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Chapter 1– An Unstable Soldier

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Cold emerald eyes stared at the sniveling man, not flinching as a flash of magic sliced through the man's neck, decapitating him cleanly.

His first kill. And he didn't feel a thing.

A grim silence followed, spreading through the room ominously. Only to be broken by the soft sound of clapping that echoed across the blank room.

"Well done, Harry." The voice was warm and sweet as honey, in stark contrast to the chilling hand that came to rest upon his shoulder. "Very well done, indeed."

The seven year old boy finally turned from the headless body, his stone cold eyes moving from the dripping fountain of blood to the man beside him.

"Hail hydra." He intoned with a nod, and his... handler, returned it with a smile.

Moments later he was sent back to his room, his job done with the same perfection as always.

The room was pure white; the walls, the floor, the ceiling...he might as well be in the middle of nowhere. Even the lone wooden door was painted white.

And there was not a single thing present in the room save for a blanket and a small pillow, both, of course, white.

Harry didn't complain. He couldn't, really. For the only place with a sliver of privacy for him was under it.

Soon, he was lying under the blanket, making sure to cover his head completely. Then, and only then, did he allow his Gamer's mind to deactivate.

[Gamer's Mind: Deactivated]

A torrent of emotions assaulted him the next second. His heart clenched with hollowness as he replayed the memory of his first kill in his mind again and again.

He understood death. The finality of ending a life was not lost on him. Hydra made sure he knew exactly what he was doing when he ended the man's life. His handler had given him the task to familiarize himself with the man on a personal level for an entire week.

Only when he understood exactly what he was doing, was he finally ordered to kill.

The pain, the grief, the hatred and anger, the disgust that followed...

It was amazing, a chaotic rush spreading through his mind.

Harry absolutely loved it. It was the only thing that made him feel alive anymore.

He would keep the gamer's mind on for a long period of time, doing the horrible things he was ordered to do with not a single flinch, and when he was finally in the only spot of privacy available to him, he would let loose.

And the tornado of emotions that always followed...they were wonderful. Breathtaking. Even if they caused him a world of pain, made him curse his life...

He still enjoyed them.

Lying under the darkness of his blanket, with the whirlwind of emotions as company. It made him feel...not alone. It was his brief break from reality. Dark and exciting.

Unfortunately, they never lasted long. Even with the gamer's mind shut off, Hydra had done an excellent job in not just suppressing his emotions, but also nearly eliminating them.

Logical thinking was deeply ingrained in Harry's mind. Cold and calculating, brutal in its efficiency, his mind was trained to eliminate weakness such as emotions...unless they benefited him in some way. The Gamer's mind was the only thing that saved even a semblance of his former self.

Still, they never stayed for long.

And when his emotions left him alone again, hollow and spent, he simply opened his status to pass the time till his sleep caught up to him.


Harry Potter

Age: 7

Race: Wizard

Level: 10

Mana: 170/170

Health: 100/100

Stamina: 80/80


Strength: 7

Speed: 8

Dexterity: 8

Vitality: 7

Endurance: 7

Intelligence: 17

Wisdom: 16

Points: 10

He'd just grown a level, finally hitting lvl 10. Most likely from killing the man..

It wasn't much, but it was a start. From what he'd observed, most of the muscled bodyguards were around Lvl 15-25. And the highest being he had ever 'observed' was Lvl 50...but that was the winter Soldier. He was in a league of his own.

Harry wasn't powerful, he knew. Not in the sense the Winter Soldier was. Highly skilled? Yes. But powerful? No. He was simply too young for that. He couldn't bend steel like he had seen the Soldier do. Couldn't run at 30-40 miles per hour. But what Harry did have, was his skills and his magical abilities.

And of course, his beloved system that made him a gamer.


