Out of all the students in the school, the demon lords could all agree that Jaune was the odd one out. Most students, even the weakest of them, had some sort of combat training. But Jaune didn't seem to have any, the most he was ever able to do was swing his sword around like a child. It was because of this weakness that people found him an easy target for bullying, and it was clearly getting to him.

"Jaune, are you ok?" Rimuru asks Jaune during lunch.

"Uh, yeah…" "Why do you ask?" Jaune says.

"Oh, cut the crap Jaune, we all know that you aren't ok." Deeno says, his irritation clear despite his tired mannerisms.

"Yeah, that one plebian Cardin has been knocking you around like a tennis ball." Ultima says.

"Oh come on guys, Cardin isn't like that." Jaune tries to reassure them, "He just likes messing around."

"That's bullshit." Guy says, "You should find a way to get back at him."

"One come on, name one time that he 'bullied' me." Jaune says.

"Well…" Luminous begins, "One day he knocked your books out of your hands."

"When we were walking into combat class, he activated your shield which got you stuck in the doorway." Carrera adds.

"When Professor Goodwitch was explaining how our rocket lockers work, he shoved you in one and activated it." Milim finishes.

"I didn't land that far from the school." Jaune fake smiles.

"Oi, Oi, That's not the point Jaune!" Deeno says exasperated.

"Well, it doesn't matter." Jaune cuts Deeno off, "Besides, he's not just a jerk to me but a jerk to everyone."

Lo and behold, they look over to the table where he is sitting. Cardin was bullying a faunus second year, not only was he an asshole but a racist one at that. His teammates were no better.

"Disgusting, I can't stand people like him."

"He's a meanie..." Milim says with a huff, Rimuru pats her on the head.

"Don't worry, we'll do something about him."

"Oh! I know!" Nora says giddily, "WE'LL BREAK HIS LEGS!"

"HELL YEAH WE WILL!" Carrera shouts.

"YAY!" Milim says with an all too eager smile.

"We are NOT breaking his legs..." Rimuru sighs, "Well, at least not outside of combat training."

"Aw..." Nora and Carrera pout.

"Yeah, but how else will we stop Cardin from bullying others?" Ramiris asks.

"Through...other methods..." Rimuru says giving a mischievous grin.

["Master, Cardin seems to be planning something with Jaune Arc."] Ciel notifies Rimuru.

"Is he now?" Rimuru says, he can see it using universal detection, Cardin is indeed looking at Jaune while wearing an evil smile on his face. They were going to have to deal with Cardin in some way, or else he'll get in the way of their fun.

Doctor Oobleck was the opposite of Professor Port, his passion for history was remarkable to Rimuru. He wants his students to do well. The other demon lords thought the same way, especially Guy who seems to be the most irritated with Port's nonsense.

"Finally, some useful information..." Guy smirks.

They were currently learning about the Human-Faunus War. "Sometime in history the faunus had enough of being treated like animals and decided to throw hands with humans and eventually won some rights...but there was still mistreatment.

"Now then, have any of you who are faunus suffered discrimination from your peers?" Doctor Oobleck asks his students. It was quite a personal question, but some students raised their hands.

"That is a very personal question, Doctor Oobleck..." Rimuru thinks to himself.

"Dreadful, simply dreadful!" Oobleck says with a sympathetic tone, "You see students, it is this kind of ignorance that breeds violence."

"I mean, look at the white fang!" He says, quickly moving to another side of the room.

"Now, which one of you young scholars would like to answer what was the main turning point in the human-faunus war?"

Weiss of course raises her hand, "The battle of Fort Castle."

"Precisely!" Oobleck praises, "Now who can tell me what advantage the faunus had over General Lagunes forces?"

Rimuru notices that Cardin is smiling evilly at a fast-asleep Jaune, the bully picks up a piece of paper and crumbles it into a ball. He then throws it at Jaune, who is startled awake.

"Mr. Arc, it seems you finally decided to participate in class!" "So, what is the answer?"

"The advantage that the faunus had over the human forces...we're..." Jaunes slows, he notices Pyrrha and Rimuru desperately motioning to their eyes.

"...Binoculars!" Jaune says stupidly.

Rimuru faces palms, with an audible smack. The rest of the class cracked up in laughter.

"Very funny, Mr. Arc." says an unamused Oobleck.

Oobleck quickly moves on, "Well, what about you Mr. Winchester?" "What is the answer?"

"Well, I know that it's easier to train an animal than a soldier."

Almost everyone in the classroom glared at Cardin's blatantly racist comment, but one glare turned into a smirk. It was Luminous.

"Fumu, is that so Mr. Winchester?" Luminous begins, "That probably explains why you got into this school so easily."

"What?!" Cardin says fuming, "You got a problem?"

"No of course not, we have the answer." Luminous waves off Cardin with a fake frown, "It's night vision..."

Cardin eyebrows narrow in frustration.

