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It has to be, because this can't happen to us. Not us. We were a family. All of us. But now there is this gaping hole for the rest of us to fall through..

Why won't you wake up Buffy?

It can't be your funeral!


Don't close that coffin!

She won't be able to get out! She needs to breathe! She can't breathe if you pile all that dirt on top of her!

Why are you taking her away from me?

It isn't her time!

She isn't old yet. Not even out of collage.

She can't go now!

I never got to really say goodbye. I never said all the important things.

Please, let her stay with us, just one more day.

Is that too much to ask?

Please don't leave Buffy. I love you. Don't leave me yet!

Don't go.