"Make a Wish"

by Shinigami's Voice.

Author's Notes: Somehow insightful fic, focusing on the events afterwards Akito's acceptance of Honda Tohru into the Sohma's family. It doesn't really contain spoilers, you just need to know that Tohru is staying at Shigeru's house after all, to Kyou's not-so-secret joy. And although Yuki also seems happy with the decision, it seems there's something ahead that will turn things around for Yuki.whether it's for better or worse..then again, Akito's requirement for one of the younger Sohmas to return to his custody can only mean worse.

This fic is dedicated to my dear friend Sohma Risa (aka Li-chan) who helped me become a FB lover and follower. **waves at Li-chan**

Warnings: Angst, plenty of that...no real pairing, but we'll suppose Tohru returns Kyou's feelings, okay? And yes, couldn't quite help it, this is Yuki-centric.

"Make a Wish"

Part One: Decisions being made

{...On your toes, trying so hard,

just reach out one more bit,

even if there isn't anything,

anything to reach....}

Shigeru sipped at his steaming tea, same usual smirk painted across his features, as he watched Tohru walk around in a very hyper way.

"Everything is covered in dust, oh my! How could I forget?! I'll clean this right away! But no, no, no, first things first, there are dishes to do...."

"Tohru-kun, slow down, there's no hurry" -the dark-haired Sohma admonished- "Why don't you just take a minute to breathe, hm? Come, sit here with me and have some tea" -it was that gentle, false innocent tone of voice everyone recognized in Shigeru.

Except for Tohru, of course.

"Thanks so much, Shigeru-san" -the girl beamed as she took a sit by the low table, accepting the offered cup- "I'm just feeling so happy about all of this that I can't seem to control myself!" -brown eyes sparkled with enthusiasm.

"Ah, really?" -the writer asked, inching closer- "Well, Tohru-kun, since this is your house, permanently so, from now on, you don't have to worry so much, remember there will always be a kind, generous, surprisingly nice Shigeru-san to help you out.."

"And a very angry Cat ready to fence certain Inu away when he starts talking in that mellow tone of his" -a rough voice hissed from behind.

Shigeru sweatdropped as he glanced back, only to find a fire-haired teen shooting daggers at him.

"Kyou-kun, you're already up!" -the older Sohma tried an innocent smile.

'Maybe I could trick the Cat this time....'

"Don't give me that fake smile, Shigeru. Next time I catch you molesting Tohru I'll redecorate your face"

'Nope, such miracles don't happen' -Shigeru sighed.

Tohru blinked- "Molesting? But, Kyou-kun, Shigeru-san was just being nice to me"

'Beautiful soul, but not quite attentive' -the Inu mused to himself, then spoke out loud, addressing the red-haired teen- "Tell me, why so aggressive so early? Didn't have a nice catnap?"

The Cat just shrugged, as he plopped on his usual spot, stomach already rumbling.

"I'll get your breakfast, Kyou-kun" -the girl smiled sweetly as she rose graciously and went into the kitchen.

The teenager followed her with his eyes, suppressing a small smile of his own.

{..Everyone around has it,

has a star lighting up their ways,

giving joy, taking away pain...}

"Happy, Kyou-kun?" -Shigeru spoke knowingly, taking note of Kyou's glance.

"Shut up" -was the polite answer.

"Grace of god, why should I endure such treatment?" -the man sighed- "It was a very simple question, although I don't need to hear the answer"

Kyou shot a glare at Shigeru, expecting to find mockery in the Dog's eyes. But oddly enough, the writer's gaze was one of kindness and calm happiness.

"I'm glad for you" -the Inu added after a while, finishing his mint tea- "It's not usual to obtain such comprehension from our Master"

"Hmp"- Kyou snorted, Akito's name flashing in his mind. Though Shigeru was right...

What had happened, what had possible convinced Akito to accept Tohru in his family? Truth to be told, every single Sohma liked the girl, she had become an important part in their lives, had even managed to reverse the cursed form Kyou adopted when he lost his bracelet, something the Cat was grateful for.....