Combat Skills–

Unarmed Combat (Lvl 51)

Melee Combat (Lvl 65)

Marksmanship (Lvl 68)

Magical Skills–

Mana Manipulation (Lvl 30)

Linguistic Skills–

English (Lvl 70)

Sign Language (Lvl 48)

Other Skills–

Swimming (Lvl 30)

Acting (Lvl 38)

Sneaking (Lvl 55)

Information Gathering (Lvl 47)

He still had a long way to go according to his system, but he was already considered one of the best marksmen in this entire facility…at least with a handgun. He could only conclude that his system had some higher standards.

Harry had no doubts that one day he would surpass even the Winter Soldier. It was simply logical. The system was all he needed to be powerful. It enabled him to progress at a pace unprecedented by any other human.

In merely three years, he'd become one of the deadliest assassins in hydra, no matter how inexperienced...plus now that he knew killing made him level up faster, he could only conclude that his progress would be even more rapid.

With that, and the distribution of his extra points, he will be powerful. Powerful enough to gain his freedom.

His time will come, and the hydra shall pay in blood. They may have helped him lay a solid foundation for his skill-set, and helped him realize his potential...but they shall pay; for putting him through hell, breaking and reshaping his being.

They will pay. Failure was simply out of the question.

Revenge... he'd often wondered what that felt like.

Soon he won't have to. Soon he would know for certain.


One year later:

"Today is an important test for you, harry." Agent Johnson said with a 'kind' smile. He'd already learned how fake it was.

Cold logic of his gamer's mind tried to unravel his handler's words but he came up short.

"The test?" Harry asked, the voice dead even to his own ears.

"Indeed." The agent smiled. "What we have been preparing you for. You will not disappoint me, yes?"

The deluded agent still thought that he cared about him. He wondered if the man would be surprised when his knife lodges inside his brain.

"This one will do as commanded." Harry replied instead, his words lacking any emotions.

It wouldn't do to give away the hatred he harbored so soon. The gamer's mind helped him quite a bit in this regard.

"Very good." The unremarkable man patted his head. "I know you will survive. You have my faith."

Absently, he wondered if today was the opportune day. A test that could threaten his survival was rare. There were very few things that could kill him here, so logically he was most likely being sent on another mission. And this time, he will be ready, looking for his chance...

Perhaps today is the day.

The agent suddenly started covering his head under a visionless mask, forcing him to resist the natural reaction to twist apart the man's fingers.

"Do not struggle." His handler muttered as he started to lead him out.

Just a minute later Harry confirmed that wherever the man was taking him, he'd never been before. He may not be able to see, but walking the same path for four years makes you notice the difference when you suddenly diverge from it. Even if you are, literally, blind.

They must have entered some room, for he soon heard the sound of doors closing behind them.

"In here." The agent said, guiding him to some kind of...seat? Metallic suit? Coffin? He couldn't know.

The man pushed him down, strapping his arms and legs with some kind of...belt? A cold metallic belt... before finally removing the eyeless mask from his face.

Vision returned to him, and he quickly took in the metallic box that he was inside of. He found his arms and legs tightly wrapped to some cylindrical tubes, stuck to a device behind him that he couldn't see.

Agent Johnson started shutting the lid, plunging him into darkness as the metallic box was closed.

Another experiment perhaps? Most likely. A strange test to be sure, but he had come to expect anything and everything from the hydra. It was a shame that he would get no chance to escape though.

Oh well, better luck next time.

The box began vibrating around him, and he could barely hear the muffled sound of conversation outside.

"...are ready.." The Agent seemed to say, though Harry couldn't be sure because his world abruptly started getting...translucent.

Or, he realized, his vision of the world around him began changing. The darkness remained constant, but its cause changed from a lack of light to a lack of... consciousness.

And soon he was plunged into the tight grasp of sleep, trusting his gamer's mind and body to protect him from anything.

'...Freak...Freak...Freak...' the words resounded in his mind.

'Please,' A four year old Harry begged. 'I'm sorry. I will never...'


Do you wish to be The Gamer?

'..Please. I will never accept it! I'm not a freak!'

Do you wish to be The Gamer?

'No! Go away! I'm not a freak!'


'But you are, are you not?' Another Harry whispered. The voice was older, wiser. Cold but soothing. 'They always said you were. What's the harm in accepting it? You are a freak, and always will be.'

