Three Small Words AUTHOR: Dark Will (



SYNOPSIS: Dawn's on phone with Kit and Buffy hears her. Dawn POV.

TIMELINE: Sometime after 'Lessons'

DISCLAIMER: Joss is the god of BtVS



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AUTHOR'S NOTE: A slightly confusing format. Deal with it.

"Dawn, get off the phone." Kit, love, did you hear? My dear sis needs the telephone. I need a moment.

"But Buffy."

"Now." Did you hear, baby? I need to go.

I love you too, Kit, But what if Buffy hears?

I'm happy too, but I can't smile right now.

I love you too, Kit but I can't say so with -her- in the next room.

I'll tell you tomorrow, when she can't hear me.

I love you too, dear, but you'll have to be quite now. Because Buffy just picked up the other phone and is listening to everything you say.

So shh. Don't say it.

"I love you, Dawn." Why did you have to say it?

I love you too, Kit, but I have to go, I have to hide from Buffy now. She knows I love you now, so there will be hell to pay.

"I love you, too, Kit, but I have to go now." I'm hanging up now, Buffy knows. I hear the phone click down before Kit's does. I hear her enter the kitchen, where I am.

"Buffy, I'm sorry. Don't hurt me, please?" Buffy I'm sorry. "I'll do anything!"

"Didn't you hear me before?" I'm nodding my head. "How can you be like that? You lie. You claimed the monks made you out me, but you aren't anything like me."

Honey, I'm sorry, I've made her mad. I hang my head low, I hope you forgive me, love. She kicks me into the wall. Can you feel the throbbing in my head, Kit?

I'm dying, I know.

Forgive me, love, I'm sorry, I'm gone. End