(Arkham asylum)

Outside Arkham Asylum some guards were in there watch towers on alert just in case there was an attempt to escape or someone tried to break in on person stood outside the gates.

He could already see how messed the system they were using was, so he counted every second, waiting for the moment where he could get out and show this messed up world true justice

And put the warden's head through a sword for tossing him in the cell and collaring him like some pet but he knew that one day he'd get his chance as he could escape any time he wanted he was merely waiting for the perfect moment

Revenge for isolating him away from all the others in this prison except in rare moments when one would escape and pass his cell giving him someone to talk to or when they'd let them out in the courtyard

He made one friend In the Courtyard his name was Chanto Santana but everyone else called him El Diablo, he had the unique ability to control fire.

He made another friend but she… was crazy. Harley Quinn aka Harleen Quinzel, She used to work here until Joker got in her head and made her his sidekick.

They met as she dropped in his cell one day as she attempted an escape, the two talked for hours and yet when the guards came for her they found the two making out

Sure she always went back to Joker but she'd always return to him whenever 'the need' would arise as apparently Joker was lacking in equipment

Though she would only let him do oral on her which he hoped to change soon

Whenever they would meet up he'd teach her how to use Chakra, just like he planned to do to whoever would be loyal to him when he got out, he gave her instructions to teach what he taught her to others, the small number of people he has gotten to interact with

One of which was one Waylon Jones, a man who had a skin condition that made him like a crocodile, he was picked on by those around him and came from a bad family, but Naruto didn't see him as a monster, he saw him for the man he truly was no matter how monstrous he looked

Another was Poison Ivy as he liked her talents as she had control over plants the feeling being mutual as she liked him for some odd reason often saying he felt more like a plant than human

Another one was Nanaue aka King Shark he was a little dim but Naruto liked him after he explained what friends were to him he became very loyal to him and his allies

One he became friends with was Cleo Cazo aka Rat Catcher 2 she was a sweetheart in his eyes and he was surprised she was locked up in arkham at all

though he could see why others would find her strange what with her power to control and communicate with rats she could easily escape as the asylum was known for it's rat issues but she was lazy which Naruto found cute

One he got in touch with was Basil Karlo aka Clayface. Once a handsome actor that got into a accident he used a special cream to continue his acting career and one day he was a living pile of clay due to a special compound he injected himself with

Naruto got to know him when the warden made him take Clayface his food. The two bonded when Naruto got a tv in his cell and he watched some of Karlo's films, which he enjoyed as it was better than staring at a white wall

One person he befriended was Abner Krill aka the polka dot man, he was interesting to say the least quiet and a little fidgety

They met when some assholes were trying to attack him in the courtyard and Naruto made them leave with a glare, after that he was loyal to Naruto

The last person he befriended here was a woman, Louise Lincoln, aka Killer Frost. A woman with the unique power to control ice, when he tried talking to her once she tried freezing him, which to her amazement, didn't work. Ever since then they chatted and she eventually got to where she could stand him at least more than anyone else that came into contact with her

Suddenly a buzzer got his attention pulling him out of his thoughts as it was time for him to go to his shower as the warden gave him his own shower away from the rest as the last time he showered with others he snapped some of the inmates necks

He got up and headed for the shower, where he tossed his suit into the dirty laundry and his new one would be placed outside

Taking off the suit was hard as he had to get the clothes around his shock collar

Naruto sighed as he let the water hit him washing off the grime, knowing only more grime will take its place

(Lemon Start)

Suddenly familiar hands covered his eyes "Guess who, whiskers~" a familiar female voice said

Naruto smiled at this "How did you get in here Harley?" he asked as she uncovered his eyes and started hugging him pressing her massive breasts into his back

"The vents, Mr. J has a new plan and he needs me out of Arkham to do it, but I thought I could make a stop on my way out." Harley said cutely

"And why would you want to visit me?" Naruto asked as Harleys hands moved from his chest down to his cock which she started to pump in her hands

Harley giggled as she felt his cock get hard "Oh poor whiskers I have been so mean not letting you fuck me when we play" she said as she kissed his neck

"Yeah"Naruto grunted in pleasure from Harley pumping his cock

"14 inches of pure man and 3 inches thick… hmm, a real bitch breaker" Harley said as she licked her lips

Harley then licked his whiskers which to her amusement made him purr "Whiskers, did you just purr?" she asked her jaw hanging in shock and she rubbed them some more getting more purrs "oh my god you got so much cuter" she said with a giggle

Naruto then pinned her against the wall and began making out with her with force he grabbed one of her large DD-breasts in his hand and grabbed her by her plump ass with the other as she wrapped her legs around his waist

"Yahtzee!" Harley said grinning happily as Naruto rubbed his cock against her wet pussy

"Tell me your mine" Naruto panted as he was barely controlling himself from just fucking her through the wall but he wanted her to submit before he took her

Harley's eyes widened at this as she was surprised Naruto didn't just take her he wanted to own her she smirked at this and kissed him "I don't know whiskers are you man enough to make me yours?" she asked teasingly

Naruto put a hand against the wall by her head cracking the wall as his eyes were slitted "According to what you said the first time you blew me, I'm 3 times the man your Mr. J is." he said

Harley giggled at this "Ah memories" she said with a smile remembering how Naruto fucked her throat

"I want you to be mine and no one else's" Naruto said as he looked at Harley

"Awww you wuv your Harley?" Harley asked with a giggle

"Yes because you're the first one to give me the attention I've been missing from this horror house, now be mine so I can make love to you." Naruto said almost sounding like he was begging/pleading

Harley looked at him in surprise "Y-you love me?" she stuttered taken back as she knew deep down she had never experienced 'true love'

"Yes, I love you Harleen Quinzel." Naruto said in pure total honesty

Harley smiled madly as she pulled Naruto into a rough kiss with tongue "Take me Mr. N." she whispered sultrily into his ear

Naruto growled as he thrusted into Harley's pussy

Harley threw her head back screaming in pleasure feeling his cock beginning to stretch out her walls

Naruto started to thrust into Harley making her cry out in lust as his hips slapped against her's

"Yeah Mr. N, rev up your harley!" Harley called out as her arms gripped his back and her legs held him tightly

Naruto grunted as he started going harder at her making the shower wall crack from the force

"Y-You're hitting me all the way in the back, whiskers!" Harley shouted as she felt him tapping the entrance of her womb even poking inside of it a little

