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Chapter Thirteen

Kagura rushed to pull the still body of Kagome out of the tub. She couldn't stand the look of blood in the water, so she let it out.

"Oh, no. Maybe it's not too late! Maybe I can save her-"

"Save who, Kagura?" She jumped at the sound of the deep, masculine voice that was tinted with anger and malice.

"Kagura, you bitch! What the hell did yo do to Kagome?" And that would be Naraku.

She turned around, ever so slowly, and gasped at what she saw. Sesshoumaru, a very pissed Sesshoumaru, was holding up a bloodied Naraku. When he saw Kagome, he threw Naraku to the side.

Her cousin didn't get up.

Wasting no time, Sesshoumaru ran over to Kagome. There was tiny trickle of blood coming out of her nose. He bent his head down to listen to her heartbeat.

"It's faint. Kagura, call the paramedics," there was a pause where she sat down dumbfounded. "Call the damn paramedics!"

She started to move away from him, because if there were to paramedics, then there will be cops. Alas, he was too quick. In one deft motion he grabbed her by the hair and gave her his cell phone.


While she did that, he performed CPR on Kagome...


Kagome opened her eyes to a bright sunshiny day. Well, it wasn't exactly sunshiny but it was bright! She reached to grope behind her and giggled with she felt her husband's stomach tighten.

"The alarm clock didn't sound off yet, go back to bed."

Kagome turned around and snuggled into Sesshoumaru's chest and happily went to sleep.


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