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Summery: Yugi nearly gets all his questions answered. Disclaimer: Im not saying it again!

Join the fun:

Yugi gasped it was the girl. It looked like her blue eyes, purple hair but with a different outfit. She had a non sleeved top which was yellow and blue ¾ trousers. She walked in and smiled at them. Joey was the 1st to speak.

"You don't look older enough to be an owner?!" He shouted as the others
glared at him. She laughed.

"I'm not IM the owners daughter" Her voice was just like a normal girls voice. There was one part of her jewellery which stood out not the necklace but it was a bracelet it was gold and pretty nice by Mai`s point." Anyway
im supposed to tell you where the best places so you best place I would
think you'll enjoy is. is called Rightwell Water Park"

"Whoa!" Joey yelled. The rest looked at her asking for more information.

"It's a Water Park with the worlds biggest slide you should really enjoy

"Where is it we have a map but Mai`s driving is-" Mai gave a face. "Er
okay" Tristan said.

"Its far away ill say you could make there for.2 hours" She answered her
smile came up again. Yugi and the others were looking forward to this.
"Theres a place to eat there too, its amazing."

"You've been there?" Yugi said.

"No. Ive only read about it" The rest looked at each over. "You might aswell set of at 10:00 so at 12:00 all the rides are open and believe me
its not like a airport its no really really busy because its far away"
//Perfect\\ /Yes\ " So what are you going to do after?"

" Come back here and have tea out" Mai said.

"Nice" The girl said.The boys went out but Mai and Tea joined in a
conversation with the girl.

"Whats you name then?" Tea said.

" My name is Kirmay ( ker-mi )" Kirmay said. The girls cotinued chatting but Mai came to a point where Tea gave her a thumbs up look (I do lots of
"So do you want to come with us youre a really good friend you know"

"Me? I would come differently" Kirmay said pleased.

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