Goodbye AUTHOR: Dark Will (

HOMEPAGE: e, holding each other, but you remain.

You fall to your knees, and hug my stone.

I can't take your pain any longer.

I stand in front of you, and plant a gentle kiss on your forehead the way mom used to do to me whenever I was sad.

And to my shock, you touch my cheek and whisper my name, and you smile.

But as easily as I came into your view, I'm gone again. You look around, and fresh tears begin to fall down your face.

"I love you" spills past my lips, but you can't here me.

You cry out my name once, then you scream it so loudly that I wince as it echoes throughout the graveyard. You trace your fingers along the words that have been etched into the stone.

And you cry for me as I cry for you, for us, and I leave you alone, because I can watch you in pain no longer.

'Goodbye' I whisper to you, 'I'll tell mom you say hi.' Then I turn and leave.

Because I can't watch the pain I've caused you.