"You've given me so much pleasure in the past, I'm returning it full full force!" Naruto yelled

"I'm glad I knocked out the guards, so you can go for hours!" Harley said

"Naughty girl" Naruto growled as he smacked Harley on the ass making her ass jiggle

"Yahtzee!, but I'm your naughty girl" Harley said with a mad grin as he fucked her harder

"I'm gonna kill the Joker and take over Gotham" Naruto growled as he fucked Harley

"The fox prince of crime!" Harley called out

"And you will be one of my bitches!" Naruto yelled as he started to fuck her harder making the shower wall crack even more

"Ah!" Harley screamed as she felt Naruto enter her womb "Those guards will be out long enough for you to give me some of your cream and get back, so give me all you got, make me savor it as I wait to come back and spring you!" she screamed

Naruto leaned in and kissed her as he began to channel chakra all over his body as he groped her breasts and went full force on her pussy

Harley moaned as she held Naruto's head to her lips as her eyes rolled up as her mind started to get hazy

Naruto let out a muffled roar against her lips as he erupted and filled her womb with his seed

Harley squealed as she felt his seed fill her and this caused her pussy to clench and cum all over naruto's cock

Naruto pulled back from her lips letting her watch as her womb began to expand slightly showing her stomach bulging trying to hold in all of his seed

"I love you Mr. N." Harley panted as she rested her head against his looking into his eyes

"Did I make it worth your while?" Naruto asked

"Uh huh did I satisfy you?" Harley asked as she kissed his shoulder

"Well I'm still hard." Naruto said pointing at his still hard cock

"Aww and those guards will be waking up any moment." Harley said as she pouted

Naruto turned Harley around and pushed her against the shower wall and rubbed his cock against her ass

"Uh… W-whiskers?" Harley said very nervous as even though she had done and had said many sexual things that was the one part of her that was still untouched

"I don't care if we get caught I want you so bad" Naruto growled as he rubbed his cock on her ass

Harley blinked before smiling as she bent over and spread her cheeks "Go ahead whiskers take my black cherry." she said submitting as she saw the look in his eyes and knew he wanted her and she couldn't deny him any part of her as she wanted him to have and take every last inch of her body

Naruto grinned as he grabbed her hips and preceded to push himself into her back door "The guards don't care about me, they'll let me stay in here as they know I have nowhere to go, so I can pound you for as long as I want." he said roughly

Harley gripped the shower wall tightly before screaming as he entered her back door "H-how can you feel bigger in the back than in the front?" she said

"Maybe you're just that tight." Naruto said as he grasped her tits with his chakra covered hands

"Ah! ah! oh god! Harley yelled out as he fucked her ass and groped her tits roughly

Narutos hips met Harley's ass repeatedly making her ass clap eroticly making him growl and start to fuck her harder

He then grabbed her by her ponytails then pulled on them making her squeal in bliss

"You are built to fuck I can't believe you are so sex starved" Naruto panted as he felt she was incredibly tight

"L-like I sa-aid, y-you're a lot b-bigger than Mr. J-J" Harley said as with Joker she always faked her orgasims as he never once actually satisfied her

Naruto grinned as he put one of her legs on his shoulder making it easier for him to move inside her

"Oh god! Naruto I'm gonna!" Harley yelled out as he breasts shook from his rough thrusts

"Me too!" Naruto called out

Harley turned around in her standing split and kissed him

Just as the two felt their release Naruto pulled away and bit her shoulder putting some of Arkham Knight's chakra into her

Harley screamed out in bliss as she and Naruto climaxed together completely unaware that now there was a Uzumaki swirl appeared on her ass and on her back was a tattoo of a chibi fox holding a mallet, her Joker tattoos disappeared as she fell to the shower floor

Naruto panted as he let go of Harley letting her slowly drop to the ground panting from her experience

"Wowsers, Whiskers, you sure do know how to show a girl a good time." Harley said her voice lightly weak as she was trying to recover from her monstrous fucking

"I'm glad you were my first" Naruto said as he smiled and helped Harley up

"Y-you're still hard?" Harley asked Hey eyes widening seeing his cock wasn't even winded

"I'm a stamina freak, but I can wait until you get back." Naruto said

"Maybe I should bring a friend you animal" Harley said with a perverted grin

Naruto pulled her into a kiss "Now go, while you can still walk." he said

Harley jumped up to the ceiling to one of the vents

Naruto could see her clothes inside it as she closed it but not before blowing him a kiss

(Lemon End)

Naruto grinned as this meant his perfect chance to escape was coming near

And when he got out… the world was gonna be thrown in for a wild ride

(Few months later)

Naruto's ears perked as he heard his cell way open and could hear multiple footsteps

"Where are all the prisoners for this way?" A deepish voice said

"Records only say 1, a meta and a pretty strong one too." A familiar elderly voice said that Naruto's heard on occasion

"Commissioner Gordon, so glad to see you again. How's Barbara?" Naruto asked as men wheeling in the Joker were seen along with a man dressed like a bat "Dresses like a bat… I can dig it but the ears are stupid " he said with a smirk

"Ha! He's got you there bats!" Joker yelled as he cackled

"Who are you?" Batman asked

"Just a man that a pathetically weak warden was scared of and got thrown in here and forgotten." Naruto said

"Wait, the warden just locked you up?" Gordon asked

"I'd say more but… he's listening and the more I talk the stronger the jolt he'll make on this… dog collar he slapped on me." Naruto said

Batman glared at this and nodded as they left with the Joker

'Huh they actually seemed to care' Naruto thought as he watched them leave 'oh well to late now' he thought as he clenched his fists

"See you later whiskers, hope you can make it to the party!" Joker said as he was wheeled past him

'Huh so he's planning a mass breakout' Naruto thought

It wasn't before long that Naruto heard a commotion through his superior hearing

"Ahem, too all inmates of Arkham Asylum... Party time!" A familiar female voice said making Naruto smirk

His cell door then opened and he walked out along with some other prisoners

He heard footsteps down the end of his hall before his eyes slightly widened seeing Harley in a nurse get up

"Hello doctor~" Harley said in a low sultry tone

Naruto was instantly in front of her as he pulled her into a hug and twirled her around making her laugh

"Hmm those months felt like years waiting." Harley said as she nuzzled into his embrace