But Akito was not one to be tolerant about those feelings, hindrances as he called them, he had never cared about what the others felt or thought, as long as they obeyed his orders....At least that was what Kyou had heard, since the Cat himself didn't know much about the Sohma's Master.....he was the forgotten Cat after all...

'Yeah, the forgotten Cat thanks to certain cold prick still sleeping upstairs'

"Here's your breakfast, Kyou-kun, and your milk" -Tohru placed the food in front of the teen and sat next to him.

"Uh, thanks" -Kyou barely mumbled under his breath, as he proceeded to empty the glass of milk in few seconds.

"Isn't Yuki-kun awake yet?" -the Honda girl asked as she glanced at the staircase.

"You know that damned Rat doesn't like mornings" -Kyou snarled in disgust.

"It's Sunday, Tohru-kun, Yuki-kun will make his appearance eventually" -Shigeru shrugged.

"If it only meant never" -the Cat mumbled.

"Kyou-kun!" -Tohru exclaimed, gently chiding him, her eyes still soft and affectionate.


Upstairs, the Rat's room was already empty.


All around smelled pure, a bit moist, distant scent of roses mingled with cedar and oak. And everything was quiet, except for the faint breeze whistling.

Maybe it was the stillness of the garden, the calmness it provided what liked Yuki the most.

He himself didn't make a sound, as his gloved hands worked on the grass and soil, rearranging places for the new seeds to grow. He lifted his right arm, moving away tresses of gray hair that fell on his eyes with the back of his hand. The wisps of hair fell back on place.

'Done' -he thought, sitting back on his feet and studying his work.

Neat and perfect as usual. Still, the teen sighed wearily and he stood from his place.

Some feet ahead stood the roses, the ones he liked very much. There were also orchids, very few had blossomed, but winter would soon arrive. The mixture of colors gave the garden the appearance of a mosaic, so full of contrast.

The dark-eyed boy moved towards the flowers, taking the gloves off his hands in the process. He preferred working without them when it came to such delicate matters.

As he knelt in front of the small bushes, a memory came flashing through his mind.


The magnificent gardens surrounded the place, as if enclosing the entire house in a world of its own.

Little Yuki sat at the threshold of the door, contemplating. The air was cold, and he quivered in his place, but didn't move. He rather be there than any other place inside the big house.

Dull, unmistakable footsteps announced someone's arrival to the room.

"Yuki, come inside. The cold is bad for both our health"

The child nodded, standing ever so slowly.

The same monotonous voice spoke again, this time gaining the slightest roughness.

"Yuki, don't make me repeat myself"

Large, blue-gray eyes turned to look at the young Master, fear mirrored in those eyes, as the kid hurried to close the tobira, shutting the Sohma's main house from the exterior.

*[end flashback]*

All of a sudden, Yuki didn't feel as working on his garden anymore. He was feeling rather sick of his stomach.

"Maybe is the cold breeze" -he murmured, as he collected all his gardening implements and put them away into the small nearby cot- "Winter will come sooner this year" -he decided, as he glanced up to the sky.

The sky was its usual radiant blue, and it wasn't like Yuki could read the weather, but....

But it always felt better, at least to Yuki, to think that winter would soon arrive. He knew that everyone was waiting for springtime, but there was something about winter....

He didn't know what, though, 'cause winter forced people to stay indoors, painted the sky a dull gray or full dark, brought either rain or snow, both things very cold....

'Maybe I'm just weird' -he decided, making his way out into the streets. A small, slightly cynical smile crossed his lips- 'As weird as a boy turning into a mouse can get'

"It's not usual seeing you smiling about nothing" -a somehow deep voice caught Yuki's attention. He turned, only to find Hatsuharu standing close by.

"Hatsuharu" -the Rat greeted politely.

"Haru is just fine" -the black-and-white haired teen replied, coming to stand beside his smaller cousin.

"Right"- Yuki conceded, starting to walk, the Cow accompanying him- "It's just that it doesn't quite fit you, Haru.'spring'..."

"Why? If I am so cheerful and friendly" -the other teen replied in his deadpan voice.