"...A lot of faunus are known for having almost perfect vision in the dark..." Pyrrha finishes.

"...General Lagune was inexperienced and tried to ambush the faunus in their sleep." "His massive army was outmatched, and the general was captured..." Blake continues, "Perhaps if he had paid more attention in school, he wouldn't have been remembered for such a failure."

"Oooh!" the other kids in class gasped at this line.

Cardin stands up in anger, looking ready to punch Blake lights out. But Doctor Oobleck quickly shot him down.

Luminous and Blake shared a fist bump, she couldn't destroy Cardin physically while in this world. But destroying his ego and pride was the next best thing.

Even Jaune was snickering at the comeback, but he still got in some trouble for not paying attention in class.

"Mr. Arc and Mr. Winchester, you two will stay after class today with me." "I have something I wish to discuss with you."

Soon after a very productive class. Pyrrha, Rimuru, and Guy stayed after class to see what was up with Jaune. For Guy though, it was mostly out of curiosity rather than concern.

Sure enough, when they came out of the classroom, the first thing Cardin did was shove Jaune to the floor. Pyrrha quickly helps Jaune up.

"You know, I really will break his legs." Guy says.

"No, that's not necessary." Jaune says.

"Here, come with me!" "I want to show you a place I found." Pyrrha says almost dragging Jaune through the hall.

Guy, you can go back to your room, I'll see what's up with Jaune and what Cardin is planning. I'll tell you later when I get back to our dorm rooms.

Guy nods in agreement, "No complaints here, see you when you get back 'Chaos Creator'."

Rimuru rolls his eyes at the teasing comment, before he quickly follows Pyrrha and Jaune. He ducks into a corner and goes into slime form as he sneaks through the halls, making sure to avoid any security cameras while following Jaune and Pyrrha. Eventually, Jaune and Pyrrha sneak through a window and out into a platform-like area on the roof. Jaune seems to get the wrong message.

"Pyrrha, I may be depressed...but not THAT depressed." Jaune says looking off the edge of the building, "I'll just leave and become a farmer or something..."

Pyrrha is obviously appalled, "No, Jaune...I want to help you!" "We can train and study up here without anyone noticing us!"

"You...want to help me?" Jaune says.

"Yes, I mean...I know you're good enough." "Your good beacon to get into Beacon, right?' Pyrrha smiles.

But Jaune takes this hard, "NO!" "I didn't get into Beacon!"

Pyrrha looks puzzled, "What do you mean?

"I... I forged my record." Jaune confesses.

Rimuru almost went bug-eyed; "Wait, he WHAT?!"

"Oi, oi…is this guy for real?! How in the world did trick the Beacon Staff with a forged manuscript?!" Rimuru thinks to himself.

["Master, it is highly likely that Professor Ozpin is already aware of the forgery."] Ciel explains, ["He let Jaune join because of his highly strategic mind, it makes him a good fit for team leader even if his battle skills are subpar."]

"Ah, so you're saying that Jaune's talent lies not within his combat abilities but within his good leadership skills." Rimuru thinks to himself, that makes sense. Jaune's latent leadership ability surpassed his own.

Despite hearing what Jaune said about his forged record, she still wanted to help. But Jaune refused, according to him he'd rather be a man and fail rather than be coddled.

Rimuru didn't exactly like what he heard from that last line though, "Jaune you idiot!" "There is nothing wrong with getting help from others."

Eventually, Jaune got so fed up with Pyrrha that he asked her to leave him alone. This guy is going to be a pain to deal with. But it got even worse.

"Yo, Jaune…" An irritatingly familiar voice said.

"Oh no…" Rimuru thinks to himself, of course out of all people that had to hear this conversation it had to be this asshole.

Sure enough, it was Cardin Winchester…Racist and Asshole Extraordinaire.

"You didn't hear…" Jaune quickly asks in fear.

"Oh, I did…But I won't tell anyone." Cardin says with a fake friendly smile.

"Let me guess, there's going to be a catch." Rimuru thinks to himself.

"You won't…?" Jaune says in disbelief.

"Of course, buddy!" Cardin says again with that damned fake smile, "Well…as long as you do one thing for me."

Rimuru hates being right.

"W-What would that be?" Jaune stutters out.

"I want you to be my 'friend'." Cardin says, his sickly-sweet voice makes Rimuru want to retch. This guy is obviously going to blackmail Jaune into being his personal lapdog.

"If you do some favors for me…I won't tell anyone about your transcripts." Cardin whispers into Jaunes ear, is this guy even trying to look like the good guy?!

"Fair deal?"

"Y-Yeah…that sounds…good." Jaune says in a defeated tone of voice.

"Good!" Cardin says slapping him on the back, "See you tomorrow…'buddy'."

Jaune looks more depressed now than he ever did before.

"I have to tell the others about this…" Rimuru mutters, it doesn't matter if it's him or someone else…One day someone would put Cardin in his place.

He'd make sure of it, for his new friends sake.