"What's that freaks plan?" Naruto asked

"Nothing much, just total control of Arkham Asylum." Harley said

"Hmmm ok you know all of my allies?" Naruto asked

"Yep and everyone who they got to work for them. They're all part of Joker's guest list for the big party tonight." Harley said

"Fuck the jokers plan we are all leaving" Naruto said

"You want to flee the bat?" Harley asked

"For now it's best to make plans and get you all properly trained" Naruto said

"Ahhhh so we can crush the bat and his little helpers easily" Harley said with a smile

"Yes and build up my army… I'm gonna show this world true justice." Naruto said

"Oooo anti hero huh? Ok I'm in" Harley said as she took out a key and approached his collar

"No need." Naruto said as he gripped his collar and ripped it off "I got used to that thing months after he slapped it on me." he said

"And you never escaped why?" Harley asked curiously

"It's called biding my time, if I just escaped everyone would be after me, best to try and escape during the chaos, besides I couldn't leave without claiming my Harley right?" Naruto said with a smile

Harley swooned as she hugged his arm "You wuv your Harley huh?" she asked

"Yes and I plan to treat her like my queen" Naruto said as he tapped her nose

Harley laughed as they walked down the hall

"You bring the clothes I asked for?" Naruto asked as he hated his prison uniform

"Absolutely babe I also got dot boys and rat girls equipment too" Harley said with a smile as she held up three bags knowing he would want his two friends well equipped

Naruto smiled as he took his clothes a battle suit that enhances strength, speed and durability and utilizes high-tech gear, it covered mostly his chest and his shoulders and wore a high tech helmet. The colour scheme was grey and red camouflage while the armour of the suit was also grey but leaning more towards silver, the helmet had two points pointing upwards like some sort of ears and the helmet was a onyx colour that seemed somewhat reflective as it covered the face of the man as well as having two blue lights where his eyes would be behind the mask that distorted and garbled his voice.

"So no one knows it's me, my dear." he said as the mask disguised his vo

Harley just smiled as the two walked down the halls


(Few minutes later in the courtyard)

"We actually beat Bats out here? Wow" Harley said

"About time you showed up." A man covered in tattoos said

"Calm down Diablo." Naruto said as he lifted his mask to show it was him rolling his eyes

Cleo and Abner were with Diablo who took the bags Harley passed them and got out their equipment

"Where's Clayface, Nanaue, Louise, Croc and Ivy?" Naruto asked

"Their prisons are different, they're locked up in the Penitentiary" Cleo said as she put on her mask and outfit, which covered up her high C cup breasts, plump ass, and slightly curvy body

"How do you know that?" Diablo asked curiously

"My friends told me" Cleo said as a rat appeared on her shoulder and waved at them

"Hey Sebastian" Naruto said as he handed the rat a piece of cheese "Harley, you go play Joker pet, while we go find and free our friends" He said

"We don't know where they keep Croc or Nanaue" Abner said

"It's obvious if you think about it" Naruto said as he pointed down at the ground

"Ah the sewers" Diablo said with a nod of understanding

"Joker has that on lock down" Harley said

"I can make a door." Naruto said as he lit up with sage chakra

Sebastian squeaked in surprise and ran over to him and climbed up on naruto's shoulder

"You and them animals." Diablo said

"Just try not to get on Bats radar, I'm sure his nerdy com chat buddy Oracle has the place wired so he hears everything." Harley said

"He has a hacker? Interesting" Naruto said as they all left with Harley taking off to do her part and free Ivy

(Few minutes later)

"What's that smell?" Naruto asked stopping

"Don't look at me." Diablo said

"Smells like Venom… but worse." Naruto said having seen the stuff when they took him to the medical area

"Probably that titan stuff, some doctor's been experimenting with Bane's stuff to make some super crud." Abner said as some of the doctors were as corrupt as the inmates

"Yeah turns a normal person into a monster." Diablo said as even he was spooked by the results

"Harley told us about it." Cleo said to him

"So… Bane's here and being experimented on, sounds like a good opportunity to get another friend" Naruto said as Bane was a different kind of criminal as he had goals and had of a somewhat decent sense of honor

"Bane only works for money so hope you have some cash handy" Diablo said to him

"Oh I will, when I get out of here." Naruto said as he used his sage mode to extend his senses reach "Found him" he said as he pointed down a hallway towards a door

Naruto led them down the hallway when there way was blocked by a electric fence

"Red light whiskers! hahahahahaha!" Joker's voice said over the PA system

"Joker you asshole what the hell!" Naruto yelled

"Can't have you freeing Mr steroid I need him to play with bats" Joker's voice said

"I don't give a shit what you need." Naruto said as he made a rasengan and slammed it into the electric fence instantly destroying it and clearing the way

"... Since when can you do that?!" Joker shouted in surprised anger

Diablo just destroyed the speaker in the corner with a fire blast"Can't stand that guy." he said

"But I wanna know since when can you do that?" Cleo asked as they ran down the hall

"Why do you think Sharpe was afraid of me?" Naruto said to them simply

"Ha a high ranking Metahuman huh?" Diablo asked with a smirk

"I'm not a meta, I'm from another world." Naruto said to them simply

"Dimension hopper huh? it's the same thing in everyone's eyes" Diablo said with a shrug

They soon stopped next to a door that had a massive lock on it

"That's the sewers" Cleo said looking at Naruto

"Thanks pretty face" Naruto said as he approached the door

Cleo blushed at this thankful that her mask hid her embarrassment

Naruto tore open the next door showing the sewer "Oh Croc~ Shark~" he called out

After a few moments a blur shot out of the water and grabbed Naruto into a hug

"Friend!" Nanaue yelled happily as he hugged Naruto

"Happy to see you too" Naruto said with a smile

"About time, whiskers" A large crocodilian man said as he came out of the water

"We're busting out of this joint." Naruto said to him

"Like the Joker's gonna make any important people leave." Croc said as even he knew the Joker was gonna use them against anyone that got in his way

"He has nothing on me and I'm leaving this place to build my empire up." Naruto said

"You nom nom?" Nanaue asked Diablo

"Don't you even try or I'll fry you." Diablo said as he ignited his hands making Nanaue shout and back up

