Contains: Director's & Cast's commentary: My comments about all of the episodes with the cast's short comments. *laughs* What's behind my sick ideas? I explain most of them here.

Deleted Scenes: Some of the original scenes that I've dropped off when I've accidentally made Link more shy than Roy or something like that. Mostly crappy stuff, rewritten for this.

Abandoned beginnings: Yeah, well, there's a good reason why I ditched them…

Facts: Some weird and funny facts from the long road between the Wooden Face and the Flare, Flare, Redhead! How many times did Link say "believe" during the files? That's pretty surprising how many, actually…

Themes and Changed Lyrics: The maincharacters' themes and lyrics that fit for them. Of course this is only my opinion. If you want to listen to them, they're easy to download with KaZaa. And you can even sing karaoke with the characters' lyrics! *laughs*


As sad as it is, the Smash Files is over.

But I guess it was good to end it here. I can focus on some other fics until I upload that SSBM/Hellsing crossover. And I hope you're looking forward to it, just like me.

Actually, I've started to like the SSBM/Hellsing fic I'm writing and planning. It's a bit like the Smash Files, but kind of different. *confused* What am I talking about?

Thank you, reviewers! Your reviews have been the fuel for this story and they've guided me through the ideastorms I've had! And you've been always so encouraging that I feel that I'm such a good writer! (Maybe I can believe that too one day) All I can say is thank you so much and that doesn't describe my gratefulness well enough!

PikaPower: Wow! You made reviews of all of them! That's a lot of work! You saw so much trouble to do an overall review! And 9/10!? That's so flattering! I… I don't know how to thank you enough to tell you how good that makes me feel. *tears of joy* I've spent so much time writing this fic and yet I at first I thought no one liked it and kept writing because I liked it. I guess it paid off! Thank you! I didn't personally like the Wooden Face, but it was the first smash file, so I need to respect it. Maybe I should rewrite it someday… Also, the Sea God Ahti was confusing, because I was confused about it and still decided to write it. I had lots of fun writing the different story versions, but somehow the end became crappy. And when I say crappy I mean CRAPPY. Oh, yes! Thirsty's probably the most shocking smash file, considering that Roy did die… Thank you for saying such wonderful things about this fic and reviewing to tell me that! Here're the extras and I truly hope you like them!

RavenGhost: I know the end was sad, but I see it wasn't sad enough to make you cry. Maybe it's better that way. And I truly hope you enjoyed it as I did and are as sad as I was because it ended. But worry not, because I decided to write the SSBM/Hellsing crossover and it will be written the same way as these files… Maybe in honour of the memory. Thank you for being a supportive reviewer and encouraged me to write the story!

Mewlon: Oh, I don't think this is better! Our stories are so different that it's hard to say and I loved the WtRC very much. I hope you write something near it, another yaoi-story or something like that. I… I'm moved by your words. *tears of joy* So many have said that I'm such a good writer that I feel so good. I actually feel like one. And maybe one day I'll be able to think that way too. I wanted Marth to have a happy ending, so I decided to give him to Zelda, who's one of my favourite female characters in the SSBM. And I think they're a cute couple. Thank you for supporting me through this story, it has helped me to go on even in the hard times when I was unsure about myself.

Sherrilynn: You really think it's perfect? Wow, I wasn't sure about the reactions as I wrote it, but I liked it. I think it was the right way to end these Files yet it was sad. And I don't really like happy endings, they're cute but in reality not many things have a happy ending… So I decided not to give the Smash Files one either. Thank you for liking the story and being an encouraging reviewer, who's helped me write the series.

sagesumi: To you I have to say that you've been a fan of my works ever since who knows when and I'm glad that you've liked the story and helped me through with your reviews that are always funny and long! Thank you for being so encouraging and eager always, no matter how crappy the episode! You really think the ending was brilliant? That's what everyone's been saying and I'm so glad because I was unsure about how you'd react to it. A genius? I'm so flattered to hear that! And I'm not a genius… I'm just an ordinary girl…*laughs* You'll get more of my work as I upload the SSBM/Hellsing crossover! So don't worry! It'll be written the same style as the Smash Files because I want to honour the memory of this, my favourite story.

Zora, Nagi, and Lindsay: I'm so glad you liked the ending! I wasn't sure about it, but now I'm glad everyone seemed to like it. And I want to thank you for liking my work and giving me encouraging and funny feedback on whatever I have ever decided to write! *laughs* Puppy dog faces work! I decided to write these extras because so many wanted it and hope you like them.

I'm blessed to have such kind reviewers! Thank you! I hope you enjoy, there won't be more extras!


These are my thoughts about the Smash Files and I hope I'm not offending anyone. Enjoy!

Wooden Face ~ Director's Commentary

Yeah, it was my very first Smash File. I was very proud of it back then.

Roy's and Link's personalities have changed quite a lot after it, but the general's still shy and Link's still quiet about his feelings and believes in supernatural.

The inspiration to write about a Wooden Face on the floor, sucking people's energy was actually my mind's twisted mix of many stories. There's a ghost story about a Spaniard lady who saw faces on the floor, but they did nothing to anyone. They were just on the floor because under her house there was some kind of a graveyard.

Wooden Face Part 01 IT's here

I had just read Stephen King's The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon and the text looks like it. I chose Young Link as the first character to experience paranormal phenomena because I've always thought that he's cute and I wanted to make him an important part of my story right from the beginning.

My favourite part was absolutely this "Young Link reached for the switch and as he tried to switch it off, his hand hit his milk bottle on the table next to his bed. It fell and Young Link closed his eyes tightly and waited for it to crash. He knew he couldn't catch it, so he didn't even try.

No crash. Young Link waited for a moment. He kept his eyes closed for a long time." THAT would've freaked me out! *laughs*

Wooden Face Part 02 Where is he?

I've always liked Luigi as a sub character. The accent annoys me, though.

At first I wanted to make Roy very energetic and on-going, a little forgetting and of course, shy.

