I changed the fic to after the Great Tenma War in the LN timeline with some WN elements was a bit confusing for me as well. Sorry for the sudden change.

The eight demon lords stroll through the bustling city full of beautiful shops and large buildings, most demon lords were impressed of how big it was.

"My these humans have nice taste, maybe I should kidnap one and bring it back to my domain." hums Guy Crimson admiring the large skyscrapers of Vale.

"Why must you be so violent? You could just ask." deadpans Ramiris who is in a normal size, Guy simply chuckles at the prospect.

While most of them were impressed, Rimuru however was in a state of nostagla. This world was very similar to his own former world.

"It looks earily like The United States of America from my old world." Rimuru says absent mindedly.

"Oh that's right, you're an Otherworlder aren't you Rimuru friend?" asks Milim Nava in kiddish glee.

Rimuru nods, he's one of the only two Otherworlder demon lords in Octagram. He and Leon Cromwell make up the two, although they both don't get along very well since he caused pain to his also otherworlder lover Shizue Izawa.

"Yes, my old name was Satoru Mikami." "I lived in Japan, not the USA...Although I always wanted to visit someday." says Rimuru putting his arms behind his head.

"Look at all the clothing shops, if only we could find some money." says Luminous peering through the windows at the beautiful clothing."

The eight demon lord then come across a store that catches Guy's eye.

"From Dust till Dawn, what a peculiar name for a store." mutters Guy eyeing the sign.

"Perhaps it has information about this world that would be useful." questions Leon as he walks up to the door.

"Oi, are we just going to walk in there causally?" "That's kind of reckless isn't it?" asks Rimuru sweating.

"Yes it is." yawns Deeno following them, as Rimuru sighs as the rest of them file into the store.

There was a elder man inside, who kindly smiles at the group as they enter.

"Hello, is there anything I can help you with?" he asks in a raspy voice.

Guy just smiles and waves, "No need, we're just looking."

The old man nods, "Alright sonny, if any of you need help finding something feel free to ask."

Guy nods as the demon lords spread out across the shop, it wasn't long before the so called "Great Detective" Ramiris had found something. They learned about dust, aura, and semblances. There was also legends of magic existing but those were supposedly myths, they also learned about the creatures of Grimm and huntsmen and huntresses who fight the Grimm.

"Oh very nice, that's looks like it can be some fun!" says Guy looking at an ad for Beacon Academy.

"Yes, but it says you have to go to beacon to become a full fledged huntsmen." "Which takes four years." says Ramiris looking at a book.

"There's no need to worry is there? We have all the time in the world to enjoy ourselves." responds Guy, all the demon lords used there powers to suspended time and space as they left. They could be gone for thousands of years in remnant and only be gone for a second in their world.

"I didn't think you every would want to join a school Guy...you seem to proud to do that." comments a bewildered Rimuru.

Guy chuckles and shakes his head, "No, I don't mind...besides I can rampage in my own domain if I want to...plus I want to try something new."

Rimuru who was confused now realizes what Guy feels, he is one of the seven primordial demons and has been around since the dawn of creation. Being a student in a school where he is expected to listen and obey is a challenge to him, which he welcomes after thousands of years of boredom.

But Rimuru was suddenly cut out of his deep thought.

["Universal Detect has sensed Five individuals of the human race approaching masters current location, appraisal of said individuals has concluded they have hostile intent."] says the all to familiar voice of Rimuru's partner Ciel.

Rimuru quickly turns around and sure enough out the window, five thugs walked into the shop.

"Ugh, finally! Do you know how long it took me to find a open dust shop at this time of night?" says the man with a hat, as one of his henchmen points a gun at him.

"P-Please, just take my lien and leave!" says the frightened old man.

"Sssh, calm down...we aren't here for you're money." says the crook in a calming voice.

"Grab the dust." orders the crook to the thugs who nod, as they bring containers up to the dust tubes.

Rimuru is stunned, why do they want dust...sure it can be expensive...but money could buy dust...why steal it?

