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Doomed to be Tortured

"What!! Why?!?" A very confused Gohan asked. "Why are we moving to Capsule Corporation?"

"Because Gohan," Chichi started "I'm tired of you mopping around the house and I want to have more company now that I can't really do anything, because of the baby. Plus, you could get a job there"

"Fine.." Gohan answer. 'Maybe it won't be too bad.I mean I have Vegeta to spar with and I could play with Trunks.' Gohan thought.


After breakfast the next morning they packed up (mostly Gohan since Chichi is pregnant) and called Nimbus. The fluffy golden clouds stopped right in front of them and they boarded the cloud.

"Nimbus, can you take us to Capsule Corporation? Thanks" said Chichi. The lovable fluffy cloud takes off toward Capsule Corporation. When they got there, they thanked Nimbus and walk to into the private living area that only friends and family where allowed.

"Chichi, Gohan, you're here already?! Wow, that was quick! I thought that it would take a week for you guys to move out," squealed Bulma.

Just then, Vegeta walked in. "Woman! What are Kakarott's mate and brat doing here!?"

"Vegeta!! That is not a nice way to welcome your new house-mates." Bulma smirked.

Vegeta paled slightly. "What do you mean housemates?" he cautiously asked.

"What I mean is that Gohan and Chichi is going to live with us." Bulma calmly explained.

"HUH?!? WHAT!!! WHY!! WOMEN ANSWER ME NOW!!! I REFUSE TO SHARE A HOUSE WITH KAKAROTT'S MATE AND BRAT!!!" Vegeta starts to panic at that though.

Bulma's short patient finally ended. "Then I guess you'll be living OUTSIDE!!!"

Defeated Vegeta walked back to the GR mumbling about stupid mates and always PMSing.

"Anyways, Gohan I got the perfect job for you. You see; the last vice president quit last week. Said something about not being able to work with a manic on the loose. And since you smarter then him and your mom wants you to continue your study, you could get some hand-on experience. Plus, you get paid so you have some pocket money." Bulma explained.

"But won't the other employee object to the fact that they have would/will to listen to an eleven year old?" Gohan asked. 'I really want this job but they won't accept me. Sigh..'

"Naw, they all know they you're one of the smartest person on earth, second only to me. In fact they're the one that ask me to give this job to you. Plus, Vegeta seems to like scaring the vice president of Capsule Corporation and seeing that you're stronger there's nothing to be afraid of." Bulma patiently explain. "Okay. I guess so."