It was pretty important for me to tell you readers that Roy and Link really loved each other, they hadn't just met. That's why Link was thinking about Roy all the time and they had many romantic situations.

The training when Link and Roy trained with Luigi and Mario was just my little experiment. I wanted to see if I could write an average fight scene and make it sound believable.

*laughs* Oh, the idea about Roy's and Link's "fight" came from the Ocarina of Time-manga (translated can be found everywhere on the net) where Link trains with Impa and when he's exhausted he lies on the grass alone, thinking. When I saw the page I somehow wanted to use it. Then I added Roy on top of him and created that yaoi-scene.

Wooden Face Part 03 Shock

Young Link's vulnerability is shown in the beginning of this part: he's not even going to hold back his tears and wants to be held and comforted, just like any scared or shocked child.

In the beginning I wanted to make Peach look like a kind girl because she was acting like that to make everyone like her, but her personality hasn't changed a bit.

Marth's been kind and caring ever since the beginning. I wanted to show his attraction towards Young Link there already by making him stay by the young elf's side the whole day, not eating or drinking anything during it. Of course, seeing his love towards the boy is hard because he'd do the same for everyone.

Sleepwalking? It's true that sometimes after shocking events or when seeing horrible nightmares people sleepwalk even if they usually don't. I don't remember where I read this, but it's true. I wanted to make Roy in the beginning really proud of his studies by this "Yes, it is. I've studied the matter when I was in Ostia and it--" he sounds like he's boasting. Gladly I gave up this idea, because it fits to Captain Falcon but not to him.

The dream Ness sees about eating everything around him… Yeah, I saw that kind of a dream too once. *laughs* Otherwise it has nothing to do with the whole episode.

Roy saw the face on the floor first, but as a disbeliever, he thought it had nothing to do with what had happened. He was confused, but still unwilling to believe.


"I knew you wouldn't believe me."

"I didn't say that." This is from the original X-files, directly. I'm not sure but I guess it was from Arcadia, don't get mad at me if I'm not right. I used quotes from X-files in the first episode a lot, because I was unsure how to describe the disbelieving Roy and the believing Link.

Wooden Face Part 04 The Investigation

I got a bit excited when writing this. It was an okay yaoi-scene though, but I could rewrite this part. I have no idea why it looks like that. And there's too much kissing. They got too mushy.

Roy wasn't accepting towards Link's theory, he was just too tired to start arguing about it. Oh well, he'll argue enough in the later episodes.

Maybe you're wondering why Roy wasn't so energetic after the first episode. It's because he could never recover all the lost energy and thus became calmer. Good for him, good for me.

I personally think there was too much yaoi in this episode. Well, it was my first real episode and my second fanfic ever so… I think I'll be forgiven, right?

Wooden Face ~ Cast's Commentary

Link: I want to say that I wasn't that easily scared when I was in his age! No, not me. Otherwise I liked this episode, it was fun being Mulder.

Roy: Yeah, unbelievable. But like faces on the floor would really exist? Don't make me laugh! And don't even start, Link!

Marth: Um… I don't know what to say.

Young Link: Me? Well, it was exciting to be in the first part of the first episode. Though, to be honest, I couldn't sleep for a few nights after I had read the script…


Esther ~ Director's Commentary

I got the idea to write about Esther when I realised that FEVI where Roy is hasn't been released outside Japan yet. This was good to me, because I knew nothing about his past and decided to create it. Everyone knows Link's past, so I couldn't recreate it.

Esther Part 01 The Girl

She's running through the forests in search for a place to stay safe for the night, hoping that she could get into a building and the poltergeist would stay outside. Of course it follows her into the Smash Building and warns everyone by writing the text on the wall. Esther is mine… in the original story it used that too, except the letters were always burning. Roy's subconscious recognises the text, his nanny's mentioned it to him, but his mind tries to protect him. Ah! How traitorous a mind can be?

Esther Part 02 A Poltergeist

Link's always been the "seme" of these files. (Seme means the controlling guy, who makes all the moves and so on. Uke's the controllable, usually weak and pretty younger boy.) Here he says, "Esther can be his, but you're mine." as he holds Roy in a strong grasp. And, typical for yaoi-manga, the uke's resistance is weak and the seme gets his way. Yup. Here too.

"You know you can talk to me, right?"

"Yeah." How do you always see right through me? He blushed. Here I wanted to tell you readers that they've been together a long time, because Link knows Roy so well to 'see right through him.'

Esther Part 03 My Nanny

Roy opens his heart here, he lets the Hylian close to him like this very rarely. He used to be very lonely as a child like he says "I was lost for that time… I had no one." He's telling Link between the lines how important he is to him. Another between the lines immuendo is here when Roy keeps a break after saying "broke up lovers,…" Roy swallowed his tears. He opens himself completely, finally admitting that he doesn't want to lose Link like he lost her. It sounds like Link's as important as his nanny if not even more important. It took me very long to create that scene fitting for his personality.

When the knives fly… I wanted to write this only because I thought it was cool to see the knives flying *laughs* and in the original story the poltergeist tosses all kinds of things from kettles to plates around her house. Why not knives? And also, when seeing Marth get hurt and the couch hitting his feet, Link decides to do something about the ghost. So it's an important part of the episode.

I liked the idea of the hands in the mirror, strangling Peach. She is the only smasher I think would stay in front of a mirror for hours, looking at her reflection and trying to see was she still perfect. That's one of the reason's why I chose to torture her. *giggles* The other one is because she wanted everyone to be with her after the incident and Roy and Link could talk to the ghost in peace.

Esther Part 04 Leave It Unexplained

Oh yes! The two argue and Roy's really making it clear that he doesn't believe. Also, he's totally fed up with the poltergeist, not only because it hurts him to talk about it but because he doesn't believe either. *laughs* What else could get your mind off something if not good sex, eh? Roy seems to know that too!

