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"Minerva!" Tonks cried. She rushed into the small room that the Professor was lying in and immediately went to her favorite teacher's side managing to trip over a stool on the way. Remus followed more slowly but with no less intensity painted upon his features. The same worry and fear that covered his partner's features covered his.

Minerva cracked one weary eye open and smiled as her gaze fell upon Tonks on the floor. "Oh Nymphadora…" she whispered fondly.

The pink haired girl sat up, still on the floor, gazing up at the wise woman. AS both Remus and Minerva watched, the girl's shoulders began to buck as silent sobs wracked her body. And then the tears came, flooding quickly from her dark eyes.

"Nymphadora," Minerva said quietly. She was the only person in the world that could call the young Auror by her first name and come away intact. Even her mother, Andromeda, couldn't get away with it. "Nymphadora, really. I'm fine."

Remus came forward and awkwardly helped the girl up before conjuring up a chair for her to sit in which she did, wiping tears from her eyes.

"I'm sorry Minerva," Tonks whispered. "I just…what if you—what if I'd lost you. You're like a mother to me," she whispered. "You're the wonderful wise witch that looked after me all through Hogwarts, subtly of course, and then even after Hogwarts…even after Hogwarts you still looked after me." She hiccupped and then took the handkerchief from Remus's hand. Minerva held the girl's hand comfortingly.

"Don't worry," the old witch said softly in a very motherly fashion, one of which Remus had never seen her before. "I have no intention of leaving any of you any time soon." Suddenly she seemed to resurface and the Minerva McGonagall that the werewolf had always known fixed them both with sharp, searching looks. "Did you have any trouble?"

"No," the tired eyed man shook his head. "No, none at all. So…" He gazed down at Minerva and then stuck his hands in his pocket. "So what happened?"

"Well," the witch began. "I was sitting in my office correcting papers when I happened to look out of the window. I saw four dark shapes hurrying down to Hagrid's. Of course I went to investigate, fearing the worse." Tonks had stopped sniffling and was watching her mentor intently. "When I got outside, they had begun to attack Hagrid."

"No…" Remus whispered from where he stood in the shadows. A thought had suddenly struck him. "Minerva, tell me…tell me that it wasn't her."

The woman studied her bed sheets intently. "It was, Remus. Umbridge, Dawlish and two others that I didn't recognize. Anyway I was apparently irritating them….Four Stunners to the chest."

"Merlin's Beard…" Tonks whispered clasping a hand over her mouth and anxiously running her eyes over the woman as if she could see the wounds. Quickly she squeezed the teacher's hand.

"Dammit," Remus cried in a very un-Remus like fashion. He began to pace nervously around the room, his hands clutched tightly in front of him.

"Remus?" Tonks asked quietly.

"Now she's got Hogwarts," the werewolf said fretfully. "I mean she's really got it. The only one left is Snape and I wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him…And she'll do anything to get the information that she wants, trust me Minerva. Harry and his friends are in real danger if Umbridge thinks that they know anything…"

While he continued to rant and wring his hands, Minerva leaned over and whispered something into her friend's ear. Tonks nodded, stood and walked over to her ranting partner. Then she reached her hand up and slapped him-not too hard but hard enough as to get his attention-on the cheek. He stared at her, shock very evident in his hazel eyes. The Metamorphmagus shrugged and pointed at Minerva.

"You were getting hysterical," the old witch said sternly as he conjured up another chair. "Do not worry about Harry and the others. They will be fine as long as they obey the rules—"

"That's what I'm worried about," Remus murmured running a hand through his graying hair. He nodded to the Professor. "I'm sorry Minerva. I'm just very tired."

"How many weeks?" she asked the werewolf, ignoring Tonks's questioning glances.  

"Two and a half," the man replied wearily running and hand through his hair and rubbing his face.

"Don't worry," Minerva said. "You'll be fine. You always were at Hogwarts." She smiled. "But then again you did have your friends running around and protecting you, didn't you?"

Remus looked down at his shoes and muttered something incomprehensible to both Tonks and Minerva. The latter smiled at the two sitting there beside each other.. A look appeared on her face as if she had just realized and she smiled again.

"Well you two should get some sleep," she said. "Merlin knows that I need some."

Remus stood immediately and helped Tonks up from her squishy blue seat and both smiled wearily at the teacher. As they left the room, their good-byes and promises for more visits said, Minerva called the wizard to stay back for a moment.

"Yes?" he asked after Tonks had closed the door a curious look upon her young features.

"Be kind to her, Remus," the witch said smiling. Remus became suddenly interested in the ground.

"Don't know what you're talking about Minerva," he said blushing bright red. She just laughed as the wizard left.

"What did she want?" Tonks asked as they walked down the hallway towards the entrance of the great wizarding hospital.

"Oh not much," he said sticking his hands into the pockets of his robes nervously. "Just to tell us to be careful and all…"

"Oh…" Tonks nodded, but the Auror in her had arisen and she didn't seem totally satisfied with the answer provided. But she let it go and just folded her arms as they stepped out onto the street.

"Back to headquarters then?" Remus asked steering them towards Grimmauld Place.

They had been walking for about ten minutes in silence gazing around at everything but each other when Tonks glanced over at the man beside her smiling gently. She watched his face, illuminated by the streetlamps, as they walked.

"Remus?" Tonks asked as they walked. She had her hands in her pockets and was staring up at the sky and the stars that speckled the blackness.

"Yes, Tonks?" he replied serenely. They had arrived at Grimmauld Place and were standing on the sidewalk in front of it.

"Minerva's going to be alright isn't she?" Her scared, tired dark eyes bore deeply into his hazel ones. "I mean that feeling that we were having. It was pure-p-pure stupidity right? I mean its not real, right? No one's going to get hurt or die….right?"

He looked over at the girl. Her fear was so tangible. Her fear, not for her own life, but for her friends'. He smiled gently. "I don't know, Tonks. I just don't know."

Suddenly the girl hugged him. "Don't leave me Remus. Please don't leave me." Then she suddenly pulled back, blushing and ran into the house.

He shoved his hands into his Muggle-jean pockets and stared after her something like a smile playing gently upon his kind features.

"Don't worry," he whispered after her. "I won't."

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