inserted it into his Sparklence. Boot Up! Thunder! Hudram suddenly opened his face to expose a shark-like mouth, then fired thunderbolts from his arm in all directions, eventually knocking his opponent down. "Don't like that, Huh? Well I'm sure this one will be excellent." He inserted a Monster Key for Keylla into the Sparklence. Boot Up! Flash! Hudram then emitted a bright light from his colour timer, disorienting his foe, as he laughed.

"Hudram!" He was interrupted as Carmeara appeared as a giant, knocking him down with her whip. "How dare you defy me! I ordered you not to hurt him."

"I… didn't intend to.", Hudram wheezed as he pulled himself up, his colour timer beginning to blink. "Curse this forced fusion. I only have enough energy to do this." He inserted one last Monster Key, that of Alien Baltan. Boot Up! Freeze! Firing his beam, Hudram was able to encase his opponent on ice. "We're done here. Let's go." He opened a warp hole, into which he walked along with his allies following soon after.

Sometime later, the body of Professor Kouga was dumped in an alleyway, dead. Standing next to him was what appeared to be a young man in a trench coat. "This human body is no longer of any use to me.", he noted as he took out his Sparklence. "Though the Hyper Keys may still help me unlock a greater power for myself. I just need an opportunity to use the ultimate key."

As he observed one of his Hyper Keys, Hudram was observed from afar by Carmeara, who was also in her human form. "I see.", she noted, before smiling.