The dancer is actually a character I saw in my precious, precious Fire Emblem manga. His name? No clue. He just was cool and looked very pretty, so I decided to make him my little dancer. And as classical, Roy doesn't even get the chance to see the poltergeist so there's no way he could believe.

Esther ~ Cast's Commentary

Link: It was my first time to see a ghost, I was very impressed by the sight. I also heard Roy open his heart. He's such a fiery persona it's hard to know what I should do in some situations because he flares up so easily. But I'm glad, his nanny brought us closer to each other.

Roy: I still don't believe in ghosts. And I should've been quiet about my past to Link. I somehow felt very vulnerable after it. But strangely, a lot stronger… and cared.

Marth: I've got only one thing to say: please, don't call me Marthy!

Young Link: Where am I? I want the spotlight!

Peach: I'm not THAT spoiled! It's true that I want to look pretty but I'm not like that! Seriously, someone with my looks doesn't need to be spoiled, right? Right?

Sea God Ahti ~ Director's Commentary

An interesting folktale, I must say. I liked the idea the first time I saw it and oh, how devilish I am to make the two dress in drag! I had so much fun writing this episode! *laughs* Roy in drag!

("Roy: Shut up, freak!")

Uh, moving on… *giggles*

Sea God Ahti Part 01 ~ Burn!

I wanted to write a little different episode from the two episodes before. Still I was being greatly unsure about my writing skills… I spent a lot of time to the beginning although it became so short. I wanted to tell everyone that Ahti wasn't just some god that didn't exist, that's why Link's thinking so much.

Sea God Ahti Part 02 ~ Roy's version

Hoo, boy! This was really difficult to write, especially the yaoi-scene! Roy's so closed that it was hard for him to talk about it and I couldn't just skip it.

Captain Falcon! I thought in panic before I realised I was looking in the cerulean eyes of my love and sighed, relieved… *laughs* Actually, I saw a dream about Roy being with Captain Falcon and that was rather… disturbing. I prefer him with Link above everyone.

Sea God Ahti Part 03 ~ Link's Version

I made Link tell the parts Roy left off and concentrate less on the story the general had already told. It would be boring to read the same story twice without any change, right?

The girl, Millena, is actually a character I saw in a horror movie back then. The movie was pure crap and I don't even remember it's name anymore, but I liked the woman in white robes. So I took her, turned her into a sacrifice and gave her a name I liked. *laughs* Oh, the power of an author!

I really liked the yaoi-scene here! Link's innuendo and Roy ignoring it, I don't know why, but it's just one of my favourites!

Sea God Ahti Part 04 ~ A Boy's Crush

I don't like the end of this episode. Although Young Link tells Link he's got a crush on someone (we already know the answer who, but oh well) and they speak about it like brothers. That's cute. Otherwise, the end was crappy and messy, it didn't explain everything clearly… I guess I should write the whole episode again.

Sea God Ahti ~ Cast's Commentary

Link: Say whatever you say but I was right in the end!

Roy: She made me dress in drag!

Marth: So that's how you planned how to tell me, Young Link… I guess that's pretty sweet.

Young Link: I'm not sweet! I'm… uh, yeah… whatever.


Thirsty ~ Director's Commentary

I've always liked stories about vampires and decided to write an episode about them to see could I actually write a complete vampire story… (We'll see about that though.) This and larvae are my favourite episodes, I have no idea why. Maybe because they're both twisted and gross to say the least.

Thirsty Part 01 Lost

Awww… I think it's very cute of Link to be so worried about Roy. And why wouldn't he if he really loves the general that much? Also, I wanted to make it sure from the beginning that everything wasn't all right with Roy when he wanted to make out with Link in the middle of the village of Kakariko! That's so unlike Roy!

Thirsty Part 02 Yearn for More

Link's trying to make himself believe that there's nothing wrong with Roy, because, normally if someone important to you does idiotic things and acts weird or against the law, you ignore them. That's precisely what Link's doing to his beloved. However, he's still suspicious, counting on his instincts.

He read the old, already obscure text, trying to figure out more about vampires. Soon he realised that there were as many types of vampires as there were synonyms for the word 'vampire.' In the ancient Assyria and Babylon people were afraid of Ekimmus and in the Roman Empire they had the name Lemuri. The Chinese vampire's called Ch'ing Shih when in Peru they have the name Lobishomen. In Romania they call them Nosferatu, in Russia they're called Vampyr. All of this is true. And this is nothing but a small amount of the names for vampires and legends about them I found. It's confusing how popular they are around the world!

Thirsty Part 03 Hopeless Search

*laughs* I really enjoyed writing the scene where Roy wakes up next to Marth. I can imagine his reactions so lively in my mind! Actually, this was an idea for a beginning. Scroll down to the deleted beginnings part to read it and you'll see that it has the same idea.

"But I am… I look like him, I feel like him, I talk like him… why wouldn't I be him?" This scene almost screamed to be drawn, the first time Roy tries to seduce Link that badly and Link actually resisting it that badly as well. *laughs* I guess I wrote this scene just to see what it would be if Roy was the seme and Link the uke. I'm still glad Roy's the shy one, though.

Jealousy! I really enjoyed writing about how jealous Link was to Marth, poor prince though had no idea that the two were lovers. The glass shattering, it was meant to make him wonder why the vampires wanted blood so much, and I also think it described his jealousy well. A strong, strong feeling!

Roy… actually I was thinking about finishing him off for good. Game over and no continue. But what changed my mind was the fact that I'd either need to replace him with someone else or end the whole files. And I had already my plans for Marth and Young Link and I certainly didn't want to pair Link with Ganondorf or Captain Falcon (no offence, seriously). Also all the kind reviewers had their words on the fact that he came back to life. Thank you!

Thirsty Part 04 It's All Over Now

Link's pain was a very difficult thing to write about… Such a strong feeling to loose the one he loved so much… So I spent a lot of my time thinking about what he would do and how much it hurt him to kill his beloved.

