Dubbed Chapter 10: Fight to the Finish

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* * * * * * * * * *

Chapter 10: Fight to the Finish

"Your brother's history!" Dub-Mokuba called as Kaiba's attack neared Seto's wide-open life points.

Mokuba clenched his fists, knowing his brother would never lose a duel so easily, especially one as important as this!

"I know you can do it, niisama!" Mokuba yelled, Seto activating one of his face-down traps.

"Trap card, open!" he declared, a new card flipping up as the Luster Dragon lunged at him. "Destruction Ring!"

Kaiba's eyes widened as a huge, black ring suddenly attached itself to his monster's neck, causing it to cease its attack.

"No!" he cried, backing up. "That's...just the card I'd played before..."

Seto smirked, pleased with his success.

"Not quite," he replied, noting the grenades that were surrounding the ring as opposed to flames. "But it has the same effect! Destroy Luster Dragon!"

As the Luster Dragon exploded, Seto flipped up his other face-down card.

"And at the same time, I activate Defense Ring, allowing me to receive no damage from this effect," Seto added, as Kaiba's life points fell. "Looks like that last move has put me in the lead, now hasn't it?"

Kaiba gritted his teeth as Dub-Mokuba's face fell.

"No! Big-brother!" he cried as Mokuba punched his fist into the air joyously.

"Yoshi!" he cried, grinning. "Great, niisama!"

Seto smiled at his brother as Kaiba clenched a fist.

"I'll end my turn," he growled through gritted teeth, Seto still smiling smugly.

"Fine by me," he replied.

Life Points: Seto - 2100. Kaiba - 1600

* * * * * * * * *

Meanwhile, across town, Malik gritted his teeth, pulling his golden Millennium Rod out of his belt, where he stored it.

"You!" he shouted, pointing the round tip of the rod at Marik, who looked uninterested. "If you are brave enough, let us play a game!"

"What?" Marik asked, raising an eyebrow. "As in a duel?"

"You heard me! But not in a duel. I dread to hear your voice during it," Malik shuddered.

"Hey!" Marik cried indignantly. "There's nothing wrong with my voice!"

"But, that's beside the point. You're acting skills are horrible, and you're voice is the main cause of it," Malik continued, trying to list his facts in a polite way. "That, and your uncanny habit of the repetition of the same lines over and over again..."

"But that's what I'm paid to do," Marik replied sulkily, crossing his arms across his chest.

"Damare! This is a matter of pride now. If you think you are better than I, you will defeat me in this game. We will use the Millennium Rods to do battle," Malik declared, narrowing his eyes and holding out his own rod.

Marik looked astonished, but pulled out his own rod anyhow.

"Fine. What ever gets you out of my hair. I'll destroy you and claim the power that is mine!!" he laughed, using one of his trite phrases yet again.

"Ahg!" Malik shouted in pain as he tried to cover his ears, attempting to block out the sound of his horrible dub's voice.

Marik laughed, shoving Malik backward with his rod, causing the original to trip and fall onto the sidewalk with a thump. Malik quickly and determinedly sprang to his feet, however, and unsheathed his rod to reveal a sharp dagger-like end to the Millennium Item.

Marik's eyes widened, starting to feel nervous as he glanced down at his own rod in his hands. He hadn't remembered a dagger being on the end...

Malik, noticing his dub's sudden loss of confidence, smiled as he held up the blade.

"You know what?" Malik asked, backing Marik up against the wall. "I think I recall that in YOUR version of the show, the end of you Millennium Rod is nothing but a chopped off piece of metal, with a blunt end."

Marik dropped his rod to the floor, the sheath falling off as it clattered against the ground, revealing the blunt point, just as Malik had described. Malik smiled, smugly as he held the dagger-point up to his dub.

"Now listen..." he began, but was cut off by a feminine cry from across the street.

"Malik! Stop!" Isis cried, running over to her brother and grabbing his arm, pulling it down. "You mustn't do this!"

"Yes, brother!" Ishizu agreed, running over to Marik and pulling him away from Malik, both of whom were looking daggers at each other. "Violence is not the answer."

"Neesan?" Malik asked, looking confused. "You've found your dub as well?"

Isis nodded, looking over at Ishizu, who was talking with Marik.

"Indeed I have," she replied, looking slightly weary. "The nameless Pharaoh and his dub have gone off to find Yuugi and his dub. The others are talking with theirs."

Malik nodded, glaring over at Marik.

"We're going to make them change their show, right, neesan?" he asked, looking up at his sister.

Isis smiled, looking over at Ishizu, who looked confused, and a little frightened.

"Seto and his dub are deciding that themselves," Came a familiar voice as Otogi and Duke walked over, both of whom were smiling.

"Yeah," Duke agreed, looking at Isis, Ishizu, Marik, and Malik. "Is it just me, or am I seeing double?"

Otogi chuckled slightly, making a mental note to teach his dub to come up with wittier and more appropriate lines to say during the show.

"Uh...no," he replied, scratching his cheek as the five looked at him. "Anyway! Let's go check out Seto and the dub-Seto's duel."

Isis nodded, pulling Malik after her as she followed after Otogi and Duke, Malik still looking daggers at Marik, as his own sister helped him up.

"Let us go, brother," Ishizu declared, starting off after the other four as they turned a corner.

Marik nodded reluctantly and collected his Millennium Rod from the gutter near the sidewalk before hurrying after his sister.

* * * * * * * * * *

Meanwhile, Serenity, Joey, Jounouchi, Shizuka, Anzu, Tea, Honda, and Tristan had made their way over to Seto and Kaiba's duel, where both Mokuba's were watching.

