A/N: Okay now. I've seen the X-Men go on road trips, to Disneyland and Disneyworld, camping, and various other places. I've even read about them going to London. But have they ever gone to Canada? Well, aside from the time Logan dragged Kurt and Kitty with him to go beat up Sabretooth. So, here's my attempt at a purely humorous story. With Canadian spelling and attempts at various accents. Let's give it a go. I might toss my original character in, doubt it though. Even if I did it'd be a minor part. I apologize to anyone who has written a story about the X-Men going to Canada, tell me where you are hiding and I'll read! Oh yes, one final thing. I own nada. Zilch. Not even the very computer I'm typing on. I think I might own, nope. Don't own the floppy this is saved on either. It's really neat though. It's translucent red! *stares at floppy muttering pretty the entire time* I very poor at typing accents, and will gladly take suggestions as to what trouble the X-Men get into. This is after everyone finds out they are mutantsOn with the show!

"I'm glad you all assembled here so quickly. I have an announcement to make. We will be taking a road trip." There were general cheers to be heard all around and the Professor waited for it to be quiet.

"Where we going teach?" Evan asked, when the cheers subsided. Hank stepped forward and answered.

"We will be driving across Canada." There was silence, except for the sound of a small cricket chirping.

"Sorry," Bobby said, cupping his hands around the small insect. "Ya gotta be quiet little buddy."

"Riiiiiiight." The Professor drawled like Dr. Evil. "Anyway, we will be leaving tomorrow, and I want you to decide who will be in what van. There will be three vans. Drivers are Hank, Scott and Ororo." The chatter rose in the room as people argued over who was going to be where.

"You sure this is a good idea Chuck?"

"Of course, it will be a good experience for them to learn about another country firsthand." Nobody noticed Bobby's poor forsaken cricket jumping away.

Once off the grounds, which took up most of the night, Bobby's little cricket grew into an evil, maniacal, blue lady. She turned towards the Brotherhood house, and ran, grateful not to be hopping anymore. 'How in the world does Toad do that all day?' Mystique thought to herself as she arrived at the destroyed house.

"All right you lazy piles of flab. Get ready. The X-Men are on the move. We're following them…to Canada."

"Uhh…Where's Canada?" Fred asked.

"It's round Australia, yo!" Mystique and Lance shook their heads.

"You're wrong Toad, it's near England!" Wanda entered and threw Lance against the wall for his stupidity.

"You are all such idiots. It's north of Washington." Wanda finished and stormed out. Mystique threw a glance upwards with a look that said it all. Why me? No one noticed the slight draft coming from the open door.

In an underground lair that's hidden because otherwise it wouldn't be a lair, Pietro was rushing up to his father with some big news.

"MystiqueandtheX-MenareallgoingtoCanada!" No one truly understood what he was saying. Except Magneto.

"Everyone, get ready. We're going to Canada." An argument similar to the one that took place in the Brotherhood occurred. It ended with Magneto in a similar pose as Mystique.

A/N: I have this thing with Americans being able to name what states touch what other states, but not being able to tell me where Canada is! I can name all the provinces, most of the states, and don't need a map to tell me where America is! I'm done with that little rant. R+R please! And feel free to ignore anything I say that looks anti-American. I don't want to start a war. Us Canadians would only have our, um, pointy maple leaf insignias to fight back with! Whooo! What's that? You have guns? And trained troops? Uh oh… I'll update! I promise!