"I still haven't given up. I… I believe you now… I bit Pichu…. I… I remember it." Roy says this to Link. It's the first (and the last) time when he tells the Hylian that he agrees with his theory. I had no other way than to make him believe if I didn't want to kill him off. Reviewers, I spent a lot of my time thinking what would he remember and how and why and so on, all that because you (and I) wanted him to live.

And, of course, a classical vampire story always needs a classical ending! *laughs*

Thirsty ~ Cast's Commentary

Roy: LINK KILLED ME!! But then, yeah, DMC woke me from the dead so I can't really be mad at her. And no, I don't believe though I said so. I just had an open mind.

Link: No clear yaoi-scene! DMC KILLED ROY!! I didn't do it! I was just a mere puppet to her! Oh, Roy, I love you so much! *runs after Roy*

Marth: Hmm… I realised here that I actually cared for Roy more than I had always thought. I hadn't even considered the possibility of being bi before I… it's confidential.

Young Link: YOU MADE OUT WITH ROY!? Roy, you're so dead!!


Shadow Paintings

As I tell in the beginning of this episode, the idea really came from Devil May Cry. That enemy reminds me slightly of a cat-demon from Chrono Cross (one of my favourite games) and he was cool. The paintings though… They're the creation of my sick imagination.

Shadow Paintings Part 01 A Scary Lady

Actually, as Ness calls Zelda an "Old Hag" he reacts the same way I reacted when I was in Rome and had my portrait drawn… I really thought I'd got the wrong picture, because I looked 20 years older and totally different in that picture. I still wonder that maybe he really messed up my picture with someone else's. *laughs*

Shadow Paintings Part 02 Wet Paint?

I had wanted to write the pizza scene for a long time, so I decided that there was the right place for it, they'd been apart and Link'd almost lost his beloved, so it was understandable they wanted to be together and get kinda mushy.

Also, here's the first time Marth's asking Roy about his feelings towards him. Marth/Roy fics are almost a tradition so I needed to make the noble fall in love with Roy. *laughs* No, I really do like all the swordsmen, no matter the couple.

Mmmm… The shower scene… actually, there's a funny scene about this too… I just had it when I wrote the part. *laughs* Otherwise I just wanted to make a little difference in the yaoi-scenes, so I created something that hadn't been before.

Shadow Paintings Part 03 Cat

Finally Young Link's crush's revealed… Hey, who wouldn't fall for someone as handsome as Marth? And besides he'd been kind to Young Link ever since the beginning, so it was easy for him to think that the prince really loved him.

And, as my favourite character of all times, Vincent Valentine, I wanted to put him somewhere in my Files to honour him in a way. I guess he fits there pretty well, but that's only me.

And why Marth's 21 and not 19 has a good reason too. He sounds so much more mature when he's over twenty and besides, I think he looks like that age. Somehow that age felt responsible for me, so I made him that old.

Shadow Paintings Part 04

Something different, yes! Actually, this ending was done because RavenGhost hoped to see more Marth and I decided to give him the place of a hero in this episode. After all, Roy and Link weren't needed because they'd spoken and the elf had given them clues. And they did pretty well, I think.

Shadow Paintings ~ Cast's Commentary

Marth: It was quite weird to fight against that cat-demon. It was really something… And I din't know how the missing smashers had all ended in the fire…

Young Link: Yeah! Link was so right! Go Link! I think we wouldn't have been able to put everything together without him.

Link: Well, a cat-demon is something I can't see every day. But Roy licking my fingers… Hey, Roy, do you have some sparetime?

Roy: Riiight. A cat-demon. Riiight.



Ah, my second favourite episode. Yeah, the yuckiest episode ever. Still, I like the way everything goes, neither Roy or Link get ill and they fight about is it tuberculosis or not. Actually, in real tuberculosis the symptoms are the same as with these larvae. So if you have them…*laughs*

Larvae Part 01 Coughing Blood

Peach's real nature comes out pretty well as she sits in front of the mirror, wondering first that would she die and then sees the wrinkle. And I didn't want to kill her just like I've never wanted to kill anyone, because then I couldn't use them in later episodes.

At first the beginning was very short, almost disgracefully short, so I put more "action" in Peach's sickness and added the cute bathroom-scene about Link and Roy.

Larvae Part 02 Not Tuberculosis

Roy makes the analysis anyone who doesn't believe would make. He takes the doctor's role easily as the one who's studied all kinds of subjects in Ostia.

A difficult situation for Link to see his mini asking him what's making love! *laughs* I was once alone in our house with my kid brother and we watched a movie where he learned the phrase "make love." And of course, I needed to answer him. *laughs* And, oh, how suddenly someone can be too busy to talk!

Here I also started to reveal the redhead's past… Well, now we all know why he was kidnapped, so the fortuneteller wasn't wrong, she just made it sound horrible. And of course Roy'd like to forget what he really is because he didn't believe in it.

Larvae Part 03 Disease Spreads

Zelda falls ill too! And boy does Roy have a hard time looking after the both of them to see that they won't go breathless and die while he's checking the other. And I don't blame him for being so mean to Link when the elf comes upstairs. I'd be just as pissed if that happened to me.

And ah, I wanted to make a serious comical scene. *laughs* The idea of Roy in his underwear catching the two elves doing something suspicious in the princesses room is fun to think about. It's serious because the general's so mad, but funny because he's in his underwear.

Larvae Part 04 Healing Beyond Science

Marth's being pretty blunt, don't you think when he tells the boy what's making love. But that's it. *laughs* You know, I almost fell for making an adult/child yaoi-scene but gladly held myself back. You can find it in the deleted scenes if you're interested in reading what it would've looked like.

Many of you probably wonder why Roy didn't get ill… Or then you don't. In any case, no bacteria or larvae can survive in the heat of an inferno. *laughs* Here's the first hint on what the general really is.