"A bit ironic, aren't we?" -Yuki smiled faintly- "How is everyone doing?"

"Hn. As always. Momiji keeps on teasing Kisa, your brother extravagant as usual, Kagura stomps on everything, Hatori quiet....quieter than usual, though"

The nezumi continued staring at the taller boy, a bit surprised by the long speech, long coming from Haru at least.

"Something wrong with Hatori-san?" -Yuki asked after a while.

"Not that I know" -Haru shrugged- "You don't need to ask me, Yuki. You know the reason why Hatori is so drawn"

The silver-haired Sohma kept silent. The topic was turning unpleasant. And yes, he knew that Hatori was that way because of Akito. And if Hatori had been forced to stay more time inside the Main House, only meant that the Master wasn't feeling well.

Yuki wondered if he felt something resembling compassion for that man.

"And how is everyone doing back at yours?" -Haru asked, attempting to make conversation.

Strange, how Yuki was one of the few Sohmas Hatsuharu actually liked. Kisa, the little tiger, and the mouse were the only recipients of the Cow's nice treatment.

Probably due to the legend, the Jyuunishi, in which Mouse and Cow were the first ones to arrive. But then again, wouldn't the Cow be angered at the Mouse's audacity? Wouldn't Black Haru appear at the Nezumi's presence?

After all, Yuki was the embodiment of the Rat, and everyone agreed in the fact that he depicted all the characteristics given to the First Zodiac animal. Proud, intelligent, silent, even slim. And what's more, the Cat's eternal rival.

Kyou and Yuki had always maintained a harsh and violent interaction for that matter. Though, hatred didn't seem the right word to define it...

"...just as usual. Shigeru and Honda-san take care of the house, at least Honda-san. The Inu is in the middle of an inspirational cycle, as he claims. The baka no neko keeps fooling around"

Hatsuharu blinked when Yuki's voice broke his train of thoughts. He observed that his cousin's eyes, gray or blue or lavender, Haru couldn't quite identify a color for them, seemed a bit dull, or duller than normal.

{..They do not realize, not yet

that for the ones standing so low

stars are just flimsy sparkles away

too far, far away...}

"That Honda girl is staying then, ne?" -he asked.

"Hai" -Yuki smiled. But it lacked that bit of joy Haru had noticed when Yuki talked about Honda-san.

"The Cat must be happy" -the words slipped past Haru's lips without meaning it. His own eyes turned rapidly to Yuki, realizing that had been wrong to say.

But Yuki remained calm- "We're all happy. Honda-san has changed many things for good"

"Hm, maybe that's why Akito allowed her to stay" -he offered after a moment.

"Somehow, I think....." -Yuki murmured- "That Akito has different plans in mind. He seems to be always a step ahead"

"So, you know" -Haru said, but didn't finish the sentence.

"That Akito talked to Hatori-san after that? Aa, I know" -the Mouse said- "I noticed both of them holding a conversation in the studio. Whatever they talked about, seemed to disturb Hatori-san in some extent"

"I also noticed" -the Sohma dressed in rocker's clothes said- "I even asked"

"You?" -Yuki gave a tiny smile.

"Odd, ne?" -Haru replied- "Hatori didn't tell me anything tough. But it seems Shigeru also knows. Hatori called him afterwards"

"Quiet people always seem to catch every detail around" -Yuki mused aloud.

"That goes for you as well" -Hatsuharu opined.

"I can make a guess..." -Yuki suddenly said.

"What?" -the Cow inquired.

"Akito never gives anything without expecting to get something in return"

Haru stared at his cousin blankly, not quite understanding. One street more and they would be reaching the limits of the woods were Shigeru's house stood.

"I'll see you later, Hatsuharu" -Yuki said as he continued walking.

"It's Haru" -the taller teen repeated.

Yuki gave him a sidelong glance as he commented. "I happen to like winter better. But only because of you, I could give spring a try"

Haru raised an eyebrow, acquiring a tiny smirk- "Don't worry, I also happen to like winter better, Yuki, I specially like the snow..."

