A/n: A female ferret is called a jill in heat will have a swollen and enlarged vulva that is very breeding period for ferrets is between March and September. As the days get longer, female ferrets (jills) will start to come into heat (oestrus).


Tonks went to the carriages. The Patils were in our boat, as they were now Vassals, as Lord Rao spoke. Susan, Hannah, Daphnae, and Tracey were in another. Su and Hermione were joined by a long blonde haired girl, named Lisa Turpin, and a strawberry blonde, named Sally-Anne Perks. Perks had an awkward walk. I decided to see if I could fix her prosthetic leg when we got to the castle.

The lights and magic, made the castle look enchanted. That is saying something, when you use magic. When hagrid said duck, I laughed. We were several feet shorter than him sitting down. So his ducking his head to go under the vines, meant, we would not have to.

Professor McGonagall was entertaining. She asked how to awaken the blonde and boyfriends. I told her out loud. "Well Professor, It was a Vulcan nerve pinch. They should wake up three hours after it was applied, which means any minute, or slap their face hard three times." All the muggleborn were cracking up, about the Vulcan Nerve Pinch. She asked if it were possible to get someone to teach it. "Well Spock is a master of it and the Mind Meld. I don't really think that he would want to come to cold scotland to do a guest appearance. Though he might for the gold."

The professor knew something was up as a lot of the kids were chuckling and smirking, with several laughing. "What is so funny, miss?"

"Granger Ma'am!"

"Well, miss Granger!?"

"Well Um... Spock is a commander in Star Fleet Ma'am." Most of the smirker's were now rolling on the ground. A fictional Television show, Ma'am!" Hermione started also snickering.

"This show teaches how to do it, by this Commander Spock?" Hermione and all muggle raised and most half bloods were laughing so hard, they were slipping down the stairs. This conversation was interrupted by Pomphrey, as she stuck her head out. "They woke up, Minerva."


The first change was Davis, Tracey. 'Hmmm I see.' "OK it better be Hufflepuff!"

"Granger, Hermione"; 'I see a great Mind, Ravenclaw would be a good choice. Not very cunning, but highly ambitious, but would be killed in Slytherin, the way it is now. A bit pushy in the Gryffindor way. But what is this, loyalty to the written word, even when it is wrong, and your new friends, the DeeDee group and Harry Potter.' "Hmmm, tough, very tough..." 'He is a lord, so he will be in Lords quarters. You would need to get your parents to make your family vassals, verbal would be fine. Pomona Sprout or Filius Flitwick would be your best bets to allow you to use an Owl, otherwise the Headmaster would see your note. So Hufflepuff with Nymphadora, Susan, Tracey, and Hannah, or Ravenclaw with maybe others of the group. Which do you choose.' Hermione, whose thoughts had been discombobulated by the whole gang, finally said: (AN: Cliffhangers, got to hate them.)


A/N: It will be a bit more OC shortly. The contract has seven parts. Albus had a real senile moment and did not read the contract he signed for the ministry. The Goblins, Shamans, Royal court, and the americans wrote it out. He thought it was understood that Harry would be a first year, not third year.

'Their Geniuses! Ravenclaw'

"It better be Ravenclaw!"

'Thank You, Sorting Hat!'

"Greengrass, Daphne" Said loudly, from Minerva McGonagall.

'Ravenclaw, Please.'

"It better be Ravenclaw!" Answered the Sorting Hat.

"Li, Su."

'Ravenclaw, Please.'

'I see a Coven Forming.' "It better be Ravenclaw!" Shouted the Sorting Hat!

"McPherson, DeeDee."

'With Harry, Please.'

'Well as I don't know where he goes, right now I'll say.'


"Patil, Padma."

'Ravenclaw, Please.' 'Again, Bollocks. Sorting Hat.'

"It better be Ravenclaw!" Answered the Sorting Hat.

"Patil, Parvati."

'Hufflepuff, Please.'

The Sorting Hat Shouted! "It better be Hufflepuff!"

"Potter, Harry!" Lightly called, as he was close.

"Potter, Harry!" Said loudly, from Minerva McGonagall.

She basically screamed at him. "Potter, Harry!"

The headmaster rose. He sonorused himself wandlessly. "I'm not happy, but would Harry McPherson come forward."

As loudly as the headmaster spoke to Harry, Harry answered. "Sure old man, I've just been waiting for my name and title, who ever you are, old bean!"

"How dare you speak to the headmaster that way, mr. Potter!" Shouting loudly, from Minerva McGonagall, as she followed their example.

"Well, he and you did not use my name or title, which respect and etiquette as required, as our families are allied; Lady Professor Minerva McGonagall. No one introduced the old bean and all you've said is headmaster."

