From the Desk of Sharper

"The Mustard Caper"

So, this story is going to be a bit odd and unique. Me, Gothicthundra, and BCBDrums discussed in a Skype Group the hilarious possibility of Kim's first encounter with a villain before Drakken.

This fic takes place in Kim and Ron's freshman year and, as a change of pace, does not take place in Mississippi (for me) or in Colorado, as most KP authors tend to do. It will take place in Wisconsin (per GT's suggestion) this time around, and thus, has no connection with my other stories.

Kim Possible, characters and settings, is created by Schooley and McCorkle and (c) by Disney.

The Mustard Meister is created by Gothicthundra, BCBdrums, and me. Any other OC I create is my own.

The fanfic is rated K+ for brief mild language (in French), brief crude humor, and some cartoon action.

Chapter 1 – Boarding The Bus

(Thursday, October 16, 2003, 7am)

Kim Possible woke up on a beautiful day. The sun was brightly shining and a fall chill was in the air in the sleepy town of Middleton, Wisconsin. She was in her dark green pajama bottoms and green heart croptop.

"Ahhh...I wish if I could go outside and play..." Kim said to herself, "...but I have to go to school."
So she got ready for school, brushed her hair, and put on her outfit, which was her usual green croptop and Club Banana capri pants. She went downstairs to where James and Ann Possible were at.

James was sitting onthe breakfast nook in his usual work button-down shirt, tie and slacks. However, Ann had the day off from working at the hospital. She was wearing a purple T-shirt and old baggy denim overalls with the left strap hooked and right strap undone because the metal part to the buckle was missing.

"Morning,, Mom and Dad!" Kim said with a smile, walking downstairs with her backpack and her lunchbox.

"Good morning, Kimberly!" Ann grinned.

"And good morning to you, Kimmie-cub!" James replied, taking a sip of his coffee before he had to go to work.

"I'm all ready for school today!" Kim grinned.

"Do you have your permission form for today?" James asked.

Kim replied as she unfolded the permission form signed by both her parents "I do, Dad. I don't know what type of field trip we are going on today, but I heard that it is exciting!"


Around 50 students off Middleton High, an school with an enrollment of 2,100, gathered at the parking lot with two school buses in front of them. And of those 50, two of those students, Kim and Ron, were among them. All of the students were freshman.

Ron was in his usual striped shirt and khakis. Rufus was in Ron's pants pocket and still a baby at the time. Kim and Ronwere pretty famous at this point, mainly for rescue missions in saving celebrities, diplomats, ambassadors to other countries, and other notable people. They have yet to encounter any sort of villains, the ones that would try to take over the world with diabolical schemes.

"Are you psyched for this trip, KP?" Ron asked his best friend with unrestrained excitement. He also had his paper lunchbag with him.

"Ron, it's the Museum of the History of Mustard! It's not exactly Wally World!" Kim replied unenthusiastically.

"Don't spoil the fun, Kim!" Ron said.

"And why not?" Kim asked.

"I am a really big fan of mustard!" Ron shouted.

"Do you really want the entire class to weird us out?" Kim muttered, "I'm trying to fit in with the other girls!"

"What do you mean by that?" Ron asked, scoffing, "You rescue a lot of people, including celebrities and diplomats!"

"Yeah, but that's easy compared to this!" Kim replied about her experiences in high school so far. "I just want to have at least one other best friend besides you and someone you can enjoy as well."

"No problemo, KP! We can find one...hopefully." Ron replied.

The two of them boarded the bus.

Bonnie Rockwaller then got on next. She was wearing a pink t-shirt and carpenter denim jeans from Club Banana and then topped off the outfit with white sneakers.

"Can't believe that I have to spend my Thursday on a field trip!" Bonnie grunted, "Seriously, my mom is the head disciplinarian of the school district and my father is the chief of police! They should've let me opt out of it!"

Tara sighed, "We can't, Bonnie. Our parents had to sign the mandatory permission forms, including yours!"