Larvae ~ Cast's Commentary

Roy: I think the disease was in the larvae, but that they'd been scientifically changed so that they'd carry the bacteria of tuberculosis. And somehow they got out of the host's body, I have no idea how they got inside me… Anyway, I hated to be puked on.

Link: Roy was busy! Although he didn't believe me on how to heal them, at least he knew how to keep them alive!

Marth: I don't know should I think that my recovery was a miracle healing or had I just ate something that made me feel bad. In any case, I'm thankful to the elves for saving me.

Young Link: I would do anything for Marth! Anytime, anywhere!


Ich Werde Spass Haben

Uhh, yeah… The weirdest episode ever… I don't know how to start my commentary on this one because it's so absurd. Nothing's actually explained, yet still everything seems quite clear. Odd, eh?

Ich Werde Spass Haben Part 01 Entering the Mansion

Just… random. Yeah. What can I say? It's twisted and weird? Actually, I wanted to write an episode that would take the two out of the Smash Building for once, and what was a better idea than such randomness that no one would ask why were they there.

Ich Werde Spass Haben Part 02 Confusion

The idea of the rooms changing places is very fun to write, but it's also very confusing. And Roy reflects to it by not understanding any of it, feeling confused and lost. But I don't blame him, if a freak like DMC and the rooms switching places, a sword chasing me and I acting weird without even knowing why, I'd be just as confused and lost as Roy.

*laughs* And yes, I really like making fun of myself!

Ich Werde Spass Haben Part 03 Typewriter, You Must Die!

Master of chipmunks… Well… It just popped into my mind, so I decided that because Roy's always being derisive about Link's theories, he could use that.

Link: Die you filthy little monkey! I have a friend who used to say that all the time! It's very annoying to hear ten times a day and I don't know why I made Link say it.

Ich Werde Spass Haben Part 03 Death Draws Near

This is the first time Roy actually thinks of the nun as a ghost and not as a reflection. Although he won't admit it. And if he doesn't believe, he doesn't know how to win a ghost. That's why he was so desperate to wake up his beloved. Somewhere in his subconscious he knew that it was real.

Ich Werde Spass Haben ~ Cast's Commentary

Roy: Whatta--?

Link: Eh?

Marth: …Nani?

Young Link: Umm… so, what you mean is…umm…eh?


Flare, Flare, Redhead ~ Director's Commentary

*cries* The final episode's commentary. I had to stuff a lot of stuff into this episode because it was the end and I had decided that a long time ago. Also, a character from Roy's FE-game appears. I had no idea what Eliwood looked like, so I created him in my mind.

Flare, Flare, Redhead Part 01 Inferno

I wanted to contact the general's instincts to the episode from the beginning and make an evil cliffhanger beginning to the first part of this episode because it was the last. And what would be more worrying than having Roy inside an inferno, burning inside it without even understanding it.

Flare, Flare, Redhead Part 02

To be suitable for the season, there's Christmas in the air in the Smash Building as well. I wanted to make something less serious in this episode, so I wrote Link standing under a mistle toe, wanting a kiss from the general. But of course, Roy would never agree to that in a public place like the living room of the Smash Building.

Marth and Young Link… Ever since I decided that I didn't want to write an adult/child yaoi-scene, I decided that Marth would realise his love towards the boy was only brotherly. And of course, Young Link had never experienced love before, so how could he know what was his love for the noble? And because he'd never had parents and Marth had always been so kind to him, watched over him and been there to hold him when he had a hard time, I made him love the cobalt eyed man as a father.

I've never liked Ganondorf. That's why he's always making fun of the two. He's like that Scully's friend (whose name I can't remember) who made fun of Mulder. Ganondorf differs from him greatly, but the idea is the same.

Flare, Flare, Redhead Part 03 Just an Artificial Boy

Marth tells Roy that he likes him, just as I had planned. But because Roy's already taken to Link and I didn't want to break that couple, I made him fallen in love with Zelda as well. She's a royal also, so what would be a greater happy end to him than having Zelda say yes to his proposal?

Finally Roy's past's revealed as Eliwood steps into the picture and tells him the fact he's been denying from himself ever since he was a child. I really liked this idea when I got it, but it would've been hard to make true without Eliwood. Link would've never been able to find out all the things the King explains.

Those who've read "The Triangle" as well know who Vyse (Skies of Arcadia/Legends) is. Those who don't know, he's Roy's first boyfriend. And he's actually the reason why Eliwood threatened to kill his own son. Would've he done that, it's everyone's own opinion and that's it.

Flare, Flare, Redhead Part 04 Together Forever

The end. The father and the son talk and Eliwood explains everything. Roy would've never returned to the flame without Link asking him to go. Did they die? That depends from your point of view. Their bodies died, but their spirits were able to be together in the flame.

"Together, Link. Together is so much better than alone." Roy's childhood loneliness is brought to the surface again. And I was glad to make the end happy so that Link wouldn't need to live in agony his whole life. Also, Marth became happy to get married with Zelda.

Flare, Flare, Redhead ~ Cast's Commentary

Link: I got to be with Roy! I would've probably killed myself if he hadn't taken me with him. And maybe one day the Red Mage Chief will take me and Roy from the fire and put us into new bodies so that we can live as humans again.

Roy: I… All that I ever believed… Everything I based my life on… It all crumbled.

Marth: Soon I shall return to Althea and rebuild it with Zelda and together we shall rule until the day we die.

Young Link: I… I was the only one who was left alone. But I'll return to the Kokiri's after the tournament and visit Zelda and Marth every day.


First, whenever I'm talking, it's shown like this before my replica, okay? I hope you enjoy!

Esther Part 02 ~ Breakfast

Esther walked to the same table with Link and Roy, asking shyly could she eat with them. She ate in silence until Link asked her how she was feeling.

"I…I'm fine." The blonde girl answered, not looking at him. There was an awkward silence between the three of them, the two swordsmen waiting for her to say something more.

"Roy…" She finally said shyly, looking at her plate.


