This is B E H I N D T H E SMASH F I L E S, explaining a bit of my weird story.

Disclaimer: I don't own Super Smash Brothers Melee or anyone or anything in it, nor do I own the characters or "oddities" in the X-files.

Warning: And yes, this contains yaoi, Roy/Link. I think this story is more yaoi than supernatural, but it's till X-files, you know. If it disgusts you, think of the other one as a teddy bear and you'll feel better or then just go back. By the way, Roy/Link may not be a good couple, but they look great together… I have nothing against couples Marth/Link or Roy/Marth, but as this is yaoi, Zelda/Link fans, this is not for you. Alrighty then…

First some questions I know I'd need to answer sooner or later:

1. Why did I write a supernatural/yaoi story?

That's a good question. Okay, well, I've read a lot of yaoi stories of SSBM, but they're always about Marth/Link or Roy/Marth. I haven't met a Roy/Link yaoi story before, so I decided to write one myself. And for the X-files… Well, I am a huge fan of the X-files. I've seen every single episode from the 1st season to the 6th season and I just love them! I didn't want to write about Mulder and Scully; I wanted some freedom with the characters' personalities. That's why it's about SSBM. So much characters, from so many different people…

2. Why did I leave the part off where Link and Roy met, fell in love and so on?

I want the two main characters to trust each other, just like Scully and Mulder. If Roy and Link had just met, how could they possibly have trust in each other? I made them lovers, because I didn't want to write about everlasting friendship. I tell you this: Link made the first move back then when they turned from friends to lovers! That's all! You can imagine the rest!

3. What's Marth's role in all this?

Marth's role is to be there. He is a bit jealous about the strong love between Link and Roy, but he could never hurt either one of them. All Marth fans! There's very little Marth in the beginning of this story, but he'll become more important as it goes on, so be patient, he will appear more and more! I've always thought of Marth as a kind person, ready to help anyone at anytime. And that's how he's in this story as well, except for one thing. But that's not for you to know yet!

4. Why did you make Roy so fiery, yet a bit shy and Link as the one who makes all the moves?

I've always thought it cute when people are shy, it makes me open my heart easily. And, Roy has the reputation of a hot-head… Link, he is a mystery. He's dedicated to Roy, he wants him, he wants to spend all of his time with him, but he also keeps most of his thoughts inside him. Where he could talk to Roy one on one, he decides to be quiet.

5. Why is this fic PG 13?

It's because I write yaoi and the two men in this fic do things unsuitable for the smallest to read… (Link: "Yay!")Sometimes there's blood and victims too, but this is X-files after all. You'll know when you read the story, I don't like chopping people in small pieces, blowing their brains out or anything like that. Or well… maybe I might get a bit excited sometimes…

6. Where do you get your "files?"

Hey, I've seen more than 180 episodes of X-files! And I've got a really twisted imagination, so it's not hard for me to think about something very disgusting and creating an X-file around it sweetened with yaoi. Heh! So sit back and enjoy!

You're still free to ask anything and please review!

The truth is out there…