For my feral-ass crew.

c/w: consensual dom/sub dynamic, gentle choking

It was a glimmer in his eyes, both familiar and not that jolted Katara from silent reverie across the dinner table. They'd been listening to Bumi chat animatedly about his day, and the boy's unflappable enthusiasm never failed to set his parents grinning. Their son had her dark thick hair and the build of a young Sokka, but his energy and zest for life was 100 percent Aang.

But that glimmer usually conveyed one meaning from her husband—he's hoping Bumi will talk himself to exhaustion so we can get him to sleep early.

There was something more there, too. She watched Aang's eyes crinkle as he listened to Bumi, then dart back to her. Later that evening, she felt him kissing on her neck before she'd even heard him approach. Katara sighed happily and leaned into the heat of his mouth.

"How did I know you'd want it tonight?" she asked her husband with a coy chuckle.

"Because I always want you" Aang murmured as he slid his lips in wet presses down her shoulders. His nose nudged her robe down to pool at her elbow with practiced ease and produced delighted shivers down her arms and back. Katara turned to gaze into his eyes and felt the first tell-tale throb of arousal between her legs.

Her answer was yes, always yes.

Even after years spent discovering every freckle on his skin, every scar, every crease that undulated under taught muscle, Katara's desire to know her husband had yet to fade. She knew his body as well as she knew her own—she knew that he was extremely ticklish and needed firm, hungry hands to rove him lest he dissolve into giggles and goosebumps. This powerful man, putty in her bedroom, surrendered under her fingers.

She knew that his biggest turn-on was kissing. Katara had probably spent whole months of her life kissing Aang, kissing him deeply with all her might, devouring an airbender's breath while folded into his lap and rocking against the throbbing consequence of her ministrations.

She knew he loved being led by her.

Aang's submission to Katara—his best friend, his closest confidante, his soulmate—was such an implicit part of their private life that she almost always read on instinct when he needed her direction the most. Their post-war whirlwind of a life took many forms, too many under the shadow of 'The Avatar'. He'd give all his power away gladly in the name of peace. Aang was larger than life, yet so modest that he regularly struggled with why so many sought his wisdom and guidance.

The boy who invented the air scooter was not meant to be the man who re-read council minutes.

At night though, he'd come back to his home, Katara, and she would thrive in her ability to peel the heavy layers of responsibility off his shoulders. Together they built a house full of laughter and love that could withstand such great storms. Which is why it surprised her now when his husky whisper in her ear was so decisive.

"Let's make another baby."

Katara blinked a dozen startled blinks while regarding him. Grey eyes peered down at her, shiny and mischievous. The cheek she'd been stroking nuzzled into her grasp sweetly.

"Aang…are you serious?"

"Of course, I am!" he laughed, then hesitated. "He didn't need me to read to him tonight. Said he could read by himself…"

There were so many reasons they shouldn't. Bumi hadn't been planned and they had been so young. It felt like they were only just grasping the stability of responsible adulthood. Aang's duties were at an all-time high with newer, more evasive bending gangs entrenching themselves on the peripheries of Republic City. A massive viral illness had bogged down clinics for months on end, leaving Katara physically and emotionally exhausted. They didn't need much, but both their incomes were practically at the whim of people's good will and the uncertainty of it did not make a bedrock for unencumbered baby-making.

These thoughts flitted in and out of Katara's fogged brain later as she came, gasping in his lap, slicked with sweat and grinding as he marked the tops of her breasts with wet, purple welts. She was still riding the aftershocks when she felt his fingers grip hard around her waist, urgently spurring her down upon his cock harder and faster.

"Please let me—Katara. I'm gonna..." He whispered against her chest, and all at once it was over. His wicked wife withdrew and finished him with her hand. Aang spasmed hard, climaxing into a confused puddle—so undone by Katara's denial, yet so unsated as he watched his seed spatter between them and flow over her fingers.

"I'll tell you when I'm ready" she whispered against his mouth, and they both shook with the excitement of it. "We're going to make so many beautiful babies."

Aang was already hard again.


He needed release.

Aang needed to be inside his wife again even though they'd already given themselves over to each other in the early hours of the morning. Just thinking about how he'd felt her cumming around his cock, laid bare along the edge of the bed as he stood over her, thrusting. He liked it when she issued directions to him, even as he loomed over her, pressing her deep into the bed. Katara moaned and gripped his wrists, and still he continued with bated breath.

Will she say it? Is it a yes?

"Not yet. Don't." she cried out, and he groaned with relief/disappointment/climax/frustration and came, spilling out across her belly.

She needs to feel safe.

And so he held her and kissed her for hours on end.

She needs to know it's not just to make a baby.

And so he worshipped her. Aang re-visited every possible way to bring her to climax with just his fingers, swirling with torturously slow deliberation until he received handfuls of her sopping element. He continued to kneel between her legs long after she'd come, eyes locked on her face as he weighed the jerks of her body reacting to a wide, flat tongue versus the sucking slurp of his wet lips.