"Are you from Ertruria?" A hint of disgust could be heard in her voice as she said the name of the general's country.

"Yeah, why?" The redheaded teen asked, remembering his nanny and hoping that it wasn't true. It couldn't be true. She couldn't be her…

"My mother… She was at work in Ertruria." Esther said, finally looking at Roy. "Why did she die?"

"Who?" Link asked, looking confused.

"U-Uh… I-I don't know who you're talking about!"

"MY mother! She was your nanny wasn't she!?"

"I-I need to go now. Good bye, Esther." Roy took his plate and ran to the kitchen, followed by Esther's shouts.

Cut! Hmm… Esther, you're just not like that. Link, you make Roy run away.


Sea God Ahti Part 02 ~ Roy's Version of the Yaoi Scene

Ready! Action!

"…Umm… Link, do I need to tell about that? To this tape recorder?" Roy put the recorder off to look at the blonde, who looked at him, waiting for him to continue.

"Why not? It was lots of fun."

"But… if someone hears this…?" The general felt how his cheeks turned slightly red and turned away from Link.

"No one will. Come on now, Roy. Tell me. I want you to tell me how you felt."

"But… I can't."

"Why not?" The blonde touched his shoulders gently, moving his hands relaxingly.

"I… I just can't."

"Then tell me with your body."

"I…Uh, I…" Roy's blush deepened and the Hylian smiled gently. He kissed the boy on his neck tenderly and turned him to face himself.

"Put the recorder down." The boy obeyed him silently, avoiding his gaze.

He then took him down on top of himself and kissed him gently, hoping that the redhead's shyness would pass and he'd let go. He took carefully off the boy's clothes, answering to the passionate kisses the boy.

Cut! I want to write Roy telling it. He's so cute when he blushes and that'd be something out of the ordinary too.


Shadow Paintings Part 02 Wet Paint? ~ Shower Scene

This isn't actually a deleted scene, it's just a funny scene that popped to my mind when I wrote the real one. Ready! Action!

He felt Link's arms around him and turned around to give the Hylian a kiss. They kissed for a long time as the water drip on their bodies. They were both enjoying the warm, relaxing shower. Link's tongue searched in Roy's mouth, tasting the mix of the shower water and the boy's hot flames. The elf held his general tight against his chest, still trying to be as careful as possible with the wound. Roy pressed his head against the elf's shoulder, almost purring in the pleasure of being with him. The blonde moved his hands lower on the boy's back, kissing his hair gently.

"I missed you so much…" He whispered to the general's ear, who smiled his eyes closed and pressed himself against Link's body tight. Roy took the sponge and put soap on it, starting to wash the Hero's body with large circular movement.

The blonde took the boy's head in his hands and gave him a kiss to show the redhead that he was completely his, before he lost his senses in the everlasting fire that surrounded Roy.

Cut! Okay, great work, guys! Next scene!

…Umm? Guys?

You can stop already!

Oh fine… Have a break.


Shadow Paintings Part 03 ~ The Shadow's Attack

The creature jumped off the painting, looking at a closed door and licked it lips with a quiet meow before it turned into a puddle and entered the room. It jumped on the bed, realising that there were two on it, holding each other in a gentle hug. It hesitated and sat down, looking at the two and wondering should it attack them at the same time.

It sat and thought.

And thought.

And licked its lips as it looked at the blonde.

Cut! Because of RavenGhost's request, eat them both, Shadow.


Flare, Flare, Redhead! Part 01 ~ The Fight Between Link & Roy

Ready! Action!

"You really enjoy fighting, don't you?"

"What I enjoy more is…" The fiery boy walked towards the blonde with a smile on his lips. "…you." He fell on his knees in front of the Hylian and kissed him passionately. The Hylian was confused about the way the boy acted, but didn't say anything. It was so rare to see Roy do the first move that he decided to enjoy, no matter who would pass the stage and see them.

He quickly broke the kiss when he felt the general's lips too hot, like they were burning his. The redhead looked at him with a questioning look, he didn't know had he done something wrong.

"No, Roy… It's all right… Your lips just--" he was cut off by the general's kiss again and turned on his back on the stage. The boy's hands searched around his body, doing quick tickles everywhere.

Suddenly the touch became hot and Link opened his eyes, pushing the boy away. But as he looked at Roy, the boy was in fire.

"Roy!!" He got up and looked at his beloved who didn't seem to notice the fire and looked at him hurtly. "What's going on!?"

Cut! Okay, that sucks. Roy, you're too shy to do that. Let's change it a bit…


Okay, here are the beginnings I've ditched for a reason or two. They're short and crappy, but I wrote them again for these extras. I hope you enjoy!


"Come crawling faster

Obey your master

Your life burns faster

Obey your master." The girl sang as she played with her marionette, looking happy and singing gladly. The marionette itself was old and rusty, it seemed like it would brake any moment. It's face had been painted to smile forever and look happy, but the paint had already almost cracked off and it looked sad and faceless. It's dancing was unbalanced and stiff, but it seemd to try so hard to make the girl smile for a little longer.

Some people were watching the doll dance and the girl sing, among those were the two plumber brothers, Luigi and Mario. They thought it was very cute to see her play outside like that, not even collecting any money.

And as she stopped for a moment, hearing her father say something to her inside, everyone watching her applauded and cheered. She looked at them with a confused look before a wide smile curved on her lips. Then she disappeared inside and the people turned to leave.

The festival was filled with people and it was hard to see anything behind the human masses. So, accidentally Luigi stepped on the girl's already old marionette and it broke. The green hatted plumber looked down at it, his eyes widening.

"Did-a I crush it?"

"Yeah, I think-a you did." Mario said.

"I think I need-a to get her a new one. I'll just wait-a for her to come back so I can apologise."

After a while the girl came outside and saw the marionette broken and the man with the green cap. Before Luigi could say anything, she burst to tears and ran back inside, shouting for her father.