Accept it.

Do you wish to be The Gamer?

Accept it!

Do you wish to be The Gamer?

The two Harrys combined.

'...Fine. I don't care. I'm a freak anyway. What's the harm in saying yes?'

Do you wish to be The Gamer?

'Yes. Yes, I wish to be the gamer.'


He laughed, free and sharp. 'Yes, I am. I'm a freak. And I love it.'

He woke up with a constant ringing in his ears, his veins were hot, lava burning throughout his body as he blinked to clear away the dreams.

What were they though? He was already starting to forget. Something...the gamer?

The memory suddenly cleared, clicking in place. Yes, now he remembered. His memories of the Dursleys. He'd once thought the reason for their hatred was the system. That they somehow knew about its existence, it being the reason for his 'freakishness'. And thus, he had denied the message every time it flashed in front of his eyes.

A foolish mistake. He should have accepted it a long time ago. Perhaps he could've been strong enough to resist getting kidnapped by the Hydra.

Or perhaps it was for the better. No matter how much he hated this organization, he had to admit that their training was effective.

What 8 year old could claim to be able to kill a man barehanded? What child could think the way he did? The awareness that he'd cultivated, the way he spoke, the way he thought, the way he moved, the skills that he'd perfected...Yes, the hydra were effective. Combined with his system? He was deadly.

"Harry, reply!" The voice cut through his thoughts as the metallic lid was banged from outside. "What do you feel?"

He stayed quiet for a few seconds, scanning himself. "Hot, sir. My body is burning up."

"That's good, hold on tight." The agent replied. "Commence the next phase!"

He did not know what was happening, but he trusted his gamer's body to survive any experiment. As long as he was alive, a simple 8 hours of sleep will always push his body back to its peak.

He noticed the change in his body at once. The heat...as if he had a high fever. And it kept on increasing. He could feel the fire in his bones and blood, could feel his veins burning up...so much so that it started hurting.

"Fifty percent and no changes. Keep going!" Agent Johnson hollered outside.

The fire burnt into his eyes, making his entire head throb in pain. His pain tolerance was commendable, but even he had to grit his teeth as pure agony shot up through his body.

What were they doing? Surely they would not kill him? Was he not too vital for them?

But perhaps he had misjudged them, because his torment seemed to keep increasing, slowly but steadily.

"Seventy percent and conscious! Keep going!"

His head split apart in two, his blood boiled like lava, his entire body spasmed in agony. The scream that leapt out of his throat was shocking. He couldn't remember the last time he'd screamed. But the pain simply kept on increasing.

"Stop!" He bellowed out, trying to jerk out of his constraints. "Stop now! Please!"

"Ninety percent! Keep going, we are almost there!"

These bastards...

His pain gave birth to rage, not letting it get suppressed by the gamer's mind.

And as the world around him started flickering again, the rage bled into a new dose of hatred.

The last thing he saw were simple flashes of messages.

Adapting to super soldier serum...

[Gamer's Body]– 1% and increasing...

[Gamer's Mind]– 1% and increasing...

...and then he was plunged back to the land of unconsciousness.



"The experiment was a success. Harry Dursley is the first child in existence to become a super soldier. Further effects will need to be observed, as well as the change in his magic. But rest assured, he will be a fine addition to our cause, an ace in the hole that Shield will never expect."

"That's a load of bull." A different voice scoffed. "Your boy is sick in the head. Have you ever seen the way he looks at us?"

"I assure you, Harry is completely under control. He has been carefully shaped to feel a strong connection with myself. My words may as well be laws for him."

"Laws can be broken, Agent seventeen. And I'm afraid that your charge will show you soon how easily it can be done."

"I assure yo–"

"Enough." The first voice dominated the both. "You will begin training the boy in magical arts while keeping a close eye to note any discrepancy in his behavior. This has been our biggest success in the last decade. Do not waste it."

"You got it, boss."

"Yes, sir."

[Slept for 8 hours]–

Mind and body at 100% functionality

With a gasp he sat up, quickly scanning his surroundings.

