He paced in front of the door, his wand clutched tightly in his hand. Where was she? Where in the world could she be? She was supposed to be here nearly eight minutes ago. He anxiously ran a hand through his graying hair and looked around. Still no sign of her…she could have been attacked…could she?

No, he shook his head to clear it. That was impossible…it was just impossible. After Arthur, they'd taken extra precautions. Any moment she'd come stumbling down the hall…knocking over a-a hat rack or something. Again he ran a hand through his hair.

And sure enough not more then a minute later he heard a faint cry of pain and a figure stumbled down the hallway, rubbing her shin in pain and glancing around to make sure that she had gone unheard.

"Tonks?" he hissed. "Tonks is that you?"

"Yes," came the painful reply. "Don't worry Remus; it's just clumsy old Tonks."

"Are you alright?" the werewolf instantly began questioning. "Why are you late? Did you hurt yourself? Did anyone see you?"

Tonks yawned. "I'm fine; I just bumped into a stool that was sitting up there. Nope no one saw me, although I had to dodge a couple of Ministry wizards coming out late. My shin's a bit bruised but I think I can deal with that."

Remus growled and turned his back against the corridor wall and sighed. "You worried me Tonks," he growled gruffly, making the girl giggle. He looked over at her surprised. "What?"

"You just sounded exactly like Moody," the now pink haired girl replied laughing softly.

"Oi." Remus rolled his eyes. "I don't think I can stand that."

They sat in silence for a while, Remus standing with his back against the wall propped up. He was staring blankly across the hallway his thoughts traveling back to his days in Hogwarts. Tonks was sitting on the floor with her back to the wall, her knees pulled up to her chest and her eyes weakly fluttering open and closed. Remus turned to look at her and noticing this gave her a sharp poke in the side with his booted foot.

"Don't fall asleep, Tonks," the man said warily. "That's how the snake got Arthur."

"Yeah," said the girl sleepily. "But I've got you with me…"

He looked down at the top of her head, smiling slightly his face looking younger then it had in years.

"C'mon Tonks." He stood from the wall and nudged the Auror with his foot. "Get up, we've got to do something to keep us awake."


"Because," Remus said. "We need to be awake and guard this door with our lives. Harry's fate depends on how well we guard this door. We've got to be awake Tonks…" Again he nudged her with a booted foot.

"I swear in Merlin's Beard if you poke me with your boot one more time Remus Lupin I will personally curse you into oblivion…" Her shin was throbbing and she just wanted to be left alone.

"Really?" he asked interestedly. "Well then…" Quickly he lunged forward and nudged her knee with his boot and then leapt back.

He was lucky that he did.

Tonks was up in a moment, her wand in the air, a spell on her lips. Just as she was about to cast it she tripped, over her own feet, and stumbled. With lightening like reflexes that would have made him a greet Keeper, Remus caught the girl, just before she hit the ground.

They stayed still for a moment, staring into each other's eyes, her dark ones gazing in wonder at how young and playful his eyes really were. A sudden blush rose faintly on Remus's cheeks as though an embarrassing thought had just arisen in his mind.

"Um…" he murmured still holding her up from the ground. "Just…um…be careful okay Tonks?"

She nodded, having to fight the sudden urge to lean up and quickly kiss this man.

But that wouldn't do, she thought a few minutes later as she sat in her previous position up against the wall. There was to be no romance in this Order of the Phoenix. It was not an order, or a rule, but it was…implied…

Yet she couldn't shake the strange feeling that had suddenly overcome her, a feeling that she hadn't felt since her sixth year in Hogwarts. A feeling like the one that encompassed her now had once taken over her at a school ball....But that had been long ago. Nearly eight years ago now…

"Remus?" she asked turning her head to look up at him. He was leaning his back against the wall, tapping his wand against his knee.

"Yes?" he asked softly.

She opened her mouth and floundered for a moment. She hadn't really expected him to listen to her. For some reason she had thought that he might ignore her or…or something…So she said the first thing that came to her mind.

"Do you like my hair?"


"Umm…" she fumbled wildly trying to think of what to say. "I mean do you think that it's to b-bright or…" she stared down at her shoes. "Never mind, Remus, it was a silly question."

"If I didn't know any better," Remus replied smiling gently. "I'd say that you were trying to impress me." He cocked and eyebrow down at the young Auror who smiled slyly and looked up at him.

"What if I am?"

He smiled again and slid his back down the wall so that he was sitting in the identical position as Tonks.

"What's your favorite candy, Tonks?" Remus asked suddenly, breaking the silence.

"Hmm…" she thought for a moment and then smiled. "Chocolate Frogs. And yourself?"

"I would have to say that a nice big slab of Honeyduke's best chocolate is good for me," the ex-Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher said.  

"Should have known…" Tonks muttered.

They fell silent again, neither speaking for a long time. It was finally Tonks who spoke first, her voice quavering with a bit of something that sounded to Remus like fear.

"How is this all going to turn out?" she whispered.

Remus sighed and leaned his head back against the wall. "I don't know Tonks. I'd like to tell you that everything is going to be okay. That Harry is going to defeat Voldemort and we are all going to live happily ever after. But…I don't know Tonks, I've got this really weird feeling in my gut. Like something horrible is about to happen and there's no way for me to stop it. Like…"

"Like someone's going to…to die?" Tonks whispered. Remus nodded looking slightly surprised. The Metamorphmagus sighed sadly. "I feel it too, Remus. It's as if someone's hanging an omen over me…its horrible…"

The ex-teacher moved towards Tonks and put his arms around her. "Don't worry Tonks," he whispered. "Nothing bad's going to happen okay?" He smiled sadly. "And I won't let anything happen to you least of all. Remember Tonks, you've got me here…"

She smiled through the tears dripping down her face and hugged Remus back.

At that moment a footfall was heard throughout the whole hallway. The woman's eyes flew wide open, the last of the tears disappearing. Remus pulled something from his pocket and threw it around them, pressing his body close against hers.

"Quiet," he whispered not unkindly.

"Remus?" a voice called urgently. "Tonks, are you two down here?"

Remus threw the cape off of him and helped Tonks up. "Kingsley?" he asked, shocked. "What's wrong?"

"What happened?" Tonks asked. When Remus looked at her, he noticed that she must have altered her eyes because they were no longer red and teary.

"It's Minerva," Kingsley said hurriedly. "Dumbledore thought you ought to know. She's in St. Mungo's."

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