With that, the rocker-wanna-be went back to the main streets.

Yuki pondered his cousin's words for a second, his smile one of confusion, before he made his way through the natural path towards the house. Surely, Tohru would chide him for not being there to take his breakfast.

'It doesn't matter, though. The Cat was there. It was good enough, I guess' -Yuki tried to take the bitter tone out of his thoughts, but it still hurt a bit. No matter how much he tried and convince himself that Tohru's unconscious decision was the best, that the Cat needed someone like her, he still felt hurt. It seemed like Tohru would always be just 'Honda-san' to him.

He could take it, if Kyou would refrain from rubbing at his face that Tohru had chosen the Cat over the Rat.

'By the way, Kyou hasn't commented anything. What is the baka neko thinking? Isn't he going to talk to Honda-san openly? Not that I'm eager he does it, but still, if she already chose....maybe trying to save me the embarrassment' -the teen mused sourly- 'Baka. He shouldn't wait so long. It's not like if he cares about what the Rat feels...'

"Tadaima" -Yuki called as he stepped into the house. He stood still as he was in the process to take off his shoes.

In front of him, Hatori and Shigeru were sitting at the table, both men's eyes fixed in the incomer.

"Ohayo, Yuki-kun" -Shigeru greeted- "I'm glad you're back home"

Yuki's eyes traveled from one Sohma to the other, but he did not miss the tone the Inu had tried and mask.

A bit stressed, a bit sad, a bit worried.

With a respectful nod of his head, he greeted both Shigeru and the doctor, Hatori.

"It's good to see you, Yuki-kun" -the Dragon said in his serious voice.

"It's nice to see you too, Hatori, what's honor of this visit?" -he asked, as he sat down in the opposite side of the table.

"Do I need a reason to be here?" -Tori replied.

"I think so. Please, no games, Hatori" -Yuki said, his eyes turning cold and distant, as if protecting himself from something to come.

"Tori-san is here to pay me a visit, Yuki-kun, don't be so rude" -Shigeru spoke, but his voice lacked any real sincerity. It was still marked with that same mournful concern.

"Are you not going to eat? I heard Honda-san made you breakfast" -Hatori intended in smoothing things.

"I'm not hungry, thank you" -the Rat replied.

"You should watch your health, Yuki-kun, you're not a very sturdy person to say the truth" -the doctor continued.

A cold smile found its way to Yuki's lips- "Are you going to tell me why Akito sent you, Hatori-san?"

"Akito didn't send Hatori to talk to you, Yuki-kun" -Shigeru explained- "He sent him to talk to me"

"Shigeru and I have some matters to attend, only that" -Tori added.

"Why is it that Sohmas are so keen to hide the truth?" -Yuki sighed- "About everything.."

The short-haired teen stood to leave the room, but he was halted.

"Sit then, Yuki-kun, if that's what you want" -Hatori said a bit reluctantly.

Shigeru gave the doctor a frantic look- "But, Hatori..."

The Dragon only shook his head, hushing the Inu.

"I am here, because Akito has placed a burden upon us, Shigeru and me" -the tall Sohma explained.

"Yet another?" -Yuki said, his voice reproving.

"It's a task we are reluctant to accomplish, but you well know, Yuki-kun, that the Master's orders are final" -Shigeru said defeated.

"Is this related to Honda-san?" -Yuki asked, his pulse quickening.

"Partially..yes, is related" -Hatori answered.

"He already said she is to stay" -Yuki exclaimed fervently- "You are not here to take her memory away, are you?" -dark eyes glared at the Dragon.

"No" -Hatori shook his head- "Honda-san is not to be taken from here or been harmed in any form. Akito conceded you and the rest of the Sohmas that"

"Then, what is it?" -Yuki inquired.

"Master Akito believes he has been extremely generous to all of us" -Hatori started- "And his health hasn't been good lately, he's forced to stay indoors under my care, but he wishes to have more distraction...."

"He never gives anything without expecting something in return" -Yuki said out loud, already foreseeing the news from the doctor.

