Galen stood in front the Stargate. Watching it. Noise from the back ground was loud. Soldiers that volunteered from the other SG teams, about 15 of them were checking their equipment and making final preparation, they were also talking, loudly. But that did not manage to drown out the sound from the speakers.

"Chevron 3 locked" said the computer through the speakers

"Let's see what you can do" said O'Neill to Galen as he walked up next to him.

"Chevron 4 locked"

"Don't blink" advised Dureena

"I'll need to go in first" said Galen. O'Neill gave him a questioning look

"What for" he asked

"Just trust me, you can follow after I give the signal" said Galen

"Chevron 5 locked"

"That's unacceptable" said O'Neill

"Chevron 6 locked"

"I can't let you do that" said O'Neill

"Not like you can stop him" said Dureena.

O'Neill gave a look to Dureena as if to say why not?

"Chevron 7 locked"

Then the gate opened. Dureena's eyes grew wide as she watched. It was beautiful. But at the same time, she was a bit scared. She didn't know what was on the other side. Then she remembered that she had been passed through a gate before, just that she wasn't conscious to know it.

"Where's Galen" asked Jackson

While they were watching the gate open they didn't notice that Galen has disappeared.

"Where did he go?" asked O'Neill

"Get use to it" said Dureena

"Colonel, what's the delay" asked Hammond. O'Neill looked up and saw Hammond up there. Speaking through a mike.

"Just do as Galen tells you" said Dureena

"Sir, just give us a moment" said O'Neill. Just then, a blast of red light passed through the gate, and shot at a wall. Everybody ducked. When O'Neill looked up, he saw smoke coming from the wall.

"Can we go in now?" asked Carter

"Not yet" said Dureena


On the other side, the gate opens but no one walks through it. As expected the Gate was heavily guarded. There was at least 50 Goa'uld, weapons ready to shoot. But nothing came through. They stood still…waiting…

Suddenly out of nowhere, they were attacked by unseen force. The only visible thing was fireballs that seem to be shooting out of nowhere. As one of the Goa'uld got hit by the fireball, his weapon misfired and shot through the gate.

It was Galen. And he had shot them all with fireballs while flying with a platform. He was invisible.

When he took out all 50 of them, he threw a fireball through the gate.


A fireball came through the gate and shot to the floor.

"That's the signal" said Dureena as she ran through the gate.

"Let's go" shouted O'Neill and shouted to the SG teams. And followed Dureena. Tealc, Carter and Jackson was close behind.

Galen stood in front of the gate waiting for their arrival. And when they got through, they saw a bunch of bodies. Goa'uld bodies.

"How did you manage to take all of them down?" asked Carter. She remembered that Galen had threw what she had identified as a fireball at the black creature when they found him. She had shared this information with the team, who reacted skeptically. Now it seemed to them that she might be right.

"He's aTechnomage…a technomage uses technology to make magic" said Dureena

"More like cyborg" said Carter to O'Neill. "Janet told me that she found wires and circuits in his body"

"Not cyborg…technomage" corrected Galen as he smiled

"Everyone in the future can do that?" asked Jackson

Galen smiled but shook his head

"Too bad" said Carter

"What do we do now?" asked Dureena

"We take the C4 and blow up the damn place" said O'Neill. In some way, O'Neill's behavior reminded Galen of the former Babylon 5 chief of security, Michael Garibaldi. Perhaps they were somehow related.

"How much do you have?" asked Galen

"Enough" said O'Neill

"As far as I can tell, there is a base not far from here" said Galen checking his scanners. O'Neill saw Galen's eyes glowing as information flashed before Galen's eyes.

"I'll take your word for it' said O'Neill

"You, you, you, you and you" said O'Neill as he pointed from one of the soldiers to the next. They stood still waiting for others

"Stay here with the gate… the rest of you come with us" said O'Neill. They nodded in acknowledgement.

"Lead the way" said O'Neill to Galen.

Galen started to run for it. It was not too far. The rest followed closely behind. He stopped a moment as he watched some ships far off, in the shape of pyramids. Goa'uld ships.

And then they saw the base. They entered it after blowing up the door.

"There should be a naquadah reactor nearby, we put the C4 there, we can destroy the whole base" said Carter

"Can you locate it" Tealc asked Galen

"I can…unfortunately we" said Galen but Jackson cut him off

"We have company" he said as he heard footsteps, several of them running.

"That was what I was going to say" said Galen

They all took cover behind the whatever they could you to shield them from being spotted. Unfortunately, the Goa'uld knew they were here.

About 15 of them came into view, and they started shooting. The SG Teams, about 10 of them, opened fired using their stolen Goa'uld weapons while others were using primitive guns. Well, to Galen, Dureena and Tealc…it was primitive. Dureena took out a PPG and started to shooting as well.

"I didn't know you used a PPG" said Galen

"There's a lot of things you don't know about me" said Dureena. "After the time I've spent with you guys on the ship, I learnt that sometimes it's better to carry a weapon that shoots plasma"

Dureena managed to shoot one down, apparently, the PPG was very effective. Galen threw fireballs at them. Some were hits, some weren't. Galen felt he was loosing his touch.

