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The girl slowly opened her eyes as she took in the soft morning light, blues and whites lighting the ground and tent walls.

The girl sat up while gently rubbing her face, taking in the morning air as she adjusted to the soft brightness.

However what she didn't expect upon turning around was to see Jaden looking at her curiously from outside.

"!", The girl jumped slightly from the sudden image. What was he doing?

He didn't stop staring at her. If anything, he seemed to be studying her again, just like yesterday. However his stare in particular reeked of confusion.

"...What?", The girl eventually asked, breaking the ice between the two.

The red-jacket duelist, despite being acknowledged, still seemed shocked. "Are... are you Blue Maiden?", he asked carefully.

"Huh?", her face shifted into confusion. Not the question she was expecting. "Yeah... why?", the girl asked warily.

He didn't seem convinced. He gave mixed hand gestures towards her, trying to explain to the girl. "You, uh, look different", was all Jaden could muster.

The girl had absolutely no idea what he was trying to say. She reached up to scratch her head, definitely not a way to start a morning. "Jaden I have no idea what you're talking abou..."

She then noticed something wrong upon reaching her hair. It was shorter.


She turned her head slightly to see short, caramel-brown hair just above her neck, before looking down to notice that her attire consisted of familiar, casual clothing. A definite contrast from yesterday's long-blue hair and marine-aesthetic attire.


The girl pieced the new bits of information quickly, however. It didn't take too long for her to realize:

That she was Aoi Zaizen again.


The girl remained silent for a few seconds, still taking in what was happening. Her face was obscured from view, her expression indescribable.

She doesn't look too happy, Jaden needed to say something. He awkwardly scratched his head while beginning to explain, "Look, I want to clarify that I didn't do this-"

"AHHHHHHHH!", The girl screamed, Jaden jumping from her sudden action.

"Whoa, are you okay!?", The red-jacket asked.

The girl scooted away from the young man, however, still taking in the shock of her sudden change.

"Huh, wha-!?", the girl stuttered in confusion, looking at her hand to try and frantically come up with a logical explanation. Nothing came to surface. "Why am I- What??"

"You're alright, you're alright; You might look different, but you're not in danger!", Jaden insisted, getting closer to the girl to try and calm her down. "You're fine, just please calm down!"

The girl looked at him, taking several breaths. After a while she began slowing herself, her jagged breathing eventually coming to a stop.

"...Better?", asked the young man.

The girl nodded.

"Alright", the man stated. At least she wasn't panicking anymore. "Is there, is there an explanation that you might have for this?", he questioned. "Again- I didn't do this; I just kept watch for us last night. I have no clue on what could have caused this."

"No, I know that", the girl spoke up, Jaden closing his mouth. The girl seemed just as lost as he was, but on the contrary: "I think I have an idea on why I look like this, it's just...", she trailed off before sighing. "I don't know how I changed, but this is how I normally look", the brown-haired girl explained.

"What?", asked Jaden.

She didn't like what she was about to say. It was like revealing her weaknesses. "What you saw of me yesterday... That was just an avatar I used. It's an avatar I use for when I'm inside the VRAINS network", she explained in a doleful tone. "What you saw of me yesterday... That was an alternate persona called 'Blue Maiden', a name I use for when I'm in the avatar. I'm not... I'm like this, this is how I look in the real world."

She studied his expression. He seemed confused, but not completely lost. "So... you're telling me you're not Blue Maiden?", he questioned.

"Not exactly", the girl admitted. "She is me, but only when I'm in the network. Somehow I kept the avatar yesterday when I ended up stranded in the desert, but now seems to be a different case."

"I see...", Jaden thought with a hand in his chin.

"Again, I don't know how this happened. I wasn't even supposed to be Blue Maiden yesterday", Aoi explained with bewilderment. She then looked down. "I'm just... confused on a lot of things, I'm sorry."

"Hey, it's alright", Jaden spoke up, the girl turning to look up at him. "What's important is that you're safe. We can try figuring out the details later, but right now we have more important matters."

"Really?", asked the girl, her expression now one of genuine curiosity. "Like what?"





Jaden stood up while scratching his head, "I'm hungry. My stomach's been rumbling like crazy, has been ever since I woke up today. I need something to eat!"

The girl sighed. What a way to worry someone over food.