"Master Akito is pleased to have Hatori, Hatsuharu and the rest of the young Sohmas living at the Main House, but he believes another one, a Sohma dedicated only to his care, is needed..." -Shigeru spoke softly.

"And he placed upon Shigeru and my shoulders to decide which Sohma will be taken back" -Hatori added.

Yuki smiled bitterly- "You can't lock the Cat there. Besides, he's not even one of us, not properly. And Honda-san would be sad..."

"Shigeru and I don't want to choose you, Yuki" -Hatori rapidly explained- "Your health inside the Main house was never good, and we know that's what Akito wants. It's not fair to satisfy all his whims, even if he's our Master"

"Kyou-kun is strong, very much so. Akito won't be able to harm him" -Shigeru added- "Besides, being the Cat the way he is, noisy, rough, stubborn, Akito will want to get rid of him soon. And then, there will be no way for the Master to force you back there..."

Yuki looked out the window, cold and indifferent- "That's true. But Akito always figures out a way to get things done his way. Once the Cat is inside, he'll try and tame him, only to prove us wrong. Surely, Akito will request Hatori to erase his memory"

"No, he won't" -Shigeru counteract- "Right, Tori-san?"

The Doctor remained silent, not meeting the Inu's eyes.

"He...he plans to ask you that?" -Shigeru stuttered.

"As Yuki-kun said, it's highly possible" -the Dragon admitted.

"And if I go back, he would do the same thing, ne?" -the Mouse asked, not looking at them.

Hatori nodded- "He wouldn't like you to be there, remembering the years you've lived out of his custody, less remembering Honda-san. He wants a Sohma just for him"

"You can't allow this to happen, Yuki-kun" -Shigeru shook his head, long hair swaying with the movement.

"So, you haven't taken a decision yet?" -the teen inquired.

"Not yet" -both men said.

"Leave it to me" -Yuki said firmly- "I'll decide"

"But, Yuki-kun, Master Akito is waiting my return soon" -Hatori sighed.

A sudden loud noise interrupted, as the doors of the room were thrown wide open.

"You baka!!! Have some decency, kuso nezumi!!" -a rampaging red-haired youth entered the before-quiet room- "Making Tohru worried for some stupid mouse!!!"

Three sets of eyes looked at him.

Kyou blinked.

"Ne, Hatori, when did you get here?"

"Just a minute ago, Kyou-kun. Cheerful as always, ne?"

The Cat mumbled something in the fashion of 'weird psycho doc' and continued addressing the Rat.

"You, you're supposed to have such nice manners, ne? Come to the kitchen right now! Gee, your breakfast has been there for about an hour now. This damned Mouse, remind me not to go looking for you again!! Cats are not suppose---"

The thundering teen disappeared through the same door he had come in, mumbling something about cats supposed to hunt mice, not baby-sit them.

Yuki raised an elegant eyebrow, as he continued listening to the voices beyond the room.

"..Yuki-kun back? You mean you found him? Thank you so much, Kyou-kun, you're so nice and kind and --!!!!!"


"Oh, my, Kyou-kun! Gomen nasai, I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to turn you into kitty again..."

{..Everyone around has it,

has a dream nestled within,

sooner or later it will be real...}

"You said Akito is waiting for your return?" -Yuki turned to look at Hatori- "Then go back to Akito and tell him the decision has been made".


"Yuki-kun! Where have you been all day? Kyou-kun said you were back, but I didn't see you around all morning!" -Tohru gazed with big, concerned eyes at the teen that had just appeared at the staircase.

The clock on the wall read 01:45 pm.

"I'm sorry for making you worry, Honda-san. It was never my intention" -the gray-haired youth apologized with a gentle smile- "I had some things to attend.."

"Is something wrong, Yuki-kun? Can I help you?" -the girl asked frantically- "Oh no, please don't tell me something happened to Kyou-kun! I haven't seen him for a while either"

The slightest flicker of sadness passed across Yuki's eyes, but his smile remained as bright as always.

"It's nothing to worry, Honda-san, you'll be just fine, no one is going to take you away from this house....as for that Neko, I haven't seen him either...."