"Nanaue remember what I taught you" Naruto said to him

"Fire bad." Nanaue said

"No what i said about eating friends" Naruto said

"Uh… not to?" Nanaue asked hoping he got it right

"Yup now be good and I'll buy you a truck load of fish" Naruto said with a smile

"Fish!" Nanaue said with a big smile as he liked to eat

"You really think you can get out of here past Batman?" Croc asked as that was a tall and hard accomplishment

"Please I'm just as smart and I don't need gadgets to kick ass" Naruto said as he led them back into the hallway

"Ow!" Nanaue said hitting his head on the top of the door

"God this guy is both scary and adorable." Naruto muttered chuckling as he shook his head

"Where too?" Croc asked

"Next we free Bane who should be at the end of this hallway Naruto said

"Bane? Why do you need him? With your chakra training we're twice as strong as that guy." Croc said

"Allies Croc allies, the more we have the more we can do" Naruto said

"Door come off!" Nanaue said as he opened the door to the next room by tearing the door off

Cleo patted Nanaue's arm making him laugh as they entered the room

"Doctor Young's personal lab." Abner said

"Lab smell bad!" Nanaue said as he could smell the titan formula

"Yeah, it smells worse than my morning breath." Croc said as even he found this foul

Naruto waved his hand using magnetism to open the doors where they saw Bane just hanging on the wall

He let out loud breaths as he lifted his head to look at them

"Hello Bane, time to leave." Naruto said as he walked into the room and began to break Bane's restraints

"Who are you?" Bane asked Naruto as he didn't recognize him

"A friend who's been locked in here for two years because an old man was afraid of him." Naruto said

"That doctor will pay for what she has done to me." Bane said fully intending on killing Young for using him like a guinea pig

"Let's hurry up before Batman shows." Diablo said not wanting to get into a fight with him

Suddenly inmates bust into the room making everyone turn to them

"You are no fun whiskers, you're ruining all my fun!" Joker yelled over the PA

"I don't care about your fun." Naruto said

"Kill him!" Joker yelled

"You really want to take on a living fire, rat master, a polka dot guy and two walking human animals?" Diablo asked as he ignited his hand

"Polka Dot guy? oh I'm so sacred aren't we boys?" one of the inmates said sarcasm in his voice as he and the other inmates laughed

"You should be afraid" Naruto said as he nodded at Abner

Abner stepped forward and opened what looked like vents on his wrists before polka dots began to leave through the vents which he fired at the inmates

when some of the polka dots hit them, the polka dots tore through them like a hot knife through butter.

"Holy shit" Diablo said his eyes widening in surprise seeing some of the inmates scream in pain as the polka dots tore threw them leaving gaping wounds

Abner then grunted as a familiar object struck his face

Everyone looked to see Batman standing in the doorway

"Nom, nom?" Nanaue asked

"Was wondering if you were getting slower Batman." Naruto said

"And you are?" Batman asked as since Naruto had his mask on he didn't recognize him

"You may call me… Arkham Knight" Naruto said deciding on his name in honor of his old friend

"Batman." Bane said as he got up

"Well, it looks like you were having a party in here." Harley said as everyone looked up to see her with a tied up Commissioner Gordon

Naruto frowned behind his mask at this as he knew Gordon was a good cop but he trusted Harley to play her part without killing him

"Now this is amusing, Bat vs Fox, ding ding ding!" Joker said laughing as he made the sound of a battle bell

"Do we really have to do this? Just let me and my friends walk by, and I won't hurt you." Naruto said

"Not happening." Batman said as he threw a batarang

Naruto caught the batarang in his hand and everyone watched as he crushed the weapon into dust in his hand

"Now that was...unnecessary" Naruto said with a edge in his voice as he soon shot at Batman quickly and took a swipe at him and slammed a low powered rasengan into his stomach

Batman grunted as he was sent flying through a wall

"Pfft that was just a love tap" Naruto said as he scoffed

Suddenly a cable shot from the smoke grabbing Naruto's shirt before he was yanked through the hole

"Bye bye." Nanaue said

"Have fun whiskers!" Joker said laughing

"What's the plan?" Cleo asked Diablo since she figured he was Naruto's right hand man

"We free Clayface, Frost and Ivy then meet up at where Naruto said to meet up" Diablo said

"New friends?" Nanaue asked curiously

"That's right Nanaue good boy" Cleo said with a smile

"Well Harley's gone." Croc said looking up to see Commissioner Gordon left up there alone

"Probably to play her part in Naruto's plan" Diablo whispered as he knew Naruto trusted Harley and knew that her quirks made it almost impossible to determine what he was having her do and that she wouldn't fail

"Woah woah he actually convinced her to change sides?" Bane whispered to Diablo as they headed for the door

"Oh please, he did that years ago." Cleo said

"He may still be an ally yet." Bane said as they left

"Aren't you supposed to bulk up?" Abner asked wondering why Nanaue had to carry the guy

"The Brujah took the venom from my system to make her Titan formula, I need a moment." Bane said as his venom has been out of his system for a long time and his body needed time to readjust

(With Naruto)

Naruto and Batman were in a underground area as Batman was throwing punches and kicks that Naruto easily blocked

"You're practically screaming your moves to me, Batman. Maybe try some new material?" Naruto said as he flipped back dodging a kick

"Who trained you? Deathstroke?" Batman asked as he's never seen a combat style like this

"No but I have been hoping to meet him someday" Naruto said as he made a few shadow clones "I'd love to stay and continue this play date but I have places to go." he said as he punched a wall and walked through it as his shadow clones attacked Batman

As Naruto ran he sensed something nearby and when he looked he saw a cell door that looked frozen

'Huh I know Frost isn't locked up here' Naruto then went to investigate before looking inside to see a blue skinned hand hit the glass "Mr. Freeze." he said recognizing the man inside from the description he got from Harley

"Who are you?" Freeze asked not knowing who he is

"A man that can promise you two things: Freedom and your wife returned." Naruto said holding two fingers up

"I'm listening" Freeze said with a hard look on his face

"My blood has the unique properties to heal me from just about any injury and fight off any disease, using your scientific knowledge I'm sure you can isolate these properties and thus make a serum to heal your ailing wife." Naruto said to him simply

"And… in return?" Freeze asked willing to pay any price

"I ask… only that you be my friend and ally." Naruto said to him

"If it means saving my wife, to embrace her once again. I will do anything." Freeze said with pure honesty

"Good let's get you out of there" Naruto said

"I need my suit, I cannot survive outside of the cold." Freeze said

Naruto heard a clang and he turned around and saw Harley with a big footlocker

"I had a inkling you would want to bring in popsicle man so I sent a shadow clone to get his suit" the Harley clone said with a smile

"Dispel and let the original know I'm going to wreck her when this is all over and done with as a reward for being a good assistant," Naruto said with a smirk at the clone of his girl.