"I called Harry Potter three times you young prat!" McGonagall, again shouted, not seeing the first years at the closet tables cowering and covering their ears.

"Well that is not my name, it was, before the adoption and my titles. Now it is Laird Harry of Clan McPherson, Lord Gryffindor-Peverell-Potter-Slytherin of Magical Britannica; Count of Heads Valley, Knight of the Gardar, and Assistant ambassador from the United States and The Magical Council of America."

"How dare you, you insufferable prat. Just like your father!" Screeched Severus Snape.

"Wow, I did not know that, as all I remember is the beatings and starvation from Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia. That was from some senile person named as Dumb Door, who let them throw me in the cupboard under the stairs. Since I was put there and forgotten!"

Except for everyone writing things down, it was quiet. "Harry, my boy, they are your family."

"Nope, Nada, Net, Níl, Ochi, Bangō, Bù, Nee, Non, Nein, neyn, nahin, and hell no, they are not my family and I'm not your boy. They are abusive tools of senile fools. The soul's gone, you 'ahmaq qadim."

There started to be muttering as people started counting. Only three Gryffindor and two Slytherin girls, so far, out 17 girls. Only Lisa Turpin and Sally-Anne Perks were left. Known Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw families. So the 14 girls are split between Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw.

Quirrell was getting anxious, as his lord was causing him pain. The wraith was not happy, it explained why he could not dominate someone. Harry Potter had had a piece of his soul. With those words and the expression on Albus's face, he knew the jig was up.

He had to get the stone, sooner than later. He would have to take Snape into his confidence. Between them, they should be able to corral a number of sacrifices to the dog, to get past it.

Albus too-many-names Dumbledore was shocked and concerned. Could it be true, the Horcrux is gone. The Lord Harry was sorted into Ravenclaw. He asked Professor Sprout and Professor Flitwick where the Lord's quarters were, so he, his betrothed, and vassals could set up.

So when he was told that the headmaster had said that Harry would not need them; so they were not set up as far as they knew. He picked up DeeDee, both Patils and told her they would be in his manor house in Hogsmeade. A number of people saw them heading for the doors and followed out to the main entry. The Main gate doors would not open. He turned and spoke to the 15 students and two teachers, Bathsheba Babbling and Aurora Sinistra. "If these gates are not opened immediately, I will destroy them. You made the mistake of disregarding the contract for me to come here. So, the goblins will be pissed at all of you, the ministry will be stuttering as it goes to war, and my liege lady will dissolve the Wizengamot and take direct control of the ministry of magic. Then, I will take my castle away as a school."

Tonks, who had followed Harry, like a love struck girl, that she was, shot a patronnes to Sprout and then Flitwick, who was with the headmaster, McGonagall, and Snape. He is going to destroy the front doors in less than three minutes, then have america declare war on magical Britain, while the queen dissolves the ministry. Sprout smirked. "Well headmaster, looks like your, he won't need it, just started a war, you cannot win."

They all hurried to the front gates. All four of them arrived to see Filius listening to Bathsheba, babelning over Potter. She was fawning over his runed metal piece in his hand. "If they get here, in time, can I try it on the forest?" She gushed, like a virgin bride! Sinistra was almost hugging DeeDee about the huge telescope they have.

"Of course Sheba, it would be, my and Dexters pleasure to show you how it works. It has three settings."

DeeDee, you want to tell her. "Sure beloved, it is sizzle, boom, and Boom." Harry cackles.

"Yes, "Sizzle" would cut the locks, "boom" blow the door apart, and "Boom" the walls and door. So says Harry McPherson, brother to Lord Dexter and Lady DeeDee McPherson."

DeeDee chuckles. "I love when you say that."

"Harry, my boy. What do you think you are doing."

See, told you he was senile. First: I'm not your boy. Second: you have broke article two of the contract and in the next one minute, you will have broken article four.

Harry looked at his watch, fifty-five seconds. "Then I remove this door." Albus felt something fighting him for control of the wards.

"What contract is he talking about, Albus?" Tiredly and quite calmly, asked Minerva!

"Oh, the senile fool did not mention the contract that you all are bound too, in his name as the headmaster? Well you will all be fined, imprisoned, stripped of magic, or other things. It is up to Dexter to decide, as he is the arbitrator. The goblins wanted all three things to happen to all staff here, if you broke it." With article five, I'm sure you would lose your magic, after all, that was asked for by our Potion Master Treceps, as he wanted Potion Master Snape to get his just rewards. Twenty seconds to open the door or provide lords lodging for my people."