"Yo! It's not like I want to see you too, nezumi" -a well-known voice sounded close as Kyou, no, an orange cat jumped from the roof and stood there in the windowsill.

"Kyou-kun!!" -Tohru exclaimed, taking the cat in her arms, as she giggled- "You always look so cute in this form!"

"Tohru!!! Put me down!!" -the cat protested. Not that Kyou didn't like the attention, but he still felt a bit shy.

"Gomen, I couldn't help myself" -the girl chuckled, then she said in her sing-song voice- "Tohru will serve your lunch, please come down in a minute and everything will be ready!"

And she proceeded to descend the stairs.

"Thanks so much, Honda-san, but I won't take lunch..." -Yuki called after the girl.

Kyou turned his cat orbs to his human cousin, and Tohru also glanced back.

"Aren't you feeling well, Yuki-kun? I can fix you a delicious miso soup, or a -----"

"Don't bother, Honda-san. There's nothing wrong. I just took breakfast late, and I'm not hungry"

"You sure, Yuki-kun?" -the long-haired girl inquired.

"Aa" -Yuki gave her one of his prettiest smiles.

"Fine" -the girl continued her way merrily- "Then I'll just fix Kyou-kun something!"

"That's right" -the cat purred, watching Yuki with mocking eyes- "Too bad you're not coming, nezumi, but don't worry, Tohru and I won't miss you too much..." -Kyou smiled like a real Cheshire cat.

The Mouse looked down at the Cat with a slight disdainful expression, the one he had always used on Kyou.

"Go sharpen your claws or something, kitty, I don't have to waste my time listening to a brainless cat"

"Suuure, I got the feeling someone's ego is not feeling quite well.."

"I don't see why." -Yuki shrugged as he walked towards his room.

"Then the baka nezumi has turned blind" -the Cat said from behind. But a second after that comment, Kyou added in a wistful voice- "Still, the stupid mouse shouldn't feel sad, he's got many other opportunities. Wasn't the mouse the lucky bastard who arrived first?"

Yuki turned mildly, to give the orange feline a questioning and a bit surprised glance.

"Uh, I mean." -Kyou sounded unaccountably awkward trying to get the words out- "I mean that, people always have to look forward, not backwards. Something like...err..like keeping a dream..and....K'so!!! How stupid I sound!"

And with that, the Cat jumped gracefully stair down stair, making his way towards the kitchen, where a smiling Tohru waited for him.

Yuki stood silent and still for minute, thinking.

Thinking about how the Cat had something resembling a good heart. Maybe that was the reason why he had taken such decision just a couple of hours ago.

It was ironic, though, how Kyou thought that Yuki had so many good things in his life and future, when it just happened to be the opposite.

But, then again, why shatter that illusion for Kyou and Tohru? Wouldn't it be better if they thought so?

{..They do no know, not yet

that for the ones who aren't dreaming

dreams can be quite useless

when there's nothing for you to reach...}

A silent room greeted the Rat as he stepped into his dorm. There were no flowerpots, no pictures on the wall, no books on the shelves anymore. As the hours passed by the room became voider.


"How was work, Tohru-kun?" -Shigeru asked as he saw the girl entering the porch of the house.

"Fine!!" -she sang- "And I brought groceries to make a delicious dinner!"

"Your cooking is always delicious, my dear Tohru-kun!" -the Dog smiled helping the girl with the paper bags.

"Thanks!" -she smiled, cheeks pinking up in embarrassment- "I try to do my best to make all of you happy, because you have been so nice to me" -she replied- "Oka-san must be so happy to see me from Heaven, now that I have a home!"

"Hai, hai, Tohru-kun, your mother must be the happiest angel up there" -the writer suddenly acquired a concentrate look.

"What is it?" -the girl wondered.

"I just had this extremely good, fantastic, incredible idea for my new novel! Oh, it's going to be such a success!!" -the Sohma under the Inu curse clasped his hands together- "It will be about two angels, two strikingly beautiful angels who will be expulsed of Heaven for loving each other and......"

