Author's Notes:

Hello everyone,

» I love One Piece and have read manga and watched anime.

» I have written this FanFic, after reading many Fanfics and got inspired by them.

» I also researched to ensure the accuracy of the worldview.

» I have written this fanfic for fun.

» The story will be slow-paced for a few chapters, with a mild information dump, so be patient.

» About the timeline settings, I got info from here: The one-piece-timeline- The Library of Ohara, so Google it if needed.

» English is my second language. And this is my first story, so grammar will be improved slowly. The first few chapters have many grammatical errors. Please bear with me, and the chapters behind them will be OK.

P.s I will try to be as logical as possible with no logic behind it, just like my ID. Hahaha, why should there be logic in fiction?.



Prologue: What Is This?



Amidst a tempestuous night, somewhere on the open sea, a battered ship swayed perilously due to a whirlpool formed ominously nearby. Oblivious to the imminent danger, the ship's occupants busied themselves tending to their fresh injuries. Yet, their unwavering attention remained fixed on their captain, who paced the deck in a state of frantic agitation.

"Shit! Shit! Shit!" cursed the Captain, his gaze fixed intensely on a man standin' before him.

"Ye assured me that the vessel we sought to plunder would be a modest kingdom's ship," the captain questioned the man, who nodded fearfully.

"But, by Davy Jones' locker, that ship turned out to be a Government research vessel," the Captain pointed out, his frustration palpable.

"Because of yer erroneous information, I've lost many a fine sailor in this raid," the captain lamented as the man hung his head in shame.

"I'm sorry, Captain," the man apologized sincerely.

Before the Captain could unleash his anger further, he added, "But Captain, it was not my fault entirely. That ship was cleverly disguised," the man explained.

"Arrr!" The captain recalled the specifics of their ill-fated raid and pondered deeply. "Regardless, even though it appeared to be a kingdom's vessel in disguise, it seems they were on a clandestine mission or carried somethin' of great value," the Captain deduced.

"But we have looted everything from that ship," the man replied, his confusion evident. "Except for that... THING," he stammered, nervously pointin' at a mysterious box amidst the crew.

"Yeah! Even though that ship looked pretty advanced, it only had some papers and weird bottles. It has nothing precious," another man chimed in.

"Even the vault that we blasted open... the one in which a person hid in," one man snickered. "Cough It also had nothing valuable... except..." the man's gaze turned towards the enigmatic box.

"I care little for that. We have just attacked a government ship, and they will undoubtedly commence huntin' us," the captain shouted, his gaze icy as he surveyed the crew.

"Do ye believe we will have time to sell these things?" the Captain fumed at his bewildered crew.

"Maybe they won't discover the truth," a man who seemed to be the second-in-command spoke up, earning' respect from his peers.

"Hmm! How do ye figure?" inquired an eager crew member.

"Simply put, we eliminated every livin' soul aboard that ship," he replied, his tone laced with cruelty. "Hence, no one remains to alert the government," he reasoned.

"And even if someone were to miraculously survive, we have rendered the ship inoperable, sabotagin' its sails, rudder, and plunderin' all the Transponder Snails," the Captain added, visibly more composed.

The crew contemplated this information in silence, their expressions ranging from relief to uncertainty. "Captain! A whirlpool is forming nearby," an individual stationed in the crow's nest reported, shattering the silence.

"Alright, let's haul anchor and skedaddle from this spot. We'll settle scores later," the captain suggested, pointing at the informant.

"Alright, you lot, hoist them sails, get that anchor up, and be ready to bolt!" the captain ordered, and the crew scattered to do their thing.

"Hey, Captain! What do we do with this?" one of the crew members asked, pointing at that mysterious box.

"Toss it overboard," the Captain said.

So, one of the fellas went over to the box, looking a bit jumpy, and secured the lid real good. The box seemed sturdier than an ironclad, maybe made from that legendary Adam wood.

