Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Harry Potter characters. They are created by J.R. Rowling. Abigail and a few others belong to me. Amara and Solomon belong to NightOwlCC.

Summary: Abigail Yaxley never had it easy in life. She won't have it easy at school either. She falls in love with a certain Weasley, but her father disagrees and things go south for the couple pretty fast. In the end, she ends up alone and hurt and shuts herself down completely. Until... one man that loved her for a long time comes by and helps her out.

Author's Note: There might be some strong language from time to time. Abigail is not afraid to speak without curtains.

Chapter 1. It's a date, then.

Who could've ever imagined the beginning of the school year to be as full of events as it was for Hogwarts' students? They found out the school will host the Triwizard Tournament, the Yule Ball in the winter, the new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher... too many things to focus on. Well, the first two weren't something to worry about, but the teacher was. He was scaring the students with his bold and direct way of teaching, and his examples were disturbing for the majority of the kids.

"Have you heard what Moody did with the fourth year? He showed them the Unforgivables. Is he mad or something?" one of the older students asked during dinner.

"Well... he's named Mad-Eye-Moody, isn't it? He might be as crazy as his nickname, right?" another one answered, a bit disturbed.

On the other side of the table, another student sighs. "Don't you have better things to talk about? I'm so done with hearing that the poor babies who got scared during a DADA class. Yes, that man is mad to the core, but it's already getting old to talk about him. Focus on something else, would you?" she sharply told them and glared over the table at the two students.

"Something like what, Yaxley?" one asked, suspicious.

"Yule Ball? A partner?" she replied, smirking a bit.

"Oh, we already have partners, Yaxley. You're the only Slytherin who doesn't have, by the way."

"I'd instead go alone than with any of you buffoons. You're only interested in money and fame and that, boys, I can get for myself, thank you." the girl stood up and left the table, leaving the two males to stare at her on her way out.

"Picky this one, I tell you. She's either sending anyone who tried to flirt with her to the hospital wing, or she humiliates them in front of half of the school. What's wrong with her?" the Slytherin boys changed their focus on their housemate.

"Maybe she's already promised to someone outside the school? Yaxley's aren't so famous, and maybe she already had a secret engagement with a wealthy family." the other continued.

"Why don't you two shut your mouths, huh? Maybe she's so picky and difficult because you are superficial." another voice stopped them. This time it was none other than one of the Weasleys, Fred. "I've seen some of her encounters with Slytherins. Trying to win her over with expensive presents and sweet talk? Not gonna happen. Threatening her? She'll answer back. Learn how to flirt, boys." the Gryffindor concluded and turned to leave.

"No one asked for your opinion, Weasley. If you're this good, why don't you try and flirt with her? Or is she out of your league?"

"I could win her over without even trying." the ginger boy said, grinning.

"Wanna bet? If you win her over, we'll admit that you two are the best pranksters in school. If not, you'll stop pranking the Slytherins for the rest of the school year."

Fred balanced the options a little. They weren't pranking the Slytherins that much, but the price for winning Abigail sounded golden for his ears. He exchanged some looks with his twin and smiled.

"That's a deal, then. Get ready to announce the whole school we are the best pranksters here."

"In your dreams, Weasley. She'll send you straight to the medical wing in no time." the two Slytherins laughed and high-fived their victory.

"We'll see about that." Fred replied and shared a few more glances with his twin. They needed a plan—a good one. "See you later, then." he waved at the boys and left the Hall with his brother.

"You're insane. Abigail is the pickiest girl in school. She's not that easy to win over. Besides, she made it clear that she's not someone's price." George reminded his twin how difficult can the girl be. "Come on, be smart for once and don't start something you'll regret."

"But I like her for real. So it's not just a silly game for me."

"If you really do like her, you'll have to make sure she knows that. She's like a stone, cold and logical. Silly jokes and attempts to get her attention won't work on her, and you know it. How are you going to..." the boy got interrupted by his twin's hand over his mouth. With a head gesture, Fred showed George that Abigail and Draco were talking in the hallway. What were they talking about? Draco had a date already. "No, we're not going to listen to them..." he whispered in an attempt to stop his curious older brother from eavesdropping. But it was too late; Fred was already going closer as silently as possible.

"Ok, so you know her dress color, and you want me to help you pick up some jewelry for her, right?" the girl asked, a bit amused that Draco Malfoy came to her for help.

"Yes, exactly. You clearly know about this stuff more that I do and I can't ask someone else to help me. So, are you going to help me or not?" the boy was growing impatient already.