He was working on a doll in his study, trying to fix it as he was a carpenter. The brown eyed girl ran to him with tears in her eyes, sobbing incoherently.

"Papa! Papa!" She said with a desperate tone, like the end of the world was near.

"What is it, Daughter?" he lifted his eyes from the doll.

"A man outside broke Martin!"

The man's dark eyes narrowed and he started to search for something feverishly. Daughter watched her father silently as he searched, not asking if she could help nor wondering what he was doing. She just stood there like an unemotional doll.

"Aha!" Her father finally said and she turned to look at him, still sobbing. "Here. Take this marionette and the man's hair who broke Martin. Then wrap the hair around this marionette and everything's fine again." He smiled gently.

The marionette he gave her had no clothes, no painted face, it was completely blank. Daughter looked at it for a while and sadly thanked her father. She was still sad about losing her favourite marionette, but the new one would probably be more fun.

As she came outside again, the man with the green cap was still waiting for her with his apologies. She told him not to worry about it and asked him to give her a hair. Confused, Luigi gave her one, not knowing what she'd do with it. As he turned to leave, something made him hit Mario.

"Come crawling faster" The girl sang as she moved the marionette. Luigi punched Mario again.

"Obey your master" A powerful kick against the short plumber's face.

"Your life burns faster" The red capped man fell on his knees, asking why Luigi was doing that. But it seemed like he couldn't hear him. He hit his brother again powerfully.

"Obey your master" Luigi hit Mario so hard he fell unconscious on the street and the girl laughed.

And she laughed.

And laughed.

Yeah… lot's of reasons why I didn't use this one. And maybe I should've worked a bit harder writing it. Still, I think it was better to leave this off.


Amulet of Love

Ready! Action!

The moon shone over the Smash Buidling that stood alone in the dark night. It was quiet and beautiful. Even the wind had died.

The gentle light of the moon shone on the two in one of the rooms of the Smash Building. They touched each other tenderly, placed sweet kisses on each others body and the moment was theirs. There was nothing in the tranquillity of the night that could break that fragile moment around them, the house silently sighed with them in the dark night.

Roy let a quiet moan escape his lips before his beloved placed his lips on his and kissed him sweetly until they ran out of breath and had to pull away. No words were exchanged as the other started to go lower again, letting his hands touch and explore every inch of the redhead's hot skin.

The general buried his hands in his love's hair, whispering his name gently to the calm night around them. His body fought against the pleasured intrusion before it got used to it and he wrapped his arms around the one he loved.

And a sigh escaped his lips: "Marth…"

Cut! That's, like, way too lemony! And it too short to be a beginning too.

Three Wishes

First, this was written before Marth had any idea of Young Link's feelings! Ready! Action!

Young Link sat in the Fountain of Dreams, waiting for something to happen. The day'd been dull, outside was too wet to play, it just kept raining and raining. He sighed. No one wanted to train either. Everyone was busy with something. Link ran after some new ghost with Roy, who remained just as derisive as always, Marth was cooking the day's lunch, Zelda was in Haine buying new clothes, Ness had found Stephen King's newest book and he couldn't even eat before he'd read it. (DMC: That sounds awfully just like me. Young Link: "Shh! Don't interfere with the story!")

So, he was alone, because the company of Yoshi or Jigglypuff or Kirby was… rather boring. It would've been a hundred times better if he would've understood them even a bit. Also, Ganondorf wasn't in the list of his friends. That Gerudo wasn't even worthy to be spat on. Young Link couldn't find anyone he'd like or understand to be with, so he trained alone.

But it was boring to train alone. Nothing ever happened. The computerplayers always did the same mistakes, no matter how high their level and the Event Matches he'd defeated a long time ago. He wanted something to happen. He wanted to be with Marth. He wanted to know did the noble love him or not. No, he wanted the prince to love him.

I wish he was here… he thought, holding a weird item that looked like an old teapot. But why it was on the stage was a mystery. He would've understood it if there would've ben tea inside it, but it seemed to be empty.

He lifted his eyes from it as he heard steps on the water as someone walked towards him. His mouth fell open as the prince kneed in front of him with a kind smile and asked:

"Is everything all right? You look pale."

"I…" How can you be here? "I… I'm fine. But shouldn't you be making the lun--"

"I wanted to be with you." Marth looked into the child's cerulean eyes that were wide open. "Of course I'll leave if you want to be alone… do you?"

"N-no. It's all right. I… I… I think it's okay that you're there." Young Link stuttered, holding the hem of his tunic nervously. He had never been so close to the noble and his small heart beat against his chest so rapidly he feared it would just pop out.

He hadn't realised the prince was talking, looking at the stars as he had been so nervous. When the blue haired main had asked him was he listening he'd woken from his thoughts and asnwered yes, still nervously. He thought about telling the cobalt eyed man now what he felt, the butterflies in his stomach, the floaty feeling every time he looked into the cobalt sea of his eyes, the pleasant shivers he experienced every time the noble touched him or he smelt his scent.

"Young Link, is everything okay?" The prince of Althea asked, looking down at him.

"Marth, I… I…" Oh, god this is so hard! "I… kind of… I…"

Marth remained silent and waited for him to say what he'd begun. He seemed to be in no hurry as he patiently waited.

"I… you… uh…" This is too hard! Oh, god, I wish you'd kiss me now!

Before he could say anything more, he felt the noble's lips on his, kissing him gently and lovingly. His eyes were wide open as he looked at his love, who seemed to enjoy the kiss. He felt his body trembling in the sensation of the kiss as he pressed closer, wrapping his arms around him. The teapot fell from his hands and rolled over the edge of the Fountain of Dreams and Marth broke the kiss, looking at him with confusion in his eyes.

"Young Link… I… How did I get here?" He asked to forget the kiss as he saw the boy's hurt face.

"Y-you don't remember?"

"No. My mind's a blur… I… What's going on?"

Was it the pot…? Did it give me Marth?

