We had just gotten back, and I thought my life was normal, well, as normal as it could ever get, given that my best friend slays vampires.

I thought that nothing could tear us apart, least of all the magicks. Then came the night you left me because I chose my addiction over you. That truly broke my heart, and I thought that I would never survive without you.

But then we got back togeather, it was the dumbest reason for you to die.

Someone insane by the name of Warren had chosen that day, that -time- to get revenge on Buffy. We had just separated from one of our longer kisses, and I knew I could never get enough of you, but then it happened. You were as innocent as you could be, nothing you could have ever done could warrant this, as the bullet pierced your heart. I couldn't think of what to do, all I wanted was for you to hold me, all I could do was cry.

You fell forward, into my arms, never knowing what happened, never knowing you died just because some freak sold some looser a gun.

_Why couldn't it have been me?_ I asked myself, wishing it had been anyone other then you. As I watched you die, a part of me died to. I promise never to forget how much you mean to me, never to forget how lively you always were, never to forget one single, tiny aspect of you.

I believed the world was mine alone, until you closed your eyes forever, in my arms, you died.

In my arms you died, in you a part of me died too.

And now I only exist for one reason, to kill the bastard who took you away from me.