"Yes, yes, I will. Don't give me an attitude. What exactly are you planning on getting her?"

"Her dress is going to be pastel yellow. But I want to give her something green."

"Yellow... green... how about a lime green stone? It's not as vibrant as green, but it fits her yellow dress and your green aesthetic. But it shouldn't be too big so that anyone could notice it. It should be your little something special."

"Yes, yes, I know. I'm not some idiot to brag about my relationship with her. Everyone already knows about it, which is more than enough attention for me. So some lime green stone. A necklace, maybe?"

"That makes one of your kind, Malfoy. Yes, a necklace would be fine." the girl replied after a short silence between them. "If you need me, let me know." she continued smiling a little.

"Yes, I will. By the way, try not to kill someone until the ball, ok? I know they attack you, but don't kill them."

"That depends on them. I usually just scare them off. Only that idiot got hurt by his own damn wand. I just reflected his charm."

"Reflect their charms in a way they won't spend 3 days in the infirmary. Father asked me to tell you this. Your father has received too many complaints already, and he will take measures sooner or later. Don't give him an opportunity to act."

"For a second there you sounded like you actually care about me. Or is it just so that my father won't complain about it to yours?" the girl asked, crossing her arms in front of her.

"A little bit of both. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to meet with someone else."

"Good luck on your date, Malfoy." Abigail grinned. "Don't mess it up, ok?"

"I'm not an idiot, you know. And it's not a date, we're just hanging out. Just the two of us. Most certainly in her room with her pet."

The girl couldn't hold back a chuckle. "This is just adorable. You could've spent the evening literally anywhere, yet you choose to stay in her room with her pet. Unexpected for a Malfoy."

"Shut it. You don't understand. If you had a partner, you'd appreciate how precious those moments actually are."

Malfoy's words hurt his speech partner a little. She was indeed single, and she wasn't sure if she'd ever had a partner in this life. None of the boys who dared to ask her out were worthy of her. None of them thought of anything else but money. But she had that. She was able to buy herself anything she wanted.

Realizing he might've touched a sensitive topic, the blonde boy cleared his throat. "I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for in a partner soon enough." He didn't get a vocal answer, though. Just a tiny nod. "See you around, Yaxley. And remember, don't give him a reason to act." He repeated himself and left to meet his lover.

The blonde Slytherin sighed. "I know... I know." she mumbled to herself and turned to leave, only to hear whispers from behind the wall. "Get our before I hex you." she threatened and took her wand out.

"Easy there, Abigail, we're just passing by. Don't get all defensive on us." Geroge spoke and appeared from behind the wall, closely followed by Fred.

"You're on edge... more than usual, I mean. Are you alright?" Fred asked, smiling a bit. Indeed, the girl was annoyed and far more defensive than usual.

"Oh... you two. Planing another prank, I suppose?" the girl asked, smiling a bit. She always liked the boys. They were funny and beneficial when they wanted to. Besides, they were the only ones that weren't trying to hit on her.

"No, no prank this time. We still have detention from the last trick we pulled. Snape made us clean up the cabinets in Potions class and re-label all the ingredients and potions there." Fred cried out as he got closer to the girl.

"Well... you pranked Flitch one time too many, boys. Let the man breathe a little." Abigail chuckled and leaned on the wall. "Are you going to the ball? Everyone talks about it. This or Mad-Eye Moody." she continued, avoiding eye contact.

"You bet. Georgie here has a date already, but I don't. Well... going alone, I suppose." the older twin laughed a little.

"That makes two of us. I wouldn't go with any of those fools in my house, anyway. And everyone else seems to already have a partner. Except for you, Fred. I was expecting you to be the first one in our year with a date. Ladies love you."

"They do, yes, but I didn't feel like asking them this time." the boy smiled a bit. "I have an idea. Why don't we just go together? Like friends. No couple outfits, flowers, and other boring things like those. What do you say? You get rid of those idiots and we can actually have fun at the party."

The Slytherin thought for a minute. It wasn't a bad idea, actually. No one will hint at her during the ball, and she'll have fun with Fred. "I'm on, Weasley. We can go together."

Fred's face lightened, and he smiled widely. "Perfect. And thank you for this chance." the boy admitted and kissed her hand. "See you around, my date."

The girl couldn't help but chuckle. "See you around, Freddie." she watched the boy leave and smiled. "Maybe we could be more than just dates, but that depends on you, Weasley." she whispered to herself and walked towards the Slytherin dungeons. "You silly, little precious boy... Fred Weasley..." she concluded with a smile on her face.