The Harley clone giggled as she dispelled

Naruto broke open the cell before opening the locker

Freeze walked out and looked at his suit (Arkham style) before beginning to put it on "I must retrieve my wife, I will meet back with you." he said

"Have fun, next stop the Penitentiary." Naruto said as he sped through the complex to get back outside

(1 hour later)

"About time you showed up." Diablo said as they stood outside the Penitentiary

Bane walked forward now bulked up to his usual self with some extra muscle as his venom was replaced with Titan formula "The bat?" he asked as he made a vow to break the Batman

"I left a few weak clones to occupy him while I work." Naruto said as he walked past them and opened the doors

"I hear this is where the super villains are usually sent along with the psychos." Cleo said

"All we need is Louise, Ivy and Clayface then we can leave." Naruto said

"No, no, no, you're taking away so many people for my game!" Joker's voice yelled over the pa

"Put a sock in it, clown." Naruto said

"Doesn't like being ignored does he?" Abner said

"No he does not." Naruto said rolling his eyes

Eventually they came to a cell filled with pink smoke and when they approached a red headed, green skinned woman was inside all she had was a female prison top that covered her breasts and top and just a pair of grass like panties she had Low E-cup breasts, smooth curvy model like body, and a nice supple round ass

"Pretty lady." Nanaue said

"You have to let me out, my babies need me!" The woman inside said

"Hello Pamela." Naruto said

"Naruto please, can't you hear them, my babies need me" Pamela said desperately

Nanaue, Croc and Bane tried punching her cell to break it but it didn't work, Abner tried his dots and Diablo tried his flames

Suddenly the door opened as they turned and saw Harley using a keycard to open the door

"Harley what the hell are you doing?!" Joker's voice yelled over the PA

"Helping out Mr. N, you limp dicked bozo!" Harley said before shooting the speaker in the corner

"Ahh, freedom." Pamela said as she stepped out and shook her red hair

"Where's Clayface at, Pamela?" Naruto asked simply

"You can find him in the back, has his own special cell." Pamela said to him wanting to protect her babies

"Oh red, it's good to hug you again!" Harley said as she hugged Pamela

"Ok you all go spring clayface I will go get Frost" Naruto said to them

Pamela turned him around and gave him a kiss "As thanks." she said with a smile

Naruto smiled, thanking his immune system for being so strong against poisons Ivy's toxins did nothing to him

Diablo and the group headed for the Security Control Room while Naruto headed deeper into the cells

"Gah, you treat a woman right and this is how they repay you!" Joker yelled over the pa

Suddenly a screech came over the PA system

"Treat me right, all you ever did is hit me or screw me with that microscopic thing you call a dick, my man whiskers is packing 14 inches of pure man meat,which he used to fuck me stupid you loser!" Harley yelled over the PA

Naruto mentally groaned as he shook his head "Oh Harley." he said

Naruto eventually arrived in the back of the building where they give 'Mandatory' shock therapy, seeing the electrified floor plates

He then looked over seeing ice coming off a cell before he walked to it seeing a familiar face inside "Hello Louise." he said with a smirk as she got up

"Whiskers? That you?" Louise asked

"Do you know any other incredibly handsome whiskered men?" Naruto asked

"Ha, so, 14 inches huh?" Louise said with a smirk

"And 3 inches thick" Naruto added with a eye roll

"What are you waiting for, get me out!" Louise said wanting out already

Naruto punched his hand through her cell door and tore it off "Your suit" he said as a puff of smoke appeared in his hand which showed a duffle bag

Louise smirked as she grabbed her suit and Naruto turned around to let her dress

"So much better." She said as she walked out wearing her usual suit which was basically a blue leotard which hugged her plump ass and E cup breasts she was also wearing blue combat boots

"As soon as we get Clayface we can ditch this place" Naruto said

"So what exactly is your plan once we leave anyway?" Louise asked as they left her cell

"We grow our resources." Naruto said

The entrance/exit opened and armed men entered the room

"You got this?" Naruto asked, putting his hand out onto her shoulder but then realized something. "That's not your shoulder is it?" he asked

He looked to see he put his hand on her breast instead of her shoulder

"Fire!" the lead criminal said as they opened fire only for their bullets to hit a ice barrier

"My turn." Louse said as she walked around the barrier and shot shards of ice that stabbed the inmates killing them instantly

"Nice." Naruto said before he stopped as she put her hand between his legs

"You copped a feel of me, only fair I do the same." Lousie said with a smirk

She walked past him heading for the exit but stopped and turned around him and flashed him her tits making his eyes widen before laughing as she put her top back on

"You're such a tease." Naruto said with a chuckle

They stopped as a mud like arm went through a door slamming a inmate against a wall

"They found Karlo." Naruto said

"Frosty!" Harley said as she ran and hugged Louise

Louise rolled her eyes but smiled as she hugged Harley back

"Freedom has never tasted so good." A large mud like creature said as he walked behind Nanaue and Croc

"It'll be delicious when we leave my friend." Naruto said

"Let's blow this pop stand!" Harley said

"I can't leave my babies behind." Ivy said

"So we're gardeners now? Why waste our time on some stupid plants." Bane said

"Because she asked me too" Naruto said as he made some clones "Go gather Ivy plants and seal them in a scrolls and bring the scrolls to me" he said to his group of clones

"And what're we supposed to do while we wait?" Bane asked

"What else? We have some fun." Naruto said

"Fun?" Nanaue said as he was eating one of the inmates Frost killed

"Let's leave Joker a reason to really get mad" Naruto said with a chuckle

(few hours later)

Naruto twirled the scrolls in his hands that held Ivy's beloved plants as they headed their way for their exit

Suddenly a giant thud was heard behind him and his gang and they looked back to see Joker… but he looked monstrous. He was hulking, pieces of his bones came out of his skin like where his ribs and spine were had exposed muscles here and there with warts, his fingernails were like long claws, he also had a mohawk and all that remained of his original clothes was his pants

