This is a Stargate and Crusade crossover. Some of the Crusade crew are sent back in time Disclaimer: I do not own the Stargate or Crusade series or any of the characters from the shows (not that I wouldn't like to…hehe).


Stargate This is set during Stargate season 4.

Crusade This is set anytime before Value Judgements(though it's not connected to Value Judgements)

Like A Dream

Caltuc was a cold cold planet. Ice planet in fact, it was so cold, it was giving Gideon a headache. Though he was dressed for the occasion, he felt really cold. The brown thick fur clothing they had was keeping his body warm, but he felt as if his nose has frozen up, and if he poked at it, it might just break and fall onto the ground.

He looked at the ice around him skeptically, rumors has it that the ice used to be water with healing properties. But now they were just ice. Chambers had collected enough ice to be melted into water to supply the whole ship. And now she was up in the ship doing testing. He wished he was up with Chambers in the ship where it was warm.

But he had to be here.

Scanners from the ship has picked up readings that there was a hidden underground chamber. Some of his crew was digging through the thick ice trying to get to it. Gideon really did not see the point of doing so. Matheson said the scanners was not picking anything up from the chamber. But Mr. Eilerson has insisted that they check out what was in there.

Gideon was the curious kind too. That was one thing Eilerson and him had in common. But he really didn't want to stay. His gut was telling him not to stay. But Eilerson played the "What if the cure was down there and we just left, earth is in your hands" card.

"I found something" shouted Eilerson. Gideon turned to see where he was. Then he saw that Eilerson was with the crew that was digging the ice. Gideon ran to him.

"What've you got?" asked Gideon as he took a closer look.

"A door" said a familiar voice. Gideon looked up and saw Galen.

"What are you doing here?" asked Gideon. He's been surprised by Galen's surprise visit so many times that he's not surprised anymore.

"Oh, just thought I'd drop by" said Galen and smiled.

"Don't tell me you missed us" said Gideon jokingly

"Uh, hate to ruin the reunion but mind getting Dureena here to check this out?" asked Eilerson. Eilerson was squatting by the door in the floor and was looking up at Galen and Gideon

"Gideon to Dureena" said Gideon as he tapped his link

"Dureena, yes?" came a reply

"Are you on the planet? I don't see you anywhere near camp" said Gideon. As he looked at the camp area where they've set up. He concluded that she must have wandered off again.

"I am, what do you want?" asked Dureena.

"We've found something" said Eilerson

"I'll be there" she replied

"Gideon out" said Gideon as he terminated the connection


"Let me have a look" said Dureena as she walked to Gideon and Galen.

"I must say, it is kind of odd to see you" said Eilerson as he pointed at Dureena "in so much clothes"

Dureena just raised her eyebrows at him and went back to work. She too was wearing a very thick fur coat on.

"And why is it that you can stand there with just a coat and not be cold at all?" Eilerson asked Galen. Galen only had his usual black coat.

"That's because I'm not weak like you" said Galen

Dureena smiled.

"Did you guys even try to open it?" asked Dureena as she knocked at the door.

"Yes, we did…and you think by knocking at it, someone will open it up for you? "asked Gideon. And at that moment, the door just opened a little.

Dureena smiled at Gideon and then started to pull it open. The door was made of stone. She tried her hardest to remove it. Then Gideon helped. And finally they managed to get it open.

"Well, Max, you first" said Dureena as she pointed at the hole that was now in the ground. It was dark and seemed deep. Eilerson took a look and gave an expression that it clear he didn't want to go down.

"Coward" teased Dureena

"Hey, this is not my department, it's yours" said Eilerson.

"Why would they have a underground chamber built so deep inside the ground?" asked Galen out of curiosity as he looked down the hole.

"To keep something valuable, perhaps" said Eilerson

"I thought the scanners couldn't pick up anything" said Dureena

"That's correct, but Max insisted that we open it up anyway" said Gideon

"I should have guessed" said Dureena

"Looks like a long climb down" said Dureena

"Well, you're doing it yourself" said Eilerson

Dureena shook her head at Eilerson.

"I'll go down with you….Galen, you coming" asked Gideon

"Yes, sure, why not" said Galen.

"Well, if that's the case, get us some ropes or something" said Gideon

Just then, his link beeped.

"Excalibur to Gideon" came Matheson's voice

"Gideon, go" said Gideon as he tapped his link

"Captain, long range scanners have picked up ships, reaching us in half and hour" said Matheson

"What kind of ships? How many?" asked Gideon

"Three… unknown silhouette, scanners confirm that there approaching ships are armed" said Matheson

"Standby, I'll be up there soon…Gideon out" said Gideon and terminated the connection.

"Looks like you have to do this yourself" said Gideon

"It won't be a problem…go" said Dureena

Gideon nodded and ran for the nearest shuttle. He was in a way relieved that he was going to be off this planet. He didn't like the feeling he was getting when he was there. But he knew that he can't call back all his crew based on his gut feelings. He convinced himself that everyone down on the planet will still be safe when he came back.


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