Jaden offered his hand, to which the girl accepted. Pharaoh woke up at around the same time, both Aoi and the furry animal stretching a few times while Jaden approached the tent.

"Alright, now we just need to pack up the tent before leaving", the man explained as he knelt down to begin disassembling the compartment. "It's the only tent I have on me. You wanna help?"

"Umm sure, I wouldn't mind", the girl answered, kneeling down on the other side of the tent to begin doing the same. Unlike building the tent, taking it apart was much easier.

"Y'know, you mentioned earlier how Blue Maiden was some sort of persona you have on the brain network", Jaden spoke up.

"VRAINS", Aoi corrected him. "And yeah, she's kinda like an alternate identity I use."

"So like a superhero."

The girl stopped to look at him.

"Sorry", Jaden scratched his check.

The girl resumed disassembling the tent, the young man immediately doing the same.

"...superheroine", the girl spoke up.

Jaden couldn't hide his smirk. "Yeah."

A few minutes later and the two individuals finished with the tent's disassembly. Both Aoi and the young man were now walking across the desert, following one of the paved roads to Marana. They were currently in the middle of a conversation.

"So what you're telling me is that your city uses some type of virtual reality device that lets people connect their minds to a network?", Jaden gaped.

"Yep", Aoi nodded. She found it weird how Jaden didn't know about VRAINS; It was supposed to be a large, popular network that connected others from even outside Japan. "Once you're inside, you have the option to create a digital avatar for yourself, that way you can go as the avatar when inside the network."

"Ohhhh, so your Blue Maiden would count as an avatar you use", Jaden awed with a hand to his chin. "That's amazing; That sounds like something right outta' KaibaCorp!"

"You also have the option to do other things, like visit different places, duel against other people, or just surf the web", Aoi added with crossed arms. Just talking about it made her feel homesick, but it was either this or not talking at all.

She'd rather have a conversation to pass the time.

"That sounds really cool!", Jaden stated, bringing the girl back to reality. He seemed to be as happy as a child on his birthday. "That means you literally get the chance to duel anyone, anytime and anywhere!", he added excitedly. "You can't ask for anything better than that!"

"Dueling?", asked Aoi. She then remembered something about Jaden, and one of their conversations yesterday. She figured he already knew, but might as well admit it entirely. "You asked me if I was a duelist yesterday", the girl began, Jaden stoping to look at her. "I uh, am, or was; I rather not duel anymore due to personal reasons", the girl explained shyly.

"I get it", Jaden responded.

"But, are you a duelist?", asked the girl, looking up to face the young man. "Actually, I kinda already know the answer, seeing as to how you summoned a monster yesterday to drive out that weird, dark fog."

"You mean Neos?", Jaden asked, both individuals walking once more. He then beamed a smile, "Yeah, he's my ace monster; A hero I created back when I was a kid!"

But, he did have a question. "Although, you aren't freaking out about how I managed to summon Neos into real life yesterday", he recalled. "How is that?"

The girl turned to him in confusion. "Doesn't modern dueling technology allow that nowadays?", she asked.

The young man scratched his neck. "Nope, Solid Vision only consists of holograms", he explained.

To that the girl was really thrown in for a loop. She stopped in her tracks and turned to the man. "Wait a moment, what do you mean Solid Vision only runs holograms?", she asked with raised eyebrows.

"Yeah, KaibaCorp developed it several years ago, turning the Duel Monsters game into actual characters and monsters", Jaden explained. He soon noticed how Aoi was confused.

The girl took a few steps back, almost as in disbelief, before looking at her surroundings: pure, arid desert.

She then turned back to him, "You're being serious?"


Jaden didn't have a clue what was going on, however he was even more confused by what the girl asked afterwards:

"Jaden, what year is this?"


"Just tell me what year it is!", the girl approached him.

"Okay okay, I'll tell ya'!", Jaden took a few steps back. "It's the year 2005-!"


Jaden jumped from the sudden scream. To say that Aoi was surprised was a definite understatement.

"You're not joking, right??", The girl asked exasperatedly.

"No, not at all!", the young man defended himself. What was going on?? "Why, what's wrong!", he asked the girl.

"Jaden, I'm from the year 2206!", the girl declared. "I'm from the future, the distant future!"

