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*Chapter 2: Love will bring him back*

Dr. Hobby was looking at a picture of his beloved son… it didn't seem like 2 years had passed. And he had in his desk a photo of the boy, with the phrase "In the loving memory of David". Beside it, there was another picture of the boy with his dad, the day David won his soccer game. A tear came from Dr. Hobby's eyes.


"Dr. Hobby, the new Mecha-child project is ready" one of his assistants said, after opening the door. Dr. Hobby stood up.

"Sure, I'll go in a minute" he said and then looked at his son's portrait "Love will bring him back" he added, and left the room.


Dr. Hobby entered to an isolated room.

"Here he is" the assistant said.

The robot was lying in a large desk, his eyes open, never blinking. Dr. Hobby approached to him, and looked at him. He had blond hair and blue eyes, and a childish expression on his face.

"You are my fa-fa-tha-tha-ther?" the robot asked, looking at the proffesor, without blinking "I recognize you somehow."

Dr. Hobby surprised a lot when the boy asked that, and then he said "I am your designer...your creator. I have given you many memories to call upon. We will find out soon who will be your father"

"You're my creator?" the boy asked again "Who is your creator?"

"That is a much larger question that you can imagine, David"

"David? That is my name?"

"Yes, David. Your surname will be assigned shortly when your family is located" Dr. Hobby said.

David looked around the room, with his same innocent expression. Then he looked at Dr. Hobby.

"Will I have to leave this place?" he asked.

"Yes, David... but you will discover an exciting world...a world of love waiting for you" Dr. Hobby said.

"Love? What is love?" David asked.

"It is an emotion. Something a father feels for his son. Something I, in fact, feel for you" Dr. Hobby put a hand gently on David's cheek.

"Dr. Hobby" the assistant said "We've got to find a family for him"

"Sure" he said "Let's go... David, you'll stay here or a minute, I'll come back shortly" he added, and he left the room with his assistant.

David looked at the room again, and cocked his head slighly, then he restored it to an upright position. And he mumbled:

"I don't know if I feel anything...yet. Should I?"


Dr. Hobby and his assistant went into his office. He looked at his computer.

"Umm…let's see…" the assistant said, browsing through the employees' files "Employment record. Quality of life style. Query. Internal data. Loyalty to the firm. this individual case, a family tragedy that may qualify him above the rest"

"Fine. I'll meet him" Dr. Hobby said, looking at the employee's photo, which said 'Henry Swinton'


"I hope you'll understand the responsibility our company is giving you, Mr. Swinton" Dr. Hobby said.

"I do" Henry said.

"Take care of it, as you would with… a son"

"Sure" Henry said, not very convinced, but he took the Mecha-child by the hand. The Robo-boy looked at Dr. Hobby, like demanding an explanation. But robots couldn't demand.

"David, this man is going to take you to his house" Dr. Hobby explained "You're going to be part of his family, okay?"

The boy just gave him a childish, innocent smile.

"Well…David" Henry said "It's time to go"

"Take care, David" Dr. Hobby said.

Henry took the boy out. But David looked back for a second, staring at Dr. Hobby with a smile. Dr. Hobby felt a tear roll down from his eyes. His son, somehow, had come back. But no… this was his copy… a ghost from the past.

"David…I brought you back" he thought,

The End.

"I thought I was one of a kind"

"My son was one of a kind…but you're the first of a kind"

-- David and Professor Allen Hobby. Artificial Intelligence.


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