"Sorry my boy, I forgot to tell them I set up the Gryffindor Lords room."

"Nice way to negate both breaks at once, old coot. You keep disrespecting me and mine, I will keep calling you a senile old coot. After all, no one of us, thought to put into the contract, that correct etiquette for names and titles was needed. But then disrespect is in there for continued abuse. Just so you know Professor Snape, as you are on strike one."

"Come girls, we will contact Dex for the protections to stop the senile old fool and Professor Snape from getting any more strikes."

"Lord Gryffindor, why are the Patil's going with you?" Minerva asked. She was getting very worried and concerned as the contract had not been discussed with any staff.

"Lady Professor McGonagall; I, my betrothed, DeeDee, and my vassals are going to our rooms. I hope you have enough rooms for the other soon to be vassals to come."

Minerva was getting a migraine. She knew it would get worse after she read this contract. "Oh, I promised Sheba, I would show her what I was going to do with my Ray Gun, if the contact was not met. So if you could, make sure noone is in the Spider section of the Forbidden Forest. I would hate for someone to die, because the headmaster did not use the wards to warn the people, which includes elves, unicorns, and centaurs." She had a massive migraine now.

"Of course, Lord Gryffindor, we will tell everyone to come see from the Quidditch stands."

"Thank you, till after breaking fast. Good night!, Sheba luv, come see me near the end of the meal for the demonstration of the runes."


A/N: So far, the Goblins have confiscated ALL the Death Eaters personal vaults that are in Azkaban for life. Hufflepuff's Chalice was de-souled. The Gaunt Shack is a hole in the ground. Peverell-Gaunt Family Ring was de-souled. The London Black Family Home, plus Elf, is a pile of ashes. Slytherin's Locket was desouled. Draco has not heard from his parents yet. Lucius is shoveling Dragon Shit. Cissy is with the deprogrammers for cults, of the Magical USA! She is having a ball. Tom Riddle's Diary was used for target practice by the Dragon's, till melted, then disintegrated. Nagini the python is still in the London zoo. Harry the accidental Horcrux was cleansed in death and physical molecular beaming.

Tom Riddle's Diary

Peverell-Gaunt Family Ring

Slytherin's Locket

Ravenclaw's Diadem

Nagini the Snake

Hufflepuff's Chalice

Harry the accidental Horcrux was cleansed in death and physical molecular beaming.

Harry the accidental Horcrux was cleansed in death and physical molecular beaming. Being reborn as he should have been. The remnant of Lord Voldemort was a shred of the Protean Loyalty and intelligence. DeeDee would do ANYTHING to make her Laird Harry Happy, even things, he did not know he needed.

They went into the Lord's Quarters. Harry got rid of all the charms, got the castle to replace the Pictures with one's from his family. The one covering the front door had four mature witches and wizards in armour and sitting around a camp fire. Only Ravenclaws recognised one of the Ladies as Rowena. This was a Portrait no one knew about.

"De, please tell me you did not play around with the Ferret DNA, like Dex and I asked you not to." The Patils heard this from checking out the rooms. They came to the door ways to listen. DeeDee scuffled her feet, with her hands behind her back, and said; "OK I'll tell you I didn't."

"De!" There was now a complete audience of Godric, Salazar, Helga, Rowena, and several others looking out of the Portrait in the main room. Rowena said, "for sooth, she did something for you, but also against your word, from the looks of the young lass, My Laird." Harry jumped a little, but so did all three girls. Looking at the enormous Portrait.

"I'm sorry My Lairds, Lords, and Ladies. I was talking about our dirty laundry without being silent about it." An obvious Helga Hufflepuff was rolling on the ground. Rowena took a second to comprehend what Harry said. Others were smiling, smirking, or still trying to figure it out. One of the very old Welsh Lairds said with their lilt, "Sal, my boy, he is obviously one yours, though why in Godrics quarters and not yours, I know not."

"The old whiskered coot is interfering again." Said Harry. DeeDee just shook her head yes, the Patils came and sat on the circular couch. Several people of the crowded Portrait looked at all three girls. One older man in an East Indian outfit pushed to the front. "Excuse me sir and Ladies. The one looks from the north and the twins look from India is this correct?"

Harry closed his tired eyes. Stood up straight and replied. "I am Laird Dr. Harry Evans Potter of Clan McPherson, Magical Duke of Wales and Ireland, Lord Gryffindor-Peverell-Potter-Slytherin of Magical Britannica; Count of Heads Valley, Knight of the Sacred Order of the Royal Garter, and Assistant ambassador from the United States and The Magical Council of America! This is my betrothed Lady DeeDee McPherson of Clan McPherson. These lovely ladies are my vassals and daughters of the Raja Dr. Roa Sharma Patil. Rani Padma and Rani Parvati Patil.

