Title: Come Come Paradise

Summary: What would you do if you have to live under one roof in paradise only to find yourselves trapped with your annoying rivals and enemies? Not to mention, that your sensei set you up for it?


Haruno Sakura: A pink-haired young woman who the past years have grown up and wondered if her infatuation with Sasuke is worth fighting for.

Uchiha Sasuke: The last of the Uchiha clan which was destroyed by his brother Itachi. Determined and strong is Sasuke, and it seems like he doesn't give a damn about the others...but will he care when they all live together?

Rock Lee: Although he is known for having a crush on Sakura, he has other things going on....discovering himself deep inside and trying to be accepted by the others.

Uzumaki Naruto: He is the most hyperactive and annoying character that the others have said in the series. However, he has grown and matured...only to still like Sakura, and ramen.

Hyuga Hinata: Hinata had been very quiet and nice...and secretly had a liking in the hyperactive guy who everyone thinks is annoying. When they all move together...will she confront him of her feelings?? Or will she keep quiet while others walk over her??

Hyuga Neji: was the #1 rookie of his Ninja Academy graduating class. He was also considered to be the strongest and most talented of all the Genin. A member of the Hyuga Clan, branch house, Neji can never be leader of his clan. However, when he starts to live with others with different perspectives and lifestyles, will he stop his stubbornness and start to listen to others?

Gaara of the Desert: He had been feared by others all through his life...Gaara is quite mysterious and an introvert, while the others are loud and expressive. Will this experience suddenly make him realize that he could love others and not just himself??

Yamanaka Ino: Still she is Sakura's rival ever since they both discovered that Sakura and she both had an infatuation with the cute Sasuke. When she discovers that they will all be under one roof...especially with Sasuke, what tricks does she have up her sleeves?? Will she able to finally claim her man? Or will her rival snag him??

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