"And your blades?" asked Galen

"Still here" said Dureena, and at that moment, a blade appeared on her hand. She threw it at one of the Goa'uld. It was a hit. The Goa'uld fell to the floor

"Nothing is as effectice as steel meeting flesh" said Dureena smugly. Galen smiled

"More shooting less social" O'Neill shouted to them

"Matthew would be so depressed if he came along with us, he ranks much lower compared to them" said Dureena to Galen. But then she realized that Galen had disappeared.

Then the Goa'uld guards that were shooting at time finally stopped, Dureena and the SG teams came out of cover to find Galen standing while Goa'uld bodies laid around him. Galen smiled.

After, they took down the guards, O'Neil, tells them what they must do

"Tealc, you will have to find the control room and blow it up, it will kill the shield around the reactor" said Carter, Tealc nodded

"Daniel and Dureena, follow him," said O'Neill, Daniel and Dureena nodded

"Galen, help us locate the reactor. Carter, come with me, we'll place the C4 there" said


"The rest of you, stay here and keep watch, in 10 minutes, run like hell" said O'Neill. Everyone nodded

Tealc, Jackson and Dureena started running, they had to beat up a few guards before they finally got to the control rooms.

Meanwhile, O'Neill, Carter and Galen tried to sneak up on 4 guards guarding the reactor, Galen managed sneak up on and beat up 2 of them, while O'Neill and Carter took care of the other 2

"How does this work?" asked Galen as he took up the weapon from one of the guards

"This is a zap gun, the first shot paralyzes you, like him, the second shot (shoots the guard laying on the floor one more time) you die, the third shot(shoots again), you're gone" said O'Neill

"Interesting" said Galen

Suddenly there's a big boom, and the shield goes off

"Now!" shouted O'Neill

Carter and O'Neill then move in and put the C4 in place. Carter walks away while O'Neill punch in the code for the C4, and then O'Neill walk away. A guard appears behind him ready to shoot. Seeing this, Galen reacts by throwing a fireball, O'Neill ducks and then turns around to see the dead guard.

When he finds that Galen helped him out. O'Neill said "Thanks!"

"Of course" said Galen and they started to run off. On their way out they met Tealc and the rest. Everyone started to do as they were ordered before…run like hell

Suddenly, Galen felt a pain in his head. He stopped. And so did Dureena. As Dureena held her head, she started to squat. Then she groaned in pain.

"What's going on?" asked Carter as she went to assist Dureena.

Jackson held Galen by the arm

"You guys alright?" asked Jackson

"It's going to blow" said O'Neill

As the clock was ticking, O'Neill took Galen's hand and put it over his shoulder. Tealc carried Dureena up and started to run. O'Neill and Jackson helped Galen move as they hurried to the gate.

They got to the Gate and ran through it.

When they got the other side. O'Neill and Jackson let Galen lay down on the floor and Tealc put Dureena down as well.

"Shut the iris" shouted O'Neill. And then he turned to look at the Gate. The iris closed. And when it did, a huge BOOM sound was heard. The iris shook for a while. But when the gate was dissolved. Eveything seemed to be back to normal

"A successful mission" said O'Neill as he shot his hands up in the air with victory.

They had manage to all stay alive. The soldiers in the room all screamed with joy and clapped their hands.

Then O'Neill when he remembered that Galen and Dureena were unconscious, he shouted "Hey, get a medical team down here…they need help" and he pointed to the spot where he thought they were on.

"Where are they?" asked Carter shocked.

And they all looked at the spot Galen and Dureena was supposed to be. They were not there.

"I swear…they were right here" said O'Neill


"Galen?" he heard his name again. He opened his eyes and saw a familiar face. Sarah Chambers.

Galen quickly got up to a sitting position, and he found he was in medlab. Sitting on a bed.

"Get Matthew" said Galen

"Why?" asked Chambers finding him acting a bit strange

"I have something unbelievable to tell him" said Galen

"And what's that?" asked Chambers as she folded her arms

"Back in the past, around year 2000, there is this alien artifact called a Stargate, it's a wormhole that allows one to travel the universe without the use of ships" said Galen. Then he paused, as if expecting Chambers to gasp and scream a "WHAT?" or any reaction from Chambers. But Chambers didn't give any reaction.

"And this Stargate… is it used by explorers from earth called SG1?" asked Chambers. Galen was a bit shocked that she knew this.

"Yes" said Galen as he nodded "How did you know?"

"Dureena just told me the same thing" said Chambers.

"Then it must be true" said Galen

"It's either true or you were just having a telepathic dream" said Chambers

"What?" asked Galen

Chambers took out a piece of paper and gave it to him.

"Read this" said Chambers. Galen took it and started to read

"You've been attacked telepathically" said Chambers

"How is it possible?" asked Galen

"John confirmed it himself" said Chambers.