"The Headmaster has become a bit senile, but holds to much political power to oust. There are the last two evil things here at school. I just need to get the detector working. There is another thing of the same evil, here in the school. I made a deal with the Queen of the Commonwealth, The British Goblin Clans, and the Amerindian Druids to help Britain. If you four could help to find the evil artifact of yours that is here. So it can be de-souled of the evil one, called Tom Riddle AKA Lord Voldemort; we would appreciate it. The one that is moving around is either a teacher, invisible, or somehow hidden in the walls, floors, or ceilings. It takes the detector, a day to stabilise so that it can pinpoint the area."

Sal, could it be Sheila? After all she has been left in the caverns under the School. It should not be, but it has been over 900 hundred years alone. I'll go check my portrait there. Why don't you all check your personal portraits.

An hour later, Salazar came back looking very sad. She accidently killed someone about 50 years ago. I put her into a stasis sleep, then used my back up plan. He told the other three when they came back. I hated doing that. But it was always possible the way in from the lake could be found. She is dead, I had your emergency book saver activated Row. So all our journals are in the Room with... He looked at them then glanced at Harry Potter. Rowena said: "Yes, I think they are a worthy group to receive our knowledge."

The Room and Heart of Hogwarts is on the seventh floor, by the tapestry of the Dancing Trolls, near the Gryffindor entrance. The sixth floor by the Tapestry of the Feast of Christ, by the Ravenclaw entrance. The fifth, fourth, third and second floor has no entrances. The first floor is by at the end of the hall, by the Kitchens Pear Picture. The Dungeon Floor has two, one each by the Hufflepuff and Slytherin entrances. The Painting by Slytherin, was of King Arthur and his son playing chess. The one by Hufflepuff, was of a melee combat of knights in a circle, surrounded by barbarians attacking in disarray.

As you are probably the owner of the castle. The reason is that Ro and I had two girls and two boys. Sal and Helga had a girl and two boys. We kept our named lines. So Hufflepuff had a girl and was matriarchal. One of Sals boys took his wife's name and had three boys. The other married, but did not love his wife. She was pregnant when Ro asked him to go retrieve her daughter and Diadem.

Ro had the two girls, even though both one boy and girl were what is now called squibs. I sent the boy to a cousin to raise to be a knight. I expect my boy George is your ancestor.

"My poor girl Helena, was so jealous that Georgina was to be married to a Knight, while she had to sit in my shadow. She took my Diadem and left for that same knights family. You know both of them as the Bloody Baron and the Grey Lady. We may get to talk to them know that our portraits have been activated by you."


A/N:Not sure if will add an epilogue as I've lost the MUSE for the story. This does end with Dumbledore saying he will be back! But Tom ends, spending an eternity being redeemed for his sins. (Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned). But all his victims must be satisfied for all his punishments to not continue.

The next day, the four in and out of the Portrait of the Founders, watched the sensor as it was in the teachers area and finally headed for the Great Hall. Harry and DeeDee had shown the Runes and Arithmancy teachers the Ray gun. Hagrid was crying, as his friend Aragog and his family had not left. The full powered laser blast had shredded that section of forest.

He went down with a bug that worked on magic. He walked across the Head Table till he got to the DaDa Teacher Quirrel. Dexter was 92.7% sure, that if he grabbed the possessed arm, bare flesh to bare flesh, that the possessing spirit would be evicted. Since there are no more Horcruxes, the spirit should go to the next plane.

Harry started to go by, then snapped his fingers, like he just remembered something. Turned to Quirrel. "Professor?" Quirrel looked at him, with his fork in front of his mouth. Harry grabbed his hand. Quirrel started screaming, then Tom tried to fly into Harry. Everyone was watching, but the spirit screaked and dissolved as Quirrel collapsed. Yells of that was He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

"Ma'am Pomphrey, you want to check poor possessed professor Quirrel out! He needs some help, no that Tom Marvolo Riddle, AKA, I am Lord Voldermort is finally finished."

"Harry, my boy, he will be back!"

"No he won't headmaster, as all six anchors are gone as well as his main part!" Everybody that was not hysterical had been listening.

"I'm sorry my boy. You don't know what your talking about. He will be back."

"No headmaster, we have destroyed all seven parts of his soul. It was simple with the right sensor. We sold the plans to the goblins for their own use to find and desoul the egyptian Horcruxes." Dumbledore went white, then clutched his chest and died. Harry did not do CPR.

Short and not fully what I planned, but THE END!