"Whoa, what!?"

"That explains a lot of things, too! Why there's no VRAINS, why building the tent was hard, why Solid Vision is underdeveloped-", the girl began listing as she walked from left to right. She then stopped in place, her expression dropping in realization, "And how am I even supposed to get back home if I'm in another time period!", she finished.

"Okay okay, calm down!", Jaden suddenly approached the girl, trying his best to calm her down. "Look, getting you back home might be more complicated than we thought, but it can still be done, trust me-!"

"But how!? This era doesn't even have Real Solid Vision; How am I supposed to believe that I can travel across time to get back home!?", The girl raised her voice. She couldn't even believe the words she was saying, why was she even here???

"Look, I can prove we can get there, promise! Duel Academy can do something about this, just please trust me on this one!", Jaden responded, however the girl didn't seem to have any of it.

"No Jaden, I don't wanna go anywhere right now! I'm stuck here; I don't even know how I got here in the first place, and nobody I know or care about is here with me!", she broke down, before gripping her head. "I just really, really miss everyone back home, and I have no way to get them back-!"

"I've traveled across time!"



The girl stopped her frustrations, turning around to face Jaden. Her face showed pure disbelief. "What?"

"Look, I've traveled to the past before, and returned back to my era", Jaden continued, recalling his vacation in Venice a year ago. "I can't guarantee I can return you the same way, but Duel Academy has technology that can help us travel across dimensions. They can come up with something similar that can fix this!"

The girl backed down as she took a few steps back. None of what she was hearing sounded real.

Jaden decided to take advantage of the girl's calmer behavior. "I know today and yesterday has been nothing but pure craziness", he admitted. "But it's as I said yesterday; I have a plan to get you back home. Even if we're from different time periods, I'm still not going to back down from what I promised to do."

The girl looked at him again.

"So please, keep trusting me on this one", he finished. "And I know I don't look all that trustworthy, but trust me; I still have a plan."

It didn't take long for the girl to calm down once again. However she still had doubts, her mind was still a mess. "Look, I'll follow you, just, please give me a few moments to myself", she requested, turning away from Jaden.


Aoi then sat down in a criss-cross to try and process everything. She was lost, in a different place, in a different time, with no one to help her.

Except Jaden, who still had a plan despite everything.


"...", Jaden did nothing but stand with his hands in his pockets, staring at the girl and waiting until she was ready.

I can only assume how scared she is for her life, Yubel noted from behind Jaden.

Me too, Jaden agreed as he turned around, looking at the paved road ahead of him. I'm not blaming her for needing a break.

"...", Aoi's eyes narrowed in brief resolution. She currently had no other path to take.

The girl soon stood up, something that both Jaden and Yubel immediately noticed. Thankfully she is still ready to move forward, the demon added with crossed arms. She is much more stronger than she realizes.

Jaden turned around to face the girl, who in turn looked at him back.

She still had an uncertain face, however one not fully devoid of hope:

"Alright, I'm ready", she declared.

Jaden simply nodded with a smirk.

Akira stood waiting in a white, bright hexagon-tiled space, the man checking his watch to see it showed 6:00 AM.


A few seconds later and a figure suddenly appeared in front of the CEO, a digital avatar consisting of a white suit and visor.

The CEO looked up at the figure.

"Revolver", he stated.

From behind the figure appeared several other people, most of them dressed in a similar attire. "Akira Zaizen", the avatar stated, his eyes studying the tiled place. "And by the looks of things this wasn't a trap. What did you want to talk about?"

"I needed a favor from you", the older Zaizen explained. "Aoi has gone missing as of yesterday while inside VRAINS, and my security team hasn't found her yet."

"Missing?", repeated Revolver. He then added, "So you want us to locate her."

"If it fits within your schedule."

"As advanced the VRAINS digital network is, there aren't many places were Aoi could have gone missing", the white-dressed avatar began explaining. "Most illegal cyber-attacking groups have already been terminated, and the Cyberse World doesn't exist anymore."

"I know that", the CEO nodded. "However we still don't have any leads as to where she can be, and no initial clues to begin a proper search. Any additional help I can get in finding her is essential."

The avatar merely nodded briefly, "I see. Then any information you have is essential. What do you have so far?"

"Not much. I only have the security feeds from yesterday showing her disappearance."

