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Fatal Attraction By: Setsuna

Chapter One

Loud music could be heard blaring out of the Dolby Surround Sound System. Even though the party was held at a mansion, people were squeezed together as if in a jelly jar. Others were going up the large staircase to make out.

It was great.


Kagome, Kikyo, and Sango had been talking upstairs for over an hour.

"Sango, shouldn't you be downstairs? It's your party, remember." "I know, I know. I'm going in a minute." "Hey Kagome, did you see Inuyasha out there? He is such a hunk. Even Sesshoumaru was out there, but I only saw him at the bar."

Kikyo blushed once she realized what she said. "Gosh Kikyo! You really have it bad huh," Kagome acknowledged, making Kikyo turn a deeper shade of red.

"Yeah girl, you do." "Well at least I don't have that lech, Miroku, always groping after me," Sango had nothing to say, so Kikyo turned to Kagome, "And I don't have all the guys, mainly Sesshoumaru, Kouga, and Houjo; did I mention Sesshoumaru? after me."

Luckily, Kagome did have something to say, "He does not! I knew him since I was a kid we grew up together. Plus, he asked me last night."

The other two girls looked up at Kagome expectantly. "Okay well, he asked me."


It was really late at night, and I couldn't sleep. So, I slid open my French doors to reveal a terrace. Out of habit, I threw a few pebbles at Sesshoumaru's window. The pebbles were located on a low writing table. Anyway, they hit Sesshoumaru's side with soft clunks.

A loud groan came from one of the open windows. Shortly after, pale hands grasped the windowsill. He poked his head through the window, and beckoned me to jump over. After jumping over I said, "If I knew the window was open, then I would've came over and scared ya."

He gave me one of his smiles, the one he doesn't show in public, and ruffled my hair. "Ladies first," he said while bending over a little. I gave him a haughty look, but went inside nonetheless. He followed me shortly after. ~X~ "Aww, come on Kagome, school's tomorrow."

"Nu-uh, tomorrow's Saturday."

"Well, what do you want to talk about?" Sesshoumaru joined me on his bed.

"Nothing, I just couldn't sleep."

"That's because you want to talk."

"No, sleep."




"Speaking of talk, you're being talkative."

"No I'm not."

"Oh well, suit yourself. Now I'm sleepy."

I snuggled under the covers and flipped my body onto my stomach. His big king-sized bed is so comfy! Sesshoumaru went under the covers also, but stayed on his back looking at the ceiling, and clutching the sheets and comforter. I turned around and propped myself up on my elbow. "What's the matter? You know, I think you're having guy PMS."

Sesshoumaru turned around and smirked, "It's nothing, don't worry about it."


Just when I was about to fall asleep, he spoke, "Hey Kagome, are we friends?" I almost fell off the bed when he said that.

"No you idiot," you should have seen his face when I said that, "We're best friends."

I leaned over to hug him, "Why?"

Before he could answer, I fell asleep, listening to his heartbeat.

::End Flashback::

Sango and Kikyo were looking at Kagome with heartfelt expressions. "Oh my gosh Kagome, that was so SWEET!" "Yeah, but weren't his dad and step-mom freaked out?"

"No, but Inuyasha was. Normally, he wouldn't think anything about it. He only got suspicious because my hair was all messed up," Kagome added. "He took me aside and said 'How could you do that with HIM?!' I explained, but he didn't buy it."

Sango and Kikyo looked at each other skeptically.

"What? Nothing happened, I swear!" The other girls still looked skeptical. "Anyway, I told Inuyasha you like him. He's gonna be going after you tonight. Better hurry up."

Kikyo ran out of the room before anyone could get anything else out. Sango decided to stay behind so she could talk to her best friend. "You know you can talk to me about anything anytime, right?"

Kagome rolled her eyes and said, "You sound like my mom." She grabbed Sango's wrist and dashed down the flight of winding staircases.

~X~ The party downstairs ~X~ Sesshoumaru was on his seventh martini. He was almost happy he hadn't seen her all night.

'This blows'

Inuyasha was on the dance floor with that girl that looked a little like his Kagome.

'Wait a minute'

His mind and eyesight was like mush. It seemed like everything was all just a big blob.

'I'm going to have a hell of a hangover tomorrow' He quietly wondered if Kagome was awake to hear his answer.

'Because I want to be more.'

Actually, that was the first time in a long time since they were kids that she fell asleep in his arms. Sure, they went to each other's rooms at night. Sometimes when either one or both couldn't sleep, or just to sleep in comfort.

That morning, he found his arm snaked around her waist, and one of her arms around his neck and the other brushing his cheek. Also, to his embarrassment, his thigh was slumped over her legs. A light blush spread from his forehead to his chest. He quickly detached their limbs, trying to avoid the naughty thoughts that would invade his mind. He was still blushing from the thought of it, or just the alcohol.

His calm reverie was broken when a finger tapped his left shoulder. He whirled around, almost falling out of the chair. He squinted so he could at least see the outline of the person.

Damn, it was Kagome. He felt embarrassed to be in such a stated in front of her.


The whole time Kagome was pulling Sango, she was thinking about Sesshoumaru. 'Why hadn't I stayed awake? Idiot!'

Miroku took Sango's hand and dragged her out to the dancefloor. She scanned the immediate area, and found Kikyo and Inuyasha gettin it on.

She felt lonely and wanted to talk. Then she remembered what Kikyo said about Sesshoumaru and went out to find him.

Noticing his long hair first, she walked over to the bar. After tapping him on the shoulder, he spun around, almost fell, and squinted at her. It wasn't until a few seconds later that she figured that he was drunk.


Sesshoumaru turned around, knowing what was coming next. Kagome grabbed him by his collar and yanked him out of the house. Once they were outside she yelled, "SESSHOUMARU, WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING GETTING DRUNK LIKE THAT?!"

After every single word, her voice squeaked higher and higher. "Kagome please, my head hurts really badly."

Her eyes softened a great deal before speaking, "Sorry. But still, why did you get yourself drunk. You're gonna have a mega hangover tomorrow."

"I was bored and by myself."

"You could have talked to somebody."

"I'm antisocial."

"You talk to me."

"You're the exception."

'Also because you're the only one I want,' he silently added. He was about to say something else when the void came.

When he fell forward, Kagome almost dropped him. "The things I do for you. It's a good thing our houses are down the street."

The walk took longer than expected, but Sesshoumaru would come out of his stupor once in a while to help out. Albeit, it seemed to make problems worse.

"Sesshou, do you want my house or yours?"

"Whichever is closest. Ugh." She went up to her gate to put the password in with Sesshoumaru in tow.