"Ugh...why do we have to go to this field trip anyways?" the brunette grunted as she took her seat by the window. Tara also sat with Bonnie right near the aisle.

"To learn about the beautiful process of mustard processing in Middleton!" Kim replied sarcastically from behind her.

"What's it to you, Possible? You hate this trip as much I do!" Bonnie growled.

"Don't blame me for that, Rockwaller. Blame your parents who had to sign the form!" Kim smirked.

"My mom should've been head of the entire school board and not just the disciplinary part of it..." Bonnie muttered, looking out the window.

Steve Barkin then boarded the bus.

"Alright everyone. Your previous teacher that was supposed to chaperone this trip, Mr. Sanders, could not be here today because he had a nightmare of an army of condiment bottles and plastic utensils chasing him last night. So I will be commandeering this field trip!"

"Uhhh...Mr. B?" Ron asked, raising his hand.

Barkin sighed, "What do you want this time, Stoppable?"

"Is this going to count toward our final grade for the entire school year?" he questioned.

"Yes, this is going to count to not only your grade for freshman year, but also as a credit to your college graduation!" Barkin said, smiling evily at Ron. "I would also expect a report from each of you on what you have seen at the mustard museum by next week. Three paged, double -spaced, either handwritten or typed."

Almost all of the class groaned at the same time...that is, except for Ron.

"Don't worry, Mr. B! I will make sure that I will fill every single minute detail in!" Ron exclaimed.

Kim snapped her fingers right in front of Ron's face.

"Hello? Earth to Ron!"
Ron got Kim's attention.

"Oh, um, sorry, KP!"

"Ron, can you ask me a reason why you love mustard?" Kim questioned "It's just another condiment that you put on a sandwich!"

"Mustard is not just any condiment! It is what gives a sandwich its flavor, far more so than mayo!" Ron explained to his best friend.

Barkin then intervened, "Mustard is the official food of the city, if you may know, Possible! And nothing says more Middleton than dipping a pickle from the Pickle Works filled with fried batter into mustard! most favorite food!"

And he demonstrated that with a fried pickle on a stick and he dipped it into the mustard.

Some of the students were salivating over the sight of the fried pickle. Bonnie, on the other hand, stuck out her tongue in disgust.

"Ewww...I so do not want to pack on the pounds!" the brunette exclaimed.

"I have to admit, Bonnie..." Tara added, "...I had one of those!"

"Go to the gym, T..." Bonnie muttered.

Kim then opened up her lunchbox that she packed for the field trip.

"I made myself a PB&J sandwich with potato chips , applesauce, a small candy bar, and fruit juice."

She then turned to Ron and asked, "What did your mom make you?"

Ron opened his lunchbox and replied, "Let's see, from the menu of the Stoppable casa, my mom made me a tuna salad sandwich that probably smothered in mayonnaise from Smarty-Mart..."

Kim held her nose. "Ron, can you please put your sandwich back in? The other girls are starting to complain."

Bonnie yelled. "Ewww! Did something crawl in your lunchbox and die, Stoppable? Discount-y eggs are so nauseating!"

"It's stinking up the entire bus!" Tara complained, opening up the window.

"Don't blame me for it, Bonnie." Ron countered, "Blame my mom!"

"Your momma has a poor choice of lunches!" Bonnie sneered at Ron.

Ron quickly closed the lunchbox.

"The SM cola, potato chips apples, and two candy bars round out the lunch, KP." Ron replied.

"Goody... more ways that you can become a slob and blob, Stoppable!" Bonnie taunted.

"Don't make me come back there, Bonnie!" Kim growled. "I do have a 3rd-degree black belt in karate and I am not afraid to use it!"

"Okay, people." Barkin exclaimed, getting all of the students' attention, including Kim, Ron and Bonnie, "We're heading to the Mustard Museum. So I do not want you hooligans to horseplay around!"

He then turned to the driver.

"Driver...move that bus!"

The bus driver started the engine and drove the six blocks from the school to the Mustard Museum.