["The act of stealing dust and dust crystals may suggest a plan to make a massive weapon."] Ciel's voice echoes through Rimuru's mind.

"Crystals, burn uncut." orders a thug as the shop keep reluctantly reaches for a dust crystal.

The demon lords were about to take action before a man who was talking to a girl that they noticed but didn't pay attention to kicked one of the thugs across the shop hitting the wall. The Red haired crook motioned to another henchmen to stop her but was thrown out the window just as easily.

The demon lords and thugs look outside to see the girl with a massive scythe, the girl smirks before twirling around the scythe before planting into the ground and turning off her music.

"okay..." says the Crook motioning to the thugs, "Get her."

Rimuru looks dumbfounded, "What a dumbass! If I saw that back when I was human I would've pissed myself!" thinks Rimuru.

The Girl dodges a sword swipe and kicks the man in the face, then he recovers before clicking a tigger causing a shot to recoil her weapon nailing another thug so hard he starts

Guy Crimson Whistles seeing the man fly into the air.

"It's also a gun?!" thinks Rimuru.

Then the girl slams her scythe down on another thug as she quickly dodges the bullets shot by another thug before running into him which makes him fly into the air before planting her scythe into the ground which twists her around as she hits the man with the scythe causing him to fall to the ground.

"Oh, she's not bad for a human kid." comments Luminous.

["Appraisal of the human in red has discovered a collection of magicules of the holy element near the said individual's eyes, this suggest she has the potential to utilize holy magic through her eyes."] informs Ciel.

"Wait so she can use magic?" "Then why isn't she using it?" wonders Rimuru.

["A possible reason to why the individual in question doesn't use holy magic is that she doesn't know she can do so."]

"You were worth every cent, truly you were." says the man in a factious voice.

"Well Red, I think we can all say we had a very pleasant evening...but unfortunately. It's time to part ways." says the man pointing his cane at Red before firing a blast which she dodges.

Red then notices the man climbing up the ladder to a building, before chasing after him.

"Let's follow her, I'm interested." says Guy running after her as the other demon lords follow.

The get to the roof as the watch as a bullhead appear before them hovering right above the building top before lowering and picking up the crook.

"End of the line all of you!" says the man tossing down a dust crystal.

["Another individual approaching masters position, good intentions sensed."]

"Huh?" wonders Rimuru before the man shoots another blast which seemingly hits the crystal and explodes.

"Wohooo!...huh?" says the crook before noticing a women who put up a shield, she had blonde hair and green eyes she was in a teachers uniform with a cape and glasses she seemed to use a disciplinary device as a weapon. The women narrows her eyes as she adjusts her glasses before shooting out several purple rays that hit the ship shaking it.

Noticing that wasn't enough she glows purple before shooting a blast above the bullhead which summons a small bit of storm clouds, she then flicks her weapon down as it rains ice shards on the bullhead one which goes through the cockpit. But then suddenly a women with glass slippers steps out into the open, her face hidden behind shadows except for piercing gold eyes.

["Universal Detect has sensed a dense collection of magicules in the said individual, it dwarfs the amount of holy magicules in the red wearing individual."] ["Warning: Incoming Fire Element Magical Attack."]

"Wait this women can use magic too?!" says Rimuru preparing for a magical attack, and sure enough the women shoots out a fire ball at the three. The Blonde women blocks it with a glyph before an explosion erupts below her, but she dodges that too before using the shards to create a drill like attack which she flings towards the bullhead.

The Magic Women hits the shards with fireballs but to no avail, suddenly the bullhead leans over deflecting the barrage with its armor plating. The women seeing this breaks the shards back into three damaging the bullhead even more, but the magical women then uses magic to turn the shards to ash.

"Would you look at that the girl can use magic, it's on the stronger side too." mutters Guy Crimson, as the others nod. He smiles, this day was getting more interesting by the minute.

Milim sits there, wondering if she could fight this women, but Rimuru gives her a glance shutting down her thought of joining in.