He was back in his room. The stark yet familiar whiteness doing as much to calm him down as his gamer's mind.

'What happened?'

The last thing he remembered was... Hydra's experimentation.

The gamer's mind rippled as rage coursed through him.

'How dare they!?'

Harry reveled in the rage. The urge to rip apart those humans, to tear them limb from limb...it made a smile light upon his face. Cold and malicious, and eager for blood.

All too soon however, the Gamer's mind made its presence known and cold, calm logic reigned supreme again.

This loss of control was... worrying. He'd never let anger control him before, especially under the Gamer's mind. The tornado of emotions had always been under his control. He was the one to decide when to feel them and when not to, with the help of Gamer's mind.

But now... something was done to him. The wild state of his mind had managed to crack the Gamer's mind...it had to be the experiment.

'What did they do?'

With a start, he remembered the last msg by the system, quickly opening his notifications.

[Adaptation Complete]

[Perk Gained]–

Super Soldier, Enhanced Growth


Harry Potter

Age: 8

Race: Wizard

Level: 14

Mana: 240/240

Health: 140/140

Stamina: 140/140


Strength: 11 (14)

Speed: 12 (15)

Dexterity: 12 (15)

Vitality: 11 (14)

Endurance: 11 (14)

Intelligence: 21 (24)

Wisdom: 20 (23)

Points: 14


Super Soldier (Lvl 1/10): 3 to all stats

Enhanced Growth (Passive): Physical body will grow faster.

Ah yes, now it made sense. He knew about the serum, and their constant attempts to replicate it. But he never would've guessed that it would be used on him. He was just a random wizard, after all. They didn't even know his full name, assuming him to be one of the Dursleys.

It must've been due to his system. They did not know about it, sure. But the oddities in his growth would've surely tempted them. The system's growth was too constant and rapid to go unnoticed.

He still remembered the first time he had opened his status. Still remembered the erratic stats.

Harry Potter

Age: 4

Race: Wizard

Level: 4

Mana: 110/110

Health: 10/10

Stamina: 10/10


Strength: 1

Speed: 2

Dexterity: 2

Vitality: 1

Endurance: 1

Intelligence: 11

Wisdom: 10

Points: 4

He had been so weak back then. So... inconsistent. Stats all over the place. Thankfully, his gamer system increased every stat by one with each level gain.

So he grew stronger and faster every time he leveled up. It hadn't been too noticeable last year; he'd only leveled up 6 times in 4 years after all. While 7 points of strength was more than any kid should have, it still wasn't superhuman.

But gaining 4 levels in a year? That was noticeable. And Harry had no way to hide it. Not when he was forced to push his limits every day through a series of exhausting exercises.

Yes, his system must've been the reason for his selection.

But he wasn't complaining. Of course not.

After all, he will make sure to use his newly gained perk... quite thoroughly.

The smile that curved upon his face would've shattered all the confidence and trust the agent had in him, had he been present.

One year later:


"Harry has just finished learning what the Magicals call 'Unforgivables'. He is proficient with all the three spells, though he shows most aptitude for the mind control spell."

"It's called Imperius, agent seventeen. And I still believe this has been a mistake. Even the wizards agree with me. No child should've been able to cast the spells without proper training."

"Clearly you are wrong, and so are the wizards, considering Harry certainly can. The wizards also said to start his training from the basics, showing how little they truly know. We do not need him to cast those stupid red flashes. We are creating a weapon here, not a clown. And Harry has exceeded all the expectations so far. Your worries are baseless."

"And how do you know he will not turn on us? We should give him the chair. Hardwire true loyalty in him. He grows dangerous every day. Soon, his absurd growth may outgrow us as well. We must administer the chair to avoid any risks."

"And lose his natural ability to learn and think? Harry can be so much more than the Winter Soldier. In time, he may even be able to lead us."

"I say again, this is a mistake. The boy is a flight risk, and you are giving him all the tools to break free. Your words have no weight when it comes to his loyalty. Why should we trust you?"