"Then we'll begin there", Revolver stated. "Hopefully we can find a logical path to take, and solve this problem as soon as possible."

"Of course", The older Zaizen nodded in agreement.

Revolver kept looking at the CEO in front of him. "I really doubt she could have gone far", he finished.

"That's Marana?"

"Yep. Quite the place, isn't it?"

A few minutes into following the paved road and both individuals began seeing the highlights of a large city. Aoi took this opportunity to stop for a break, the girl sitting down on a dried tree stump.

"Well, first things first we have to find a charging spot for my phone. Battery died a few days ago", Jaden explained while pulling out his phone. "Maybe where we're eating they might have charging ports."

"Maybe? What you mean maybe?", asked the girl.

The young man turned to her. "Oh, I know a place there where we can eat, I just didn't check if they had charging ports there", he stated. "Just tell me when you're ready to keep walking."

"I'm ready."

"Alright then", Jaden turned to the road and began walking, the girl following close behind. "Let's get going."

Upon entering Marana, both duelists could immediately breathe in an entirely different atmosphere. Spas, golf courses, horse stables; Everything permeated of tourist attractions, despite the arid temperatures. The girl agreed that this was nothing like Den City.

"Have you visited this place before, Jaden?", the girl asked the young man in front of her.

"I did; I just left a few days ago, in fact. I came here for canned food and other travel supplies", the young man answered. "I don't really have a path I travel along with; I just go wherever I feel is right."

"You do?", asked the girl, genuinely curious. She couldn't imagine that type of lifestyle. "And how long have you been doing it?"

"Two years", answered Jaden, still remembering the first day of his journey. "After I left Duel Academy, I decided to use my powers to help other people, all from around the world. It's all I've been doing ever since then."

He then turned to face the girl, "And well, that's what I'm doing with you right now."

"I see...", the girl trailed off in thought. She then paused. "Wait a moment, powers?"

Jaden stopped in his tracks.

"...Yeah, it's a little hard to explain, but I'm not exactly a normal person", the man turned around again, his face showing awkwardness. "But I guess you already knew that."

"Erm...", the girl was confused.

"Or lemme see something", Jaden stated to himself, before seemingly pointing at the air. "Can you see him?"

"Huh?", Aoi asked. She then looked to where Jaden was pointing. "See what?"

"Don't worry about it", Jaden turned around again. Winged Kuriboh beside him shouted Kuri kuri~!, before disappearing. "In any case, we're actually very close to our destination", he stated. "Let's keep moving."

The girl had no idea what he was talking about, however her thoughts came to a stop upon both duelists reaching a certain restaurant:

Hungry Burger.

"Is this it?", asked Aoi, looking at the spinning mechanical burger at the restaurant's rooftop.

"Yep. And good thing, too; I was starving for something big!", Jaden drooled in anticipation. He then opened the door for the girl, "You first."

"Thank you."

"The place doesn't look bad", the girl looked inside the establishment, Jaden already asking for a table. The girl then touched her stomach, realizing that she was also hungry.

Maybe I was too worried to realize that back then.

"For two, right?", asked one of the staff, to which Jaden nodded as an answer. "Alright then, choose a table and someone will attend you shortly", the man stated, Jaden nodding once again before telling Aoi to follow him. A few seconds later and both were sitting across from each other on a table.


Aoi took the moment to study Jaden's expression, the young man looming for a charging port. He soon found one and began charging his phone. Calm, mundane; It was hard to think about how he wasn't a 'normal person' at first glance.

However going by what he's said and done, she was starting to learn otherwise.

Jaden Yuki, the girl mused in interest, noticing Jaden seemingly wave off nothing in the air. Just who really are you?

No Winged Kuriboh; You still can't eat human food, Jaden smiled at the spectral fluff-ball floating beside him, who only pouted in response.

Kuri kuri~!

A minutes afterwards and a waitress eventually appeared, small notepad already in hand.

"Have you two decided on an order?", the young woman asked both individuals.

Jaden gave a quick check of the menu. "A Hungry Burger please. All toppings."

"Alright", the waitress wrote down the first order. "And what about you?", she turned to Aoi.

"Huh?", The girl looked up. She then realized what was going on, before giving a quick read of the menu herself. "I'm fine with some fries, please."