He hauled the box over to the rail and started lowering' it. "Why're ya takin' your sweet time? Just chuck it overboard," another impatient crew member griped.

"You know what's inside, don't ya?" the guy retorted as he kept lowering' the box.

"Idiot, it's...whatever it is, WAS dead," the guy gulped, sneaking' a nervous glance at the box. "So, don't drag your feet; get it done before the Captain loses it with ya," he warned, all the while fiddling with the sail's rope.

"Why the heck would the government have somethin' like this?" the guy muttered as he finally let the box go, letting it splash into the sea.

"Who the heck knows?" he got a reply before they moved on from that topic.

The ship sailed away, leaving the box to bob on the waves all by its lonesome. Before you knew it, that box got caught in the swirling currents of the whirlpool that was doing its thing, pulling the box right into its middle. As the sky got darker, the box dropped right into the heart of that turbulent whirlpool.

Yet, upon reaching the previously tumultuous vortex, it descended onto a serene, mirror-like surface of the sea. The box floated undisturbed, devoid of any hint of the former turmoil. Unexpectedly, the water beneath surged, driven by mounting pressure, lifting the box atop a burgeoning mound.

With each passing moment, the pressure continued to mount, causing the water mound to expand in size, the box remaining perched atop it. Just as the pressure reached its zenith, "*cough* *cough* *gasp* *wheeze*... woo... wah!... waa!... wah!" a baby's cry emanated from within the box.

As if in response to an unseen signal, the accumulated pressure was released, generating a powerful upsurge that carried the box away, still atop its peculiar crest.




White Sea

"Think we'll score anything good from this crazy stream this time?" asked a winged fella checking' out the wide White Sea.

"It'd be a real treat if we snagged a Sea King in this net. We could haul in some tough hide and tasty grub," another person said, looking' all dreamy, driving' their Dial boat.

"Yeah, it's been like, forever, but this war just won't quit," another person grumbled, looking' plain fed up.

"Yo, you guys hear that? Sounds like cryin', don't it?" one of them said, and the other person slowed down the ride to listen up.

Sure enough, they heard it—a crying sound, way off in the distance. "Aw, crap! It's like a baby cryin' or somethin'. We better find it before them sharks do," one of 'em said, sounding' all jittery and looking around.

And in the distance, they spotted Sky sharks circling' something'. "Over there..." one of 'em pointed and hit the gas on their Jet ski, racing' toward it, with the other person hot on their tail.

"Get lost, you dang sharks!" they yelled, and what did they find? A battered-up box half sunk in the water, takin' on water like a leaky bucket.

*Cough*... *wheeze*... *choke*—sounds of someone struggling came from the box. Quick as a flash, they grabbed the box just as a shark tried to take a bite, and their partner skewered it like a shish kebab.

They plunked the box onto their ride, letting the water drain out through all the holes. "Think this thing's alive? Looks half-drowned with all this water in it," one of 'em said, eyeing' the box skeptically, and the other person agreed.

The guy still popped open the box to find...what the heck kind of creature was this? It had shark teeth, a black tail, claws on its hands and feet, and a black wing. But apart from that, it looked like a regular human.

"You reckon it's some kinda demon?" one of 'em whispered, looking' all spooked as the baby in the box let out a little scoff.

"Who knows, man? Who knows? We're just gonna drop this little mystery off at the doctor's place. God Gan Fall can figure it out," the other person said, and they rode off in silence, takin' their unexpected passenger along for the ride.


Just info:- As I mentioned in the story's description, the MC has short-term memory loss, so to avoid confusion, I used terms to differentiate like this:

Actions of MC before memory loss - 'Past me', 'I', 'Past him' etc, using single quotes.

Actions of current MC - I, me, my - as usual with no addition.

Well, you will understand them easily as you read the story.

Another thing is:-

The speech will be in - "..."

Thinking inwards will be in - '...'

Other actions will be in - [...]

Enjoy the story.