"...He will soon start learning the mind arts. Mind reading and protection. Our wizards can peer inside his mind with the excuse of training him. It will keep away any resentment from brewing and show us what he truly thinks about us. I simply ask the leader to have patience. You will have all your answers then, I just need some time. A few more missions for him to understand the importance of this matter."

"And you shall have it. Remember this my friends, should we succeed in this, the Mystique Soldier program may even push down the winter Soldier in importance. There is no greater honor to be had. So do your absolute best. Hail hydra."

"Hail Hydra."

"Hail Hydra."


Harry Potter sat in his white room, closed eyes and crossed legged, twirling a small 9 inch wand between his fingers.

It was a delicate thing, light brown in color with exquisite marbling. Its chocolate brown handle fit in his palm snuggly, shining under the whiteness of the room. Beechwood and dragon heartstring, his teacher had told him. Suitable for subtlety and artistry when matched, he'd said. Perfect for him.

Harry didn't believe so. And neither did his system.

[Beech wand]

Wood: Beech

Core: Dragon Heartstring

Compatibility: 60%

Loyalty: 4

Versatility: 6

Power: 5

He didn't complain, but logic concluded that he should be able to do better than mere 60%. It still worked, and that's what truly mattered.

Though he did wonder if this was done purposefully. To avoid giving him too much power.

He wouldn't be surprised. The hydra has been short with him lately. Pushing him to do better and better every time.

It was starting to grow irritating. While he appreciated the chance to feel something other than cold logic, it was still, in the end, irritating.

The past year has been wild, admittedly. Getting a wand and learning spells...his schedule had completely changed. His first magical teacher had started with the most basic spell, levitation charm. But then he'd suddenly left the basics after a single spell and started teaching him the stunning spell. It was a shade harder to learn, even with lvl 35 mana manipulation.

Harry had always had the ability to manipulate his magic wandlessly. At lvl 35, he could shape the magic to help him through some tough situations. May it be forming a translucent magical wall in front of him, or shooting a razor sharp blade at his enemies, or even using a weaker version of telekinesis to move objects without touching them, it had never failed him yet.

But using spells had quickly brought a different type of power. The wand made his magic flow a thousand times easier, to the point that he could manipulate it to do all of his Wandless tricks without even a tenth of the concentration it usually took him.

Though he'd soon come to find that his tricks were much weaker and basic than actual spells. His teacher had shown him the Protego spell in passing, and he had to admit, it made him feel like a Neanderthal. His magical wall simply could not compare.

So while relying on a wooden stick made him uncertain, he couldn't deny its usefulness. Not that his mana manipulation became useless of course. Due to the ease with which he could bend his magic, he'd taken to spells like a fish to water, learning both the levitation charm and stunning spell in a single week, while keeping up with his other training.

For some reason, however, his teacher was soon replaced by a new one, and for the last 11 months, they had only focused on three curses; The Killing curse, the Torture curse, and the Imperius curse.

A shame, really. He'd love to learn more about magic than simply killing and torturing, even though torture was perhaps one of his most favorite activity. But magic?...Yes...that was where his true hard work went. The things he had seen his first teacher do had brought with it an excitement that was utterly foreign to his mind.

Magic itself filled him with wonderful emotions. He did not know what love was exactly, but if it was anything like the textbook description, then he might just be in love with magic.

And his love and hard work was generously rewarded by the system.

Magical Skills-

Levitation Charm (Lvl 38)

Stunning Charm (Lvl 31)

Killing Curse (Lvl 37)

Cruciatus Curse (Lvl 41)

Imperius Curse (Lvl 32)

Apart from magic, his numerous assassination missions had netted him another impressive bundle of levels.

Harry Potter

Age: 9

Race: Wizard

Level: 18

Mana 310/310

Health: 210/210

Stamina: 210/210


Strength: 15 (21)

Speed: 16 (22)

Dexterity: 16 (22)

Vitality: 15 (21)

Endurance: 15 (21)

intelligence: 25 (31)

Wisdom: 24 (30)

Points: 18

Super Soldier (Lvl 2/10): 6 to all stats

Enhanced Growth (Passive)

Ah, the super soldier serum...how could he forget that?