"So that's Titan." Naruto said

"You've messed up everything I worked so hard for, months of planning, ruined!" Joker shouted

"To be fair Batman was probably gonna stop you as usual." Naruto said nonchalantly

"Nom nom!" Nanaue said charging only to get backhanded and slid back to where the others were "Ow!" he said

"Okay, now I'm pissed." Naruto said as his body lit up with sage mode

"Big whoop so you can give yourself frog eyes." Joker said

"So tell me are the roids to compensate for your tiny dick now that everyone knows via Harley's announcement?" Naruto asked

"And also the news covered it at 8 as well" Harley piped in

"How did that happen?" Naruto asked

"I sent Vicki Vale a text" Harley said

"How'd you get her number?" Lousie asked

"Google." Harley answered

Joker yelled as he charged as did Naruto's gang

Naruto jumped up and slammed his fist into Joker's face sending him flying "Little newsflash, you mess with my friends, you mess with me." he said as he glared down at Joker

Harley whispered something into Croc and Bane's ears which made them smirk as did Ivy

Croc and Bane held Joker's arms down as Ivy wrapped him in some vines

Harley stood between his legs with her favorite mallet "Fore!" she shouted as she slammed her mallet between Joker's legs with a golf swing making him squeal loudly as they got off of him

"Nighty night." Naruto said as he jumped up and slammed a rasengan into Joker's face making a big explosion

Joker groaned as he was missing some teeth as the smoke cleared

Naruto grunted with amusement as he looked up at the top of the visitor center and saw Batman glaring down at then

"Harley dear lead the team to where I said we would meet up, I have some business with the bat" Naruto said as he walked towards the open area where he knew Batman would meet him

Harley saluted Naruto cutely as she led the others out of the asylum

"So…. 14 inches?" Ivy asked Harley as they ran

"You have no idea, red." Harley said with a giggle

Batman glided down using his cape and landed a few feet in front of Naruto

"Now's the part where you inject Joker with that cure you made in your little secret hide out here isn't it? Don't be so surprised I can sense the ground beneath me in a way and I sensed your secret clubhouse when I got here" Naruto said as they began to walk in a circle the other not taking their eye off the other

"So you knew where I'd be and everything I'd do since Joker pulled this off" Batman said

"Yes, as you're slightly predictable." Naruto said as he watched Batman pull out a injector that he put in Joker's neck administering the Titan cure

"I don't know why you bother saving him he's not worth the trouble" Naruto said

"If I kill him, it makes me just like them, I'm not them." Batman said

"I didn't say kill him I said let him die there is a difference" Naruto said

"What are you talking about?" Naruto said

"Hmm you're the world's greatest detective I'll let you figure it out." Naruto said with a chuckle

"I can't let you leave." Batman said

"Let me leave? You can't even stop me." Naruto said with a smirk

"Why did you free all of those criminals?" Batman asked trying to break it down

"Why does one need a reason to help one's friends?" Naruto said

"Bane has no friends." Batman said to him as if it was a fact

"He will, eventually." Naruto said with a chuckle

"You're obviously building an army but for what?" Batman asked needing something to figure him out

"Not much fun if I give you every detail." Naruto said

"You will tell me." Batman said

Naruto stopped as he glared at Batman "Here's the thing Bats I'm done playing by the rules and your not capable of stopping me if you want a chance I suggest you bring your friends from that space clubhouse of yours" Naruto said as he cracked his neck as he prepared to fight

Batman threw down a pellet covering the area in smoke

"You're wasting your time, I do my best thinking in the shadows." Naruto said as he let loose his sage senses

after a moment he blocked a punch from the side and glared at Batman as he squeezed his fist in his hands making the armor in his glove crack

Batman tried a headbutt but it didn't do anything

"This is a special mask, I wouldn't try that again unless you want to crack your skull." Naruto said

"What are you, half kryptonian?" Batman said

"You'll find out soon enough." Naruto said with a chuckle

Naruto slammed his palm into Batman's chest sending him flying

Batman coughed groaning as he laid on the ground

"You see Batman I've been toying with you this entire time. If I wanted it, you'd be dead with a flick of my wrist." Naruto said

"Then why don't you?" Batman asked trying to get back up

"I don't kill heroes" Naruto said as he turned to leave "Harley told me about your hacker friend tell Oracle Arkham Knight says hi." he said before he began walking away before disappearing in a gust of wind

Batman groaned as he saw Naruto leave 'I hope Gotham can endure whatever his plan is' he thought to himself as he looked up seeing the news chopper that showed their fight to whoever saw it

(slums of Gotham)

"Really? This is the base you chose for Naruto?" Diablo asked as they approached a abandoned mall in the slums of Gotham

"What's wrong with a mall?" Harley asked not seeing the issue

"At least it's not the sewers." Freeze said as he wheeled his wife's capsule towards the Mall

"Flower?" Nanaue said as he held flowers with the dirt still on them to Ivy

Ivy scowled at this but before she could respond Naruto appeared next to them in a yellow flash

"Nanaue you can't pull flowers that hurts them ok buddy?" Naruto asked as he smiled at the Shark man

"Sorry." Nanaue said as he tried to put the flower back in the dirt

"Hiding away like cowards." Bane said

"Oh no not hiding, building. Bane you were feared by men but by the time I'm done teaching you, even those like Superman will fear you. Along with whoever joins my side" Naruto said

"You can make me strong enough to take on Superman?" Bane asked finding that hard to believe

"Well not if he goes all out since from what I hear he can tango with Gods" Naruto said to him

"But to you he will be just a playmate or a work out, right foxy?" Harley said

"I like to think of something else when you say playtime babe" Naruto said with a smile as he pulled Harley to him by her hips

"Did you get my babies?" Ivy asked before Naruto handed her the scrolls

"Of course I did, I don't lie" Naruto said to her

"Make garden?" Nanaue asked

"Yes Nanaue, a very big garden." Ivy said happily and proudly

"Whatever, I'm hungry." Croc said as he kicked back in a old couch

"Well I can send a few clones to pick up some pizza. Any preferences? Naruto asked his team

"Pizza? I have never had that" Cleo said curiously

"Well Rat queen, you're gonna love it, it's all cheesy and gooey!" Harley said with a laugh

Cleo drooled a little at this but composed herself

"Someone's addicted to cheese" Louise said with a chuckle

"Make it stuffed crust and she may lose it" Harley said with a smile

"Hey what are you freaks doing in our hangout?" a voice said from the entrance

Naruto and his gang looked and saw it was a group of what looked like gang members

