Long ago, on a planet whose name has become lost to time, there lived a highly advanced situation. They had managed to become one with the nature of their planet, using the discoveries they made to advance their civilisation in an instant. They had achieved a paradise like no other. And everyone was content with their existence. Everyone, except for one.

The woman was led into the courtroom by a guard, looking up to the judge sat in his high chair. "Prisoner, you have been found guilty of attempting to disrupt the ideal life we have created for ourselves. Do you have any last words before you summary punishment?"

The woman didn't get angry at this. Instead, she smiled. "Just remember this. The vapid society you have created will soon crumble. Your complacency will be your downfall when the time comes."

"You will now carry out a sentence of 5 weeks in correctional care.", the judge decreed. "You will now be taken to carry out your sentence, Carmeara." The guards took hold of Carmeara, lifting her up with surprisingly little resistance and leading her out.

At the correctional facility, Carmeara was led by a guard, who nodded to her as she nodded back, to the governor of the facilities. "My, my. Aren't we a troublemaker?", the governor commented as he went over her record. "Experimenting with forbidden magic, assaulting security at a top secret facility and trying to control rampaging monsters. What a rap sheet."

"What can I say?", Carmeara smiled. "My lover and I have a thing for passionate destruction."

"Ah yes, your partner.", the governor commented. "We tried finding him, but it turns out that he's surprisingly good at covering his tracks. We haven't heard a word from him in what seems like his whole life. Perhaps you can point us in his direction. Carmeara, for the promise of a reduced sentence, where is Trigger?"

"Perhaps he's closer than you think he is.", Carmeara smiled, nodding to the guard as he nodded back. At that moment, the wall to the room they were in was broken down by a creature with black and grey skin, who appeared to have a distorted appearance, knocking the warden back. "Ah, Trigger. I see you've figured out how to permanently remain in that form."

The governor seemed slightly unhinged at seeing the creature, which Carmeara had referred to as Trigger, but also slightly happy. "I knew you'd show yourself if we captured your lover, Trigger.", he hissed. "I don't know how you've turned into that creature, but it won't help you against us. Guard, arrest him." But the guard instead pointed his spear at the governor. "What're you doing?"

The guard took off his helmet. "I neglected to tell you, that I'm an inside man working to help this situation come to pass." He then turned towards Carmeara. "I've done as the two of you asked. Now will you make me into one like him?" He pointed to Trigger as he said this. "I want that same power."

"But of course.", Carmeara smiled. "You've served us well in this, Darrgon. It would be rude of us to leave you in the lurch. Trigger, if you'd please." Trigger nodded, taking a black ball of energy from the diamond shape on his chest and holding it out. The ball then began to emit lightning, as it expanded. The governor got up to try and stop them as pitch blackness enveloped the entire room.

When it cleared, the three humanoids in the room had been changed into something else. "It really works.", Carmeara realised as she observed herself. "Before, Trigger and I could only attain these forms by growing giant in the process. Now, we can remain in them at any size."

"And of course, I have attained this power as well.", Darrgon added. "Now Trigger and I are equals in might."

Their thoughts were disrupted by laughter. All of them turned to see that the governor had also been caught in the blast and transformed. "I've become a freak. A creature like you." He then unleashed a burst of energy that destroyed the entire building and knocked the other three in the direct vicinity away. "I've become a creature of destruction! So destruction is all I will do."

Carmeara took no time to think of an idea and approach him. "You're only a monster to our own people.", she stated. "But I've heard legends of an artefact of immense power, one that could allow us to remake this world into one that would welcome our kind. You could make this world one suited to you… what's your name?"

The governor collected himself, before answering. "Hudram. My name is Hudram. Are you certain you will help me regain my normal life?"

"Oh don't doubt that I will help you.", Carmeara nodded. "But in return, you will have to swear your eternal loyalty to me in our quest and promise me that there won't be any infighting before Trigger and I can claim the ultimate power."

Hudram sighed. "Very well, Carmeara. I'll follow you loyally in your quest." But internally, Hudram's thoughts were far from loyal. "I'll follow you as long as you can lead me to this power source. Then I'll repay you for destroying my life."