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Princess Bella - Chapter 1

I wanted to swim so bad, but I was not allowed to. It was simply too hot today, and I was in need of something to ease away this desperate need to be gone from my own betrothal ceremony.

Or, as I liked to call it, my forced, arranged marriage to someone I had never met before, to merge both our kingdoms into one. That title was too long, so everyone called it my betrothal ceremony.

But no, Father did not allow swimming. I was a lady, and ladies needed to look presentable enough on their wedding day. And swimming did not equal a presentable look, so I couldn´t cool down.

And to assure I wouldn't run away on what was supposed to be the best and happiest day of my life (Father meant his life), my brother Jacob came to fetch me from my room.

Together we walked towards the dining room, where my fiance and his father were waiting for me. My dress was heavy, tight and looked hideous, but I had no say in that matter.

¨Try to smile,¨ Jacob encouragingly said.

I shot him my angriest look. Easy for him to say! He wasn't forced to marry some weird prince from… What was his kingdom called again? Chicago, I suppose.


¨You try smiling when you're woken up at dawn to have your hair brushed and made up in this hideous tiara,¨ I shot back at him while I pointed at the silver tiara in my hair. ¨You try smiling when you can barely breathe in a corset. You know how much I hate corsets, Jake.¨

He smiled, barely noticeable but I recognised his smirk everywhere. ¨I know, just as you know that I don't make the rules around here. Yet.

And if I did, I would make sure I was the one to go off and marry your betrothed, but I can´t. So stop complaining, that might make him uglier. You bad, bad luck and all.¨

My betrothed. I shook my head. He better be the most handsome, seventeen-year-old boy I´ve ever seen, but I had a nagging feeling I would hate him the minute I saw him. And he would hate me, I just knew it for sure.

As the only daughter of Charlie and Renee, king and queen of the Forks kingdom, I was the only one who had to be married to rule over our kingdom as the future queen. And Prince Edward was the only heir to the Chicago kingdom, so our fathers joined forces to have us married. We could form a bond between our kingdoms, which had some political meaning to it, but I couldn't care less.

I only knew that my brothers didn't have to marry, but I had to.

Stupid Jacob, I sometimes hated him for being a man. He wasn't forced to be married to someone he had never seen. He could travel, study and discover the rest of the world, while I couldn´t.

I was too married. Possibly too pregnant even as I needed to produce an heir.

I sighed. ¨But I´m complaining non-stop, so he has to be butt-ugly at least.¨

My brother chuckled and pressed his hand gently on my back. ¨Lucky for you, so you can be the pretty one. And you might even look better compared to him. Now, please stop complaining, princess.¨

I rolled my eyes. ¨Aye, prince.¨

As we walked further down the hall, something on my head started moving. I pretended to have an itch, so it wouldn´t alarm Jacob too much. He looked at me, surprised why I would ruin my perfect hairdo, but I looked away.

If he knew what I had in my hair, he would be pissed. But Father, oh Father, would be furious.

¨What are you doing,¨ Jacob whispered, so he wouldn't alarm the guards.

¨I might have lice,¨ I whispered back. If I didn't know any better, I might believe myself.

But Jacob didn´t. I was never the greatest liar.

¨Seriously Bella, what's wrong with you?¨

¨Fine, brother, you´ve caught me,¨ I removed my tiara just as another tickly made it almost impossible for me to ignore it. My secret would be exposed soon if I didn't cover it soon enough. ¨I might be a bit scared so I will try to stall this ceremony for as long as I can.¨

Jacob looked suspiciously at me, debating with himself whether or not he should believe me. I tried to look as grown-up and remorseful as I could. He didn't buy it.

I fought back the urge to scratch my head, but Jacob was quicker.

He reached out and grabbed my tiara. My long, brown hair fell loose around my face, freeing my secret.

A small, living, paper rabbit the size of my thumb freed herself from the hot mess that was my hair. She crawled from my hair, to my dress, onto the floor.

Unfortunately for us, she was very fast.

¨Sophia, come back,¨ I whispered to my little friend.

Jacob didn´t know where he should look. And seriously, he didn't need to look so shocked! Of course, he didn't see something like this every day, because magic was strictly forbidden in our kingdom, but he didn't need to look so scared. It was just a rabbit. A small and cute rabbit.

And no, it wasn´t just any rabbit. It was my rabbit!

He shook his head, and guided me towards the dining room. ¨We don't have time for this, but we will talk about it. You hear me?¨ he whispered, but it didn't sound too harsh.

I hoped.

We walked towards the dining room, and the guards opened the door for us.

Inside, king Charlie Swan and queen Renee Swan of Forks sat down with prince Edward Cullen and his father, king Carlisle Cullen of Chicago. I couldn't see their faces, but at least this prince Edward didn't seem to be too ugly. If I had guessed correctly from only seeing his back. That was a plus.

The atmosphere in the room was impatient, and I knew I wouldn't hear the end of it from Father after this ceremony.

´Why are you always late?´

´A queen is always on time.´

´I wish Jacob could be the next king instead of you.´

I could almost hear him say it and it was so frustrating to hear! I gritted my teeth and Jacob shot me a knowing glare. Yeah, yeah, I would try to smile.

But, I didn't have anything fun to think about. I had to be married to this man I had never seen, it was extremely hot outside, I couldn't breathe and my rabbit was gone.

My rabbit, the one I had created with magic.

Magic that was forbidden.

And if word got out, I might get punished.

Without thinking, I turned around and ran away.

¨Bella!¨ Jacob called, but he was too surprised to run after me.

I threw away my shoes, with heels that weren't made for running and ran from everyone while I tried to find my Sophia. I didn't know how I brought her back to life, but I did and I was glad I had done that. I was often lonely and Sophia was my little secret, my little friend. And now she is gone, thanks to me!

I didn't want to put Sophia in my hair. Hell, I didn't even want to bring her with me. But she didn't like being tucked away on my bookshelf, in a fake book that was empty inside, so I decided to bring her.

I mean, I thought she would behave.

Obviously, I thought wrong!

¨Sophia!¨ I screamed.

I found her outside, jumping in the gardens. I ran after her, and saw just in time that she jumped on a pebble in the lake.

¨Damn,¨ I whispered as I jumped after her without thinking it through. I only thought about my little friend, and how much trouble we were in.

I hadn't realised I was still in my corset, and that corset made it extremely hard for me to swim.

The fabric slowed me down, pulled me to the surface of the lake even and with each move I made, it got harder and harder to swim. And it was so tight, it became harder to breathe as well.

Eventually, the water pulled me down and I knew I had lost the battle. I knew I was going to drown.

The lake tasted like salt and the punishment I would get if I ever came out alive. It was agony keeping my eyes open, but I was glad I did, otherwise I wouldn't have seen the bright, red hair coming to me.

Wait, what?

It was a woman, a beautiful woman. Smaller than me, with bright, red eyes and red hair. I must be dead already.

She swam to me and was so close, I could almost touch her. She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen and I saw myself reflected in her eyes.

Eyes that watched me drown.

Please help, my eyes begged her. I was out of air and couldn't stay here any longer.

The woman came closer to me and touched me, and everything went dark.

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