"Ah, appetizers." Croc said licking his scaly lips

"Nom nom?" Nanaue asked

"Ah what the hell, sure." Naruto said

Nanaue laughed happily as he and croc attacked the gang members

"You may want to put up some kind of security" Ivy said

"I'll put up a seal barrier you all just go pick out some rooms for yourselves" Naruto said as he made some clones to go get some pizzas

"Get beer" Diablo said to the clones who nodded at him

"And maybe some poker cards to pass the time." Abner said

"I found a tv!" Cleo said from an abandoned TV part of the mall

"A lot of TV's at least we'll get to watch our own stuff." Diablo said

"I'm taking the workout area" Croc said as he found a place with gym equipment and other sports stuff

"Fishies!" Nanaue said running into a aquarium

In no time everyone found their own places to set up their own 'rooms'

"If anyone makes a frozen foods joke I'm freezing them." Frost said as she was in a part with old refrigerators

a few hours later Naruto's clones returned with food and beers

"I figured I should get other stuff too" Naruto said as he passed a bucket of chicken to Abner

"Where'd you get the money to buy this stuff?" Abner asked

"I stole warden Sharpe's credit card" Naruto said with a smirk

Diablo laughed as he took a bag of tacos "So old man Sharpe is feeding us tonight huh?" he said with a smile

"The thing is I left him a fake version of it in his wallet, so when he uses his it won't register" Naruto said with a chuckle

"Ha nice." Croc said

"Wow, did you buy from every fast food place in Gotham?" Ivy asked with a frown

"Pretty much as I figured you'd all want something other than pizza." Naruto said

"So what comes next?" Bane asked

"Next we let things die down, as no doubt the cops are looking for us, then we start hitting Gotham's mobs" Naruto said

"We will need money and a lot of it" Freeze said

"You want to hit the mobsters of Gotham for their money?" Louise asked giving him a look

"Why not? They're scum" Naruto said with a shrug

"You are so hot right now" Louise said with a smirk at Naruto

"OK if your gonna try and take control of Gotham you will need more recruits" Bane said as he sat down with some cheeseburgers

"Recruits, lieutenants, assassins. Luckily before long they'll come to me when I make us the biggest names in Gotham." Naruto said with a grin

"How do you expect me to work for a man who has not shown me his face?" Bane asked

"Oh, I forgot I had this on." Naruto said as he took his mask off

"You are just a boy" Bane said in surprise

"I'm no boy, I'm 19." Naruto said with a frown

"I can vouch for him, he is definitely a man." Harley said with a laugh as she sat down in Naruto's lap.

"Well you will definitely have people interested in you since you broke out so many villains and beat the bat" Bane said as he pointed at a tv that was tuned in to the news

"Exactly I wanted to give the world a glimpse of just who they'll be dealing with." Naruto said

"Best part is that" Diablo said said with a smile as footage of Harley using her mallet on Joker's nuts showed

"Yes, for now enjoy your freedom, and as we live in the shadows, we will grow our army." Naruto said with a chuckle

"So who do we decide gets into this club or not?" Louise asked

"I have a lot of hopeful recruits" Naruto said as he pulled of some files

"And for those we pull off the streets?" Croc asked as he grabbed one of the files

"Depending on their history, if I don't like them, you and Nanaue can have them for snacks." Naruto said

"Of course you want to recruit that cat" Diablo said as he held up a file with a picture of Catwoman

"Deadshot? Word is his loyalty is to whoever pays him the most." Bane said as he could respect that

"Deathstroke too? seems redundant" Cleo said to him

"They're just the start of my higher ups, like you. Next comes my generals, one of which will be you, Bane." Naruto said with a smirk

"Where do I fit into all this? What do I get out of it?" Clayface asked

"Easy, you get to play the role of a lifetime… me, when I'm not around you'll play me." Naruto said with a chuckle "Don't be surprised if Joker gives you a call for the same reason." he said

"What's that supposed to mean?" Clayface asked

"I looked over Doctor Young's notes, and I hypothesized that while Batman's cure will work… the effects on the body are devastating in Joker's case." Naruto said

"So he's dying?" Ivy asked loving the sound of that as she hopped for this for a long time always wanting the joker to die in a very painful fashion

"Yes and knowing him he'll want our Clay buddy here to play as him when they get Arkham City up and running." Naruto said

"Arkham city?" Harley asked with a tilt of her head

"Hidden in the Warden's library behind a wall he had blueprints for a city where he'll put us in." Naruto said as he rolled out schematics onto the table

"Big." Nanaue said

"Big it is my friend, and we'll run it all." Naruto said as he grinned

"What do we do if he does get in touch with me?" Clayface asked

"Easy, we'll play along just as Harley did tonight. By the time the smoke clears this city will be ours." Naruto said

"Ahhh so I'll be a spy on the clown I like it" Clayface said

"Yes, let him think that I'm giving you money, and when he gives you the idea of playing as him, you'll get to play two roles of a lifetime." Naruto said

"What do we do if we find Titan there?" Bane asked still angry that the doctor turned his Venom into this

"We take it back and destroy it" Naruto said

"Why, seemed pretty useful." Louise said

"Being a monster is useful? Joker's already a monster so he kept his personality and look what's happening to him." Cleo said

"Besides foxy's chakra is way better" Harley said as she hugged on Naruto's arm

"Like I said tonight, we celebrate our freedom, but tomorrow begins our growth." Naruto said

"Yeah, celebrate." Harley said giggling as she rubbed her butt on naruto's hip and walked away a sway in her hips

Naruto smirked seeing this

(later that night)

(Lemon warning)

Ivy walked through the mall passing the mattress store that Naruto made his own room looking for Harley as the crazy blonde wasn't in her room

As soon as Ivy crossed into Naruto's room the sounds of Harley's moans and screams filled her ears

Ivy saw a door that was afar and approached it to take a look as her curiosity was peaked, her eyes widened as she saw naked Naruto thrusting into a bent over Harley on a bed

Harley was still in her nurse uniform but her top was down revealing her bouncing tits "Ah yes, Foxy, take your medicine!" she yelled with a mad grin on her face

"God I missed you" Naruto growled as he held her hips and roughly fucked her

"And my holes missed you!" Harley yelled out as Naruto smacked her ass making her squeal in delight