He moaned sweet nothings under her direction as she rode him into oblivion.

"Look at me" she said while pumping on top of him fast and hard, her hand closing gently across his neck. He complied, completely breathless. "Now come."

The exhilaration of her demand sent him into immediate ecstasy as he released—only to feel her pull off just as he began to pulse, expertly extracting him from her depths and into a firm, damp fist without interruption. He wasn't sure which was more arousing—the anticipation of the day she would finally let him explode and swallow her whole, or the way her she smirked while she made the Avatar her plaything.


Months passed.

Bumi's birthday came and went and Katara watched her son with prideful eyes. So much of his father's humor and joy, yet so much of her wild spirit. It was a dangerous combination in one being, yet the world was so clearly better off with him in it.

Before he was born, Katara worried seriously about how a new family member would affect their dynamic when her heart was already so full. What parts of her love for her father, her brother, Toph, Suki, and now the love of her life, would have to give to accommodate a whole brand-new person?

"You don't divide up what's in your heart, Katara" Aang had explained with brilliant confidence, "it's just going to get bigger."

He had never been more right. Aang wept with joy upon hearing Bumi's first cry, and together they bent over the life they'd made, trading blissfully exhausted kisses and "love yous" to each other. She remembered the smell of baby hair, the dense, yet delicate weight of an infant at her breast.

All at once, Katara was ready to grow once again.


They ate dinner one night in their usual fashion, albeit slightly quieter as Aang had made Bumi's favorite steamed buns. Katara flashed him The Eye Glimmer and her husband returned it readily, along with an enthusiastic little shoulder dance that made her laugh.

Aang was in a fantastic mood after an early bed for Bumi in which his son requested he tell one of his favorite stories of Gyatso's, and in which he thought he knew what was in store for the rest of the evening. He entered the bedroom on an air ball arranged in what he hoped was a sexy pose, only to find a heavy-lidded and scantily clad Katara already flushed with anticipation… and something more.

Aang's dismount was clumsier than usual, and his previous plan to disarm her with humor fell aside but for a dopey, aroused grin. He began with a kiss to her hand, which did bring a smile to her face as they embraced.

"Missed you today" she whispered softly, fingers feathering down the front of his tunic. Aang bent and kissed her again, firm, and gentle.

"Mmm… Missed you too." He murmured and closed his eyes while they sank into each other's mouths. She kissed each part of him, treasuring his lips separately, and together. He let her lead the way into his mouth, heat pooling more and more each time she penetrated him with his tongue. The thought of being penetrated by her, filled with her essence, was a thrilling curiosity they'd only yet explored with her tongue. Even this alone sent his shoulders down several centimeters. He hadn't even realized he was tensing.

Katara was pushing against him and he allowed himself to be steered into the wall, even as he pawed at her waist, her hips, her thick bottom. Rough lace under calloused fingers as he spread her cheeks and ground her into him. She exhaled hard.

"I like this. It looks great on you" he complimented her skimpy lace as he pulled back to take it all in. Dark nipples achingly erect and already exposed as the material skewed akimbo against an already surging breast.

"I like yours too" she breathed, raking nails over his orange pullover, "but it looks even better on the floor." Together they pushed it over his head, leaving him in his yellow undertunic as their kisses became more frenetic. She was on his neck, he was grasping at ribs, searching for a handle. Just as Aang began to push the slinky fabric down her shoulders, she withdrew. Licking her lips, she stepped backwards, pulling him along.

"On the bed." She commanded, and his erection throbbed to comply. No votes in this room. No strategies. No expectations. Here he was only Aang, and he was hers, and all the baggage of the world lay far outside at the front door.

He swallowed hard as she crawled on top of him, placing his hand at the tie that would send her flimsy little panties and all his self-control to the damned spirit world. He pulled, groaning as she immediately grounded her sweltering wetness onto his clothed length. Soon his belt lay forgotten, and his trousers pooled incrementally with each humping pass. Aang tried to grasp at her ass, a paltry attempt to control the tempo, and was rewarded with his hands pinned down by her own, snatching him roughly like a pickpocket caught in the act. He moaned, the head of his cock now exposed and making passes against her swollen womanhood.

"Who said you could do that, hm?" she asked as she punctuated her own question with sloppy kisses. He couldn't answer, already so far gone. Katara's shift pooled lazily at the waist and the remainder of his bottoms tangled against his knees.

"Did I say you could do that?" she asked again as she continued up his body, trailing kisses and replacing her hands with her knees. She felt him shake his head eagerly beneath her throbbing pussy. She felt him surreptitiously bend the air around her clit, sucking it down in a vacuum that almost destroyed her patient façade.

Katara cried out, swore, then settled on top of his eager mouth, steadying for the grind.

