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With this and every other oneshot in this collection I invite anyone to use the idea as a starting point for their own story.

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How stoopid can you get

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Harry potter sat in the office of the headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He and 5 of his friends had just returned from storming the Ministry of Magic. Looking to rescue Harry's god father Sirius Black.

Only it hadn't gone as the 6 of them had invisioned.

First Ron had been taken out by Lucius Malfoy. It wasn't that Ron had done anytbing wrong, it was just that Malfoy had been quicker than Ron with his spells.

Ginny had beennext. Crab had caught her with a sleeping spell while she was deuling with Goil. Fortunitly The 2 deatheaters had been more focused on finding Harry then on taking advantage of a sleeping witch.

Hermione had nearly been killed by a purple curse, but she had survived, and was currently resting in the hospital wing.

That had just left Harry and Neville. The 2 of them had stood back to back as they had taken down every deatheater they came across.

Unlike the others they had stayed as a pair, and so no one had been able to overcome their team work.

There had been 1 tense moment when they had faced Belatrix Lestrange, but Harry had shut her up with 1 expeliarmus spell.

Neville had not wasted any time, and simplly used a cutting curse to remove her head.

He planned on presenting it to his grand mother as a trophy. To let her know the person who had taken his parents away had been delt with.

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Harry had been sitting in the office for 25 minutes as the heads of house sat around the headmasters desk. Harry had been silent all that time, unnurving most of the staff who were there.

At last Severus Snape lost his patience.

"Don't you have anything to say Potter?"

Harry just raised an eyebrow at Snape while gazing around the room.

Albus cleared his throat.

"Could you please explain why you and Mr. Longbottom killed so many witches and wizards?"

Harry did not answer. in stead he kepped gazing around the room, and paid no attention to the professors.

"POTTER" Snape snapped, "Answer your betters. Just like your useless father..."

Snape was cut off mid sentence when Harry waved his right hand, and a silencing spell slammed into Snape.

"Mr. Potter" Pomona Sprout asked.

Harry turned his head.

"Yes Professor?"

Everyone noticed Harry had little to no respect for the professor. Even though he used the correct address.

Sprout blinked, before she remembered her question.

"Was it necessary to silence professor Snape?"

"Necessary? probably not, but I didn't feel like listening to him go on and on about my dead father."

"Never the less Harry" Albus said entering the combersation. "You can't be going around casting spells on Hogwarts professors."

Harry raised an eyebrow again.

"Please point out to me witch professor I have cast spells on."

Harry had put stress on the word "professor".

Albus didn't seem to take notice of this, or he just ignored it.

"Why professor Snape of course."

Harry shook his head.

"You will need to make a choice soon headmaster" Harry said. Finally looking up at Albus.

"Either expell me for my upinions, or sack this piece of garbage that has been allowed to bully students ever since being highered."

There were gasps around the room. It just wasn't done. Never had a student demanded a professor. be fired.

"Mr. Potter" Minerva McGonagall stormed to her feet.

"You have no right to dictate to us."

Minerva broak off when she realized Harry wasn't listening to her. She couldn't understand it. She was Harry's head of house. Harry should be hanging on her every word.

"Harry" Albus asked. looking over at Minerva. "Why are you ignoring your head of house?"

Harry tilted his head. "I have no head of house" he said settling back in his chair.

"Mr. Potter" professor Flitwig looked over at Harry.

"Can yiou explain what is wrong?"

Harry shrugged.

"Well professor I have lost my respect with all of you over my time here at Hogwarts."

This statement shocked everyone in the room, except Snape who was still trying to dispell the silencing spell that Potter had put on him.

"I wil admitt in my first year I held all but Snape in high regard."

"Professor Snape Harry" Dumbledore said. Harry ibnored him.

"Over the course of my first year I started losing respect for professor McGonagall. First was the way she drafted me on to the Gryffindor quidage team."

"I wasn't asked. I wasn't even told. professor McGonagall simply told Oliver Wood that she had found him a seeker."

Harry took a sip of water no one had noticed him holding before.

"Next was the point deduction Hermione, Neville, and I were given when caut out after curfue."

"What" Minerva asked. "You don't think you deserved to be docked points for being out after curfue?"

"Not at all professor" Harry said looking over at her. "However I do think taking 50 points each from us, when Mr. Malfoy only lost 20 points for the same reason is a little extream."

McGonagall flushed. She wasn't happy with that decision, but she hadn't revursed her decision later for fear of looking weak.

"All was fine until my fourth year" Harry continued.

"After my name came out of that blasted goblet of fire. Even though the staff in the anti chamber all agreed that someone was out to cause me harm, none of them was willing to say anything where the rest of the school could hear. In fact professor Sprout, you were 1 of the wurst professors leading the bullying that I was subjected to. Even after it was proven I did not put my name in the goblet neither you, nor anyone from Hufflepuff house ever apologized for all the slander you heeped on me."

Sprout rocked back in her chair as if she had been slapped. She remembered treating Harry quite taribly all throughout that year, and no she had never apologized to him for her part in what he had gone through.

Harry turned to professor Flitwig.

"My respecgt for you lasted nearly to the end of my fifth year professor. I started losing it when I came accross 1 of your claws who had been locked out of her common room. At first I thought maybe she had forgotten your passward, but when I accompanied her back to Ravenclaw tower I discovered that 1 only needed to answer a riddle to enter."

"I listened to the riddle given to Luna Lovegood, as well as her answer. At first I thought maybe she got the answer rong, but when I gave the same answer she did we were allowed into the common room."

