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First Day of School, Part One

I would only take Gohan a minute to reach Orange High School by flying at his normal speed but he couldn't be seen flying. Making up his mind he took out his capsule case and de-capsuled a motorcycle when he reached the outskirt of the city.

Not realizing that the bike he just de-capsuled was one out of eight in the world and not just any eight, but the eight richest people in the world. And he being the vice president of Capsule Corporation made him the second richest.

As he droved past his sixth block, a bullet whizzed by his face. He stops the bike and turned toward the offended direction. Parking his bike, a very Vegeta-ish thought crossed his mind.

'Who ever that is better have a darn good life insurance!!!' Gohan angrily thought.

As he turned back to the corner the bullet has whizzed by him he said a bank being held up.

Gohan deciding to help and get his little revenge at the same time used his super speed to knock out the robbers. Since he was moving so fast it looked as though a ghost knocked them out, seeing that there was no one there. Gohan "reappear" next to his bike and got back on.

He rode up to school with his trench coat flapping behind (A/N: If you haven't notice, I decided to make him dress in a more appropriate way, seeing that he did live with the 'almighty' prince of saiyans)

As he got off the bike he notice all the attention he was getting. Being a Son, he got nervous and quickly encapulse the bike and walk in to the school and head towards the office.

When he walked into the office, a beautiful secretary estimated to be in her mid-twenties greeted him.

"Well, hello handsome." The secretary flirted with him. "How may I help you?"

Blushing, Gohan replied, "well, I'm new to this school, so I need my time table, um, please?"

Giggling, the secretary asked in a husky voice. "What's your name, hun?"

"Son Gohan"

"Hmmm, so, you're cute, polite, AND smart. Aren't you gonna be a package for the ladies here."

A blush creeped on to Gohan's cheek, "Um. Thanks I suppose."

"Here you go, Gohan. Your first class is to the right on the second floor. Come back any time." The secretary winked.

"Um, sure." Gohan answered uncertainly. 'People sure are weird." Gohan thought to himself.

Gohan quickly walked toward the door and into the now empty hallway. He walked toward the direction the secretary told him.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~In the classroom~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Alright now, settle down." The teacher told the class. "I would like to announce that today we have a new student. He's the only one in Orange High School history, besides Bulma Brief, to score a perfect exam. But I seems like he's running a bit late. We'll wait for another minute before *CRASH*"

Everyone turned their attention towards the sound. They were surprised with they saw the door on the floor. Right outside the classroom stood a boy.

"Hee, hee. Opps?"

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Outside in the Hallway~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Gohan had finally found his classroom. (After passing it for the third time) He knocks on the door lightly (lightly for him that is), and was surprised when the door was knocked off its hinges.

'Opps, guess doors at Capsule Corps. has stronger doors made for saiyans.' Gohan thought as a sweatdrop travel down his face.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Inside the classroom~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Everyone jumped.

Silence lasted for a few seconds then everyone started to talk in a frenzy.

"Er, Hi1" Gohan nervously said.

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