Cut! It would be pretty hard to continue from here…


1. Before I put the story up, Roy used to be very girly. (Thank the moons I changed him)

2. Roy hasn't said "I love you" ever during these Files.

3. Master Hand's never appeared during this story, no matter what happened.

4. When Roy was a vampire, five characters are known to have become vampires.

5. When I burned my finger, I got the idea to make Roy part of the flame.

6. Peach's inspired from my big sister. *laughs*

7. Link has thought or said "believe" 29 times.

8. Everyone who's experienced something paranormal and isn't a smasher has been a girl.

9. The sentence "The smashers experience paranormal phenomena and Roy & Link investigate it." is the only part of the summary that's never changed.

10. Roy's nanny doesn't have a name. (Though I'd given her one I never mentioned it…)


Roy: Mr. Big ~ Shine

Changed Lyrics

I never really feel quite right
and I don't know why, all I know is something's wrong.
Every time I look in the mirror, I seem so alive
Tell me how do I do it, walk me through it
I'm following every footstep
Link, on my own I take a cautious step.
I don't know, do I wanna give it up?
But all I want is to SHINE.
Shine down on you.
Shine on this life that's burning out.
I say a lot of things sometimes that don't come out right
And I act like I don't know why.
I guess a reaction is all I was looking for.
You looked through me, you really knew me like no one has EVER looked before.
Link, on my own I take a cautious step.
I don't know, do I wanna give it up?
But all I want is to SHINE.
Shine down on you.
Shine on this life that's burning out.
I know, I know, I got something.
SHINE (shine it on to you).
Shine down on you (I wanna feel it).
Shine on this life that's burning out.
Link, on my own I take a cautious step.
Do I wanna give it up?
But all I want is to SHINE.
Shine down on you (just show me something).
Shine on this life that's burning out (you give me something that I never
Shine (it's gonna kill me if you give something away)
Shine (I wanna know what's going in on your mind)
Shine on this life that's burning out.

Link: Dido ~ Here With Me

Changed Lyrics

I can't be without you.
I wonder how am I still here
And I don't want to move a thing.
It might change my memory.
Oh I am what I am.
I'll do what I want.
But I can't hide.
I won't go.
I won't sleep.
I can't breathe
until you've accepted me as myself.
I won't leave.
I can't hide.
I cannot be.
If you're not here with me
I don't want to call my friends.
They might take you away from me.
And I can't let you go
Risk forgetting all that's been.
Oh I am what I am
I'll do what I want
But I can't hide
I won't go
I won't sleep
I can't breathe
Until you've accepted me as myself.
I won't leave
I can't hide
I cannot be
If you're not here with me

Roy & Link: Dashboard Confessionals ~ Hands Down

Changed Lyrics

Breathe in for luck, breathe in so deep
This air is blessed, you share with me
This night is wild, so calm and dull
These hearts they race from self-control
Your legs are smooth as they graze mine
We're doing fine, we're doing nothing at all.
My hopes are so high that your kiss might kill me.
So won't you kill me, so I die happy.
My heart is yours to fill or burst
to break or bury, or wear as jewellery
Which ever you prefer.
The words are hushed lets not get busted,
just lay entwined here undiscovered.
Safe in here from all the stupid questions.
"Hey did you get some?"
"Man, that is so dumb."
Stay quiet, stay near, stay close
they can't hear, so we can get some.
My hopes are so high that your kiss might kill me.
So won't you kill me, so I die happy.
My heart is yours to fill or burst
to break or bury, or wear as jewellery
Which ever you prefer.
Hands down, this is the best day I can ever remember.
I'll always remember the sound of the stereo,
The dim of the soft lights, the scent of your hair
That you twirled in your fingers
And the time on the clock when we realised it was so late
And this walk that we shared together.
The streets were wet and the gate was locked
So I jumped it and let you in
And you stood at the door with your hands on my waist
And you kissed me like you meant it
And I knew, that you meant it.
That you meant it, that you meant it
And I knew that you meant it, that you meant it.

Marth: Kansas ~ Dust in the Wind

Changed Lyrics

I close my eyes, only for a moment, and the moment's gone.
My whole country, pass before my eyes, a destruction.
Dust in the wind, all there's left is dust in the wind.
Same old song, just a drop of water in an endless sea.
All we do, crumbles to the ground, though we refuse to see

Dust in the wind, all there's left is dust in the wind

(Now) Don't hang on, nothing lasts forever but the earth and sky
It slips away, and all your money won't another minute buy.

Dust in the wind, all there's left is dust in the wind
Dust in the wind, Althea's dust in the wind.

Young Link: The Rembrandts ~ I'll Be There for You

Changed lyrics

So no one told me life was gonna be this way.
My life's a joke-I'm done-My lovelife's D.O.A.
It's like I'm always stuck in second gear
when it hasn't been my day, my week, my month, or even my year
But You'll be there for me (when the rain starts to pour).
You'll be there for me (like you've been there before).
You'll be there for me ('cause I'm there for you too).
I'm still lost then, and the world's dying.
I've lost my princess -So far, things are going down.
Zelda warned me there'd be days like these
she didn't tell me when the world has brought me down to my knees that
She'd be there for me (when the rain starts to pour).
She'd be there for me (like she's been there before).
She'd be there for me ('cause I'm there her too).
I'm still lost then, and the world's dying.
No one could ever know me - No one could ever assume me.
Seems she's the only one who knows what it's like to be me.
Someone to face the day with - Make it through all the mess with.
Someone I'll always laugh with - Even at my worst I'm best with you.
It's like I'm always stuck in second gear
when it hasn't been my day, my week, my month, or even my year
But You'll be there for me (when the rain starts to pour).
You'll be there for me (like you've been there before).
You'll be there for me ('cause I'm there for you too).
I'm still lost then, and the world's dying.
You'll be there for me

You'll be there for me

You'll be there for me ('cause I'm there for you too).


That's all about the extras.

Thank you for reading and I hope you've enjoyed!