"I can only guess that Luna is picked on by her house maits, and you as her head of house have not been watching out for her."

"You think Filius has time to watch over all of his claws?"

Harry looked at McGonagall.

"Well, that's why he is a head of hous isn't it? I mean why else would he take that roll?"

The heads of house sat back in stunned silence.

"Finally we come to professor Dumbledore" Harry said.

"He was the last to lose my respect."

"Why is that Harry" Albus asked.

"Because of that thrice dambed prophecy" Harry almost hissed.

"Because you believed in some old hag's words, probably dreamed up to get herself a job, you ruened my life."

"First you left me on the doorstep of my aunt and uncle who hate magic. Actually they hate anything that doesn't fit within their narrow point of view."

"Now Harry that's simply not true" Albus said, before Harry interrupted.

"Do you know what they call us sir" Harry asked.

Albus shook his head.

"We're nothing more than freeks to them" Harry said.

"But let's skip over you leaving me where I would be stuffed into the cupboard under the stairs for the next 10 years."

Minerva and Pomona both gasped. In Harry's upinion it was to little to late.

"MY first year here you brought in the philosopher's stone. Even though you knew this would put the students in danger."

"A gauntlet of traps that would be unable to insnare anyone. Much less a dark wizard that is feared throughout magical Briten."

"I was able to determine all of those traps were set up as a test for me. although I'm not sure even to this point why you did that."

"However that's neither here nor there."

"My second year the basilisk was released. Admittedly this didn't afect me that much at first. Not until someone desided to reveal I could talk to snakes."

"After that revelation the students turned on me with no evidence I was the heir of Slytherin, but not 1 of the staff stood up for me. Instead you all looked at me as if I were the culpret. Even though it would have been impossible for me to have let the basilisk out while I was at the deathday party for sir Nick."

"Not to mention I was with other students, or in the hospital wing every time another student was petrified, and yet not 1 person has apologized for all that to this day."

"I'm not even going to go into the frod professor Dumbledore highered. After all what do I know about highering teachers. It's not as if I'm responsible for highering staff. Although I do have to wonder why professor Dumbledore didn't just ask the DMLE if they could spare an auror. One who maybe stuck behind a desk for any reason."

The heads of house looked at Harry in surprise, includeing Snape. None of them had thought of that as a solution to their defence teacher problem.

"My third year my god-father escaped from the subposedly inescapable prison. He did this because he had finally found where the true betrayer of my family was hiding."

"I'm not going to get upset at any of the staff over his escape. Although I'm disapointed that Sirius never got a trial, when the lestranges did."

"No the only disappointment I have for that year is how every adult decided I didn't need to know what was going on."

"I mean come on. It subposedly was me Sirius was after, but no one thought it a good idea to tell me anything about him so I would know what to avoid?"

"I do not know if anything could have been done about the dementers, and so I will pass over the 3 times they nearly sucked out my soul."
"What do you mean 3 times? The only time I know about is when the dementers attacked that quidage match" Pomona Sprout asked.

"The first time was on the Hogwarts Express" Harry said. "It was only because of professor Lupin sitting in the same compartment as me and my friends that I was spared."

"The second time was the quidage match."

"The final time I both blame professor Lupin, and snape. As well as myself. If professor Lupin had remembered to take his potion that night, or if Snape hadn't decided to crash the get togetherr where I learned that Sirius never even had a trial I don't think I would have been anywhere near the dementers that night. Although I do except responsibility for being out that night anyway."

"My fourth year in my opinion was the wurst year I've ever had at this school bar none."

"It was professor Dumbledore who told me I had no choice but to compete or lose my magic."

At this professors Flitwig and Sprout shot the headmaster a death glare.

"That I can actually forgive" Harry said, makeinn Albus smile.

"However he never stood up for me against the studens. I'm sure just 1 or 2 words from him, and my year would have gone alot better."

At this Albus slumped. He had thought Harry was ready to forgive him all his mistakes.

"Its because this unwillingness to state that he didn't believe I had cheated my way into the tournament that I was vilified for not only that year, but also most of the next year as well."

"Just think about it. One small anouncement, and most of the problems I have with everyone else would have not had as much of an impacgt as it did."

"That brings me to my fith year. Not only was I, and other students tortured, but it was allowed by the staff."

Sprout scoffed. "I subpose you considder writing lines torture?"

In answer Harry layed his right hand face down infront of her. The words "I must not tell lies" were carved into the back of his hand.

Sprout's eyes went wide in shock. As did McGonagall.

"Normally no I think writing lines is only considdered torture for a student that can't sit still. I do however think being forced to write lines with a bloodquill is torture."

McGonagall had colapsed in her chair sobbing quietly.

"However the reason I lost my respect for professor Dumbledore is the fact he hid the existence of a prophecy from me. I didn't need to know what it said, but if I had known 1 existed, it would have taken alot mor to get me to go after it."

"You know what this prophecy is now Mr. Potter?"

Harry nodded to professor Flitwig.

"It basicly says I'm the only one who can kill You-know-who."

Albus sat back. He felt better. Now they were back on this ground.

"So what do you intend to do now Harry my boy?"


Harry smerked as he saw the shock on their faces.

"But you must" Albus said. "You are the only one who can."

"I don't realy care professor."

"Magical Britten has given me nothing since I was returned here. so why should I lift a finger to help any of you."

The look on Snape's face was quite easy to read. Even for Harry.

"It's not like we need you for this war Potter. Your just as useless as your father."

The rest sat stunned.

Shaking his head Harry rose, and walked from the office. After all he had an appointment to keep.

"how stoopid can you get" he muttered as he left the office.

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