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The Hierophant-

More Than Meets the Eye


"..." talking

'...' thinking


Kamila lifted up her head towards the second floor, slowly and confidently, she walked up the narrow stairs that leads up the second floor with a smirk playing on her lips.

Turning around the corner, she saw a closed door,she walked to it and the door opened up without a sound. She walked in and looked to her left, there laid the guy that came to the castle, accusing her to be the witch.

She put her hands on her pockets and walked over to his bed slowly, he's lying on his stomach, perhaps trying to protect himself from her?

'You think something like this can stop me? Then you are really as stupid as I thought.'

Holding out her right hand, his body was lifted up, and slowly turned around, and gently placed down onto the bed. She walked over to him and looked down at his face, still frowning even when he's asleep, and he seems to be calling out a name. With a raise of her eyebrow, she leant closer to his mouth and captured the name.

"Isabel... Isabel, don't go, don't leave me..."

Kamila picked up her head again, and looked at him. Isabel, must be that psychic's name, who would have thought that he's actually in love with her? Another smirk appeared on her face as she placed her left hand over his heart.

'Don't worry, Isabel won't leave you, you'll soon be joining her.'

With that, her nail grew long and with one gentle swipe, blood appeared on his shirt. Kamila just pulled her hand back and turned to the windows, opening it up, she jumped down from the second floor and landed on the ground without a sound.

Just like that, she walked away, but failed to notice the numerous video cameras fallowing her actions and the flashing light on his alarm system.


Kamila slowed her pace as she walked closer to the castle, fire can be seen from far away.... no, they're torches, torches being held by people. She frowned and walked over, her long jacket and dress floating in the wind. Pulling her hands out from her pockets, she shrugged off her black jacket, leaving her black dress on. The jacket flew in the wind for a second before dropping onto the ground, getting rid of a weight on her shoulder, she walked towards the group, hearing out what they're saying.

"I know she's not home, she was just out killing someone, how can she be home?" A woman yelled, enraged, Kenny backed away slowly, sweat dropping.

Kamila looked up at the third floor, a shadow there beside the window, she knows him and gave him a smile.

"None sense! She couldn't even hurt a fly, how can she kill someone?" Tyson yelled, looking at the enormous crowd unbelievably.

"Kid, I suggest you be quiet and just hand over the girl to us! She's ours!" A guy said, and everyone else around him cheered.

"I never knew I was a prize to be won." A cool voice rang out, everyone was silenced, they looked at her, with fear in their eyes.

Kamila just walked towards them calmly and stood beside the Blade Breakers, glancing at them she, smiled.

"Are you guys okay?"

"We're fine... but I don't think you'd be..." Max said uncertainly, as the rest of them looked at her sympathetically as well. Kai just looked at her calmly, how is she going to get out of this one?

"Witch! Stop talking! We know that witches are afraid of fire, so we brought all the fire that we can find here tonight. Then we will burn you right here and right now!" A man said, in his thirties, looking dirty and tired.

Kamila glanced at him then looked at the fire, they're right, she's afraid of fire. She gave her jade necklace away, there's nothing protecting her now, she's merely a simple witch, afraid of fire.

"You think your little fire can trick me? What do you want anyways?" Kamila said calmly, crossing her arms over her chest, even though they're right, but she cannot let them see that.

"Don't worry, if we can't get rid of you, then we'll just have to hurt the ones that you care about!" With that, they flung some torches at the Blade Breakers, Kamila turned her head in surprise.

A loud crashing sound rang out, the windows on the third floor broke as Diego jumped through them and landed on the ground, wiping away the torches easily. The men backed away, gasping, women just starred at him shocked.

Taking this time, Kamila stood in front of the Blade Breakers, with Diego right beside her, ready to strike at any time. Kamila's eyes are cold, her hair floating.

"Well... seems like some people are really eager to go to hell! Then I will help you meet that wish!"

She raised up her arms, spreading them out, her dress and hair flew in the night, wind started blowing, and men were swept off the ground. The Blade Brearkers gaped behind her, only Jana and Kai remained calm.




"The witch...."

Tyson and the others stated numbly as they watched her wave her arms around, and immediately men were sent to trees. Kai looked at the necklace underneath his cloth, it's glowing, calling out to its mistress, but how can he give it to her.

"Kamila." He called out, she just glanced at him but didn't say anything.

Suddenly, a man grabbed a well lit torch and threw it at her, with a cry, she blocked the torch, but the wind stopped. She landed on the ground again, and everything's back to normal. Tyson took a step forward cautiously and looked at her unbelievably.

"So... you really did kill all those people?" He asked carefully.