Whatever small tensions lingered in his body now completely evaporated from Aang as he lay, taken by his woman. His whole vision was of nothing but trembling thighs, hot lips, dripping folds quivering with Katara's anticipation. He yielded his whole mouth to her, eyes sliding to the back of his head in bliss. The smell of her completely consumed his ability to think. Her humid sex flush against his nose, her juices and his own saliva dredging across his face made air that intoxicated him beyond comprehension. Every grasp, every grind—pushing her clit so greedily against his lips and tongue that he thrust at the air and whined into her clit. And her taste. Spirits. Fuck.

Aang's favorite flavor was Katara, and he moaned as he sucked her and licked her and finally broke her grasp when she began to quiver and cry out his name. He grappled for his cock, pumping with desperate lust. When she finished, she was still rolling her hips softly against his mouth, enjoying his hot panted air against her clit. She knocked the hand off his arousal.

"Did I say you could do that?" she asked yet again and felt him wriggle with frustration. Finally, she lowered herself off his face, rewarding his puffed mouth and pinked cheeks with slow, sweet kisses. She bent the moisture away, and he whined with disappointment, but only for a moment before her hand met his length in a firm but gentle squeeze. His exhale was hard and loud as he watched her grip, struggling to fully fist his thickness. He moaned in response when she looked up into his eyes, crouched between his legs.

"Shhh" she reminded him. He would need to learn to bite his tongue (literally) if they were to put more babies in this house.

Aang complied with a nod, biting his lip, and curling his toes as she licked from balls to tip. She hummed her desire, letting her lips vibrate agonizingly over his tip before taking him in her mouth to the hilt.

"KA TAR. AHHHH" he cried out, hands flying to her hair to hold her in place. Don't pull back, don't move. He didn't need to say it out loud. She closed her eyes and let herself adjust to softer, shorter pulls of air as she suckled him, deep in her throat. He responded with a gasp and an involuntary thrust that made her moan in arousal once more.

They could both feel the inescapable wind of tension, of ache and itch and churn. It was altogether animal now as she relaxed her mouth, allowing him to thrust up and into her gaping maw, saliva and precum dribbling out and around the crooks of her mouth with each moist squelch. She drew back yet again when she felt his body cavitate, impossibly tense as he teetered on the edge of his inevitable eruption.

"I want you to cum inside me."

"Cum…. inside you." Aang repeated, struggling to comprehend. He pawed desperately as she sank onto his cock without further ado.

"Yeah" she moaned softly, undulating, and breathless.

"Cum inside me. Please."

Suddenly his breath hitched as he realized what she was saying. His eyes blew wide as he looked up at her form, rolling and softly moaning each time she buried him.

"k'TAR-a. Are you…are you serious?" the airbender gasped, thrusting up into her with wild excitement.

"I'm ready. I want your baby. Our baby. I want to feel you in me. I want to—"

Whatever else Katara wanted went unheard as Aang seized her in a winded embrace, flipping them and holding her tight. They grasped and squeezed and laughed softly into each other's mouths for several moments.

"I love you so much" he announced with thick emotion. He plunged into her soul. He plundered her body. He ached as he kissed her once more.

"I love you sweetie. I love all of you." Katara whispered back, finally, finally, handing him the proverbial reigns. He felt her thighs relax and seized the opportunity to hook a trembling leg over his shoulder, deepening his passes. They were going to make a child. A new life. He could already imagine the release of his seed, seeing it fill her to the brim, gush out of her and leak even hours into the night. He would plant in her now as often as she would allow, even after her belly showed swollen with child.

Katara. Fuck. NNNHH.

He pulled out for several presses, using only the head of his cock to tease and spread her entrance, and the act seemed to coax down all of her inner sensation. She moaned and arched, begging for him to drown in her.

"Aaaaaang" she cried out.

"Who told you you could scream, hm?" he shot back at her, wild with desire and completely empowered by his need to fertilize her. He rewarded her loudness with another rough hand to her other knee, squatting over her and pressing her deeply, with increasingly aggressive thrusts.

"Please!" she cried out again.

"Please what, Katara? Please what?" He pounded and pressed until the slap of his balls against her was as loud as their cries.

"Please cum inside me!" Katara cried out, arching, and pulsing around him, hot release drenching his cock.

It was too much and Aang's mind went blank with pure ecstasy as he let himself go. His climax was explosive as he pressed into her, hands hooking under her knees, spreading her, filling her with impossible heat. They watched each other as he curled his toes and attempted to push desperately further, willing his release into every crevice of her womanhood.

He would saturate her like high tide.

A hundred years later, he finally withdrew, swelling with intrepid arousal again at seeing her filled and leaking. Katara curled into his sweaty chest, and they shared handfuls of lazy kisses.

"Again, in the morning" she ordered. Aang smiled into her hair.

"Now that I know how much you want it, I'll tell YOU when I'm ready." He crooned victoriously.