The girl in red folds her scythe down to a rifle as she shoots at the women, but she just deflects it with her hand before summoning more attack below the demon lords and huntresses.

Rimuru and the other demon lords jump out of the way before the explosion, as the bullhead closed the door and flew away.

Red then turns toward the blonde women, "You're a huntress..."

"Can I have you autograph?!" she says in a fangirlishly, making the demon lords chuckle.

-Later, at Vale Police Department.-

The Demon Lords and Red are sat down at a table with lamp above them, as Guy, and Leon have a deadpan expression.

Deeno is asleep, Ramiris is making a fuss, Draguel is being quiet, and Luminous is inspecting her nails carefreely.

"I hope you all thought thoroughly about what you did, you put yourselves and others in serious danger." scolds the women making Rimuru shudder and Milim teary eyed.

"They started it!" Red fires back.

"Yeah, what did we do?!" says Milim agreeing with Red.

"If it were up to me you'd all be sent home, with a pat on the back..." says the women as Red and Milim perk up.

"...And a slap on the wrist." she scolds once more before slapping near Milim and Red's hand, making red flinch and Milim huff childishly.

"But...there is someone who would like to meet all of you." says the women as she steps aside.

["A even denser level of magicules is approaching masters current location, appraisal of the said individual suggests that he under the effects of a Unique Skill: Reincarnation, which has the subskills Soul-Body Sharing and Soul Fusion. Appraisal of the Unique Skill suggests it was bestowed apon by a Superior Spirit of Light."]

(The God in this fanfiction are not actual gods, but high ranking Superior Spirits.)

"Wait so this man can basically share a body and slowly merge into it?!" "That poor guy must've been through a lot." thinks Rimuru.

"Ruby Rose." says the man to the now named Ruby, the man look at her in a peculiar fashion.

"You...have silver eyes." says the man.

"Ummm..." says Ruby awkwardly.

"So! Where did you learn to do this?" asks the man bringing up a video of Ruby fighting.

"Um, Signal Academy."

"They taught you to wield one of the most dangerous weapons ever designed?" asks the man raising an eyebrow.

"Well one teacher in particular..." says Ruby Sheepishly.

"I see..." says the man handing a large plate of cookies, as Ruby and Milim gulps them up as the other demon lords enjoy their cookies.

"You see, there is only one other scythe wielder I know with that level of skill...a dusty old Qrow." says the man looking back at Ruby.

"thaggfg meh unkle yesh." mumbles Ruby, as the man raises an eyebrow.

Ruby swallows the rest of her food, "Sorry, that's my uncle Qrow...he's a teacher at signal." "I was complete garbage before he took me under his wing." "But now I'm all like WAHH, HYAA, YOOO!" says Ruby making Kung-Fu noises.

"Wow, she's adorable." thinks all the demon lords at once.

"So it seems." says the man, before he sits down.

"So what is an adorable girl such as yourself doing at a school made for training warriors." asks the man.

"Oh, well I want to be come a huntress."

This makes Rimuru and Guy stare at her, "Oi, Oi...is this girl serious?!...she's way to innocent to be a huntress in training...but then again she was quite good with that scythe."

"You want to slay monsters?"

"Yeah, I only have two years of training left at Signal and then I'm going to apply to Beacon." "See, my sister is starting there this year and she's trying to become a huntress, and I'm trying to become a huntress 'cause I wanna help people and my parents always taught us to help others so I thought, oh might as well make a career out of it. Oh and the police are alright but Huntsmen and Huntresses are just so much more romantic and exciting and cool and ju- just...*squeal* you know?!" says Ruby rambling

The reactions amongst the demon lords ranged from not caring to smiling or shaking their heads.

"My you are quite the someone aren't you?" comments Guy with a smile.

Ruby chuckles embarrassedly before being interrupted by the man.

"Do you know who I am?" says the man.

"You're Professor Ozpin, the headmaster of beacon academy." she says which makes the demon lords look at Ozpin.