Jaden looked at her.

"...Can I have two burgers instead?", asked Jaden, the waitress turning to look at him. "Have the second one be with normal toppings, please."

"Alright", the young woman stated, continuing to write on the notepad. "Any drinks?"

"A coke."

"Water, please."

The waitress soon finished writing everything down. "Your orders will arrive shortly", she said before leaving.

A few seconds after the waitress left and Jaden decided to speak up. "I personally prefer eggwiches over hamburgers, but burgers are really good, too", he stated. "Plus I'm not the type to be a picky eater; I'm fine with anything as long as it's delicious."

Aoi only nodded mindlessly. What the hell are eggwiches?

Several minutes later and the waitress returned with two trays, setting the dishes in front of both Jaden and the young girl.


"Thank you."

"Enjoy your food", was all the waitress responded with before leaving, both individuals now left with their own food. Aoi set a napkin on her lap, while Jaden began eating his food at once. He wasn't a messy eater, but something about it still ticked the girl.

I guess he just really likes food, huh?

Not even five minutes into eating and Jaden was already finished with his burger. Aoi was halfway through her fries before realizing something:

This isn't gonna fill me, she concluded frustratingly. She should have ordered something bigger.

However her thoughts came to a stop as soon as she saw another plate being set in front of her. It was the second burger that Jaden ordered.

She looked up to face him.

"I figured you were gonna be hungry even after finishing the fries", Jaden stated with a thumbs up.

The girl was speechless for a few seconds, before showing a small smile, "Thanks."

A few minutes after eating and both Jaden and the young girl were outside, the sun just barely showing the afternoon sky.

"Good thing I managed to charge the phone while inside", Jaden got out his phone, turning on the screen to see the percentage. "26% is good enough for now."

Aoi then saw how Jaden dialed in a specific number, before holding the phone up to his ear.



"...Jaden?", asked a voice on the other side of the phone. "Jaden is that you?"

"Bastion!", Jaden smiled before beginning to walk. "Didn't expect me to actually keep the phone number you gave me, did you?"

"I didn't, actually."

"What I'm more surprised about is that you haven't changed phones or something", Jaden reasoned.

"Yeah, I barely have the need to given how little I use it", Bastion stated. "But anyway, what was the reason you called me?"

"Oh yeah, I have someone here who's from the future, the year 2206!", Jaden explained excitedly, Aoi herself thrown off by how openly he said that. "See I'll even introduce you to her, she's Aoi Zaizen! Say hi Aoi!"

The girl was most definitely surprised by Jaden's approach. "U-Umm, hi?", she barely stuttered out.

The voice on the other side seemed just as confused, and rightfully so. "Erm, Jaden; Can you confirm that you're not joking?", he asked.

"No, I'm being serious with this one", Jaden responded. "Plus we've already seen a lot of crazy things before, so what's so surprising about a time traveler?

"A lot of things, in fact", the voice answered. "In the event that you're not joking, we need to return her to her era as soon as possible, lest she causes some sort of time paradox."

"Paradox?", asked Jaden. "Oh, time paradox. Oh that; Yeah I'll make sure that doesn't happen. Do you guys have a helicopter that can pick us up?"

"Uhh, we would, but the Chancellor recently deployed all of them for an experiment we're conducting", the voice explained. "Most have gone to other countries; Where are you right now?"

"Marana, Arizona."

"Wait, Arizona?", asked the voice. "Let me look at something."

The voice then faded away as both Jaden and Aoi waited in confusion.

"Yes, that seems to be it...", Jaden could hear the voice talking to someone else, before hearing Bastion talk directly to him again. "Jaden, one of the helicopters has been dispatched in Marana; You should be able to recognize him the moment you see him", the voice explained. "Just tell him that I've given you permission to use the helicopter to return to Duel Academy, alright?"

"Wait, Bastion, you haven't even told me where to find-"

"Alright Jaden, I gotta hang up. Turns out Eisenstein found an interesting revelation in our research", Bastion finished excitedly. "Talk to you later!"




Several seconds later and Jaden put the phone back in his pocket, his face unreadable as Aoi slowly approached him.

"Soooooo...", the girl trailed off. "Do you still have a plan?"

She turned to see a conflicted face, however one still with resolve. "Well, turns out we're gonna have to search for it first, but I still have a way back."

