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"Where the hell are we, and what are we doing here?"

"Language Mr. Drake!" Ororo admonished, catching Bobby off guard.

"Whoa! You're sane again Auntie O?" Evan stared with a gaping mouth. The mutants not present at the West Edmonton Mall all stared with gaping mouths. The charge card quartet was busy mourning the loss of the greatest mall they had ever visited.

"Who could have done such a thing?" Jubilee sobbed, gazing at the headlines emblazoned across the top of the newspaper.

"They're attributing it to terrorists…"

"Has anyone seen Wanda?" Rogue suddenly noticed the absence of the psychopathic Goth.

"She has one trashed mall to her credit…" Kitty said slowly. Everybody took a moment to digest the information.

"If my memory serves me…it vas Cyke's blast that actually destroyed the place…" Kurt said slowly.


"Oh no…no…NOOOOO!!" Scott made a getaway rivaling even Pietro, as the four mall rats gave chase.

"Well…now with Mr. Military gone…we can go do something fun!" Ray said brightly.

"SNOWBALL FIGHT!!!" Bobby yelled, pelting Sam with the item. Sam stood, with the snow running down the side of his face. He looked at Bobby, who grinned back. The grin faded from his face when thirteen snowballs as well as half a snowman from Hank hit him at the same time.

"Cool 'nuff for ye Frosty?" Rahne asked, as she and several others leaned over their fallen comrade to gloat. Bobby replied by throwing up a dozen newly formed snowballs, all of which came back down and hit him in the face.

"I think he needs t' work on his aim, non?" Remy smiled his sly smile, just as Pyro pelted him with a snowball.

"Y' out of yer element flame-boy!" Evan threw a snowball back at John, who ducked. That simple action created an army of Jamies. All with snowballs.

"I surrender?" Roberto asked, raising a pole with someone's tighty whities on it. Logan suddenly developed an eye tic.

"Back to my original question, where the hell are we?" Bobby asked again, as he was simultaneously backhanded by Ororo and hit with three snowballs.

"Whistler." Xavier replied. "This will be our final stop before we return to America." Under his breath, he uttered a simple thanks to Buddha.

"Aw, but we were just beginning to have fun!" Jean whined, and was hit with several dozen snowballs.

"If any of you want, you have the option to go skiing here, or snowboarding." Hank said, as he began a 'nature hike'. He turned, and ran into two bedraggled figures.


"ARGGGHHH!! Charles!! And I have no bucket to protect my thoughts!!" Magneto screamed, and tried to throw Xavier's wheelchair away. Instead, it rusted up.

"I think yer powers' broke boss." John observed.

"Momma?" Kurt stared at Mystique, cuddling the tiny Harvey.

"Begone!! I gave you your chance, and you disregarded me!"

"Is that even a word?" Evan whispered to Rogue, who shrugged.

"Wait…where's my team?" Mystique suddenly asked, staring around.

"And where's my tinman?" Magneto asked, noticing the absence of a towering Russian.

"Where'd you get the emu?" Ray stared at Emille.

"His name is Emille! And I honestly don't know…" Magneto admitted.

"Is that a…a…AHHHH!! GOOOSE!!!" Jean ran crazily, around in circles as Gertrude looked on curiously.

"Ah! AH!! AH!!! THE HORNY DEER IS TRYING TO EAT MY EAR!!" Bobby shouted. "NO!! WAIT!! THAT CAME OUT WRONG!! JUST HELP ME DAMMIT!!" Everybody ignored him. Except Ororo who backhanded him yet again.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~(Where're we goin' now? Wander wander wander…)~~~~~

"Make this thing move Alvers!! Make it move!!" Todd screamed hysterically.

"I'm trying!! It's not working!!" Lance kicked the steering column, and then began to try and hop around in his seat, like people do when they drop something on their toe, only he was sitting, so it was ten times as funny because he repeatedly bashed his knees against the same steering column.

"Mother Mary of Jesus and Joseph!!"

"Uh…Do not take thy Lord's name in vain!" Fred answered, backhanding Lance, knocking him out cold.

"Hey! Blob!! Why don't you just get out and push, yo?"

"Uh…" Todd threw himself at the giant youth, trying to push him out.

"Quick!! Before the cows catch up yo!" Wanda groaned, and resumed her efforts to free herself.

"Vhere are ve?" Piotr asked, looking around.

"In some town yo!"

"Perhaps that sign ve passed some time ago saying 'Welcome to Richmond' is some clue…" Piotr waved to two girls standing and staring at the jeep, being slowly moved by the giant Fred. They waved back, and then began to whisper crazily to each other.

"Are we on an island again? Ergh…I don't do well on islands…" Todd held his stomach, and turned greener than he already was.

"Ve should try and find the others."

"Hey! We just got free of our boss-man…er…boss-lady! You go back to Magneto and be a lackey if you want!"

"I wanna be a lackey…" Lance said dazedly, coming out of his Fred induced coma. Todd shrugged.

"Then we go and find Mystique…who is probably with Magneto…sooo…Hey! Wanda!! Still wanna kill your dad?" Wanda broke free, and jumped out.

"Do ve follow?" Todd gave Piotr a look.

"I want some ice cream." Lance said, trying the engine again.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~(Still wandering…wander wander wander….)~~~~~~~~

"So…now what d' we do?" Remy asked lazily, shuffling his cards.

"Our road trip is nearly over…" Pietro replied as he stared up at the clouds.

"We go boarding!!" Evan shouted, throwing a pair of rented snowboards at the pair of lazy Acolytes.

"Ow…dat hurts homme…" Remy replied, rubbing his head where the board had made contact. Evan grinned, and pushed off, following the motley group of skiers and snowboarders.

Gambit stood up, and looked at the board. "Might as well try, righ'?" He looked to where Pietro was lazing, only to see a cloud of fine powder snow. Gambit sighed, and began to struggle with the bindings.

"Look out!!"


"Watch where're y'r goin' Gumbo!!"


"Ah, we meet again cherie…" Gambit smiled at Rogue, who he had in his arms from an accidental crash.

"In y'r dreams!" Rogue escaped, leaving Remy to continue his uncontrolled rate of decent down the face of the mountain.

"Mayhaps de Black Diamond was not de best run f'r Gambit…" He murmured, as a tree began to rapidly fill his line of vision.

"He dead?"

"No, I believe he will recover."

"Damn." Rogue got up, and left Hank to tend to the unconscious Remy.

"Wa' de cherie worried?"

"I think you've got your work cut out for you there." Hank replied, hefting Remy onto the Snow Patrol snowmobile.

"Aww, non problem mon ami, she will fall."

"Only in yer dreams, eh?" The Snow Patrol officer said, hearing the exchange. He drove the snowmobile back to the lodge.

It was only later, back at the lodge, when one of the X-men asked the fatal question.

"Are we driving back to New York?"

Xavier, Hank, Ororo, Magneto and Mystique looked at each other, and unanimously decided they needed to lie down.

"I know you're here father!!" Wanda shouted, bursting into the lodge, and finding only the younger mutants, and Sabretooth unconscious from a drinking contest with Logan.

The end? Yes. How do they get back to New York? I do not know!! Ah well, first completed story!! It took six months, but I finished!! And now, I'm off to celebrate the New Year!! And btw, I actually saw an old TAS episode with Nightcrawler…Gambit couldn't ski to save his life…I actually believe…he caused two avalanches…by running into a tree…I found it amusing…