"You want to come to my school?" Ozpin asks.

"...More than anything." says Ruby.

Ozpin in and the woman look at each other before he looks back.

"Well ok." he says, making Ruby smile widely..."YEAH!" she shouts.

"Can you make sure she gets home so she can start packing?" Ozpin asks the blonde women who nods and leads Ruby out.

When they both left the room, Ozpin turns towards the Eight Star Demon Lords.

"So what about you all, I assume you've come here to enter beacon academy?" asks Ozpin.

The demon lords look at each other before Guy speaks up.

"That is correct, we've come here to start our journey to become hunters." says Guy.

Ozpin nods, "Ok..how would you all like coming to my school?" he asks.

Luminous stands up, "We'd be honored, Mr. Ozpin." she says.

Ozpin nods, "Ok then, welcome to beacon academy."

-On Airships-

The Demon Lords stare down at the large city below.

"That was quite easy." says Ramiris looking at Guy.

"Indeed, I'm glad it was though." says Guy, although it would've been fun torturing him into doing so..but this works too.

"I can't believe my baby sister is going to beacon with me!" "This is the best day ever!" says Ruby's Blonde Sister.

Ruby and her sister, chat with each other before she notices the others.

"Man I wish I was that socially confident back then..." thinks Rimuru before being interrupted

"Hey you guys are the ones who were with my baby sister, yesterday!" says Ruby's sister.

"My name is Yang Xiao Long!" "What about you all?" she asks.

"Oh my name is Rimuru Tempest, these are my friends." he says Motioning towards the other demon lords who roll with it.

"I'm Guy Crimson, nice to meet you blondie." says Guy Crimson holding up a peace sign with a smile.

"I'm Luminous Valentine, I do hope we can get along." Luminous introduces herself with a slight bow.

"Deeno..." mutters the sleepy demon lord.

"I'm Ramiris, it's nice to know you Yang!" she says with a bright Smile

"Heya, I'm Milim Nava!" says Milim with a cute smile, which makes Yang's heart melt.

"I'm Leon Cromwell, maybe we'll see each other around." says Leon in a monotone voice.

"I'm Draguel, good to know you." Draguel finishes.

"Nice to meet you all, and I'm sure you all know my baby sister Ruby Rose." says Yang motioning towards her sister with a smile.

Ruby waves sheepishly before they hear something very interesting on the news; something about a faunus rights protest gone wrong and about the now named crook Roman Torchwick. But it was cut off by the now named blonde lady Glynda Goodwitch.

"You have all been chosen to attend this prestigious academy, our world is experiencing a incredible time of peace..and as future huntsmen and Huntresses it is your in our best interest to prepare you for whatever comes your way in the future." she finishes.

Ruby's attention then diverts to the window.

"Woah, you can see signal from here." says Ruby looking out the window with her sister as the demon lords join her.

"I guess home isn't too far after all." says Ruby sadly.

"Beacon's our home now." says Yang putting a hand on her shoulder.

Suddenly though a blonde haired kid starts vomiting, making Rimuru and Ramiris cringe.

"Gross.." says Rimuru watching the poor kid.

"Well I guess the view isn't for every one is it?" comments Guy chuckling at the sight of the blonde haired boy vomiting.

"It was a good moment while it lasted." responds Ruby.

"I wonder who were gonna meet.." ponders Yang.

"Hopefully it's better than Vomit Boy..." says Luminous looking away.

"Oh gross! Yang you've got puke on your shoe!" says Ruby in disgust.

"grossgrossgrossgrossgross!" says Yang shaking her boot

"Ugh, get away from me!" "Get away!" says Ruby comedically as Guy starts laugh, while the others feel sick.

"My, this is fun already!" laughs Guy.

"Well I'm glad you're having fun..." groans Rimuru at the sight of the puke.

Guy smiles and rubs Rimuru's silvery blue hair, "Well I promise it'll be more fun for you soon."