If it's progress was constant then he'll be getting 30 points to all of his stats at lvl 10. Nothing to dismiss easily, considering the only being that he had observed with physical capabilities above 30 was the winter Soldier.

Enhanced Growth on the other hand was...interesting. His physique went through a visible transformation in the last one year, his height shooting up from around 125 cm to over 140.

It was a drastic growth, even for him who had already been growing at a fast rate due to the supplements and vitamins Hydra made him take to recover from malnutrition. He could only conclude the serum was trying to push him to his peak form as fast as it can.

Not that Harry was complaining. He welcomed it with a smile.

The sound of his door opening made him turn, taking in the figure of his trainer.

"Hail Hydra." The man greeted, and Harry returned it with a stone face, Gamer's mind snapping on.

"Harry, you've grown a lot in the past few years." The man started, a sickly proud tone in his voice. "But there is one last test that you will need to complete before you can be truly called a Hydra agent."

Ahh yes, the good old 'test'. He no longer bothered counting many 'tests' he'd done in the past couple of years.

"This one will do as commanded." Harry replied with the same emotionless tone as ever.

The man ignored it, continuing his drivel. "You see Harry, you are different from other initiates. Faster, stronger, more intelligent...better."

He leaned forward suddenly, staring him in the eyes. "And thus you will need to handle just as much pressure. You know the saying, with great power comes great responsibility. Well...now is the time to prove that you can handle such responsibility. You will not fail me, yes?"

"This one will do as commanded." He repeated his iconic catchphrase.

"Of course, of course." The agent absently muttered. "You always do."

He removed a familiar face mask from his pocket, completely flat without any holes. "You know the drill harry. Wear it on and follow me."

Harry did as commanded, before following after the agent simply by the sound of his footsteps.

It was unusual for him to walk the entire way but today seemed to be an exception.

He knew this was another part of the base that he'd never stepped foot in. Not consciously at least. The hydra agents knew he could memorize the entire way even with his eyes closed. His sense of direction was simply that good. And so, they always made sure to heavily sedate him before any of his assassination missions.

Ironically, this worked out in his favor because the system did not seem to like him getting unconscious very much. And thus, after just a couple of times, he gained his first resistance.

Poison Resistance (Lvl 2/10)

He did not know why the system bunched it up with poison, and frankly he cared not. The fact remained that the hydra now needed to use multiple shots to put him down. Even better, they thought it was a side-effect of the super soldier serum.

His past may not have been kind to him, but if there was such a thing as fate, then it was truly rewarding him for all those hard times now.

Soon the Agent came to a stop, followed by Harry. If the heat and change in sound was anything to go by, he would guess they were in a small closed-up...closet. Not unlike his cupboard under the stairs.

Now those were the days, Harry reminisced. He absently wondered if the Dursleys were still alive. He hoped they were. Hoped they were safe and sound, living their lives happily.

So that he could one day go and tear it apart in pieces. And watch the despair upon their faces. It was...an exciting prospect.

A sudden weight in his stomach made him realize that the closet was moving upwards by itself.

So they were in an elevator. And they were either going from the bottom floor to the top, most likely for a helipad or an aircraft, or...they were underground and approaching the surface.

They didn't take any aircraft after reaching the surface. Instead, the agent guided him to a car and started driving on-road.

So the hydra facilities were underground, he concluded. Or at least a part of it was.

Good to know.

They must have driven for nearly 25-30 minutes before the car finally came to a stop. The agent guided him up a set of stairs, and judging by how small they were, he was guessing it was an aircraft.

Two different hands strapped him down on a cushioned seat, before a sharp pinch bit upon his neck.

The sedatives.

He couldn't help but feel satisfied when one of the men cursed and pushed another needle in his arm.

It was only after 3 more needles that his world started getting slower and slower until his head lolled in front of the seat.

The last thing he saw before the darkness consumed him completely was a twinkling flash of system notification.

[Resistance Leveled Up] Poison (Lvl 3)

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