Aoi nodded as she stood beside him.

"We might have to split up, though", Jaden stated, studying the city's large buildings and complexions. "You don't mind being alone for a few hours?"

"Erm...", the girl trailed off.

"No you're right, that wouldn't be smart", Jaden spoke up with a hand to his chin. "Plus we don't have a way to talk to each other while being apart. Let's just search for it together, instead; We're supposed to be searching for a helicopter so holler if you find one."

The girl nodded in agreement before following Jaden, both duelists now beginning the search for their supposed helicopter.

A certain white yacht was tied to a pier, just outside of Den City's ports. The afternoon sky shone upon the innocuous vehicle, hiding what was happening inside:

The same footage of Blue Maiden falling through a portal replayed on a computer screen several times, a certain white-haired young man studying the video to search for any potential clues.


"Still nothing, Revolver?"

The young man looked to his left to see another young man with white hair approach him, this one having a cup of tea in his hand.

"Still nothing", Revolver stated, turning back to his computer. Currently he was in casual clothing, as he wasn't in the VRAINS network anymore.

And as such was Ryoken Kogami.

"There is something that has caught my attention, however", he stated, the other man looking at him. "This isn't a case of account deletion or a standard log-out procedure. Those are identifiable by the avatar disintegrating into blue data packets."

His eyes narrowed as he turned to the computer screen, "But that's not the case here."

He then pointed out the blue portal, "The portal means that something forced her out of the network, possibly someone who has her held hostage in exchange for SOL's assets."

"Hmm, but Zaizen said he hasn't received any messages demanding a ransom yet", the other man noted. "If a standard kidnap was the case, an anonymous message would have appeared in his email by now."

"That too", Kogami agreed. "Then maybe it's a personal grudge, an act of revenge against Zaizen? Did he have any personal enemies or rivals?"

"Beats me", the other man stated, sipping on his tea. "Maybe the guy who replaced him temporarily. He might have something against Zaizen."

"Or maybe the previous CEO, Queen, after her demotion from SOL from losing against Ai", Ryoken searched for any information about her on another computer. Nothing relevant came up besides month-old articles of her departure. "Either way something forced Aoi out of the network. Spectre; What did you guys find in her room?", he asked.

"Baira reported to have found almost nothing missing from her room, aside from her headgear, both Decks, and a chair", the man answered nonchalantly. "Oh yeah, and apparently one of the desk legs were damaged. Who knows why."


"And from the looks of things, she didn't pack up anything to leave", Spectre added. "Everything else in the room was left as is."

"Then I'm thinking something happened to her in the real world that caused the events in VRAINS", Ryoken mused, a hand to his chin.

He then looked at the computer screen, still showing the same repeating footage. "But, just what could it be?"

"Bastion, who was that on the phone just now?", asked an elderly man typing away on a large screen. Both were currently in an underground lab, situated just below Duel Academy.

"It was Jaden, Dr. Eisenstein", the yellow-jacket answered, turning to look at him. "Jaden Yuki."

"Oh, Jaden. I remember him", the older man recalled with a smile in his face. "I hope he's been doing well. What did he call for?"

"Apparently he picked up someone from the year 2206, and needs our help to send her back to her own time period", Bastion explained.

Dr. Eisenstein did a double take. "...The year 2206?", he asked. "Did I hear that correctly?"

"Yes, sir."

"Goodness me, what a series of events have been happening as of lately. First the possessed duelists, and now this!", he stated.

"Indeed sir", agreed Bastion. He then approached the scientist. "Speaking of, have you found any potential leads?", he asked.

"About the cards? No, not yet; I still have no idea how they work", the elder man explained. He then grabbed a certain Duel Monsters card on a nearby table, "There are more cards like these spread throughout the entire world, possessing duelists everywhere with a mysterious power, and is the reason why we had to request for all Duel Academy helicopters to be used. We needed to collect as many samples of these cards as possible."

Bastion nodded in agreement.

"Apparently these have their own summoning requirements, as well, but from the data we've gathered, they've all been summoned through a different way than intended", the older professor added.

"Through a Spell card, yes."

"Indeed", the elderly man placed the card back on the table. It had a black border. "Whatever the case, we still need more information to find out what these cards are all about."

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