Author's Note: This is my third A.I. fan fiction… Well… I didn't think I'd write one fic like this, but…. Here we go!

This is a pre-A.I. story; this means that it happens before the movie… it's about Dr. Hobby and how he came with the idea to create David. It's very short, (just 2 chapters), but I hope you'll like it.

A little warning here…this story is NOT for people younger than 13… don't worry, there's no sex here! It's just that some ideas might not be easy to understand, you know? About feedback… PLEASE, PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE?? (::Makes puppy eyes::)

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"A Ghost From The Past"

By Danielle Swinton

*Chapter 1: The Loss*

It was a peaceful afternoon in Haddonfield, and a man was driving a car, with his son in the backseat.

"Come on, Dad!" the blond boy shouted to his father "I'm hungry! Hurry up!"

"David, we have to pick up your mommy first" his dad said "Then we'll go to McDonald's, okay?"

"Okay" the boy said, sitting again in the backseat.

Dr. Allen Hobby looked through the rear mirror at his 11-year-old son, who was playing with his Gameboy, smiled at him and kept driving.


They stopped at a gray building, and a blond-haired woman reached them.

"Sheila" Dr. Hobby said.

"Hi, Allen" she said, kissing him.

"Mommy!" David said, hugging her mom.

"Oh, David! How was your day?" she said.

"It was great, mommy" the boy said "We won the soccer game against the 7th grade boys, and my team carried me in their arms, the crowd was cheering me"

"That's awesome!"

"And daddy bought me this" David said, showing her a new soccer ball his dad had bought him.

"Really good, sonny. You're gonna be a great player" his mom said.

"The best in Haddonfield…no, in all the United States!" his dad said proudly, and they entered to the car.


They were in the car, Dr. Hobby was still driving. Suddenly, a fog covered everything, and he couldn't see anything in front of him.

"Oh, God" he said.

"What's wrong, honey?" his wife asked.

"This goddamn fog won't let me see" he answered.

"I think we should better stop here" his wife suggested.

"Yes, but I have a very important meeting today, I can't miss it"

"And I'm hungry!" David complained.

"Allen, you can call from my cell phone to say you're going to be late" Sheila suggested, then turned to David "And you can wait a bit more, here we can find something to eat instead of a Big Mac"

"Okay, but I'll try to find something around here" he said, and he kept driving.

They drove a bit, and the fog cleared slightly.

"Good, it's getting clear now" Dr. Hobby said.

"Allen…WATCH OUT!!!" Sheila screamed.

"What?!" he asked, surprised.


A truck coming by hit them violently, pushing them out of the road. The car spinned round and round down the hill, and it finally stopped in a big rock.


Dr. Hobby opened his eyes, and saw blood on the steering wheel, his head had hit against it. Then he unlocked his safety belt and got out of the car. He approached the co-pilot door, where his wife was lying unconscious.

"Sheila? Sheila, wake up!" he said, shaking her. Her head was bleeding, she had crashed against the windshield because she forgot to put on her safety belt. "Oh, no…" he mumbled, then he went to the back seat, where his son was. "David? David?" he said, shaking him, with no answer from the kid, whose head was bleeding more than his mom's.

He called an ambulance, which came an hour later, but…

"I'm sorry, sir, the hurts are very serious" the doctor told him "We're trying to keep them conscious, but I can't assure anything"

"Just save them, please" he begged.

The doctor went back to the surgery room.


"I'm sorry, sir" the doctor said 3 hours later. Dr. Hobby looked at him.

"What happened…?" he asked.

"We couldn't save them…we did all we could"

"Oh, no…" Dr. Hobby said, covering his face with his hands.


Author's Note: Dr. Hobby lost his family… Aw, it was sad!! But something good will come from it… wanna know what it may be? Read Chapter 2! Ah… and don't forget to leave a review!