Kamila looked up and then closed her eyes, after a while, she nodded slowly. Tyson backed off quickly, scared of her.

"And I bet she probably had tried to kill you as well! Check if you don't believe me!" A lady yelled out, hoping to persuade everyone to join them.

Kenny gasped and unbuttond his shirt quickly, checking for any marks, they rest followed his actin, no one has them. Kamila's face paled as Kai touched his shirt, she looked at him, while he just looked down and started to unbutton his shirt. She doesn't know where to place her eyes.

The shirt slowly opened, revealing the cut over his heart, his hands froze, slowly, he raised his head up to meet her eyes.

"Kai, I never wanted to kill you." Kamila said first, pleading with him.


"I will never kill you, no matter what you do to me."

[End of Flashback]

His eyes hardened, pain and disbelief shown in his eyes. "You lied to me."

Suddenly, a blinding pain shot through her head, she frowned and looked at him unbelievably.


Thgil walked towards her and looked at her seriously.

"Be aware, if the one you love doesn't believe you, and the necklace is with him, then your powers will be slipping away soon."

[End of Flashback]

She can't lose, who's going to protect them if she loses? However... with Kai's trust gone, she can feel herself getting weaker and weaker. Appearantly, the men saw this as well.

"Get her!"

They proceed to throw torches at her, Diego growled and jumped up, wiping away as much as he can, but a few still got through, Kamila held off a few using her powers, but it's decreasing steadily, Kai has to believe her, she will die if he continues on with this.

"Kai! Believe me! I never wanted to kill you! I will never kill you no matter what you do to me!" She yelled, blocking herself from the flying torches, the Blade Breakers can only watch with shock and disbelief, Kai crossed his arms in front of his chest.

The ocean was then colored red, the sun is raising up.

"Kai, please, believe me!"

She then gasped, feeling the light coming through, out of the corner of her eyes, she can see the outline of Thgil standing tall.


Then a metal bar made contact with her back, she fell onto her knees, blood spilt out from her mouth, Diego landed beside his mistress quickly.

"Kai, I love you!"

Jana gasped loudly, not believing her ears, the rest of the Blade Breakers looked amazed by this turn of situation as well.

The sun rose up, a beam of light shot through Thgil's hands and was aimed straight at Kamila, her eyes widened as pain spread through her body. She raised her head, her hands out stretched, hoping Kai would save her this one time.


With that, she was gone, Diego was gone as well, the sun rose up, but her loud cries still echoed in everyone's ears.....

[Somewhere Elese]

With a snap open of his eyes, Kai sat up with a groan, where is him? He looked at the setting sun above the ocean, Kamila's screams rang in his mind.

Quickly, he flung his sheets aside, wanting to go look for her and suddenly noticed the difference. The room is not beautifully decorated, he's lying on a twin sized bed rather than a king sized bed. This isn't the castle, then where is him?

Standing up, he walked over to the door, he hear noises, voices, Tyson's voice. Without a hesitation he opened the door and saw him arguing with the mayor.

"We haven't even practiced our Beyblade skills, how can you make us leave?" Tyson yelled, steam raising out of his ears.

"Tyson." Jana said with a frown, and looked at the mayor hopefully. "Please sir, they really need this time to practice before we leave this island! We haven't even done anything!" Jana said.

Kai frowned and looked at them, something doesn't feel right. He crossed his arms over his chest and looked at them questioningly.

"Where is Kamila?"

The arguing stopped, they looked at him strangely, Jana pouted. "Kai, are you cheating on me?"

"What are you talking about?" Kai asked, annoyed.

"What are you talking about? Who's Kamila?" Ray asked, confused.

Kai's eyes widened as he dropped his arms in surprise, they.... don't remember her.


Kai walked at the end of the group, the ship is here to pick them up, the whole town is looking after them. Kai looked at the Blade Breakers, they have forgotten about Kamila, forgotten about everything involving her. He paused before the steps and looked back, skipping everything, his gaze landed on Thgil, he's sure that she's trapped inside again. With a deep sigh, he turned and walked up the steps slowly, he can't afford to miss this tournament.

They stopped upon the ship, there's no one there, it's so quiet, Kai's gaze landed on Thgil again. Slowly, their ears picked up a sound, sound of someone walking. Out of curiosity, they turned and looked.

Long dress swept the floor, long blue dress, then a long blue tranch coat, and the soft rang out. "I knew you'd be here."

Kai's eyes widened, too much suprises today.

The long blue hair danced in the wind, her lavender eyes smiling at them.



Thanks for reading everyone, the Sequel is coming up, it's going to be called 'The Fool- A New Beginning'.