Ivy watched this and blushed seeing her best friend be dominated

"And my cock has missed your sweet tight holes." Naruto said growling lustfully as he smacked her ass

"Ohhhhh you make me feel so good~" Harley moaned lustfully as she let Naruto fondle her ass cheeks

Ivy's breathing lightly picked up as she rubbed one of her breasts as she put her hand down in her leaf like panties and began fingering herself

Harley turned her head to look at Naruto but her eyes caught the sight of the slightly opened door and she spotted Ivy

Harley smiled at this and looked at Naruto "Hey foxy how would you like to fuck Red?" she asked moaning between each word

"I would love it god I have wanted to take her and make her mine" Naruto growled as he fucked Harley even harder

"You -oh fuck - hear that Red?!" Harley said loudly wanting Ivy to know she knew she was there

Narutos eyes widened as he slowed down fuckimg Harley and turned his head to look at the door his eyes slightly slitted

Ivy felt a force pull her into the room and the door slammed closed as she found herself against his hardened body with him putting a arm around her "Naughty girl" Naruto growled as he gripped Ivys ass as he continued to fuck Harley

Ivy felt her legs get weak as Naruto flared sage chakra into the room

"Ah! Ah! I'm almost there Mr. N!" Harley screamed as she felt her climax coming

"Good" Naruto panted as he gripped her ass cheeks tightly as he felt his balls clench as he came inside her pussy

"Yahtzee!~" Harley moaned as she felt his seed fill her pushing her over the edge and making her climax

Naruto pulled out making Ivy's eyes widen seeing just how much of his essence escape Harley's snatch

"You're next" Naruto said as he pulled Ivy to him and rubbed his cock on her leg

Ivy looked up to him as he pulled her into a kiss, covering his tongue in chakra as he coated his hands in it and rubbed her ass as he pushed his cock between her legs

Ivy felt her legs about to give out from just the sheer pleasure she was feeling from his chakra

Naruto pushed Ivy onto the bed on her back and approached her

Ivy gasped as he climbed on top of her and kissed her

"God I love my body, if it wasn't for my immune system, I would've been dead by that second kiss." Naruto said with a grin

Ivy panted, her mind trying to recover from his chakra kisses

"I also love chakra, it really gets you fired up, especially my sage chakra." He said teasingly

"Oh god~!" Ivy said throwing her head back and saw Harley looking down at her before her blonde friend cupped her face

"Just amazing isn't he, he just makes you want to squirt from the slightest touch, doesn't he" Harley said with a giggle

Naruto moved Ivy's panties aside and began rubbing his cock against Ivy's pussy making her moan more

Harley reached down and opened Ivy's top revealing her breasts and squeezed them in her hands "I was always jealous of your bigger rack" she said as she giggled some more

Naruto smiled and placed his hard cock between Ivy's massive breasts

Ivy smiled at Naruto seeing this "Would you like me to please you with my breasts?" she asked as she grasped her breasts and squeezed them around his cock

"Yes." Naruto said releasing more sage chakra as he thrusted into her breasts

"Keep making more of that special chakra and her brain may shut down." Harley said with a laugh

Ivy helped Naruto please his cock with her breasts and when the head of his cock poked out from her cleavage she licked the head making Naruto groan

Harley leaned down joining in the licking giggling as their tongues touched on occasion

"Ah yeah, lick my cock, show me who you belong to." Naruto said as he rubbed their heads affectionately

The two girls smiled as they grabbed Naruto and threw him to the bed on his back

"Time for us to have control foxy" Harley said giggling as her and Ivy continued to blow his cock while smothering it with their breasts

Naruto groaned as his cock throbbed from their assault

"Cover us in your seed my love" Ivy said lustfully as she licked the head of his cock with Harley

"Yeah paint us white with your cum baby." Harley said as she and Ivy began making out with each other with the head of his cock between their lips

"Fuck!" Naruto yelled as he thrusted his hips and climaxed hard covering the two women's faces in his seed

"Ah~" Harley moaned as she felt his warm seed cover her face and breasts

Ivy started to lick her own breasts and clean her face swallowing his seed "So good~" she moaned as she finished cleaning herself along with Harley

Naruto's cock still stood at attention ready for more action

"If your jizz wasn't so good I'd use it as a coat of extra paint for me." Harley said

Ivy took off her panties and straddled Naruto's hips rubbing her wet pussy on his cock

"I've been wanting to pollinate this body of yours the first moment I saw it." Naruto said as he rubbed her hips

Ivy smiled at this and leaned forward squishing her breasts against his chiseled chest and pulled him into a kiss as she dropped down on his cock

The mistress of plants moaned loudly against his lips as she took his cock to the hilt

"Come on Red, ride that dick!" Harley yelled as she slapped Ivy's ass hard making it jiggle

Ivy sat up placing her hands on Naruto's abs as she began to bounce on top of Naruto's cock making her breasts jiggle with each bounce

"Yeah, ride my cock, baby!" Naruto growled as he clapped both of her ass cheeks

Naruto then looked up to see Harley's ass

"Don't forget about me Mr. N." She said as she dropped down on Naruto's face moaning as she felt him immediately begin eating her out

The two friends moaned loudly as they hugged each other, both feeling pleasure that Naruto was giving in spades

(With Louise)

We see the ice queen in her bed naked as she fingered herself hearing what Naruto was doing to Pamela and Harley through the vents while she rubbed ice cubes on her nipples with her other hand

(with Cleo)

Cleo was in her bed blushing bright red trying to block out the noise with her pillow but having zero effect

(back with Naruto)

"Oh god I'm almost there!" Ivy yelled out pulling away from Harley

"M-Me too Red!" Harley screamed as she panted

The three lovers yelled out as they all came simultaneously

The girls panted as they leaned on each other as Harley got off of Naruto's face

"If I could have kids, all this seed you've put into me would probably give me one." Ivy said as she got off of Naruto's cock and his juices lightly flowed out of her pussy

"One day, I promise I will give you kids of your own." Naruto told her with a smile

"Foxy's still ready to go." Harley said

"The last time I screwed you I was pressed for time, this time I have you and her to screw as long as I want." Naruto said with a grin

The two women smiled knowing their night would be filled with pleasure and so throughout the night the room, and the vents, echoed with their moans and screams of bliss