"Hey guys!" Mokuba called over to his friends. "My niisama's going to beat this fake and then they're going to be forced to change their show!"

Jounouchi grinned, punching a fist in the air happily.

"All right!" he called, watching Seto pick a card. "Kaiba! Don't mess this one up!"

"Urusai, make-inu," Seto retorted, looking down at his cards for a way to defeat the dub in one turn.

Jounouchi's face screwed up in anger at being called a "make-inu" yet again, but decided not to comment. After all, if Seto could beat the dub and win the right to change the show, it would make everyone a LOT happier.

"All right, dub," Seto declared, narrowing his eyes at Kaiba, who was clenching his fists at his side. "It's time to end this. I summon X-Head Cannon in attack mode! 1800/1500."

A large and pale yellow machine appeared on Seto's side of the field, holding a large cannon in his hands.

"Yoshi!" Anzu cheered, grinning.

"Big brother!" Dub-Mokuba cried, noticing there were no cards on his brother's side of the field. "You can't lose!"

Seto smirked.

"Looks like you'll be seeing some changes in the near future," Seto declared, pointing forward, directing his X-Head Cannon. "BIG changes. X-Head Cannon! Directly attack his life points!"

The X-Head Cannon fired its cannon directly at Kaiba's wide-open life points, wiping out all of his remaining points, making Seto the winner of the duel.

"This can't be!" Kaiba yelled, furious as the others cheered.

"Yay!" Shizuka cheered, Jounouchi slapping high-five with Anzu. "We won!"

Joey looked very unhappy and his shoulders sagged as he sighed.

"Well, at least I got to see Kaiba's face after another loss," he chuckled to himself.

Jounouchi smugly walked over to Joey, who looked at him with narrowed eyes.

"What now? Come to gloat, Mr. Original?" Joey asked airily.

Jounouchi shook his head.

"No, I've come to start your lessons," he declared. "Take us to your studio, and we'll begin."

Joey raised an eyebrow.

* * * * * * * * * *

A few days later, everything at the recording studio for the English version of Yu-Gi-Oh! seemed to be going well. The originals had called in all the others from Japan to come help out with the reformation of the dub.

It had been hard work, but most of the hard work was over with now. Malik was giving Marik voice lessons, Anzu was helping Tea condense her "speeches," and Jounouchi was giving Joey some pointers about how he should NOT act during an episode.

"So are we clear now, Joey Wheeler?" Jounouchi asked strictly, holding a ruler in his hands to give him a more menacing appearance. "No more comments about being Christmas trees in school plays and eating giant donuts?"

Joey sighed, leaning his chair back against the wall.

"Yeah, yeah, I gotcha, Mr. Original," he sighed. "I gotta say things more seriously."

Jounouchi nodded.

"And don't forget, your goal is to be a real duelist and challenge Yuugi again," he reminded him.

Joey nodded again, looking wearily up at his original counterpart.

"I know, I know," he replied with a sigh.

Across the room, Seto was attempting to get Kaiba to change his personality back to the way Seto's was in the original, and Mokuba was explaining to his dub to act more courageous, and not so timid.

"See, this gets the point across a LOT better than your way of saying it," Anzu explained to Tea, holding up her "speech," a short paragraph, and Tea's speech, a three-page essay repeating the same lines several times.

Tea nodded.

"Alright," she replied.

Yuugi smiled as he looked around at the crew of working dubs and originals. The dub show of Yu-Gi-Oh! was a lot better now, he thought to himself, watching the end of an episode they had helped the dubs redo.

"Yes, it is, aibou," Mou Hitori no Yugi agreed, hovering around beside his partner.

Yuugi smiled and nodded.

"Yep!" he replied, watching Yami no Bakura talking to "Evil" Bakura over in the corner.

Yami no Bakura held up five cards and showed them to his dub counterpart.

"D-E-A-T-H. Understand?" Yami no Bakura snapped, "Evil" Bakura nodding, looking slightly put off at having been corrected. "No more of this "final" business, do you hear me? Or else."

"Try to sound sweeter, and more innocent," Shizuka was telling Serenity.

"And don't say stupid things just to be saying something," Otogi finished telling Duke. "After all, you're supposed to be the smart one out of Yuugi's friends."

Duke nodded, ignoring the almost-insult.

"Sure, works for me," he replied.

"Try to sound a LITTLE more realistic," Seto said coldly to Kaiba, who didn't look pleased with the situation. "Honestly. Emotion is what acting is all about. Really show that you care about Mokuba."

"There is no shadow realm," Isis was telling Ishizu, pointing to a large stack of notes she'd written up. "The "Shadow Space" is the dark sphere that surrounds a "Dark Game" and the loser is swallowed up by darkness. Not banished to the "shadow realm."

Ishizu nodded, looking a little overwhelmed.

"And our father was supposed to be killed by Yami no Malik," Isis reminded her, pointing to the stack again. "Everything you need is in there if you have any questions."

Yugi casually walked over to Yuugi and Mou Hitori no Yugi, Yami behind him.

"Er, I appreciate you guys helping us out," he said rather awkwardly, blushing. "I didn't realize all that our show was missing. And I'm glad the directors didn't mind the changes."

Yami laughed.

"After the ratings went up so much, how could they protest?" he chuckled, feeling slightly silly himself at his former acting.

Yuugi smiled, winking back at his dub.

"Glad to help," he replied, holding out his hand.

Yugi shook it with a grin.

* * * * * * * * * * *


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