The girl gave a nervous smile. You could practically see stars in Shigeru's eyes.

"Tohru, you're back" -the Cat, now back to his human form, peeked from the other room.

A rumbling, no, more like a thunder was heard, getting closer, closer....


"Oh, that's right. I forgot to tell you that I encountered Kagura-chan at the supermarket" -Tohru smiled.

Kyou looked extremely pale all of a sudden.

"Lets get dinner started then!" -the Honda girl exclaimed happily.

Among Kagura's lovely screams, Kyou's protests and Tohru's laughter, dinner went by really quickly.

Shigeru smiled and laughed in good humor, his heart feeling content with the young Sohmas around him.

However, that joyful scene couldn't lift the heavy weight that had settled on his chest. Secretly, he was grateful that Yuki had decided not to come downstairs again.

He wouldn't be able to smile and behave as himself if he had to look into the Mouse's dark bluish eyes that night.

"By the way, where's the so called Prince?" -Kagura suddenly stopped strangulating Kyou, looking around.

"Air!! I need air!" -the Cat exclaimed.

"Kagura-chan, Kyou-kun is turning purple" -Tohru pointed out worriedly.

"My dear Kyou, is there something wrong with you?!" -the Boar girl asked concernedly.

"Yes, you" -the boy barely mumbled.

Shigeru smiled again, suppressing a sigh.

The question had gone unheard.


The voices and sounds filtered to the room upstairs.

Yuki lied in his bed, eyes closed, but not sleeping. How could he sleep, knowing this was the last night...

'Everything will be different tomorrow..'

Cold air slipped past the curtains, chilling his skin.

The youth got to his feet, coming to stand in front of the open window.

Nothing was visible among the darkness of the sky. No clouds, or moon, or stars...

{..So, you'll just have to make a wish

even if you don't believe in faith

life could teach you different..

.. Make a wish ..}

The dark-haired teen shook his head, averting his eyes from the blackness above.

'There's nothing in there for me, after all..' -he thought, as he closed the crystal and his pale hand took hold of the curtain's soft fabric.

But before he turned away from the night scene, a whisper escaped his lips.

"I wish I felt nothing....I almost wish I could forget them all....I wish my life could be as if I'm sleeping, not dead to the world, but not living either....."


"Akito-san, it's getting late. Please, return to your chambers, this cool wind won't do you well..."

Hatori respectfully requested to the Sohma's Master, currently leaning against the tobira's frame, watching the darkening sky.

"I'm very pleased....." -the quiet, solemn voice said.

Hatori stepped just an inch closer when he noticed the other Sohma was addressing him.

"I'm very pleased with the news you gave me" -Akito turned his icy eyes to gaze at the Dragon.

Hatori only nodded, not looking at all as content as his Master.

"I've missed young Yuki terribly...I want him to be welcomed the best way possible...."

"I'll take care it's done so" -the Doctor sighed- "Now, Akito-san, please...."

"Don't worry, I'm going to my room now" -Akito started walking, his steps muffled, as if he was only a shadow, or a lost soul- "Tomorrow.....tomorrow....he'll belong to me again...."

To Be Continued....

A/N: There are some hints along the story that make reference to the FB series. For example, Haru's affectionate way of treating Yuki. I'm so used to it by now, that it doesn't sound weird to me anymore. Hence the line where Haru said he liked snow. Yes, Yuki means snow in Japanese.

Another thing, Akito's comments about Yuki. You people remember the Rat used to live under his custody, right? Or at least that's what I think.

Oh, and I call Hatori 'Dragon' only because I like that term better than 'Seahorse'.

The {} text are verses from a song that gave name to this fic. If you pay a bit of attention to the lyrics, you'll see how they match with the story..

This is Part One, where everything starts. This is a multipart story, so the 2nd part will be out soon. It will be interesting to read what happens when the other Sohmas find out about Yuki's absence, and even more shocking when Akito orders for Yuki's memory to be erased....

I can't help but smile a little. Do you imagine the day when the Cat will turn to be the mouse's protector? That's exactly what's about to happen....

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Ja ne.